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"KEElSrOI^ Self-Raising Flour Is the best for all kinds of Pastry, Scones, &c. MAY BE HAD OF ALL GROCERS. KEENORA. CO., LIVERPOOL. Telegrams Furnishing." Telppbone 1214, Royal. £ 110,000 WORTH OF I ) IA! i i 1, 1I iii 1 I I I i I Iii 11 -F,\ -N GD I The Largest Assortment of Bedroom Suites, iDrawing-room Suites Dining room Suites, Sideboards, Cabinets, Overmantels, Bookcases, Hall Stands, and other Furniture. Carpets, Linoleums, Floorcloths, Rugs and Mats, Curtains, and General Furnishing Goods, AT THE LOWEST PRICES IN ENGLAND FOR CASH. RAY & MILES, 34 to 48, London Road, Liverpool, WANT BD-—LINO T1 YiP E OP ER AT OR Welsh and .English. State speed and w.ages, to '■ CYMRO'' OFFICE, Mold. MISCELLANEOUS 1 i "VTTYiR YR EOS."—Datganwr Penillion » gyda'r delyn, a ddymuna hysbysu ei fod yn awr wedi sefydlu yn Lerpwl a'i fod yn agored i ddsrbyn galwadau fel Dat- ganwr Penillion a Beirniad. Telerau rhes- I ynrol.—CYMRO Office, 61, Lord Street, Liverpool. ON SALE.—A beautiful Remi-detached VLLLA, containing 13 rooms, fitted with C. '& :11. waiter and all conveniences. Situated 6 miles from Rhyl, and 10 minutes' walk from .Station. Trains conven'ient for Liverpool and Manchester. A splendid country residence. iprice £,500. Free Aug- ust 1st. To Let, J326 clear.—Apply to M., "Cymro" Office, Mold. I WANTED Immediately CANVASSERS for an important New Work on Wales.—Apply, E," "Cymro" Office, I Mold. GRIFFITHS' TEMPERANCE HOTEL, I Caroline Street, Cardiff. Good Ac- commodation. Bedrooms from Is. 6d. 3 minutes' walk from Railway Stations and G.P.O. Ty C'ymreig. I ¡ mO :.ET—22, KINMEL STREET, RHYL j^ Commodious House, centrally situated. Rent ^22—Apply Jos. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, Rhyl. GLO! GEO! Os am lo da ymofynwch a'r Park Coal Company, Salisbury Road, Caerdydd. 'Does ddim gwell glo a ddim llawer cystal. Mae'r prisiau yn riiad. DAvii) BEYNON, Perchenog. AGENTS Wanted by House Purchase Cor- poration throughout Wales. Whole or part time. Good terms —Apply LLEWELLYN, I 24, Trinity Street, Cardiff. ASTROLOGY — Old Sol for reliable horoscopes. Marriage. Business Legacies, Finance, <&c P.O. 1/1, birthdate, for test, with 2 years events. "Old Sol" (Room G), 4, Murray Street, Burnley. GVVALIA HOME AND REGISTRY 2 Ilope Piiice, Liverpool. YN EISIilT — Morwvnion p'trebus i leoedd da. Ymofyner a'r Ar olvuwr -JONFS. 2 Hope FLAW. Livprpool. OYrCLE Marvellous sacrifice. Gent's new 1907 Machine, highest grade, fitted with Cliucher tyres, Crahbe roller lever rim brakes I back and front, the very latest, Perrys 1907, ball bearing, free wheel, plated rim, coloured centres, frame black enamelled and gold lined, mud- guards, magnificent machine, not soiled, com- plete with gas lamp, bell, pump, spanner, &c. Great Bargain. ^"4 ros., wortfi double. Will send on approval any distance, before cash sent. — M. "House," St. Madge, Pitman Road, Weston-Super-Mare. Life and Times of St. David Dewi Sant By OWEN RIIOSCOMYL, Welsh Translation by Rev. J. E. Davies. The work contains Genealogical fables showing his desccnt and his connection with the other Saints and Princes of Cymru, and gives a fine picture of the Wales of St. David's time, and all the facts actually known concerning our Patrrn Saint. Is. nett. Is. 3d. post freo. Srrongly bound, boards Ow PUBLISHED MARCH i8th. Odlau Sercli a Bywyd (Lyrics of Love and Life) I Gan SYR MARCHANT WILLIAMS Full Bound in Lamb Skin, 2/6 net, Postage 3d. in Cloth 1'6 net. Postage 3d. To be had of all Booksellers. The Educational Publishing Co Merthyr Tydfil- £ GEO. LUfjT, a D. UL\, Boot .Mbker Only 11 Paradise St. Tel. 895 Liverpool For Quality, Comfort, Style, and Fit, BUY YOUR BOOTS FROM LCJNT'S, as he makes his own Lasts to suit the most tender feet, and keeps them for his Customers Special Use, thus securing a reliable fit under all conditions of tenderness and peculiarities of the feet. Wear the Celebrated "WARWICK BRAND" Reg. No. 252,703. Ysbryd yr Oes FRIiS DiWfY GEINIOG. Y CYHOiEDDIAD GOREiU A RI-IATAF YN YR IAITH GYMRAEG. s YN EUSIAU. Dosbarthwyr ych wauegol. Yinofyner am y telerau a SECRETARY, "YSPRYD YR üns" OFFCE, OLD l Eisteddfod Gadeiriol LLANSANNAN, A wst j (Gwyl Bank), 1907. Barddoniaeth. Beirniaid PEDROG A HUWCO PENMAEN Testyn y Gadair. Pryddest heb fod dros 300 Llinell "Y GWLITH," Gwobr, Cadair Dderw Ger- fiedig Hardd. Cerddoriacth. Beirniad: CARADOG ROBERTS, Ysw. Mus. BAG. (OXON). Prif Ddarn Corawl: (u), "Gwyn ei fyd a ystyria wrth y tlawd" (Oitain Alaw). (b), Dies Irae ar y geiriau "Duw ma wr pa beth a welafdraw," Ciwot)r. /I 7s., ail £ 2 10s. Rhestr cvflawn o'r testynau i'w cael gan yr ysgrifenyddion CHARLES MORTIMER, Llansaonan H. M. JONES, IJsinsannan. Pris lid. drwy'r Post. At Gantorion, Arweinyddinn a Chjmdeithasau Corawi, &C. OS oes arnoch eisiau unrhyw Gan Gymreig neu Saesneg, DEUAWDAU, ANTHEMAU ncu unrhyw Gerddoriaeih, hen neu ddlweddar, ar fyrr rybudd Archebwch gan y "CYMRO" CO. 6r, Lord=st., Liverpool, M'.U New-st., Mold. TELERAU ARBENNIG PAN FO NIFER 0 OOPIAU YN CAEL EU HARCIIEBU. W. Charles Hughes. (Late Qrgar-lst and Choirmaster, St. Columba's College, Dublin; Successor there to Dr. Perrio, Canterbury Cathedral. BEIRNIAD LLEISIOL AC OFFERYNOL (Voice Specialist). Pupil of and recommended by MR. FFRANCON DAVIES. Vaoauoy for one Lady Vooal Student Resident. 9 Airlia Road, Hoylake. i

Cwrs y Byd.I