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Telephone Nos. 27 & 128 Toxftth, and Telephone No. 354 Edge Hill. JOHN JONES & CO., GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHERS Also Dealers in Pianos, American Organs, Gramophones, Musical Boxes, &c., 224, 226, 245 & 314 PARK ROAD, Also 211 & 213, CHATSWORTH STREET. Works & Warehouse-2, PARKHILL ROAD, LIVERPOOL. All ou Goods are guaranteed to be of sound value. Terms for Cash or Hire to suit Purchasers. lelir cludiad Nwyddau gwerth dros £ 10'i bob rhanGymru. Y ma,e'r Electric Trams (Ceiaiog o Castle Street) yn pasio'r Masriachdai-yn Park Road. SAFETY! PROMPTITUDE! ECONOMY! £ "ole¥A5^S| COLEMAN'S DEPOSITORY, OVERTON STREET, LIVERPOOL, E. Branch Office-49, EDGE LANE. RFMflVAl Q *alisf»ct°rily completed to or from any dis- il 11™' U V rt LO tance by Road, Kail or Sea, in covered lock- up Vans. U/ARPUnilQIfUP Furniture, Pianos. &c., carefully Yf rill ll UU J111U Warehoused in Dry Rooms Heated throughout. Telephone No. 94, Sefton Park. ESTIMATES AND PROSPECTUS POST FREE. The Nervous, Ii] temperate, & flfentally Afflicted Provided with Superior Attendants and Companions for Trave IHUiawiaHl TRAINED KURSES' Af4D FEMAL NVRSES, ATTEN6A.TS. &MONTH RS F S MFOICAL. H65PITALS AND PRIVATE' FAkM[LIES, 70, HOPE STREET, LIVERPOOL. Telephone 570. Telegraphic Address "Nurses." Also 16, ALBANY STREET, LONDON, W. <?■■> M 'te Mtenciants onh ). fe The "MONA" 4 E ROLL-TOP DESKS. 3 I- I The Modern Desk is the "MOHA." Every convenience. Saves time and energy. Keeps books «■ and papers ready for nistfnt reference.. -jg Handsome, dust tight, compact, and of immense capacity. E, £ 3 72s. Sri. Kend for Cfttai0SU8 of ^2 AND UPWARDS. Office & Library Furniture LLOYD OWEN & CO., 133-139, TINSBURY PAVEMENT, LONDON, E.C. ^AXitt.L..Ul.n.L..hkikA.L,iLiLt3 To be Sold by Auction, -On Thursday, 8th June next. at 2 30 p m., at the Law Association Roorr s, 14 Cook Street, Liverpool (subject to conditions of sale), BY MR HENRY JONES, FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, No 284 Beaufort Street, Liverpool. Gross ^Lof^8 Three Freehold HOUSES, Nos 25 to 29 Thomson Street, off Boundary Lane Gross rent E39 m Lot 3 Four Freehold HOUSES, Nos 1 to 7, Woodbine dgreive, York Street, West Derby Road. Gross rent £ 52 For particulars as to Lot 1, Ppply to Messrs Oliver .Tones, Billson, and Co., 5 Cook Street; as to Lots 2 and 3 to Mr Elwy D Symond, 5 Harrtngton Street as to the whole to the auctioneer, 117 Everton Road, Liverpool. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY IN EVERTON. On Thursday 8th June, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Law'Association Rooms, 14 Cook Street, Liverpool fsubject to conditions of sale), BY MR HENRY JONES, SIXTEEN Freehold HOUSES, Nos. 77 to 107 Howat Street, Breck Road, Liverpool Gross rental, X210 128. Chief Z30 Fc)- further particulars apply to the auctioneer, 117 Everton Road, Liverpool or to Messrs Jones, Paterson, an4 Co, solicitors, 11 Dale Street, Liverpool. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. DORSET ROAD, Tuebrook—Ten Freehold BOUSES, adjoining station, in good repair: gross rent, £ 158 12s Pe.ce;91800 ST DOMINGO VALE, Everton—Freehold Modern HOUSE, with two entertaining rooms, two kHchens,_ Butler's Pantry, six bedrooms, bath, lavatory, w.c., &c. Piice 9375 RUPERT STREET, Everton Road—Four Eight-roomed HOUsES, near Necropolis gross rent £ 78. copyhold; price R,800 MILL ROAD, Everton Road—Three Freehold HOUSES; gross rent £ 42 13s price £ 450 TOWSON STREET, off Breckfleld Road N.—Six Freehold HOUSES gross rent £ 101 8s chief £ 15 price £ 6T5 OFF Prescot Street—Two Freehold HOUSES in Codring- ton Street; gross rent £ 26 Dries 4200 AVERTIP,hg-Ten Freehold HOUsES off Wellington W Roa, I; ros rent £ 104 pr'ce £ 1100 SALISBURY ROAD, Kverton—Single HOUSES for Sale; i. two parlours, kitchens, scullery, (ground floor), three bedrooms, bathroom (h and c) leasehold 99 years from 1881; {ground rout £ 2 12s fid price £ 200 /AFF EVERTON ROAD, Nos 1 to 9 Plumpton Street. Three H 'USES and two SHOPS, Freehold-Gross rentL97 7s; pliceZllOO For further particulars. apply to HENRY JONES, USITATTC '■'NT VATJTTER A PROPERTY ^IJCTIOIF BER 117 JJJVERTON JJOAD, LIVERPOOL. Austi n SVes at Inclusive terim. TELEPHONE No 1779 I Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Rhyl, RHAGFYR 26, 1899. Beirniad Cerddorol, WILFRID JONES, Ysw. l-Cystadleuaeth Corau Meibion. Gwobr, 7p a Bathodyn Arian i'r arweinydd. Wyr Philistia (D Jenkins). 2—Cystadleuaeth Coraii Plant. Gwobr, 5p, a Bathodyn Arian i'r arweinydd. "Mirch like the Victors (Dr Roland Rogers). 3-Cyntadlouaeth parti heb fod dan 16. Gwobr, 2p a Medal Arian i'r arweinydd. "Gwnewch i mi feddrod (J H Roberts). Bydd y Testynau allan yn Mehefio. Anfoner stamp dimau i'r Ysg. Myg. T. SHANKLAND. Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cyniru I 1899. CAERDYDD, Corphenaf 18fed-22a!n. Dydd Mawrth, y 18fed.-Y Brif Gystadleuaeth Gorawl. Dydd Mercher, y 19eg.—Pryddest y Goron.—Cys- tadleuaeth y Seindyrf Cerddorfaol.—Corau Merched. Dydd Iau, yr 20fed.-Awdl y Gadair.—Ail Gystad- leuaeth Gorawl.—Corau Plant. Dydd Gwener, yr 21ain.—Corau Meibion. Dydd Sadwrn, yr 22aia.—Seindyif Pres-Seindyrf Milwrol. J IVERPOOL AND NORTH WALES DAILY SAILINGS (Sundays includod), LIVERPOOL TO LLANDUDNO, BEAUMARIS, BANbOR & MENAI BRIDGE (weather and circumstances permitting), Sailing from Prince's Landing Stage at 10-45 a.m., the Splendid Paddle Steamer "ST. TUDNO" for Heaumaris, Bangor, and Menai Bridge, allowing about 4 hours on shore at Llandudno and due back at 7-30 p.m. AFTERNOON EXCURSIONS every Saturday and Sunday at 2-15 p.m by the "St. Elvies" or "Snowdon" connecting with the "St Tudno" at Llandudno. DAY FARES- Liverpool & Llandudno, 5s. 1st return 3s. 2nd return Liverpool & Menai Straits, 6/6 4s. CHEAP HALF-DAY FARES. F r all further particulars, apply to the LIVERPOOL & N oRTH WALES STEAMSHIP CO., Ltd, T G BREW Secretary, 20 Water Street, Liverpool, Tel. 6366. WALIA HOME AND REGISTRY, 2, ? Hope Place, Liverpool. YN EISIAU, MORWYNION parchus i leoedd da. Ymofyner a'r Arolyges, Miss JONES, 2, Hope Plaoa, Liverpool. rONIO SOL-FA.—For class or private tuition. )L terms, apply, R. G. DAVES, (Examiner for T S. College), 28 Voelas Street, Princes Road. O.N Songs transcribed to T. S. Concerts arranged. COMFORTABLE LODGINGS for one or two young gentlemen, at 71 Dorothy Street, two Doors from Edge Lane. RESPECTABLE APARTMENTS for two young gentlemen.—34 Rupert Lane, Everton. A FIRM of Wholesale Woollen Merchants have a vacancy for an APPRENTICE about 15 years of age. Addres-X, Cyraro Office. YN EISIAU.—Ty Capel Methodistiaid i'w lan- Y hau a goleuo y Capel perthynol iddo yn Ler- pwl a'r amgylchoedd gyda chymeriad o 27 mlynedd o wir ofal. Pob llythyr i'w anfon i ofal Mr 0 D OWEN, Anfield Road Chapel House, Anfield. O. G. PRITCHARD, Auctioneer & Valuer, 78b) South Road, Waterloo. PROPERTIES SOLD ON MODERATE TERMS. Pellseinydd 2339. Sefydlwyd 1849. HOWARD'S Tarpaulins, Tents, Marquees, &c., AR WERTH NEU I'W HURIO. Pob math o DDILLAD CEFFYLAU. I Ystafelloedd Coed i'w hurio am Dymljor, Fe'n Hadeiledir, Addurnir, Goleuir, gosodir ynddynt loriau disglaer, ac fe'u hawyrir yn brtodol i Ddawnsfeydd, &c. CODIR AWNINGS RHAGBAROTOAWL. Swyddfa ac Arddangoafeydd- 35, Redcross Street, LIVERPOOL. Ysgritenwoh non danfonweh am Brisiau. Cymerodd angladd y Parch Hinton Jones Ie ddydd Mawrth yn Amwythig, a daeth tyrfafawr i ddangos eu parch i'w goffadwriaeth. GLOVES A SPECIALITY. The Most Complete Stock of Ladies' and Childrons Gloves in Liverpool MILES' PATENT SEAMLESS GLOVES, 3¡llt per pair, made from the finest French skins. Endless variety of Reliable Makes of Kid and S iede Gloves for Ladies at 1/6!. 1/11 J, 2/61, and 2/11 per pair. Strong and Useful English Leather' Glove for Girls, Boys, or Infants at l/0f, 1/61, and lilli per pair. UENRY M ILES, 25, 25A, and 31, CHURCH STREET, (Corner of Tarleton Street) LIVERPOOL. YOU live some distance from Parker Street but it does not prevent you from drinking ——— THos JONES & Co's TEAS. They deliver in and about Liverpool -By their own vans.— In the Country -By ParcellPost- T IDA S of the FINEST QUALITY Delivered at your own door AT IMPORTERS. PRICES. If you have not tasted IOS. JONES & Co. t, tdo 9 New Season Blends ——— It -do so at once. A Postcard will bring samples free. 9, PARKER STREET, LIVERPOOL




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