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telephone, 67 Anfield. ESTABLISHED 1858. 1 ROBERT ROBERTS, ESTATE AGENT, 33, Netherfield Road South, Has Property to Let in various parts of the town. Mortgages arranged. Valuation made. G. H. EDWARDS, & CO., 16, LORD STREET, ESTATE AGENTS. Have Cottages to LET in various parts of the town, renting from 2/6 to 9/6 per week, clear of taxes. Also larger houses at higher rents. He E. WILLIAMS, 10, CONYERS STREET, ESTATE AGENT- HAS large and small Houses to Let in various parts of the — city and suburbs. Houses bought and sold. Mortgages arranged, &c. JOHN WILLIAMS. -ESTATE AGENT,- LOMBARD CHAM2ERS, 159 KIRKDALE RD. All classes of House and Shop property carefully and econo- mically managed .Sales and Purchases effected with promptitude. Mortgages arranged and Insurances effected. Liverpool Land Company, Limited. TO BUILDERS, &c.-To be Sold, Freehold and 999 years Leasehold Land, in lots to suit purchasers, in Garston, Kirkdale. Walton, Bootle, and Seaforth. Liberal advances will be made to Builders. Property letting well in all the loc&Eties.-Apply to E. OWEN, Secretary, LIVERPOOL LAND COMPANY, 22 LORD STREET. T TSLEPHONE No. 1779. HENRY JONES, ESTATE AGENT, VALUER, & PROPERTY AUCTIONEER, 117 EIERTON ROAD, LIVERPOOL. Rents collected. Valuations made. Property Sold by Public Auction or Private Contract. O. & D. WILLIAMS, Iron & Brass Founders, Engineers, Millwrig Its A'ULLEYS OF VARIOUS SIZSS IN STOCK, Tool JUnkers, è c, METAL AND HARDWARE MERCHANTS. Works-TAYLOR STREET, (IfDce and i:3-402 404, Scotland Rd. LIVERPOOL. Kitchen Ranges, Cast Iron Gates, and Railings; Hot Water Grtcn HODS-IS, SI'L Sa-itary Engineers; Williams Patent Wit ding and Adjusting1 Sun Shade for Shop?. &c. Bakers Oven Stocks, Cor/ectioneis Oven. Chaffers, Boxes, Fire Bars. &e. all sizes sf Gate Rnntcis, &c. J. LLOYD JONES & CO., Accountants & Estate Agents, O,LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL. Telephone No. 2212.' Properties carefully managed. Purcha and Sales negotiated and Mortgages arranged. BUILDING SOCIETIES' OFFICES. Money lent on Security of Freehold and Leasehold Properties at moderate Rates and without Premium ELIAS & OWEN, Paint Manufacturers St Oil Merchants Office and Workó-CO:KPUR STREET. LIVERPOOL Livevpod. Telephone, 5970 R. WHIT TINGTON Tailor & Habit Maker (25 Years Practical Experienoe 45, BYROM STREET LIVERPOOL. Al fiarmenbs Cnt and Made on the t'l -iaiisus, its well-ventilated Workrooms. Gymry I dewch at Gymro. OYSTER JACK Stys:—" If he had wings specially made to fly into the sky, he might probably accomplish that feat, as well as to transfer the practical knowledge which he possesses concerning Shell- fish to another man. No, it cannot successfully be accom- plished without practically showing another. But what OYSTER JACK can do he can guarantee his Oysters to be the beat in Liverpool, at the lowest possible prices." OYSTER JACK, 83, PADDINGTON, LIVERPOOL. 1899 MODEL "EDGE" CYCLE. LADY'S OR GENT.'S Dunlop Tyree, Westwood Rims. Brake and Mud-guards. Highly Plated and Enamelled. Complete. Fuliy guaranteed. Price, £ 3 cash or 17s per month. Write for particulars to — WILLIAMS & COMPANY, 37 & 47, EDGE LANE. LIVERPOOL. GRIFFITHS & DAY1ES, 398 Scotland Road, ARE NOW DISPLAYING THEIR SPRING & SUMMER GOODS. Dress Materials include a most varied assortment, and the Millinery combines all the latest styles for the coming season. Mantles, Capes, & Jackets, in all the latest novelties. Other Depart- ments, viz. Household Drapery, Hosiery. Trimmings, Laces, Baby Linen. Underclothing. &c., &c., con- tain Excellent Stocks. We have a large Staff of Dress and Mantle Makers and Milliners on the premises, which are thoroughly experienced. Fit and Style guarranteed. Our price," will compare favourably with any house in the City TELEPHONE 2387 Griffiths & Davies, 398 SCOTLAND ROAD PAPAYANNI ETEAMSHIP COMPANY. LARGE AND POWERFUL BRITISH STEAMERS Sail regularly to the LEVANT, BLACK SEA, EGYPT CYPkU. ft i GERIA, MALTA, and other Mediterranean Ports, taking the following two routes alternately:- (1) MALTA, SYRIA, SMYRNA, CONSTANTINOPLE, and ODESSA. Calling often on the return journey at Severn 1 Ports on the Asiatic Coast of the Black Sea Greece and MIT'ALGIERS, M'LTA. ALEXANDRIA, CYPRUS, BEYROUT. and ALS X ANDRETTA Calling occasionalJy on the homeward voyage at Spanish Ports. No overcrowding, superior accommodation. Lofty well- ventilated Saloons and State rooms. Stewardess carried. Safety. Home comforts. Good and liberal table Moderate fares for and return tickets, and no extra charge for living on board during si ips' stay at Ports. Tou-ists and nleasure-seekara taking atrip by this Line wil find it most enjoyable and interesting. For further paticu- lars, & CO., Fenwick Chambers; Liverpool, I LLINELL Y WHITE ST Alt. ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS, LERPWL I NEW YORK via QUEENSTOWN BRITANNIC Mai 24 TEUTONIC .Mai 31 Teithwyr All Gahsn efo r Majestic a'r Teutonic yn unig. Prls y cludiad ydyw;C7 10s ac uchod yn ol y Tymhor a'r lie i deith- wyr. Y mae v Llongau rhagorol hyn i gyd or dosbarth achaf, yn unffurf 0 ran cynllun Trefniadau, ac yn idigyfielyb mewn mordeithian. Ni chelr gwell cyflenadia I ford. eii hwvr. Am fanylion, ymofyner a R Owen, Ship and In- surance Broker, a W J Williams, Heol y Farchnad, Caernarfon; neu a H J Williams, 6 Douglas Terrace, Bethesda; Owen E Parry, masnachydd llechi, Dol- wyddelen; David Rowlands, Penygraig; W D Jones, Old Bank, Caergybi; Edward TSvans, 2 Pen- rallt Terrace, Llangefni; R G Roberts, Rock Cottage, Creigia-i Mawr, Talysarn Hugh Hughes, 8 Market Street, Amlwch W 0 Williams, Globe Shoe Ware- house, Llanrwst; Matthew Goldie, 217 High Street, Bangor R 0 Evans, Caxton House, Dolgelly neu ag ISMAY IMRIE & Co., Lerpwl, a 34 Leadenhall Street. Llundain, E.C. "CARTREF ODDI CARTREF." GWALIA" HOTEL, 8 & 9, Upper Woburn Place, LONDON, W.C. SAIF mewn man oano'og ac iachua nid yw ond gwaith 5 munyd o gerdded o orsafoedd Euston. King's Cross, a'r Midland, ac 20 munyd o Paddington (G.W.R.). Erys "Y Gwalia" o hyd yn lietty eysurne. teiA,wng o'r arwyddair "Cartref oddi Cartref." Telerau rhesymol. Parha i fod daa yr un arolygiaeth a GWALIA LLANDRINDOD. Am bob hysbysrwydd chwanegol, anfoner at Mr. EDWARD JENKINS, GWALIA HOTEL, Upper Woburn Place, LONDON. Telegraphic Address, "Gwynfa London." BENSON EVANS' GASTROOYNE Ydyw yr unig Feddyginiaeth effeithiol at glirio y DIFFYG TREULIAD POEN AR OL BWYTA PENYSGAFNDER DWFR POETH CURIAD Y GALON GWYNT, &c., &c. Miloedd o Dystiolaethau o bob rhan o Brydain Fawr. I'w gael mewn potelau, Is. lhc. a 2s. Oc yr un. Gwerthir hwynt yn Liverpoo gan Mr. Richard Simon, CHEMIST, 57, BROWNLOW HILL, & iv/rnnnnt 154, HIGH PARK STREET, f LIVttirUUL" JOSEPH OL IVER, TAILOR & HABIT MAKER 126, UPPER HILL STREET, Princes Road, LIVERPOOL. Large Stook. Latest Designs, and Best Materials