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Cwibnodion 0 BcijfSFryn Maelor.

' Liadrata Plentyn yn Rhyl,



SAFETIES, SAFETIES.—Important notice to everyone concerned. Write for Warrilow & Co.'s New Price List of New and Second-hand Machines. Agents wanted. Large Discount given. BestiWhok- sal Terms. Ladies' New 1898 Pneumatic Safeties splendid value, £ 6 10s. Gent's Semi Racers, New Machines, Double-tubed Tyres, weight 26 lbs. War- ranted. Trade Price, £6108. Second-hand Machines, tr- 91 los. Send for List, post free, Address to WABSILOW & Co., Cycle Manufacturers, Regent Street, Weston-super-Mare. Agents wanted. -m- A oes genych eisieu MOKWYN 1 Hysbysebwch ym Gymro. 18 gair am 6ch.

uragwyr a i nararnwyr.

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