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I- ESTABLISHED 1853 OWEN ROBERTS. ESTATE AGENT g3 Netherfte?d Road South, H?a l?e ?nd sm?ll DweUmg-houses to Let in various parts of the town. (:r G- H.- & Co.. 16, LORD STREET, ESTATE AG-ENTS, gave Cottages to LET in various parts of the f¡¡I'F, .œntmg ircm 2¡6 to 8/6 per weeK clear of ta. larger houses V/G higher rents. H- E- WGLLIAMS, 1C, CONYERS STREET. ESTATE AG-ENT ?YAB l?ge ?m?l Hou? To Ie ?iau.p? of the g't ottya.Bdnburbs. aouses b' and sold. arrwiged, Jçc (1, JOHN WILLIAMS. —Estate Agent,— LOMBARD CHAMBERS, 159 KIRKDALE RD. .U d.?? of Ho?e -??rA?Sc? ? ,'Prt.itnde. Mortgages arranged anå Insurances effected.(F HENRY JONES, ESTATE & MORTGAGE AGENT, /17, EVERTON ROAD, LIVERPOOL. Rents colibcted,. Mortg&ges àrrallgede TELEPHONE NO. 1779. 'Ð Uverpool Land Company, Limited ??'Tr -rt?T! e; .&:c —To be Sold, Freehold a.nd 999 ??&?E????? ??K?? ?p:??? ? ? ? ? tocsHttes.—Apply to E. OWEN, Secretary, LIVERPOOL LAND COMPANY, 3'?,, STREET. U. & D. WILLIAMS, ,I rou & Brass Fodders.. Engmeers, Millwnghts PULLEYS OF VARIOUS 3IZES IN STOCK, Tool. Makers, &o., MJilTAL AND HARDWARE MERCHANTS W o\,ks-rA YJ.OR S'REET, ? S'Rs-402 & 404, Scotland Rd. SwwRcoms 't -r LI\TkS:PU(t L. fa?t lM?Ga.tes, M.d R?"°?-,Sot K?tcheR RaRgas, ?a.s? ??" Enetueers; WitUa.mft' W?. ?een ??\?t? ??efo. Shop., &c.; P?atW-idiag Mid ????. ovMS, Ch&Seis, Bo?M. ?'JX.?? ???et??? ENTS?pt?TO'M su?ent ??jui?tc properly .s?m?te food B-'M30N EVANS' G A cl T R, 0 CY ME 'ùR INDIGESTION. S. in Bottles, 1j1 (13 doss); 2/6 (40 doses) TRY ONE It leads the w.y m giv?.ng the greatest s?? action for the cure ol BIL.OUS a?d LIVER f?MPLAiNT?, Pa.ins ate. Meals, Heartburns, ?uleacy, Belchmg, anA ? ?ose Miments which are caused horn the one Complaint— I DIG E S 'T 0 Nm GASTROCYNE strikes at the -Root of "he evil giving not a. temporary but a thorough cure. TRY ONE BOTTLE! BONBON E'VANS' PINE: LIV R PILULES L I Act like M&gic on the Liver & Kidneys. Small in size eaf:sY a;:¡d convenient to take. Sold in bottles, 7d. (40), <load Is l%d. (90 Pilules) each. 1 PROPRIETOR- ;T' BENSON EVAS, Chemist, Oenbigh. r' u, I R.V\lH r'Ti GTON, Tailor & Habit Maker (25 Years Experience 45, BVR Ft/1 BEET, LIVERPOOL. All Garments Cqt and Made on the Premises, io. well-voudl8.ted Workrooms. > Gymry! dewch at Gymro. _7. II. CWMNI yswun.i£l'f PRUDENTIAL (CY]J'YN G- EDIG). THYSOR.FA 'DROS ?S?,00 000 AGENT. adda -qugol va eisia.u—Xmofynaf im & J. W. JOKES, Prudeutul.1 Oiiico Caornarfon Messrs GRIFFITHS & DAVIES9 S98. SCOTLAND ROAD, I Being the largest Drapers in the North End of I Liverpool, are now concentrating all their attention to the following Departments, viz.:— Dresses, Drapery. FancZ:e.r:. Haberdasherj). Hosiery. Mantles. Btjjs Clothing. Paperhanging. 'Ll1derclothi1tg. Fars. —AND— MiUineiy. In all these Departments will be found the Newest and most Stylish Goods of the Season at moderate prices. GR!FF!THS &; DAV!ES, 398, Scotland Road. r ??r8tEAM8H!P COMPANY. loB-lill]!: AND POWERFUL BRITISH STRAMEjtS 8aU regularly to the LEVANT, BLACK SEA, EGYPT CYPRUS ALGERIA, MALTA, and otaor Mediterrajoean PnTta t&kiM tbe:&)llowing two routes alternately :— ?MALT?S'?A.SM?RNA. CONSTANTINOPLE, and ?DMSA C?HinS often OR the return journey a? M?ral Ports on the Aai&tic Coast of the Black Sea, Greece, and Spain (2) ALGIERS, MALTA, ALEXA.NDRIA, CYPROt Bv_yltoUT, and ALSCXANDRETTA. Calling oocaaioaally on the homeward voy&ge at SpMtsh Ports. No over-crowding. Superior Mcommodatton. Lofty 'weM MnM&tet! SaloonB and Htate-roome. Stewardess cuTt(-4i. BAfety Home comforts. Good and liberal table. fe,res for Ringle and return tickets, and so extra charge for Uvhuf on board during ships' attv at Port s. ToTri?ta andpl&Mure-eeKers taking & trip by thM I.iBt. fill &nd it most enjoyable and interesting For furthe! pMOct. ?s, ''P??p?Y??? ? QQ? Famw?ckChamboya.Livetpoo LLINELL T WHITE STAn. ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. .ERPWL 1 NEW YORK woi QDEENSTO'WN, BOB DYDD MERCHER:— Ni chludir CO<WM ar yr un agerddlong ag ymdeitlmJyr BRITANNIC .Medi 8 "MAJESTIC Medi 15 A Mwydda y cludU- yn yr AH Gaban ar y fordaith P)le v ctudittd ydyw .67 5s i .610 yn ol yr Agerddlong, y Tymhor, a'r lie i deithwyr. Y mae y Llongau rhagotol hyn t gyd o'r dosbarth uchaf, yn unffurf o ran cvnl!nR t. Trefniadau, ac yn ddigyffelyb mewn mordoithiM. Ni chotr gwel! cyaeuadra. i fordetthwyr. Am f&nyiion, ymofyner i R. Owen, Ship & In surance Broker, a W. J. Williams, Heo! y Farchnad Caema.rfon; neu a R. Robert, Bethesd&; Owen E Parry, maanachydd Hechi, Dolwyddelen; David Rowltmds, Penygraig W. D. Jones, Ohi B&nk Oa-ergybi; Jos. Francis, 5 Glanhwfaroad, Lla.1gdn R. <S oberts ,Rook, Or.Jigia.u Ms.wi. TX.t ysarn; Hugh Hughes, 7, Market Row, Amiwch W. J. Williams Shoe Warehouse, LlattrtV': Matthew Goldie, 217, High Street, Bangor R U Evaus, 1, Minafon, DoIgeUy; neu ag ISMAY IMJ1.i¡,. &;0o., 34, Leade nha Street, Lluadain, E.G., & Water Street, Lerpwi. FOR SPRING AND SUMMER SUITINGS, I JOHN HUGHFS,, SQUARE SHOULDERS A SPECIALITY. 24, QXTOM MAB, BIRKENHEAD CUT, S'&YLE, AND QUALITY ALL GUARANTEED MODERATE PRICES. tit a 29 gan bob Druggist yn Liverpool Paa. I toecH ynunig gan ADaviles Chemist, 141104- yn!!ettj. -¿:¡¡¡:¡..O/.ti; TYSTIOLAETHAU. Dywed Mr H- A. Evans, Post Omce,Tre!ech.—" Many in his part say that they have never Med anything equal to Davies's Cough Mixture for Cough and Bronchitis. Bywed Mr E. Davies, Glynarthen.—"GaIM roddi i'ch Coitgh 3lixture y ganmpliaeth uchaf fel meddyginia.eth'l'r syfer anhwvldera.uamrywiolygwddfa'rysgyfaint." A?WYD'—Mr Robert Morgan, 45. Cwmavon Ruatt, Aberavon.—"Yrwyfyneich bendithio chwi am dano, ac y m&e wedt gwneud lies annhraethol yn fy nheulu at anwyd & ?ESWCB: AR &A?TOB.ION.-Dywed Mr?Davjttt Jenkins, Mus. Bac., Aberystwyth.—" Having suffered from a.n irritable Cough last Christma.s, I took a bottte of .Denis's CoMaA Mixture, and by the following day I was quite free, ano "able MfoUow my public engagements." FESWOH. AR. £H..ANT.-Dywe Mr W. Hughes Gol. Y Dydd, Y niae wedi bod o werth a.nmhrisia.dwy y fy nheulu a bob amser wedi bod yn Uwyddianus i wella y ?o? dywed Ca,dvan.—"Yr wythnos ddiweddaf eymerodd tT ngeneth ftch oedd dan anwyd cyndyn un o'ch poteli No gwnaeth iddi wir les." INBTL.UENZA.—YsgrifeM y Parch E. W. Daviea, Toa Pent)'e. yn ddiweddar,—" Ga.llaf ddwyn tystiolaeth glir t boblogrwydd mawr Hugh Davieö's 1tI-ixtwe. ac i cider bvni&d lies neillduol fel siaradwr cyhoed'!us oddiwith ddefa- y(Jdi!l.d oh()llo, ac hefyd i'w worth yr a.deg hon gyda'r haint- inQuenza.' Dywed y Parch LI. B. Roberts Caernarfon,- Dan oohMn anwyd yn nychu—a'r lungs Yn rhyw lesg weithredu Mwy cais trwy y Cough Mixture cu, Oes o iechyd ddi-besychu." PEIDIWCH I Cymeryd eich twyllo gan unrhyw efelychiad o I' DAVIES'S COUGH- MIXTURE Y mae 11u yn y GOFALWCH Fod y Trade Mark Uchod yn y golwg. MYNWOH Y Real 2'h'inq-DA vms's COUGH MIXTURE, parotoedig gan HUGH DAVIM, Fferyllydd, Machynlleth. BRYSIWCB; geisio potelaid gati y Fferyllydd nesaf atech, cyn Anwyd fyned yn waeth.


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