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ESTABLISHED 1853 OWEN ROBERTS. ESTATE AGENT, 33, Netherfield Road South, Has large and small Dwelling-houses to Let in various parts of the town. (F G. H. EDWARDS & Co., 16, LORD STREET, ESTATE AGENTS, Have Cottages to LET in various parts of the town, renting from 2/6 to 8/6 per week, clear of taxes. Also larger houses at higher rents. H. E WILLIAMS. 10, CONYERS STREET, ESTATE AQ-ENTi HAS large and9mall Houses To Let in various parts of the city and uburba. Houses bought and sold. Mortgagen arranged, Jso. (F JOHN WILLIAMS. —Estate Agent,— LOMBARD CHAMBERS, 159 KIRKDALE RD. All classes of House and Shop Property carefully and ec- momically managed. Sales and Purchases effected with promptitude. Mortgages arranged and Insurances effected,(F HENRY JONES, ESTATE & MORTGAGE AGENT, 117, EVERTON ROAD, LIVERPOOL. Rents Collected. Mortgages Arranged, TELEPHONE No. 1779. — ■ I Tha Liverpoot Land Company, Limited TO BUILDERS, &c.—To be Sold, Freehold and 999 vears' Leasehold LAND, in lots to suit purchasers, in Garston, Kirkdale, Walton, Bootie, and Seaforth. Liberal advances will be made to Builders. Property letting well in all the localities.-Apply to E. OWEN, Secretary, LIVERPOOL LAND COMPANY, 22, LORD STREET. 0. & D. WILLIAMS, Too & Brass Founders, Engineers, Millwrights PULLEYS OF VARIOUS SIZES IN STOCK, Tool Makers, eke., METAL AND HARDWARE MERCHANTS Wovks-TAYLOR STREET, OfEce and gs-402 & 404, Scotland Rd. LIVERPOOL. Kitchen Ranges, Cast Iron Gates, and Railings; Hot "Water, Green Houses, and Sanitary Engineers; Williams eataut Winding and Adjusting Sun Shade for Shops, &c.; Baker# Oven Stocks, Confectioners Ovens, Chaffers, Boxes, Tiife Bars, &c.; all sizes of Gate Runners, &c. -4 CYRN CYRN 11 CYRN I I I MAE BUNODION BENSON EVANS Yn rhoddi esmwythad ar unwaith i GYRN poenus, ac yn eu aymud yn mewn /chydig ddyddiau. Symuda hefyd DDEFAID y dwylaw a'r bysedd, tyn ymaith enyniad a gwres o BUNIONS gan eu gwneud yn iach a diboen. Gwerthir mewn potelau 7ic a Is. 1to.! yr un. Danfonwch am botel—mae'n feddygin- iaeth anffaeledig. G AST RO 0 Y N E BENSON EVANS, Yr uuig feddyginiaeth effeithiol i Ddiffyg Treuliad, Poenau ar ol Prydiau, Llosg-galon, Biliousness, &c. Derbyniwyd miloedd o gymer- adwyon i'w effeithiolrwydd rhyfeddol. Mewn Poteli, Is. lc. a 28. 6c. yr un. T. BENSON EVANS, High Street, Dinbyoh. j R. WHSTTINGTO N Tailor & Habit Maker (25 Years Practical Experience), 45, BYROM STREET LIVERPOOL. All Garments Cut and Made on the Premises, in well-ventilated Workrooms. Gymry! dewch at Gymro. CWMNI YSWIRIOL Y PRUDENTIAL (CYFYNGEDIG). TRYSORFA DROS R20,000 000 AGENTS addas ychwanegol yn eisiau— Y mofyner A J. W. JONES, Prudential Offiice Caernarfo Messrs GRIFFITHS & DAVIES, 398, SCOTLAND ROAD, Being the largest Draper in the North End of Liverpool, are now cone- jntrating all their attention to the following Depa: "• merits, viz. :— Dresses. Drapery. Fancies,. Haberdashery. H osiery. M antles. Boys Clothing. Pa perlianging. Underclothing. Furs. —AND— Millineiy. m 1 < e De partments wil be found the Newest and most Stylish Goods of the Season at moderate prices. GRIFFITHS & DAVIES, 398, Scotland Road. F XA CURE FOR BRONCHITIS HTT for the Young; and Old, A. THINK of the thousands of Cbildren who suffer every year with Bronchitis without receiving permanent relief. Notwithstanding many remedies given them, their systems are still weak, and every spell of had weather brings anxiety to the parents. In all damp climates such as this country is subject to, people are inclined to Colds, Coughs, and Affection of the Throat and Lungs. The climate taxes those who are strong, while the weak suffer. TUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY is made of Pure Welsh Honey and the Finest Vegetable Preparations. In no other form is to be found the perfect combination of this valuable Nutritive and Curative Remedy. ARGEST SALE OF ANY COUGH m EDICINE IN THE WORLD. QVEHWHELMING TESTIMONY. IT IS MORE THAN" GOLD TO ME. My wife desires me to convey her best wishes for the success of your TUDOR WILLIAMS' BAL- SAM OF HONEY. It has been of great benefit to our little ones, who suffered from Bronchitis and Coughs during the last two most inclement winters. It gives them instant relief. Further, our medical attendant, Dr. Jones, quite concurs in the frequent use of the Balsam when occasions require.—Yours faithfully, JOHN WALTER MORGAN, Brynhoulog House, Hirwain. Sold by all Chemis'-s and Stores in ls, Illd., 2s. 9d., and 43. 6d. bottles. Sample bottles sent (post paid) for Is. 3d., 3s., and 5s., from the Inventor— D. rjiUDOR WILLIAMS MEDICAL HALL, ABERDARE. PAPAYANN! STEAMSHIP COMPiwv, LARGE AND POWERFUL BRITISH STEAMBIS Sail regularly to the LEVANT, BLACK SEA, EGYPT CYPRUS, ALGERIA, MALTA, and other Mediterrar ean Ports, taking the,following two routes alternately:— (1) MALTA, SYR A.SMYRNA, CONSTANTINOPLE, and ODESSA. Calling often on the return journey at several Ports on the Asiatic Coast of the Black Sea, Greece, and Spain (2) ALGIERS, MALTA, ALEXANDRIA, CYPRUS BEYROUT, and ALEXANDRETTA. Calling occasionally on the homeward voyage at Spanish Ports. No over-crowding. Superior accommodation. Lofty well ventilated Saloons and State-rooms. Stewardess carried. Safety. Home comforts. Good and liberal table. Modeiate fares for single and return tickets, and no extra charge for living on board during ships'stay at Ports. Tourists and pleasure-sekers taking a trip by this Line v ill find it most enjoyable and interesting For further particn are, apply to PAPAYANNI & CO., Fenwick Chambers, Liverpoo LLINELL Y WHITE STAK. 'I ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. LERPWL I NEW YORK via, QOEENSTOWN, B(B DYDD MERCHER:- GERMANIC Awst 19 *TEUTONIC Awst 26 Ni chludir cotwm ar yr un agerdcUong ag ymdeithwy r A arwydda y ctudir yn yr Ail Gaban ar y fordaith Piis y cludiad ydyw £ 7 5s i £10 yn ol 'yr Agerddlong, y Tymhor, a'r lie i deithwyr. Y mae y Llongau rhagorol hyn 1 gyd o'r dosbarth uchat, yn unffurf o ran cynllun « threfniadau, ac yn ddigyffelyb mewn mordeithiau. Ni chelr gwell oyfleusdra i fordoithwyr. Am fanylion, ymofyner 1. R. Owen, Ship & Iv surance Broker, a W. J. Williams, Heol y Farchnad Caernarfon; neu a R. Roberts, Bethesda; Owen E. Parry, masnachydd llechi, Dolwyddelen; David Rowlands, Penvgraig W. D. Jones, Old Bank Caergybi; Jos. Francis, 5 Glanhwfa roa.d, Llangefn R. G oberts,Rock Cottage, Craigiau Mawr Tan ysarn; Hugh Hughes, 7, Market Row, Amlwch W. Williams Shoe Warehouse, Llanrwat Matthew Goldie, 217, High Street, Bangor; R. C Evans, 1, Miaafon, Dolpelly; neu ag ISMÁv lmalp &Co., 34, Leade nhal Street, Llundain, E.C., a Water Street, Lerpwl. CHAS. R. HALL, GENERAL LETTEBI CUTTER £ ] ENGRAVER 53 PARADISE STREET, LIVERPOOL. ANUFACTURER OF BURNING BRANDS, STENCIL PLATES, RUBBER STAMPS, BRASS PLATES, &c.

Y Chwarelwyr a'u Gyflogau.

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