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Addj/sgol- HIGH-CLASS SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, BRENTWOOD, MOHLEY ROAD, SOUTHPORF Principals: Miss BRIGGS and Miss HOLT B.A., London Assisted by Miss MORGAN,Cambridge Higher Local Certificate and a Certificated and competent staff of English and Foreign Mistresses. Brentwood is situated near to Hesketh Park and the sea, and is highly recommended by the Rev. R. H. Morgan, M.A., Bangor, and Rev. E. J. Evans, Walton. BEAUMARIS GRAMMAR & COUNTY SCHOOL HEAD- MASTER E. MADOC JONES, M.A., < Downing College, Cambridge, ASSISTED BY QUALIFIED MASTERS. BOARDERS are received at the School House Terms Moderate. Superior accommodation healthy and pleasant situation. Apply, HEAD-MASTER. COUNTY SCHOOL, BARMOUTH. (A DUAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS & GIRLS). HEAD-FASTER EDMUHD D. JONES, M.A. ASSISTANT MASTER J. M. EDWARDS (Jesus College, Oxford). HEAD-MISTRESS Miss E. J. OWENS, B.A. Boys received as Boarders by the Head- master, and Girls by the Head-mistress. Prospectus, &c., on application from J. LLOYD, Clerk. ARGRAPHIAD NEWYDD. TRISTIORA: OR SONGS IN THE NIGHT by the REV. JOHN HUGHES, M.A. JAMES NISBET & Co., London, a Swyddfa'r Cumro, a'r Llyfrwerthwyr. PRIS 3/6. DARGAJVFYDD.IAD UYJVOD. DILLADAU Archebion. DEFNYDDIAU NEWYDDION Diweddaraf. Gwneir TROWSUSAU i Archebion am 12/6. DIGURO am y pris. Digon o ERETHYNAU i ddewis. GAN JOHN HUGHES, 43, OXTON ROAD, Birkenhead: pESWCH pESWCH pESWCH. r pESWCH pESWCB L OESWCEL r | )ESWCH i Feddygiipetli Fawr Gynfreij UGH A V I E s I s JJ.. COUGH MIXTUREI THE GREAT WELSH 00UGH MIXTURE; REMEDY. DOUGH MIXTURE| 13|d and 2s 9d Bottles. 00UGH MIXTURE AT SolQd, everywhere. COUGH MIXTURE S° more Sleepless nights. \An/'iT afT~v,T!rT'ptt more distressing Goughs OOTOH MKTOBINO — in COUGH MIXTURE D A V I E S'S CO UGH 00U tH MIXTURE MIXTURE. OOUGH MIXTURE Gives Immediate Relief. COUGH MIXTURE Cures Coughs and Colds. COUGH MIXTURE Cures Bronchitis. COUGH MIXTURE Cures Whooping Cough. COUGH MIXTURE c^es Asthma. '5 V.!vLrTSSTrelech, says:—Many in this H Part say that they have never OOUGH Iv.tlXTURE used anything equal to Davies'a COUGH MIXTURE Cough Mixture for Cough and COUGH MIXTURE Bronchitis. COUGH MIXTURE Rev E. W. Davies, Pentre, OOUGH MIXTURE says he has derived benefit as COUGH MIXTUREa public speaker, and that it is COUGH MIXTURE the popular cure for Influenza. UTVTTTDI7 -Rains, M.D., Manches- bOUbH MIXL UKij^erj says r—"Extreme!v ser- COUGH MIXTURE viceable, giving great relief ar«J OOUGH MIXTURE comfort'" C li 11 MIXTURE Sweet as Honey. COUGH iM IXT U Warms the Chest. COUGH MIXTURE Soothes the Throat. COUGH MIXTURE Relieves the Phlegm. COUGH MIXTURE Clears the We. COUGH MIXTURE °rf dose wlU relieve. mrr,-ijT uTVTnDf One bottle will cure. nnTTnT? ,TSr See that the Trade Mart \JJ U J li MIXTURE is on the Wrapper—Peswcijr Proprietor:— HOGli BAYIES, Gtemist, MACaYKLLETij.

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