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A LARGE STOCK OF CLARETS Of the celebrated Vintages 1868, 1870, now in splendid condition. The market price of these Vintages is rapidly rising, but Messrs DOBELL retain for the present their former rate CRUSTED PORTS Bottled and laid down by Messrs. DOBELL during the past 40 years. SOLE AGENCY FOR MIL MAX GREGER'S HUNGARIAN WINES. CARLOWITZ, SCPPLIED ON THE" FLAGON SYSTEM. OLD LANDED BRANDIES, OLD BONDED WHISKEYS, Detailed price lists forwarded post free on application. JOHN DOBELL AND Co., CHELTENHAM, TETTKESBUKY, &c BRANCH OFFICES 9, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. rn TIFE AND FIRE INSURANCES AND GTJAEAKTEES FOR THE FIDELITY OF PER SONS IN SITUATIONS OF TRUST. ARE EFFECTED BY MR. W. CHRISTOPHERS, MERLIN" OFFICE 15, COMMERCIAL STREET NEWPORT, HON. W. E. "VAUGHAN & CO'S STEAM DYEING, BLEACHING, AND SCOURING WORKS, 52, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. ALSO, CARDIFF, MERTHYR, SWANSEA, AND TENBY AGENT FOR U.SK—Messrs Jones and Powell, drapers, &c AGENT FOR BLAENAVON—Mr. J. Harris, draper, London House. AGENT FOR BLAIN A-Mrs. Collins, confectioner. AGEXT FOR BRYNMAWR—Mrs. Hickf. milliner, &c., Beaufort-street. l28 M"R- J- H- S. JONES, Victoria Hall Chambers, Newport, Mon., is commissioned to advance from £ 100 to £ 5000, on Freehold or Leasehold property, and from £ 100 to = £ 1,000 on Personal teecurity. [2140 X100 TO £ 200 PER ANNUM. HOW I make it easily and privately at home, without hindrance to business or ordinary occupation. Suitable to either Sex. This is genuine, and may readily be tested. Success certain. Send 12 Stamps to M. DUVAL, Box No. 7, Post-office, Titclifield, Hants. 120 REMARKABLY CHOICE, FUNNY, RARE, and out of the way BOOKS, Two Pence, post free. J. WiLBY, Mirfield, Yorks. CUT THIS OUT, And send it at once with Is 7d in Stamps, and Directed Wrapper, to the MANAGER. COURANT OFFICE, HEXHAM, NORTHUMBERLAND, And in return you will receive an Oleograph Picture the lowest worth at least TWICE THE MONEY, (or your money returned), And presented with a Ticket entitling you to a chance in THE GREAT NORTHERN FINE ARTS DISTRIBUTION, 6 To take place shortly, particulars of which will be I enclosed with Ticket. 4 Post free of the Author, six stamps. j HOW to M^KE a DISTRESS for RENT, By THOS. KING, Estate Agent, 272, Holloway- road, London, N Contents Preliminaries— ihe \Var- rant—The Levy—What Can and What Cannot be Dis- trained—Inventory—Excessive Distress Valuation and Sale-Costs-Prat.duIe.tt Removal—Replevin Diati esses for Tithes and Rates—Lod"er'i Goods Execution by Sheriffs Variety of Forms," including Lodger Declara- tion, 12095 *<TPRDS AND COMMONS."—Every JLi Thursday, post fI.00i pr;ce contains 80 ] Pages' of Recess Speeches and' Letters, by Members of a both Houses of Parliameut, a History of rirliililielit, and f other matters of special interest to members. Members V of both Houses are respectfully requested to send copies of their speeches direct to the Printing Work~. addressed "Lords and Commons," Crewe. Ko charge of any kind i to Members, whether subscribers or not.° This request I ] refers not only to Political Speeches, but also to speeches t made at railway meetings, and it agricultural, or other gatherings, o. Hall, 11, St. Bride St Loudon. *6 TITHE PROYEKBS OF JESUS."—A _1_ Lecture on the Teachings of Jesus, with several hundred illustrations of provermal sayings. By Dr. Mackie. Post free, Sixpence. J. Hall, 11, St. Bride St., London- [2223 The demand FOR wholesome* i beverages induced the Importers < I upwards of 40 YEARS since, to -< supply the Public with Pure Tea. | HORWIM AN' S TEA 5 from its very reliable good quality £ ] Jis PREFERRED; the* Importers guarantee^it perfectly pure. *■ sess, n It is famous FOR possessing the delicate aroma of the Spring gathering. Its great STRENGTH is due to extremely CarefuI selection in China. The fine F L A V 0 R is very j delicious. CHEAPNESS also is E J secured by the Price being on Packets. HORNIMAN's LOCAL AGENTS ABEEGAVENNY Gosden Watkins, l-Herh-Kf ABBETILLEBT. Evans, chemist LAKBNBY..Philpou C INDERFORD. Coi,d,in,clierpiit CBICKBOWELL.. Chriatoi HER CARDIFF..Kernick ,23,UU 'ten Ditto..WilIia.ms.Xnte s reft CHEPSTOW..Or RIFJI tli s,book s Her 0I.S70Rt> Williams — Ho->»hi DOWLAIS.,Bidge, 173 .Hi^h-st.! IJYDNB r ••Rattiavay MAINDEE, E.B. Jones, chemist i .ci)orle MOVMOUTH .Jioweii,com«cijone MawMHAM. Fryer, Ordcti. m NLWPORT,Enj;r>-ris.-Hii?h- T> street '•j7"Ux,olL;i:iarth.,t. rnil-UP8 92, Commercial j v^. street, chmm t Sets V,NZ;i,J> "ivt-Htreet stow mn O V?t-Ht,ve Soclt't5' c. PAIHE, chemist. :i Com- PON-TYPOOL ,.M,CI'«;D-street PONTYPB71)D..J# l, iRhvmxey JVivi "I11118-t i>Tlir. JJ.nivs, chemist 17" CA lay lor, chemis .x.av.u.u,uoet | Aotirr5. WYNDHAM JONES & CO., FURNITURE, BEDDING, CARPETS, t I CURTAINS- Our SHOW-ROOMS are very extensive, and contain a CHOICE STOCK of DRAWING ROOM, DINING ROUM, LIBRARY & BEDROOM FURNITURE, BRASS & IRON BEDSTEADS, PIER & TOILET GLASSES CARPETS, FLOOR CLOTHS, CURTAINS, CORNICES, &C. &c. ALL GOODS ARE MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. ESTIMATES FREE. 137, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT, MON. [1C59 J. S. STONE, DOCK STREET WORKS, NEWPORT, MON. ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. KCRST PH.IZH PLOUGHS, HARROWS, CULTIVATORS, CHAFF CUTTERS, CORX CRUSHERS, TURNIP CUTTERS, AND PULPERS. CARTS, WAGONS, AND CARRIAGES, AT REPUCBO PKICBS. CATALOGUES POST FREE ON APPLICATION. 16th September, 1878. [2252 W. CHRISTOPHERS, PBINTER, BOOKSELLER, Sc STATIONER 15, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. I 2d. IN THE Is. DISCOUNT FOR. CjSLSH Off the PUBLISHED PRICE of an BOOKS. LEATHER AND FANCY GOODS FOR PRESENTS. I BIBLES, CHURCH SERVICES, HYMN BOOKS, ARTISTS' COLOUR BOXES. E. PURSER AMD COMPANY I (LONDON MANURE COMPANY.) ESTABLISHED 1840. HAVE NOW READY FOR DELIVERY IN DRY FINE CONDITION -— BONE MANURE, NITROPHOSPHATE, PURSER'S PURE DISSOLVED BONES URATE, SUPERPHOSPHATE, CORN, MANGOLD, AND POTATO BONE TURNIP MANURE, MANURivS. CHEMICALLY TREATED GUANO. OFFICES 116, FEN CHURCH STREET, E.U. AGENT FOR NEWPORT.—ME. J. S. STONE. STOREKEEPER AT NEWPORT.—GEORGE TREW, MONMOUTHSHIRE RAILWAY WHARF. ;'or the convenience of Customers in North and South Wales, the London Manure Company have established Depots at Newport, ilon., Aberdovey, Carmarthen, and tialtney. [6 DHE ATTENTION OF LADIES IS CALLED, THE ATTENTION OF L.U)IES IS~CALLED. THE ATTENTION OF LADIES IS CALLED THE attention of Ladies is called to the wonderful efficacy of KEARSLEY'S WIDOW WELCH'S ?EMAT/E PILLS, which have been proved by thousands mnually for many year past to be the most eiTectual remedy or that complaint to which females are liable—Headache. Siddiness. Nervous Depression, Pallor of the Lips, and general iebility of the system, often accompanied by palpitation of he Heart. The most obstinate cases (of apparently con- irmed invalids) have yielded to a course of these Pills. Sold )y all chemists, in Boxes at 2s, lid. Wrapped in WHITE Japer. Be sure to ask for" KEARSLE Y'S," and seo you get ¡ hem, as sometimes a spurious article is offered. By post for stamps, of SaiiKcr & Sons, 252, Oyford-street, London.[iyt»9 IMPORTANT TO FARMERS. W&. NO MORE ^BIRD BOYS THING'S PATENT CAR* -AV. BOLIC DRESSING for fSEED COKX, mr.r.ufactuved solely by E. KIXG, Ashley, Newmarket. This preparation is suitable for all descriptions of Corn, orfpVtlv harmless to the germination of the Seed, S Ju- nnnlied. and prevents the attack of Game, Rooks, ia^Vprmin No other dressing is required for Wheat vhen this is'used. One Gallon will be quite sufficient to ^'price0^'1 t>d°per Gallon, including the Can. 6d. per Gallon allowed for Empties. Testimonials from all parts on appueuhon. AGENTS,-Monmouth, C. H. Jor.es, ^lonnow-street. Newport, Waters and Arnold New town. Morgan and L ions. Chepstow, W. WiUiama. Uwercias, Williams. [230.J MOMr.Y, MONEY. MOHZY. A DVAKGED on the PETiSOXAL SE- CUlilTl* of the Borrower and two Sra*eties. No BILL of SALE or other security required repayable by instalments, under the Building bocicty pLm, as under O-Q £10 1 year 2 years Monthly repayment 1 0 0 0 12 0 Quarterly" 3 1 6 1 16 0 The above repayments include principal, in:e:'esr, and all expeusc?, except investigation fee. I For a loan of £ 20 the instalments will be dov.V.e, for £ 30 treble, anil so on in proportion. ADVANCES can also be obtained for shorter p<-riods. SAVINGS BANK BRANCH. DEPOSITS received at SIX per cent, interest, WITHDRAWALS at short notice. SHARES £ 10 payable in one sum, or by instal- ments of ten shillings a month. INTEREST on shares, 8 per cent. NATIONAL PROVINCIAL INVESTMENT, DEPOSIT, AND ,1! T ADVANCE ASSOCIATION (LIMITED). 10, Walbrook, Mansion House, London r STIFF'S STARCH. I, STIFF'S STARCH. One Trial of this beautiful Starch will prove its Superiority TRADE MARK, "QUEEN BESS." REGISTERED 10TH APRIL, 1877. STIFF'S STARCH. STIFF'S STARCH. I Sold by Grocers, Druggists and Oilmen and Wholesale REDCLIFFE STREET, BRISTOL. [2284 j SUN FIRE g £ = AND LIEF £ A 2 1 OFFICE, g LONDON. F.ire Insurances effected on almost ever description of Property. QUN LIFE ASSURANCE OFFICE. ^tow Rates of Premium for Young Lives. Large Lash .Bonuses. THE GUARDIAN HORSE AND VEHICLE ASSUR- A^iCE AbSOOIALTON, LIMITED, rfl, Lombard Street, London, E.C. SECOND EQUITABLE PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Established at Bridgwater, IS.52. Money advanced to any amount on Freehold or Lease- hold Property, repayable by quarterly instalments, and at a lower rate tlnin that charged by any o-,her office. For further particulars apply to tue Agent of this Dis- trict, CHARLES CLJLLUM, 19, Stow-hill, (opposite British School's, Newport. [112 ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinarj Organs, in either sex, acquired or constitutional, Gravej and Pains in the Back —tfold in Boxes, 4s. (xf. each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors; or sent to any address for 60 Stamps, by the Maker, F. J. CLARKE. Consulting Chemist, High-street, Lincoln.—Wholesale Agents, BABCLAT & SONS, London, and all the Whole- sale House. Nov port uUon), J. YOUXG Chcmi->s; E. A1 TH }MA8, 121, CY'inmercial-strort; G. Price, 127, Com. I me.-cial-strect; J.- .MKS KDMO 5, Hi^li-street, :111' PA'.NE, L!, Coinmei'cial-street, Ebbw Vuie 1 p, JODJ" MILLINERY. MRS. TADD 'j "P^EGS to inform the Ladies of Newport and tlie Neighbourhood that she is now prepared to show a LARGE STOCK OF MILLINERY AND OTHER GOODS, suitable for the WINTER SEASON, and she respectfully solicits an early inspection. 55, High Street, Newport. p3°l PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT GUANO. I THE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY INFORMED THAT THE PERUVIAN GUANO COMPANY, LIMITED, I 57, OLD BROAD STREET, LONDON, BY the terms of their Contract, are the SOLE and EXCLUSIVE AGENTS of the Peru- ▼i&n Government for the Importation and Sale of its GUANO, which the PERUVIAN GUANO COMPANY (LIMITED) ALONE now receive direct from the Peruvian Deposits, and sell GENUINE WITHOUT CHEMICAL TREATMENT, or ADMIXTURE of any FOREIGN SUBSTANCES. The Contract of Messrs. DREYFUS BROS. & Co. having CEASED, they, their Agents, Messrs. J. H. SCHRODER & Co., and their local Sub-Agents, NO LONGER represent the Government of Peru. THE PERU. VIAN GUANO COMPANY (LIIIETED) ALONE, and no other persons, firms, or companies, are the Agents for the Sale of Peruvian Government Guano, the price of which is fixed strictly on Analysis made from each Cargo by Dr. AUG. VOELCKER, CHEMIST OF THE ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. The Cargoes are sampled." by the Dock Companies, or Sworn Weighers, in the presence of a representative of the Peruvian Fiscal Inspection. Official Analysis of each Cargo by Dr. AUG. VOELCKER, and all further particulars may be obtained on applica- tion to THE LONDON BANKING ASSOCIATION, LIMITED, THE SOLE AGENTS OF THE CONSIGNEES FOR THE UNITED KINGDOM, ) 57, OLD BROAD STREET, LONDON, E.C. PERUVIAN GUANO DEPARTMENT. W. A. RAU, MANAGER. The Guano imported by the PERUVIAN GUANO COMPANY, LIMITED, can likewise be obtained AT GLASGOW I IN SCOTLAND. AT LIVERPOOL-From Messrs. NORM AX & PIGOTT. LEITH J 37, THE ALBANY, OLD HALL-STREET Messrs. G. DUNDEE ^From Messrs. ALEXANDER CROSS C. DOBELL AND CO., 5, GROSVENOK BUILDINGS ABERDEEN J AND FEO^S, GLASGOW, TITHEBAHN-STKEET. AYR J AT BRISTOL ") AT GALWAY, j IN IRELAND. GLOUCESTER SLIGO, and VFrom Mr. SEBASTIAN M. NOLAN, PLYMOUTH ^From Messrs, FOX, R')Y, & Co., LIMERICK, j HEAD OFFICES, TUAM. FALMOUTH HEAD OFFICES, I L'nro UTH. AT CORK ) From Messrs. MACKENZIE AND SOUTH'MPTONJ WATERFORD SONS, LIMITED. AT HULL-From Messrs. EDWARD KIPP3 AND CO. AT BELFAST and 1. From Messrs. G. HEYN AND AT NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE—From Mr J CAMERON LONDONDERRY S SONS. SWAN. [2330 THE LOUIS VELVETEEN. THE "MORNISG POST" says:—"Probably in no city in the world is all that pertains to dress and personal adornment.submitted to a keener criticism than in Paris, which has lou^ enjoyed th reputa- tion of being the centre of fashion. One of the most recent examples of articles of attire of "kn^lish manufacture satisfactorily passing such an ordeal is afforded by the favour with which the introduction of the Louis Velveteen has been received in that city. This beautiful fabric, which, in texture, appearance, and durability bears the closest possible resemblance to the best Lyons silk velvet, has completely won the suffrages of the most severe Pn-iii-m critics, and deservedly so, too. The Loais Velveteen, which is now universally sold, possesses several advantages over other velveteens, amongst which may be specially mentioned that it neither changes colour, fades, cockles nor snots with rain, one and all considerations of great importance. It is, moreover, dye I by a neiv process,' in the fashbnablo Oriental Blue Black,and made in various qualities and thicknesses suitable eith T for mdliuery, <1 i-essmakin^or trim. ming purposes. With so many good points to recommend it, it is not surprising that the Louis Velveteen should have been largely imitated, a fact which has rendered it necessary to stamp it on the reverse side every seven yards with a trade mark representing a Griffin's head, and the motto, Nos aspera juvant. THE LOUIS VELVETEEN IS NOT DEARER THAN INFERIOR DYES & MAKES. CAUTION.—You must see the Velveteens are stamped at the back in plain letters, the Louis Velveteen with Trade Mark and Motto, or you are not buying the genuine article, notwithstanding all assertions to the contrary. Agent for Wholesale only, J. H. FULLER, 92, Watling Street, London. 2273 OROVIDE AGAINST ACCIDENTS, By taking a Policy of the Railway Passengers' Assurance Company, The oldest and largest Accidental Assurance Company HON. A. KINNAIRD, M.P., Chairman. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, £ 1,000,000. ANNUAL INCOME £ 210,000. A fixed sum in case of Death by Accident, and a Weekly Allowance in the event of Injury, may be secured at moderate Premiums. Bonus allowed to Insurers of five years' standing. ACCIDENTS OCCUR DAILY!! £1,230,000 have been paid as GOMPEXSATIOy, Apply to the Clerks at the Railway Stations, tne Local Agents, or 64, Curnhill, London. WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary. i Agents for NewportMessrs. W. WILLIAMS and Co. lo, Dock-street; Mr. W. J. LLOY'D, Bank Chambers, [17 42 ABIDE TO khiva BY CAPTAIN FRED BURNABY, Itoyal Horse Guards. Page 13 says:—" Two pairs of boots lined with fur were also taken and for physic—with which it is as well to be supplied when travelling in out-of-the-way places—some quinine, and Cockle s pills, the latter a most invaluable medicine, and one which I have used on the natives of Central Africa with the greatest possible success. In fact, the marvellous effects pro- duced upon the mind and body of an Arab Sheik, who was im- pervious to all native medicines, when I administered to him tive COCKLE'S PILLS tive COCKLE'S PILLS will never fade from my memory; and a friend of mine, who passed through the same district many mouths afterwarus, informed me that my fame a; a medicine man had not died out, but that the marvellous cure was even then a theme of conversation in the bazaar." SEE BUItNAEY'S RIDE TO KHIVA. Page 13. A GOOD FAMILY MEDICINE CHEST ,w^'] a prudent use, has saved many a life and vet we think the idea might be improved upon,and reduced to a more simple form. Take some good compound, such as COCKLE'S ANTIBILOUS PILLS, md we find that the desired "lid may be obtained without scales, and weights, or little mysterious compartments or en- chanted bottles, with crystal stoppers. Others rnisrht be used but COCKLE'S PILLS, as tested by many thousands of persons, and found to answer their purpose so well, may be set down as tiie best.— Ob^.rvtr OOCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS! c THE OLDEST PATENT MEDICINE. In Boxes at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS In use for the last 78 vears for INDIGESTION. In Boxes at Is I'd, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis. 2 pOCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS c In use for the last 73 years for BILIOUS AFFECTIONS, In Boxes at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and 11s pOCKLES ANTIBILIOUS PILLS c In use for the last 7S years for LIVE R C O M P L A I.N T S In Boxes at Is lld, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis. QOCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS In use among nil classes of Society SEVENTY-EIGHT YEARS. May be had throughout the United Kingdom. In Boxes at Is. lid., 2s. 9d,, 4s. 6d., and lis. 18, NEW OEMOXD STREET, LON DON [1072 BLAIR'S GOUT PILLS. THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY FOR GOUT AND RHEUMATISM. THE excruciating pain is quickly relieved, and cured in a few days by this celebrated Medicine These Pills require no restraint of diet during their use and are certain to prevent the disease attacking any vital part. Sjld by allChemista. at Is Lid and 2s 91 per box. L2131 THE VERY BEST DUTCH BULBS. HYACINTHS, TULIPS, CROCUS, &c.,&c., &c. A Choice collection of the above just imported direct. EARLY ORDERS KINDLY SOLICITED BY W M OLIVER, CLARENCE NUtiSEKY, NEWPORT. [2254 The Economy of Nature provides a remedy for every complaint." TICKERS' AN TIL AC TIC is the only T certain cure known for RHEUMATISM, SCIATICA LUMBAGO, GOUT, & Indigestion. It has neve¡- been known to fail m curing the worst cases, many of which had been given up as hopeless. Sold by Chemists, in Bottles at Is nd" 25 91. and o! 6<11 Custom House Chambers, Lower Thames Street, E.C. Copy of Testimonial. ™ Hugheuden, 19th Sent. 1S73. The EARL OF BEACONSFIELD has much pleasure in bearing testimony to the great efficacy of \"ict-ers' Autilactic in curing gout, having taien the medicine during a severe attack. MR. M. A. VICKERS, 122S9 COBDEN'S QUINTNE & JpHOSPHORUS 1)ILL8 (REGISTERED), THE NEW TOXIC. PHOSPHORUS is the life-giving element in the blood, and the thought-giving power of the brain In conjunction with Quinine it is one of the n,ost powerfu curative agents known. All nervous diseases mean a want o Phosphorus m the brain and nerve centres, and to cure them is to re-introduce the deficient properly. COBDEN'S QUININE AND PHOSPHORUS PILLS Have been invented to accomplish this end, and there are now many thousands who ran testify to the success of this mode of treatment. If your brain is overworked, vonrnerves unstrung, c if you suffer from nervous or general debility, or feel a want 0; I vigour and vitality, try a course of COBDE-TS QUININE AND PHOSPHORUS PILLS. They net directly on the blood, vitalising and enriching it to a J surprising degree building up the system, and throwing off 1 the genus of disease. They thoroughly recruit the general bodily health, and restore the nervous system to a proper healthy condition, no matter from what cause impaired. CûBDb'S'S QUININE AND PHOSPHORUS PILLS. t 2s. Ðet and 4s. Gel. j May be obtained of any respectable chemist, who will ee-t them if lie does not keep them in stock. Ask for CcbUeu's"; Uj no: I e put ofi with tinylhiug e'sr give, tllem at, hi I for yoursfh. Should any difficulty occur in obtaining the Pills, they will alwavs b>- 3 sent by return of post on receipt of 33 er si stamps V-Teat c saving), by the SUSSEX DRUG COMPANY, 135, QUEEN S ROAD, BRIGHTON. Agent for Newport, Mr. PEAKMAX, 11, Commercial-street London Agents: Sanger and Sons, Ox^rd stive'- TV.rcliv and Sons, i'arrmgdon Street: Tidman nnd Sons iViUnn Street: Hovenden,City Read Mather, l'arrni don Road r 1511 KINAHAN'S LL WHISKY THE CREAM OF OLD IRISH WHISKIES. PURE, MILD, MELLOW, DELICIOUS, AND MOST WHOLESOME. TTNIYERSALLY Recommended -u by the Medical Profession. Dr. HAS- SALL says-" The Whisky is soft, meiiow, and pure, well matured, and of very excellent qualitv." 20 GPvEAT. TirCHFIELD STREET. LONDON, w. f209: I gulfed. T. c ORDEYT 35, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT, MON. I SPECIAL PERFUMERY AND FANCY SOAP LIST. All Articles of the very best Quality and at the Lowest Prices. RIMMELL'S PERFUMERY. Honey Suckle, Lily of the Vale, Moss Rose, African Flowers, Autumn Blossom, White Rose, Jessamine* 4s Cd bottle for 3s. Lily of the Vale, Jockey Club, Iblang Ihlang, Frangi panni, Honey Suckle, Moss Rose, Wood Violet, Musk, Coffee Arabica, 3s 6d bottle for 2s 4Jd. 2 Jockey Club, African Flower, 3s 6d bottle for 2s 4}d. Violet, Ess Bouquet, Stephanotis, Sweet Briar, Ronde- letia, Jockey Club, Frangipanni, Is 6J bottle for Lli. CLEAVER'S PERFUMERY. 2 SOi Extra Triple, Jockey Club, White Rose, Musk, sprinkling caps, 4s bottle for 2s 8d. Extra Triple, White Rose, 2s 6d bottle for Is 6}d. Jockey Club, Ess Bouquet, Frangipanni, Roudeletia, Patchonlu, Ihlang Ihlang, in fancy bottles, 4s bottid for Is 9d. Jockey Club, Frangipanni, 2s Sd bottle for Is Sd. rl Cleaver's EAU DE COLOGNE, 4 ounce 3s bottle for Is lfl 2 ounce Is 3d bottle for lOd. EAU DE COLOGNE, The Genuine "Johann Maria Farina gegenuberdein Juclihs Platz," 1 pt Flask 7s dd ior Pt Fiask 3s 61 for 2s Gd, 4 ounce bottle 2s td for Is 7d. HAIR WASHES. Mrs S. A. Allen's World-Wide Hair Restorer, Cs batria for 3s 9d. Mrs Allen's Zylobalsamum, 3s 61 bottle r 2s. Mexican Hair Renewer, 3s Cd bottle s. Rosemary Hair Wash, Is;- cttle for lCtd. ?/ Cleaver's Extract of Bay tthum, Is 6d battle for Is 1d Is bottle for 9d. Whittaker's Lime Cream, Is G.1 bottle for Is ljd, Is bottle for 9d, 6,1 bottle for 4kl. FANCY SOAPS. Real old Musk Brown Winlsor, (Whittaker & Gros smiths's), Is box for 9d. Carpet Soap, (Proctor's), Hd tablet for 4td- Glycerine Soap. (Bohem's), 1 lb bar Is 3d for 10 £ d. Glycerine Shaving Sticks, (Pears), Is size for 9d. White Glycerine, (Whittaker's), Is 6d box for Is lid. Glycerine Solitlified, Gd tablet for 4.1. Glycerine Solidified, 9d tablet for 5}ù. ,-n £ Hospital Skin Soap, (Hendries), 6,1 tablet for 4211. 62 Ladies'own Soap. Is Cd box far Is lid.. Fripp's Olive Oil, Is box for IUd. Cleaver's Oatme:.l Soap, Is box for 9d. Cleaver s Prize Medal Honey, Is box for 9d. Cleaver's Pumice Stone Soap, 3d packet for 2H. ii Cleaver's Pumice Stone Soap, Cd packet for 4ii. Hendrie's Petroline, 6.1 tablet for 4;d. Oakey's Silversmith Soap, 6d tablet for 4d. Cleaver's Lavender Toilet Soap, Is 6.1 box for Is lid. Rimme'd's Honey and Sand Soap, Is box for 9d. Cleaver's Nursery Toilet Soap, Is box for 9L Cleaver's Pure Carbolic and Glycer, Is box for 9d. Whittaker's Jockey Club, Is Gd box for Is IyLd. Field's United Service, Is 61 box for Is lid. Cleaver's Patent Tore bine Toilet Soap, Is 6d box for Is lid. Cleaver's Pure Tar Soap, Is box for 9d. Rimmell s Transparent Strawberry, Is 6d box for Is l^d. Whitta-er's Sandringham, Is 6d box for Is 2d. Cleaver's Almond, Brown Windsor, and Honey Scmps in 1 lb bars, Is bar for 9d. Boxes Toilet Po .ps, containing 4 tablets, each 10211. Cleaver's Castile Soap, Is box for ^d. 1( Wright's Coal Tar, Gd tablet for 4d. POMADES, OILS, &c. Assorted Pomades, (Whitta.er's), Is size 9J, 6d size 1H Ditto ditto (Cleavers) Bear's Marrow, (Cleaver's) Is size 9d. Briiliantiue, (Rimmell's), 2 ounce Is 61 bottle for Is lid 31 ounce 3s Gd bottle for 2s 3d. Euxesis, (Lloyd's), Is 61 size for lid. Glycerine Pomade, (Whittaker's) Is size for 91. Macassar Oil, (Rowland's), 3s Gd size for ils 4..1. 7d size 4s Gd. VILLIEHS, ARTIST A N p T PHOTOGRAPHER. YILLIJmS' CARTES DE VISITE TAKEN DAILY. VILLIERf: Guinea Portrait in Oil, the cheapen' u..¡,l most permanent style of Portrait in England. vTLLIERij' FAMILY PORTRAITS ENLARGED FROM CARTES TO LIFE SIZE. V ILLIERS' JEWEL MINIATURES. A variety of new specimens to be seen at C O M 21 E K C IA L STK E E T NE WP O R T Machinery, Landscapes, Animals, Paintings, &c Photographed JOHN YOUNG, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, 10, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT Physicians' Prescriptions and Family Receipt* >a■■ e lully Prepared. Benson's WATCHES. Watchciuck Maker to the Queen and Koyal Family, aid he >pecial appointment to the Prince ol Wales and'Em ,er^r )t Russia. Old Bond-street, and (Steam Factory) -a i jate-hill, London. BLNSON WATCHES of every descrip- B tion, suitable for all climates, from £ 2 to I ruiueas. Chronographs, Chronometers, Keyless, i-ever. ereseutation, Repeaters, Railway Guards, Soldiers, ami A orkmen s Watches oi extra strength. OENSON'S ARTISTIC ENGiJsit B BLOCKS, decorated with Wedgwood and otaer vares, designed to suit any style of architecture or iu:\ii- ure; also, as novelties tor presents. Maae solely uy Ltenson. From t5 as. BENSON'S PAMPHLETS on TURlTyT CLOCKS, Watches, Clocks, Plate, and Jewellery frustrated, sent post free each for two stamps. Wutoiie* sent safe by post. Benson s new worli, Time and i'lme fellers," L's. 6d. GITE N EI EX I) STARCH Has for many Years been Exclusively used in the Royal Laundry. The lest Starch I ever „ used." j Vneen s Laundress. "Cteanly in use,economical,") and gives a perfect stiffness [■" Milliner & Dressmaker and gloss difficult to excel. ') Particularly adapted for i Englishwoman's Domestic oear starching muslins. '$Magaaine 11 PSCENIX F I RE OFF I C i. J P Lombard-street and Charing Cross, London. Established 1782. Prompt and liberal Loss Settlements. Insurances effected in all parts of the world. L12 JOHN J. BEOOMFIELD, Secretary^