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(To lie yet. rI 0 LET, WELL-FURNISHED APART- ) MENTS. Pleasantly situate! and Central. Addrass RITA," MERLIN Office, Newport. "No'Tnher l=t. 18". [1618 Ranted. NEWPORT UNION. JlZ7Ei.Ii SANITARY AUTHORITY., WANTED, an INSPECTOR OF NUI- SANCES for the RURAL PARISHES of this UNION. Salary .£1.51) per annum, t. include travelling expenses. Candidates, who must be between 25 and 46 years of age, must address applications to me, in their own handwriting, enclosing testimonials, not more than six in number, on or before MONDAY, the 12TH day of NOVEMBER next. Preference will be given to » person who can speak the Welsh language. By order, W. DOWNING EVANS, Clerk. Dated 22nd October, 1877. 11597 PONTYPOOL UNION. NURSE WANTED. THE Guardians of the Pontypool^ Union will, at their meeting to be held on THURSDAY, the 22nd day of NOVEMBER, 1877, proceed to the appoint- ment of a NURSE for the Union Workhouse.. Salary R20 per year, with the usual Officer s Karons, Lodging, and Washing. f The appointment will be made subject to the orders of the Local Government Board, and the person elected must possess the requisite qualification, and be able to read writ* ten directions upon medicines. Duties to commence imme- diately upon appointment. Applications, in candidate's own handwriting, stating age, accompanied with testimonials, to be sent to me on or before the 17th day of November, 1877. The candidates will be required to attend the meeting of the Guardians on the day of election at Eleven o'clock. By Order, EDWARD B. EDWARDS, Clerk to the Guardians. Town Hall, Pontypool, October 29th, 1877. f1608 WANTED, a WORKING- HOUSE- KEEPER, of mature age, for a Single Gentleman where no servant is kept. Must be a good cook, and have a good character.—Apply to R. VAUGHAN, 30, Com- mercial-street, Newport. [1617 PRINTING.—Wanted, an Apprentice in 113 the Printing Business.-Apply at the MERLIN" Office, Newport. {ftdnatton. TUITION.—In or near Newport, an Oxford M.A. PREPARES FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS.— Address Rev. J. E. JONES MACHEN, Llanthewy Rectory, Caerleon. [1263 DANCING, DEPORTMENT, AND CALISTHENI EXERCISES. MRS. TOPLIS EEGS to announce that a LADY from her Establishment will RESUME her engagements at Newport and its vicinity weekly, commencing OCTOBER 5th. SCHOOLS AND PRIVATE FAMILIES ATTENDED. For Terns and other particulars, address to her resi- dence, 4, Regent-place, Clifton, Bristol. [1490 ,te¡tnt iSaat-uutttaitiott. NEWPORT AND BRISTOL, OCTOBER, 1877. WE LSH PRINCE, \q' PK\ » (unless prevented by any un- Jfcup^Ljge^.forseen occurrence) is intended to sail during the month of NOVEMBER, 1877. with Passengers and Merchandise. FROju. BEAUFORT WHARF, FROM BATHURST BASIN NEWPORT. BRISTOL. 12 Monday 8.45 a.m. Calling at the Hotwells 14 Wednesday (To Cumf er- Stage. land Basin.) 10. 0 a.m. 10 Saturday 9. 0 a.m. 16 Friday 1. 0 p.m. 13 Tuesday (From Cum- berland, Basin J 10 45 a.m. berland, Basin.) 10 45 a.m. 115 Thursday 1. 0 p.m, FARES After Cabin, 2s. 6d.; Fore Cabin, Is. 6d Children from 3 to 12 ye;lrs of age, Half-price Horse End Rider, 7a. Dogs, Is. each. Return Tickets will be issued each Trip, available to return within one week at the following fares—Cabin, 4s. Deck, 2s. 6d. For conditions of Freight, apply at the Company's Offices, opposite the SEAMEN'S FLOATING CHAPEL, GROVE, BRISTOL; and BEAUFORT WHARF and RODNEY WHARI, NEWPORT. 13J Mr. J YOUNG, Traffic Manager, Newport NOTICE. THE CORK STEAM SHIP COMPANY and the BRISTOI GENEFAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY will only re- ceive and carry goods subject to, and upon the express terms of their respective Notices of the 14th and 18th of DECEMBER, 1854, already published, and to be obtained at their offices <QTEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN JO CORK, NEWPORT, and CARDIFF, carrying Goods at THROUGH RATES to and from. The CITY 0F CORK STEAM PACKET COMPANY'S (LIMITED), First-class Powerful Steamer "CORMORANT,' (Capt. Simmelkiar), UPUPA," (Capt. L. OTooIe)," MINNA," (Capt. Browne), "PELICAN, (Captain Hore), are intended to ply as underneath, unless prevented by any Hiiforeseen occurrence, with or without a Pilot, with liberty to tow Vessels, during the month of NOVEMBER, 1877. NEWPORT & CARDIFF TO CORK. Newport to Cork, viq. Cardiff Wednesday, 7th 5 morn Cardiff to Cork, Thursday, 8th 6 morn Newport to Cork, via Cardiff Wednesday, 14th lOt morn Cardiff to Cork, Wednesday, 14th 11 j after CORK TO NEWPORT, & CARDIFF Monday 5th 1 after Monday 12th 7|morn Monday .M. 19th 1 after Monday 26th 7 morn GLASGOW & DUBLIN TO NEWPORT via CORK I The Clyde Shipping Company's Steamers will sail- From GLASGOW- WEDNESDAYS, 1 p.m. From GREENOCK—Wednesday Evenings. From DUBLIN —SATURDAYS. Fares to Cardiff, or Newport, Cahin, (including Fee, ^81 Is Od; Children under 12 years, 12s.; Deck, 7s. Return Tickets, Cabin, (including Fee,) available for One Month, < £ 1 11 s 6d.; Children, 18s. The Company give notice that they will not be accountable for Passenger's Luggage, unless the value thereof be declared, and a Freight paid accordingly at the time of Shipment and that Passengers from NEWPORT and CARDIFI must obta;u their tickets at the Offices, be. fore going on Boar4. Horses and Live Stock intended for Shipment should be alongside FOUR HOURS before the time of Sailing and Goods en the previous day. For particulars of Freight and Passage, apply at the Company s Office, Cork or their Agents, JAMES MADDOCK, Ship Broker, 74, Commercial-road, Newport, Mon. I E. C. DOWNING, 3] Ship Broker, Bute Docks, Cardiff. "WHHE STAR" UNB NOTICE.—The Steamers of this Line take the Lane Routes re- commended by Lieut. Maury, on both the Outward and Homeward passages. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS Sailing from LIVERPOOL FOR NEW YORK On THURSDAYS; from QUEENSTOWN on FRIDAYS. The well-known fast Steamers of this Line are appointed o sail from Liverpool to New York as under:- ADRIATIC Thursday, Nov. 15. BRITANNIC .Thursday, Nov. 22. CELTIC ^ursday, £ ov- 22" GERMANIC ^ur3jay' £ ec' iq- BALTIC ■ThS?™?p £ fv From NEW YORK every SATURDAY. These Steamships afford the very best accommodation to all classes of Passengers. The Saloon, Ladies' Boudoir, Staterooms, and Smoking Rooms are amidships, where the noise and motion are 16 Bath Rooms, Barber's Shop, Piano, Extensive Libraries and Electric Bell communication with Stewards, Burgeons and Stewardesses carried. SALOON PASSAGE 15, 18, and 21 Guineas, according to accommoda- tion in State Rooms, all having equal privileges in Saloon. Children under Twelve years half fare. Infants under One year free. Return Tickets (available for Twelve calendar months) at reduced rates. Deposit, .25 each berth, The Steerage Accommodation is of the very highest order, and Passengers can be booked through to all parts of the State?, Canada, India, &c., at special rates. Drafts issued on New York free of charge. Apply at the Company's Offices, 37, Broadway, New York in Queenstown, to JAMES SCOTT and CO.; or to ISMAY, IMRIE, & CO., 10, Water-street, Liverpool; and 34, LeadenhalJ-street London E.G.. [5 #aU«s Inj guuiion. TIMBER, LARCH, AND COPPICE WOODS. MR. THOMAS PARRY will SELL, at the GOLDEN LION INN, USK, on THURSDAY' the 15TH NOVEMBER, 1877, at 2 p.m., subject to the conditions of sale. MONMOUTHSHIRE. LOT I.-The FALLAGE of the "Pandy Wood," in I the Parish of Goytre, containing about 49a. Or. 12p.; all Stores and Timber reserved. LOT 2.—" Pwyll Bach," containing 311. lr. 25p., in the Parish of Llantrissent, with 10 Ash Timber Trees, num- bered in red, and 15 Ash Stores, dotted red all other Trees and Stores reserved. LOT 3.-Portion of the large Wood, adjoining Lot 2, up to the path leading from Bertholey House to Will of Wentwoods, about 32 Acres, to be measured hereafter, with 2 Sycamores, 12 Ash, 2 Cherry, 1 Chestnut, and 1 Wych Timber Trees, numbered in red, and 37 Stores dotted red all other Stores aud Timber reserved. LOT 4.-About 260 strong Larch, 42 Oak Stores, and 7 Ash, growing in a Plantation near Bertholey House, in the Parish of Llantrissent. LOT 5.—24 Ash and 7 Wych Timber Trees, numbered in red, and 50 Stores, dotted red, standing near Whitehall Farm, Llantrissent. LOT 6.—The Coppice of Cefn Wood," r.ear Lot 5, con- taining 2a. 3r. 32p., with 4 Ash, 3 Wych Timber, and II 3 Stores, numbered and dotted red. LOT 7.—A small Wood, near Lot G, containing 3a. 2r. 13p., with 5 Ash Timber Trees, nnmbered in red, and 6 Stores, dotted red. LOT 8.—A Part of New Wood," in the Parish of Trostrey, about 8 Acres, to be hereafter measured, with 4 Ash, and 1 Beech Trees, numbered in red. Mr. JENKINS, Pandy Farm, Goytre, will show Lot 1. Mr T.BOWYER, Bertholey House, will show Lots 2, 3, 4,5, 6, and 7. Mr. PKITCHARD, Trostrey Hill, will show Lot 8. Further particulars may be had of Mr. OLIVER DAVIES, Land Agent, Usk. Usk, 30th October, 1877. [1610 MONMOUTHSHIRE AND GLAMORGANSHIRE. TOT I Jf BE R MERCHANTS, RAILWAY CONTRACTORS,$c. MESSRS. CORNELIUS EYANS & SON have the honour to announce that they have received instructions to OFFER FOR SALE BY AUC- TION, at the KING'S HEAD INN, NEWPORT, OH SATUR- DAY. NOVEMBER 24th, 1877, between the hours of Five and Six in the Afternoon (subject to such Conditions as shall be then and there produced), the following very valuable COPPICE WOODS, The Property of Lord TREDEGAR. MONMOUTH SHIRE. LOT 1 -About 29 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, being a part of the Thicketts and Slades Wood, in the Parish of Llanvihangel Roggiet, and within one-and-a-half mile of the Great Western Railway, consisting of excellent Pit and Cordwood, Hoop and Hurdle Stuff. LOT 2.-About 20 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, being a part of Park Wood, in the Parish of Bassalleg, adjoin- ing the Brecon and Merthyr Railway and Turnpike Road, consisting of excellent Pit and Cordwood, Hoop and Hur- dle Stuff, including 46 Larch Firs, 12 Birch, and 12 Ash Timber Trees, marked with white paint. LOT 3.-About 12 Acres of BRAKES and HEDGE ROW TIMBER, in the Parish of Bassalleg, adjoining the May Pole Inn and Brecon and Merthyr Railway, con- sisting chiefly of strong Oak and Alder, Pit and Cord- wood, including 13 Oak Timber Trees, and 87 Oak, 19 Ash, and i4 Beech Double and Treble Stores, also 30 Larch Fir Trees, marked with white paint. To be sold by lump. LOT 4.-About 9 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, called Graig Vach, iu the Parish of Bassalleg, adjoining the Parish Road and Pontymister Tin Works, consisting of Pit and Cordwood, including 10 Oak, 4 Ash, 4 Beech and 4 Elm Timber Trees, also 14 Oak, 2 Ash and 2 Elm Double and Treble Stores, marked with white paint. To be sold by lump. LOT 5.-About 22 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, called Coed-y-nant, in the Parish of Bettws, adjoining the Parish Road, and within two miles of the Town of New. port. consisting chiefly of excellent Hoop and Hurdle Stuff. LOT G.-About 18 Acres of COPPICE WOODS, being a part of Maescoed Mawr, in the Parish of Bassalleg, adjoining the Parish Road, and within three miles of the Town of Newport, consisting of Pit and Cordwood, Hoop and Hurdle Stuff, including 40 Oak Timber Trees, and 76 Oak Double and Treble Stores, marked with white paint. LOT 7.-About 14 Acres of WOOD in 3 Pieces, called Coed-y-Princ3 and Duffryn Brakes, in the Parish of Mynyddislwyn, adjoining the Parish Road and Nine Mile Point Station on the Sirhowy Railway, consisting of ex- cellent Pit and Cordwood, including 9 Beech, 13 Ash, and 116 Oak Timber Trees, also 3 Beech, 11 Ash, and 90 Oak Double aud Treble Stores, marked with white paint. To be sold by lump. LOT S.-About 13 Acres of COPPICE WOOD (chiefly Oak), in 3 Pieces, being a part of New Tredegar Wood, in the Parish of Bedwullty, adjoining tke Parish Road and Brecon and Merthyr Railway, consisting of Pit and Cord- wood, including 22 Oak and 1 Ash Timber Trees, also 150 Oak Double and Treble Stores, marked with white paint. To be sold by lump. GLAMORGANSHIRE. LOT 9.-About 11 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, being a part of Cefn-pwl-ddu, in the Parish of Rudry, and within half-a-mile of Machen Tin Works aad Brecon and Merthyr Railway, consisting of Pit and Cordwood, Hoop and Hurdle Stuff, including 8 Beech Timber Trees, and 8 Beech Double and Treble Stores, also 5'J Larch Fir Trees, marked with white paint. LOT 10.-About 22 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, called Graig Llwyn Celin, in the Parish of Rudry, adjoining the Parish Road, and within two-and-a-half miles of the Brecon and Merthyr and New Rhymney Railways, con- sisting of excellent Pit and Cordwood, Hoop and Hurdle Stuff. For a view of the Woods, apply to Mr. EDWIN YOUNG, Park House, Bassalleg, who will direct a person to sh)W the same, on and after the 10th November, 1877. For further particulars, apply at the TREDEGAR Es. TATE OFFICE or to Messrs. DAVIS and JUSTICE, 1631] Solicitors, Newport. RISCA FARM. Within Five Minutes Walk of Cross Key. Railway Station. Sale of 32 Head of Cattle 2 Horses, 26 Pigs, first-class Agricultural Implements, Wheat, Barley, and Oats in Straw, Mangolds, Swedes, and Turnips, Lattermath, Dairy Utensils, and other valuable effects, the property of Lieut -Colonel L. HEYWORTH, who is giving up the Farm, and which MR. JAMES GRAHAM has been honoured with instructions to CONDUCT on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 13TH, 1877. PARTICULARS. CATTLE. 19 DAIRY COWS, to calve in good season 2 Three-year-old Steers 2 Two-year-old Steers 2 prime Heifers, in calf; 3 Alderney Cows 1 Barren Cow, meaty short-horn Bull, rising two-years 2 short-horn Yearlings! HORSES.—Very valuable CART MARE, Radnor Lass," 8 years and Cart Horse, Brecon Boy," 7 years both very powerful, and superior workers. PIGS.—8 PORKERS, Black Sow, in farrow; well-bred Sow, with 6 Pigs ditto Sow, with 5 Pigs; ditto Sow, with 2 Pigs 1 Boar Pig. A General Assortment of AGRICULTURAL IMPLE- MENTS, Harness, &c. PRODUCE.-Rick of WHITE OATS, in straw (about 150 bushels); Ric"- of Barley, in straw (about 300 bushels); 2 Ricks of Oats, in straw (about 120 bushels) Rick of Wheat, in straw (about 150 bushels) several Tons of Mangolds, in suitable Lots of 10 to 20 tons Swedes and Turnips on the ground about 38 Acres of Lattermath, in 2 Lots, to the 1st February, 1878. N.B.-The whole will be sold to go off. DAIRY UTENSILS and numerous other Effects. The Stock may be seen (by card) between the hours of Twelve and Five on Monday, the 12th November. Luncheon will be provided in a Cottage adjoining the Farm, at Eleven Sale to commence punctually at Half- past Twelve o'clock. The Cattle include several particularly choice AYR- SHIRES. N.B.—A very punctual attendance is respectfully soli- cited. Dated Auctioneer's Offices, 67, High-street, Newport. 11603 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. MR. JAMES GRAHAM has been honoured with instructions from the representatives of the late Rev. Chancellor Williams, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on MONDAY and TUESDAY, the 3rd and 4th days of DECEMBER, 1877, the well-preseirad and substantial HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CHOICE CATTLE, HORSES, CARRIAGES, AND EFFECTS, In, upon, and belonging to the Premises as above. Particulars in future advertisements. Dated 2nd November, 1877. [1622 GLAN USK FARM, GOITREY. MR. JAMES GRAHAM has baen favoured itt with instructions from Mr. Isaac Lewis, to SELL, on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day of NOVEMBER, 1877, the whole of his LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK and EFFECTS. Particulars in future Advertisements. L1623 fates bit SViatiflu. BLACK ROCK HOTEL, PORTSKEWETT, MON. j\/fESSRS. JOHN DAVIS AND SON i-YJL will hold their next SALE OF FAT and STORE STOCK, &c.. at the above HOTEL, on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13th, 1877. PARTICULARS 215 FAT SHEEP and LAMBS. 30 STORE LAMBS. 32 Head of FAT CATTLE. 5 Yearling STEERS and HEIFERS. 1 Yearling Short-horn BULL. 2 BARREN COWS. 9 PORKER PIGS. 18 STORE ditto. Also a Grey HORSE, 3 years old, 15 hands 2 inches high, broken to saddle and harness, and 2 Yearling CART COLTS. Sale to commence with the Sheep at Twelve o'clock. Luncheon will be provided at the Hotel as usual. Auctioneers' Offices, Welsh-street, Chepstow. [1620 MONMOUTHSHIRE, IN THE PARISH OF UNDY MESSRS. JOHN DAYIS AND SON; will SELL BY AUCTION at the WHEAT SHEAF INN, Magor, on MONDAY, the 19th day of November, 1877, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to such conditions of Sale as will be then produced), the under- mentioned valuable FREEHOLD & COPYHOLD PROPERTY, VIZ: LOT I.-All that convenient and substantially-built FREEHOLD COTTAGE,with the Out-buildings,andvery productive Garden and Orchard, Nos. 99 and 100 on the Tithe Commutation Map and Apportionment of the said Parish, and containing by admeasurement 2r. 7p. (more or less) situate in the said parish of Undy, and now in the occupation of Mr. George Jenkins. This lot adjoins the road leading from Undy towards the Severn and lands of Mr. William Hodges, and the representatives of Mr. Benjamin Adams. Lot 2.-All that well-built and commodious COPY- HOLD MESSUAGE, known as THE ELM," with the Coach-house, Stable, Barn, Cattle She.), and other con- venient Out-buildings, productive Garden and Orchard, situate in the said Parish of Undy, Nos. 391 and 392 on the Tithe Commutation Map and Apportionment of the said Parish, and containing by admeasurement la. Or. 6p. (more or less) now in the occupation of Mr. Leonard. This lot adjoins the road leading from Chepstow to Magor, and the road leading to Five Lanes, and abuts on lands of Mr. James Hodges. llSi" Both lots are well supplied with water, and are situated within fifteen minutes walk of the Magor station on the South Wales Railway. They may be viewed on application to the Tenants, and further information may he obtained of the AUCTIONEERS, Welsh-street, Chep- I stow, or of Messrs. BALDWYN & MORGAN, Solicitors, Chepstow. 1635 TO TIMBER MERCHANTS & WOOD DEALERS. IMPORTANT SALE OF COPPICE WOODS, IN THE COUNTIES OF MONMOUTH AND GLOUCESTER. 1\/TESSRS. THOS. GRIFFITHS & SON J_Tj beg to announce their instructions to OFFER FOR SALE BY AUCTION, at the GEORGE HOTEL, CHEPSTOW, on THURSDAY, the 29th day of NOVEMBER, 1877, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, the undermen- tioned COPPICE WOODS, Viz.: LOT 1.—The Fallage of all that capital Coppice Wood called The Grondra Wood," containing 39 acres, 2 roods, and 6 perches, or thereabouts. LOT 2.-The Fallage of all that capital Coppice Wood called The Upper and Lower Claypit Woods and Brake, containing 12a. 2r. Op., or thereabouts. LOT 3.—The Fallage of all that Coppice Wood, called Dick the Miller's Wood," containing 3a. Or. 35p., or thereabouts. LOT 4.—The Fallage of all that Coppice Wood, called Nutstocks Wood," containing 5a. 2r. Op., or there- abouts. The above Lots stand upon the Grondra Estate, in the Parish of Shirenewton, in the County of Monmouth. Lots 1 and 2 are within three miles of Chepstow Station on the Great Western Railway, and are ap- proached by good roads. Lots 3 and 4 are within three miles of the Portskewett, and five miles of the Chepstow Stations, respectively, and are also approached by good roads. LOT 5.—The Fallage of all that capital Coppice WOO(]( called Cumberland Wood," situate on the Tump Estate' in the Parish of Tidenham, in the County of Gloucester' and containing 32a. Or. 27p., or thereabouts. Tiiis Lot lies about a mile and a half from the Tiden- ham Station on the Wye VaHey Railway, two-and-a- half miles from the Chepstow, and five from the Woolastone Stations respectively, on the Great Wes- tern Railway. LOT 6.—The Fallage of all that capital Coppice Wood, called "The Nine Acres," containing 12a. Or. 19p, or thereabouts, situate in the Parish of Dinham, in the County of Monmouth. This Lot has good road approaches, and lies about two and-a-half miles from the Portskewett, and five miles from the Chepstow Stations, respectively, on the Great Western Railway. LOT 7.—The Fallage of all that capital Coppice Wood called The Great Wood," containing 11 acres or there- abouts, situate on the Cwm Mill Estate, in the Parish of Caerwent, in the County of Monmouth. This Lot has good road approaches, and lies four miles from the Portskewett and six miles from the Chep- stow Stations respectively, on the Great Western Railway. Mr. William Benjamin, of the Grondra House, will show Lots 1, 2, 3, and 4 Mr. John Rugman, of the Tump Farm, Lot 5; Mr. Henry Rudge, of Little Dinham, Lot 6; and Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis of Caerwent, Lot 7; and further particulars may be obtained as to all the Lots of the AUCTIONEERS, Beaufort Square, Chepstow; as to Lot 6, of THOMAS WOODALL, Esq., Great Dinham as to Lot 7, of Mrs. ELIZABETH LEWIS; and as to Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, of Messrs. BEVAN and HAN- COCK, Solicitors, Bristol and W. H. TOYE, Esq., Solicitor, Chepstow. r1634 MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO TIMBER DEALERS AND OTHERS IMPORTANT SALE OF GROWING TIMBER. THOMAS GRIFFITHS & SON beg to announce their instructions to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the GEORGE HOTEL, CHEP- STOW, on THURSDAY, the 29TH of NOVEMBER, 1877, (subject to conditions of sale to be then produced) the following valuable GROWING TIMBER, IN ONE LOT, V I Z 151 OAK TREES, marked with white paint, and num bered from 1 to 151 inclusive and 1 ASH TREE, marked with white paint, and numbered 1, all which said trees are now standing in or upon the Wood known as "The Lower Priory Wood," in the Parish of Christchurch, in the County of Monmouth, abutting upon the Turnpike- road there, four miles from Newport, and two miles from Llanwern Stations respectively, on the Great Western Railway. Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Beaufort-square, Chepstow. Sale at Three o'clock p.m. L1636 FOR SALE BY AUCTION. VALUABLE FREEHOLD HOUSE AND GARDEN At Maindee, near Newport, and an UNDIVIDED MOIETY OF THE VEINS OF CO AL Under about 25 Acres of FREEHOLD LAND, Situate in the Parish of Mynyddyslwyn, Monmouthshire, near the Parish Church. MR. THOMAS E. GEORGE has been instrncted to offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the WESTGATE HOTEL, Newport, on WEDNESDAY, the 21 st day of NOVEMBER, 1877, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, the following Desirable Property, in Two Lots, subject to Conditions of Sale to be then produced LOT I.-All that FREEHOLD HOUSE and GARDEN called "Somerset House," situate in the upper part of Victoria Avenue, Maindee. in the occupation of Mr. John Coleman, as Monthly Tenant. The Ground contains 728 square yards or thereabouts, and the Premises are pleasantly and healthily situated in the elevated part of Maindee, and are capable of great improvement. LOT 2.-All that UNDIVIDED MOIETY, or Half- part of and in all those the SEAMS OF COAL lying and being underneath all that Fjtrm and Lands called Cwm Caesingrug, otherwise Cwmnantyvelin, situate in Lhe Parish of Mynyddyslwyn, containing by admeasure- ment 25 acres or thereabouts, and being about 300 yards south of Mynyddyslwyn Parish Church. The Seams of Coal underneath the above property are believed to be the same as those worked at Abercarn and Risca Collieries, and can be reached from either of those Collieries, or from sinkings, which may take place at Gellygroes or Ynisddu, or other parts of the valley near the property. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEER, Newbridge, near Newport, Mon., or to MJit. T. M. LLEWELLIN, 1638J Solicitor, Newport. bit gutrticnt. FREEHOLD PROPERTY. UNDY, MONMOUTHSHIRE. MR. THOMAS J. JONES will SELL BY AUCTION, at the WHEAT SHEAF INN, Magor, on THURSDAY, the 29th November, 1877. at Three o'clock, (subject to conditions of sale to be then produced) the following very eligible lots of PROPERTY, viz.: LOT I.-All that piece of FREEHOLD MEADOW LAND, formerly in two, being Nos. 112 and 113 on the Tithe Map of the Parish of Undy, part of the Meads, situate below the Cross, containing la. 2r. 28p., in the occupation of the owner Mr. Oliver Sheppard. LOT 2.—Ail that FREEHOLD COTTAGE and Garden, numbered 304 on the Tithe Map, and containing 40 per- ches, situate near the Railway Crossing at West End, Uudy, within half a mile of Magor station, in the occupa- tion of Edward Bird. LOT 3.—All that very compact FREEHOLD PRO- PERTY, in a ring fence, situate at Common-Coed, parish of Undy, consisting of Dwelling-house, Barn, Stable with Hay Loft over, Cart-house, Pigstye, &c., together with fruitful and productive Garden, Orchard, and Arable Land, being Nos. 589, 590, 591,592, and 593, on the Tithe Map, and containing in the whole 4a. lr. 39p., now occu- pied by the owner, Mr. John Lawrence. For further particulars, apply to t5e AUCTIONEER, Pwlmeyric, near Chepstow, or to Messrs J. D. PAIN and SON, Solicitors, Newport. [1642 GRIFFITHSTOWN AND PONTHYDRYUN. MR. THOMAS J. JONES will SELL BY AUCTION, at the CLARENCE HOTEL, PONTYPOOL, on TUESDAY, the 27TH day of NOVEMBER, 1877, at Two o'clock, p.m., subject to conditions of sale to be then produced, the following very eligible Lots of LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, VIZ LOT I.-All that conveniently-situato HOUSE and SHOP, together with Three DWELLING-HOUSES, (with bay windows) adjoining, situate at Lion-square, Griffithstown, in the respective occupations ef Mr. Can- nick, Mr. Cole, Mr. John Morgan, and Mr. Whitcomb, producing a gross rental of .£63 14s. per annum. The above Property is held under Lease, for a term of 99 years from the 1st May, 1876, at a ground rent of X5 6s. per annum. LOT 2.—All those Four DWELLING-HOUSES, situate at Ponthydvrun-terrace, near to Ponthydyrun Works, in the respective occupations of Mr. William Thomas, Mr. Walter Rosser, Mr. Thomas Tamplin, and Mr. Joseph Lewis, producing a gross rental of f5:3 per annum. LOT 2 is held under Lease for a term of 99 years from 30th fane 1876, at a ground rent of X6 9s. 6d. per annum. The Auctioneer respectfully calls especial attention to the above Lots of Property, which, from their situation, will always command tenants most readily, Houses in that district being greatly in request. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEER, Pwlmeyric, near Chepstow, or to MESSRS. J. D. PAIN & SON, Solicitors, Dock-street, Newport. Dated, Nov. 9th, 1877. 1164) RE J. E. DURBAN IN LIQUIDATION. MACHEN, MON. FURNITURE AND PUBLIC ROUSE EFFECTS. 1/TR. THOMAS J. JONES has been in- JLTJ_ structed by the Committee of Inspection in the above matter, to SELL by AUCTION ou TUESDAY, the 20th NOVEMBER, 1877, commencing at One o'clock, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE And Contents of Tap Room, Club Room, Bar, Brewhouse and Cellar, and other Effects,, at the TRADESMEN'S ARMS, Machen, near Newport. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Pwlmeyric, near Chepstow, or to Messrs. J. D. PAIN A SON, Solicitors, Newport, Mon. [1641 FOR SALE BY AUCTION, in the SALE ROOM, at G. M. BARNES & KING'S TIMBER YARD, CANONS' MARSH, BRISTOL, on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST, 1877, at One o'clock precisely. Luncheon at Half-past Twelve o'clock. FOR ACCOUNT OF IMPORTERS. 313 Logs Fresh P.E. Island Birch. 4,300 P.E. Island Spruce Deals and Battens and E d 10,000 Unassorted Ricbibucto Pine Deals and Planks. 6,000 Unassorted Richibucto Spruce Deals and Battens. 5,000 Unassorted Shediac Pine and Spruce Deals and Battens. 10 000 Quebec Pine Deals and Planks. 10,000 Bjorneborg Redwood Deals, and Battens, and Boards. 10,009 Skelleftea Redwood Deals and Battens. 3,000 Hudikswall Redwood Deals. 5,000 St. Petersburg Red and Whitewood Deals and Battens. 1,000 Memel Redwood Deals. 10,000 Gefle Redwood Deals, Battens, and Boards. 3,000 Archangel Redwood Deals and Battens. 200 Pitch Pine Deals and Planks. 100 Logs Quebec Yellow Pine. 250 Logs Sawn Pitch Pine. 200 Logs Memel Redwood Fir. 36 Plants Italian Walnut. 28,500 Spruce and Pine Palings. 3,500 Redwood Boards (grooved for iron). 20,000 Red and Whitewood Prepared Flooring Boards. With other goods. For Catalegues apply to G. M. BARNES & KING, 1337 J Brokers. Preliminary Announcement.— Monmuthshire.—Parishes of Llandegveth, Llanthewy Vach, Llangibby, and LIan- gattock-juxta Caerleon -Valuable Freehold Farm and Land for Sale. MR. JAMES STRAKER will offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the KING'S HEAD HOTEL, at NEWPORT, by direction of the Trustee for Sale, under the Will of the late Mr William Harris on WEDNESDAY, the 28th day of NOVEMBER, 1877, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale, All that one equal undivided Moiety of and in all that valuable FREEHOLD FARM, containing 107a. Or. 35p., or thereabouts, situate in the above Parishes, and known as Waun-y-pwll Farm," and now in the occupation of Mr. William Parry. Fuller particulars will appear in future advertisements, and Flans and Particulars are in course of preparation, r^TnTiriT11 obtained upon application to DANIEL MORRIb, ESQ., Crickhowell; the AUC- TIONEER, at his Offices, Tiverton place, Abergavenny or LEONARD D. BROWNE, ESQ.. Solicitor, Brynmawr and Abergavenny. TENDERS FOR COAL. AMENDED ADVERTISEMENT. JJ. CORDES & Co, of the Dos Works Newport, Mon., are open to receive TENDERS up to.3rd NOVEMBER, inclusive, for the supply of their Works with coal for Furnace use for two years, from 1st JANUARY 1878. Probable quantity required from 400 to 500 tons weekly.-Separate prices to be quoted for Screened and for through and through Coal delivered at the Dos Works A fixed sum per ton to be named, which is to be added to, or deducted from the price to meet each rise or fall in wages, of 10 per cent. J. J. COlmEs & Co., do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender.. Dos Works, Newport, Mon, October 31st, 1877. [1598 LARCH PLANTATIONS FOR SALE, at GOITRE HALL, near Abergavenny. Infor- mation to be obtained at the Hall. and TENDERS to be forwarded on or before 12th DECEMBER next, to A.B. Nantyderry, near Abergavenny. [1632 Ifotto. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the PARTNERSHIP heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned, CHARLES GREIG and JAMES NEWSTEAD, of York Place, Clifton, in the City of Bristol, Surgeons, has been this day DISSOLVED by Mutual Consent. Dated this 25th day of October, 1877. CHARLES GREIG, JAMES NEWSTEAD. Witness to the signature of the above-named CHARLES GREIG, JAMES INSKIP, Solicitor, Bristol. Witness to the signature of the above-named JAMES NEWSTEAD,-J. N. C. POPE, Solicitor, Bristol. 13629 BRITISH SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL AMONG THE JEWS. THE ANNIVERSARY SERVICES IN connection with the above Society, will be held (D.V.) at Newport, on SUNDAY and MONDAY, Novem- ber 18th and 19th. On SUNDAY, the 18th, SERMONS will be preached by the Rev. J. DUNLOP, deputation from the Parent Society in the Morning, at 11 o'clock, in the Tabernacle Chapel; in the Evening, at 6 o'clock, in the Commercial Road Baptist Chapel. The PUBLIC MEETING will be held in Wesley Chapel, on MONDAY evening, when Mr. DUNLOP and other friends are expected to address the Meeting. Chair to be taken at 7 o'clock. A Collection at the close of each service. f 1630 by gwutimt. TO FURNITURE DEALERS, PRIVATE FAMILIES AND OTHERS. FAIn OAK VILLA (NEXT TO NATIONAL SCHOOLS), CHEPSTOW ROAD, MAINDEE. MR. CHARLES EDWARD PARSONS has received instructions from Mr. J. Peters, who is leaving the neighbourhood, to SELL, at his Premises, as above, on WEDNESDAY next, November 14th, the whole of his elegant and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, Comprising, amongst numerous articles, Dining, Loo, Occasional, and Kitchen Tables, Mahogany Cheffioneer, Ladies' and Gents' Easy Chairs, covered in Leather; other Chairs in Hair Seating, Whatnot, Pier Glasses, Lustres, and Ornaments, Pictures, &c.; Brass, Gilded, and Iron Half-tester and other Bedsteads Marble-top Washetand and Ware, Toilet Tables, Chest of Drawers, Commodes, two Millpuff Beds, four Millpuff Mattresses, very handsome Tapestry, and other Carpets, Druggets, together with Patent Fire-resisting Iron Safe, by Whit- field. In consequence of Mr Peters leaving Newport, the Auctioneer is instructed to Sell without the Slightest Reserve. Sale will commence precisely at Half-past Eleven in the morning. The HOUSE to LET. Possession can be had imme- diately after the Sale. Auctioneer's Officeg, 24. High-street, Newport. [1645 Metier. ROYAL ALBERT HALL, NEWPORT. VOCAL & INSTRUMENTAL CONCEPT AND ORGAN RECITAL. TUESDAY, NOV. 13th, at Eight p.m. HARPIST DR. FROST. PIANOFORTE: MRS. FROST. GRAND ORGAN MR. OWEN WILLIAMS. AND THE NEWPORT GLEE SOCIETY. ADMISSION 6d. and Is. 1615] JAMES EWINS & SON. INDIAN FAMINE FUND. SUBSCRIBERS to the above FUND are respectfully requested to send their Subscriptions to GEO. FOTHERGILL, ESQ., FORTHWITH, as it is intended to CLOSE the same on the FIFTEENTH instant. LI639 J. ROGERS, HON. SEC. COUNTY OF MON MOUTH. NOTICE IS HERPJBY GIVEN, that in the County Observer Newspaper, of the 17th November, 1877, the undermentioned Advertisements will appear:— I.-A. LIST OF DEMANDS against the County of Monmouth, which, at the Michaelmas Quarter Sessions, 1877, were ordered to be paid. 2.—A SCHEDULE OF FINES returned as levied on Summary Convictions, between Midsummer Sessions and Michaelmas Sessions, 1877. CHARLES B. FOX, 1628J Clerk of the Peace. GMucattait. EDUCATIONAL. rpHE MLSSES MORGAN, 4, Clytha I Crescent, Newport. Lessons given in MUSIC, SINGING, and FRENCH. 1633. A NEVER-FAILING RE>lfc!DY for bilious and live r coin- plaints, indigestion, wind, spasms, giddiness, dizziness of the eyes, and many other symptoms, which none but a sufferer can describe. I) Scoxr's BILIOUS AND LIVER PILLS are the most certain remedy, prepared without any mercnrial ingredient, having proved effectual in many cases of habitual costiveness, nervous depression, loss of appetite, with sensa- tion of fulness at the pit of the stomach; pains between the shoulders, find the distressing feelings arising from indigestion and general debility. They can be taken at any time with- out danger from wet or cold, and require no restraint from harness or pleasure. They act mildlv 011 the bowels without griping, give tone to the stomach, thus invigorating the con- stitution and strengthening the whole nervous system. Every person, especially heads of households, should have a box of these Pills always by them, as by paying attention to the regular action of the bowels, stomach and liver, many a severe illness is avoided or mitigated. Propired- oily by W. LAM- BERT, 1A. Vere Street. London, W., in boxes, Is lid., and 2s 9d., and sold by all respectable medicine vendors through- out the United Kingdom. IMPORTANT CAUTIOS.—Be sure to ask for Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills," and do not be persuaded to try any other medicine. The genuine are in a square green package, with the name William Lambert, 8 King Wiliam Street, Charing Cross," engraved on the Govern, ment stamp. Take down the particulars. Should any diffi- culty arise in obtaining these Pills, send 15 oi, 35 postag- stamps to the establishment, and they will be forwarded free WHILST ENLARGING THE SIZE of the bottle,.the Proprietors of LAMBERT'S BALSAM, by a new process oe manufacture, have succeeded in making the medicine more palatable, clearer, and miscible in water, at the same time retaining all its well known cfficaf y. The value of this medi- cinc is truly great, it relieves even Asthma, th" most incurable of all coughs, thus showing that it possesses qualities peculiarly its own. In all unctions of the lung or air pas- sages, tightness of the chest, &c., it is invaluable; it also greatly relieves consumptive and nervous Coughs, often effecting permanent cures. It is pleasant, easily taken, and rapid in its curative ctleets, a dose taken over night, according to the directions round the bottle, will stop a slight cough or cold and prevent further inconvenience. Be sare to ask for and see you get L.LI[lJERT'S ASTHMATIC BALSAM. It is sold by all Chemists in bottles at is Ud and 2s 9d. Prepared only by W. LAMBERT, 1A Vere Street, London, W. 15"7





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