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THE SITUATION AT PLEVNA. Perilous Position of Osman Pasha. Plevna Completely Surrounded. PORADIN, Oct. 26.—Yesterday the Grand Duke Nicholas inspected the battlefield at Gorny, Dubnik, and the positions captured by us near that place. Our troops are greatly' encouraged by the victory. All, from the-, general down to the common soldier,. behaved like heroes. Our loss is 2500 men, that of the Turks being nearly as large. Eighty Turkish officers were taken prispners, and we also captured one standard and four guns. (From the London Telegraph.) VIENNA, October 26 (Night).-The plan of. General Todleben is being carried out in itsi. entirety. Wnatever may be the want of mili- tary knowledge of superior Russian officers as a mass, Todleben has established a reputa- tion beyond dispute. He has waited patiently for the reinforcements necessary to corn. plete the investment of Plevna, and has in person directed the siege works. There is every reason to suppose that Osman Pasha's glorious defence draws near its last scene. I hear from Constantinople that the situation of Osman Pasha at Plevna is thought highly dangerous. There has been, I am in- formed, considerable exaggeration in the num- bers of men stated to be under his command. At no time have his forces exceeded 40,000 men, and these must have been much reduced. I also hear that Turkey is hard pressed for- men as well as for money. She has made ft splendid defence. THE CAMPAIGN IN ASIA. CONSTANTINOPLE, Oct. 28 (4. p.m.)—Ghazi Mukhtar Pasha, after effecting a junction with Ismail Hakki Pasha, concentrated his forces at Koprikoi, on the road to Erzerum, and is await- ing the approach of the purniing Russians. Mukhtar Pasha's position is reported to be of great strength. ST. PETERSBURG, Oct. 28th.-A telegram from Igdyr announces that three columns of the Erivan division have pursued Ismael Pasha and occupied his former positions as far as Tscher- sula. The Turkish rear guard opened a can- nonade against the Russians from the heights, of Alikotschak, especially directing their fire upon the column of General Dewell. The darkness and a .mist which enveloped the country prevented General Dewell from turn- ing the enemy's right flank. The Russians lost five men, and a case of ammunition was; blown up. CONSTANTINOPE, Oct. 28. (Afternoon). —Mr. Layard has received official information that Ismail Hakki Pasha has united his forces consisting of forty battalions, with those of Ghazi Mukhtar Pasha. CONSTANTINOPLE, Oct. 28 (Evening).-A, despatch from Ismail Hakki Pasha to the Seraskierate, dated 27th inst.. (morning), says: —"We have arrived at Emerkoi, and shall continue our march to Koprikoi, distant one hour's march from Herime. Regiments of Russian cavalry, pursuing us, made an attack yesterday upon our artillery, which was en- camped at Vellboghaz. Our first cavalry regi- ment forced the Russians to take to flight, and abandon the horses they had captured. They lost 150 killed." Ghazi Mukhtar Pasha, tele- graphing on the 27th inst., announces his having effected a junction with Ismail Hakki Pasha, near Yenikot. Junction of the Turkish Forces. CONSTANTINOPLE, Oct. 27 (1.49 p.m.) Mukhtar Pasha now occupies exactly the same position as he held before his victory at Zewin. His right wing is at Koprikoi, and his left behind Zewin. Twenty-eight bat- talions, which have been despatched from here, will reach Zewin on Wednesday. Ismail Hakki has effected a junction with Mukhtar Pasha. As the latter had accumulated large stores at Yenikoi, he is amply supplied with ammunition and provisions. The Russians find the greatest difficulty in transporting provisions to the Soghanli-jDagh. The' troops that ad- vanced upon Zewin had "five days ratIOns in their knapsacks. At present^ it is impossible for them to bring up their artillery. Notwith- standing the fact that the Turks have suffered a most serious defeat, it is premature to assert that the Asiatic campaign is lost to them. The apprehensions expressed in England are scarcely justified by facts.—Correspondent of ike Observer. ERZERUM, Oct. 27 (9.20 p.m.)—Ghazi Mukh- tar Pasha has driven back the vanguard of the Russian army before Keschezar, and pursued it as far as the Miliduz road. He is expected to- morrow at Koprukoi, where Ismail Hakki Pasha arrived to-day. The latter general, during his retreat, had an encounter with a Russian squadron at Delibaba. The Russian attack on his caravan of ammuni- tion was repulsed by Ahmed Bey, commander of the 6th cavalry regiment. The Russian division is still at Sarikmisch, with its van- guard at Miliduz. General Tergukassoff is in front of Bayazid. His cavalry has made a re- connaissance behind that town on the Berguire connaissance behind that town on the Berguire road. FIGHTING IN THE SHIPKA PASS. CONSTANTINOPLE, Oct. 20 (Evening).—Sulei- man Pasha telegraphs as follows, on the 27th inst. to the Seraskierate44 There has been an artillery and musketry engagement between our troops posted on the island of Soha, before Silistria, and the enemy's forces on the opposite bank of the Danube. Our losses were insignifi- cant. Nothing of note has occurred in that direction." Raouf Pasha, telegraphing yester- day from the Shipka Pass, states that there have been artillery and infantry engagements along the whole line, and that the Russians suffered considerably, while the Turkish loss was slight. TIFLIS, Oct. 27 —Intelligence received from Igdyr states that during the night of the 19th to the 20th mst. Ismail Pasha left his positions unobserved. Prior to their retreat the Turks burned 240 cartridge boxes. Three sotnias of Cossacks and two squadrons of dragoons started in pursuit of the enemy, and having crossed the frontier, encountered a body of Turkish cavalry near the Missonna Pass. The Turks withdrew in haste to the mountains on the Ojadin road. On the 21st, Prince Baratoff made reconnaissances half way along the road without meeting with the enemy. General Tergukassoff, with the main body of his army, advanced slowly on account of the irregular nature of the ground. M. GESHOFF STILL A PRISONER. CONSTANTINOPLE, Oct. 28 (Noon). — Mr. Maynard, the American Minister, has sup- ported Mr. Layard's representation in favour of M. Geshoff, as the latter has been appointed United States Consul. The Porte, however, refused to recognise the nomination on the grounds that the gentleman in question is an Ottoman subject, and cannot therefore be a consul of a foreign power, and moreover that the appointment did not reach Philoppopolis until after M. Geshoff had been arrested. The affair will probably be settled shortly. In the meantime M. Geshoff remains a prisoner at Philippopolis. THE CAMPAIGN IN ASIA. Occupation of Bayazid. ERZBRUM, Oct. 27 (Evening).—The military situation here is at present very critical. Ismail Pasha, with 8000 men, has arrived at Koprikoi, via Delibaba, and a great battle is imminent. ST. PETERSBURG, Oct. 29.-The Golos of to- day publishes the following telegram:— 44 ALEXANDROPOL, Oct. 27.-General Loris Melikoff's main body has occupied Kars-Tchai Valley and the neighbouring heights, and is blockading Kars. General Tergukassoff con- tinues to pursue the troops of Ismail Pasha in the direction of Erzerum, while General Hei- man is crossing the Saganlagh in order to cut off the retreat of the Turks. Bayazid is occupied by the Russians. The inhabitants of Kagisman have made their submission to the Russian military authorities." THE RUSSIANS IN PURSUIT OF ISMAIL j i1 PASHA. ■■•■I'• (RUSSIAN OFFICIAL DESPATCH.) RUSSIAN HEADQUARTERS, WISNIKOI, Oct. 28.— The detachment of Russian troops under the command of General Tergukassoff, who since the 18th inst. was pursuing Ismail Pasha, who retreated towards Erzerum, was on the 25th inst. near Kara Kilissa in sight of the enemy's rear-guard. The latter withdrew with his main body of troops on the 25th inst. to Seidihan. A special detachment of the main body of the operating Russian army corps was despatched on the 22nd inst. from Tikma, under the com- mand of General Heimann, beyond the Saganlagh to Khorasan and Koprikoi. T OFFICIAL DESPATCHES. CONSTANTINOPLE, Oct. 29 (5.20 p.m.)—Ghazi Mukhtar Pasha, in a despatch to the Seras- kierate, dated 27th inst., announces that the Russians are encamped on the Azap river, three hours' march from his headquarters Dervisch Pasha, telegraphing to the Seras- kierate from Batum on,the 2Gth inst., says he has ascertained that the enemy's corps con- fronting him has been reinforced by four battalions of infantry, with some batteries of artillery. CONSTANTINOPLE, October 29 (5.20 p.m.)—A despatch from Chefket Pasha to the Seras- kierate, dated Orchanie, Saturday, announces that the Russians, while setting fire to Gradieh- nitza, were attacked and defeated, with a loss of 60 men hors de combat. Yesterday there was an engagement on the road between Orchanie and Plevna. A body of Russian troops are at Slatitza, south of the Balkan pass, and in the rear of Orchanie. CAPTURE OF A TURKISH PASHA AND SEVERAL OFFICERS. BUCHAREST, Oct. 29.—Yesterday a body of Russian troops attacked and carried the Turkish position at Telis. One Pasha, several officers, and seven companies of Turkish soldiers were taken prisoners. Three cannons were also captured. RUSSIANS MARCHING ON SILISTRIA. SILISTRIA, Oct. 29.—A strong body of Rus- Bians, with siege artillery, is approaching here. Bazardjik is still unmolested. THE MORALITY OF THE RUSSIAN ARMY. A Russian report states that only four Rus- sian soldiers have been executed for military offences since the mobilisation. THE BATTLE OF GORNY DUBNIK. The Investment of Plevna. (RUSSIAN OFFICIAL DESPATCH.) ST. PETERSBURG, Oct. 29.—Our loss in the recent engagement near Gorny Dubnik was 2500 men killed and wounded, including, so far as at present ascertained, 84 officers, of whom 17 were killed. Major-General Baron Seddeher was wounded, two standards and four guns were captured from the enemy. The troops, engaged in the battle were the Paulow-Moscow and Finland regiments, the Chasseurs riflemen, the foot and mounted Grenadier Guard, and the t,.it brigade of artillery. BUCHAREST, Oct. 28 (Evening).-The affair at Gorny Dubnik seems to have been a more serious affair as regards fighting than I could at first have supposed. When General Kriloff was there there was only a small earth- work, which the Turks appeared to have constructed in haste as a sufficient obstacle to cavalry, but one that would have stopped a strong force but a few minutes. The Turks must have strengthened and reinforced it since then. It is situated near the road in the middle of a plain, on a very slight emi- nence, and possesses no natural advantages of position. As the Turks have established aline of these posts to keep open the road, thev can- not put a large number of troops in any one without weakening the armv in Plevna. Thev probably had five or six thousand men here, yet the Russians acknowledge a loss of twenty. five hundred men, which only shows the terrible effect of breech-loading arms properly handled. Nevertheless the Russians took it, and as they had surrounded the place before attacking it no part of the garrison could escape. All were either killed or taken prisoners. As the Russians report that two thousand prisoners were taken, the Turkish loss would probably be between three and four thousand killed. The result of the affair is to show that the Turks cannot keep the road open by this system of small detached forts. There has been a rumour here that the Turks have re- captured part of the positions, but this I do not credit. The Turks could not have a large force near there, and as there are two divisions of the Guard over the River Vid, it is not likely that the Turks could have recaptured anything from them. The investment is complete. Everything now depends on two eventualities- the amount of provisions in Plevna, and, on the second hand, the approach of winter. If Osman has no great supply of food, then he will have to abandon Plevna soon. If he has. all will depend on the winter. If it is a hard and frozen winter, with snow, the Russians can keep up the investment until spring. If it is. on the contrary, soft and rainy weather, then the Russians will find it very difficult te keep up the siege.—Daily News telegram. THE BOMBARDMENT OF RUSTCHUK. J*. Engagement between Circassian Cavalry and Bulgarians. CONSTANTINOPLE, Oct. 30 (7.20 p.m.)-Sulei- man Pasha telegraphs to the Seraskierate under yesterday's date as follows A Russian de- tachment which made its appearance on the island opposite Slobozia has been repulsed. The cannonade which is being kept up by the enemy against Rustchuk does not cause any damage to the town. A Russian cavalry and an infantry regiment have occupied Tzourza, and two other regiments have entered Culchij, near Solonik." Reouf Pasha, tele- graphing to the Seraskierate from the Shipka Pass yesterday, says:—44 One thousand Bulgarians have attacked the fortifications at Maraguedik, but were repulsed with a loss of ten men killed. A body of Circassian cavalry, which had been sent out for the purpose of re- connoitring the Turpan Pass, attacked and defeated fifteen hundred Bulgarians who were defending Tchika\oassi. The Circassians killed six hundred Bulgarians, captured twelve hundred head of cattle, and burned two villages."


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