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NEWPORT TOWN COUNCIL. -+- The fortnightly meeting of the Watch Committee and Local Board of Health was held on Tuesday morning, his Worship the Mayor in the chair. There were also present—Aldermen Davis, Lyne, Murphy, and Harrhy Councillors Goss, J. W. Jones, Vaughan, Bear, Beynon, Rogers, Moses, Thompson, Blake, Wyndham Jones, Bolt, and Griffiths. CHA.RGE AGAINST THE POLICE. The Mayor said the usual fortnightly report by the Superintendent was not forthcoming, as he (the Superintendent) had to go to the Assizes at Gloucester but a report had been prepared by the Superintendent as to some members of the police force, who were charged with taking parcels to the prison at Usk. Inasmuch as the Superintendent and Inspector Wileox had to go to the Gloucester Assizes, he (the Mayor) thought it was best to let the report stand over for the present. Six of the members of the police force were implicated. Alderman Lyne Or rather were suspected of being implicated. The Mayor Ye3. Alderman Murphy thought the report shonld ba read, as it was desirable that this matter should be cleared up as soon as possible. The Mayor said that until the report was read no imputations would be made. It would be better to withhold it until the officers were present. After some further conversation, it was determined to hold a special meeting of the Watch Committee on Friday (this day) to consider the report. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. Mr. Rogers inquired as to what had been done with reference to weights and measures, and especially as to the owners of spring balances. This led to an explanation by the Town Clerk, that he had not been able to prepare a report, and the sub- ject was allowed to stand over. CABS. The Cabs Committee had held a meeting, and had prepared a report, but it was not signed in the usual way,, and for that reason the various suggestions were left over until the quarterly meeting. LUCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. The minutes of the Board of Health were read, and then followed the minutes i f the Public Works Com- mittee, which Alderman Murphy read. The substance of the report was as follows That the petroleum licences be granted to the former holders, and that new licences be granted when the ap- plicants were prepared to provide proper storage, viz., iron cisterns. The Committee recommended that the tramway in Bolt-street be allowed to be taken up, on condition that the work be done by the Corporation men. under the supervision of the Surveyor, and at the cost of the Company. Two leases on the Marshes were recom- mended. Plans were submitted for building on additional ground on the Marshes between Evans-street and the; Eastern Valleys Railway, the houses to be ISft. frontage and also between Henry-street and the next proposed street, with houses of feet frontage, together with houses overlooking the river of 13 feet frontage. Sugges- tions were made as to various public lamps in places where necessary—Devon-place. Bailvue read, Clytlia-park-road &c. A notice had been published by the Trustees of the Turnpike Roads of their intention to seek powers to prolong their existence after the 1st November, 1878 the Committee requested the Surveyor to report as to this matter. Two houses and a workshop in North-street were approved on condition of a certain piece of land being given up to the public, and in lieu thereof a foot- path to be made by the Corporation, to secure a uniform width of 40 feet." The report generally wa3 adopted without comment. On the subject of the Turnpike Trust there was a short discussion. Alderman Murphy moved the adoption of the Com- mittee's recommendation. Alderman Lyne seconded the motion, and said that scavenging on the roads was most inefficiently done. As a rule they were not cleansed more thau once a week, and therj were ^rcat complaints. After No- vember, 1S7S, about three miles of road would have to be taken to by the Corporation. to be taken to by the Corporation. Alderman Davis said the Turnpike Act would not expire for several years. The simple matter was that it was proposed to do away with the Trust a few years earlier but the trustees, although they had paid their debts, felt there was a large amount of work to be done before the roads could be left in a proper state, and wished to continue their powers after November 1, 1878. There were 34 miles of road which Newport would have to take charge of about 25 miles would be thrown on the Newport Highway Board; and a considerable portion on the Caerleon and Christchurch Highway Boards. There was a landslip on the Caerleon road which would cost some hundreds of pounds to repair before it could be handed over. Under all these circumstances the trustees thought it was desirable that their powers should be extended beyond November 1, ISiS, and for these reasons the notice was given. A general committee appointed by the Government would decide as to these matterr. After hearing this statement, the Board of Health was of opinion that the Works Committee had made a proper recommendation, and it was adopted. i COLLBOTOR'S RETURN. Durng the past ioiuugut the Collector had got in £ 423 6s 6d, making a total received of X7,616 14s lOd. Allowing for necessary deductions, there was about ±4,500 yet to be collected. It was said the rate had been got in most satisfactorily. This concluded the business.