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COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. l\f°TJ £ ?r Is hereby GIVEN, that the next p, J{fLfERA L QUARTER SESSIOSS of the r&Ay&for the County oj Monmouth, ivill be he id cU the Town Hall, in Usk, A On TY, the 3rd day of July, 1877, net that the Court will sit at Twelve o'clock at Noon, and immediately proceed to administer the Oaths to Magistrates and other persons desirous of nuaVifyhig for office. The Court will then proceed with all business relating to the assesxnient, application, and management of the touaty atocK or Rate, or any fund qr funds used and applied in aid thereof and make orders for payments, C01wider and direct the general business of the Oounty and will also take into consideration a motion hat an addition of one shilling per week be made to Fttntde II urders at the County Prison." All Bills and Demands relating to the public expen- drture of the County must be delivered into the office of the Clerk of the Peace fourteen days before the essions, and all Appeals and 2 Vaverses must be entered with the Clerk of the Pettce before Twelve o'clock at Noon on the second day of the Sessions. At Half-past Nine o'clock on WEDNESDAY, i za 1877, the Orand &nd Petty Juries will be called over, and are to answer to their names, or in default they will be fined; and all persons bound by recog- nizances are then to attend, as the Court will proceed o try indictments for Felonies, Traverses, and Appeals and transact the other business of the Sessions. All Convictions and Recognizances, and all Informa- tions and Depositions, vnth the Certificates of costs, must be delivered or transmitted to the Clerk of the Peace three dear days previous to the Sessions. All costs allowed by the County must be taxed at the same Sessions, or they will not afterwards be allowed. CHARLES B. FOX, Clerk of the Peace. Newport, June, 1877. [1295 A LARGE STOCK OF CLARETS Of he celebrated Vintages 1868, 1870, now in splendid condition. The market price of these Vintages is rapidly rising, bu Messrs. DOBELL retain for the present their former rate CRUSTED PORTS Bottled and laid down by Messrs. DOBELL during the past 40 years. 80LE AGENCY FOR MR. MAX GREGER'S HUNGARIAN WINES. CARLOWITZ, SUPPLIED ON THE "FLAGON SYSTEM. OLD LANDED"BRANDIES, OLD BONDED WHISKEYS, Detailed price lists forwarded post free on application. JOHN DOBELL AND Co., CHELTENHAM, TEWKESBURY, &c BRANCH OFFICES 9, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. [11 8, COMMERCIAL STREET, OPPOSITE THE WESTGATE HOTEL, NEWPORT. YILLIERS, ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER. VILLIERS' CARTES DE VISITE TAKEN DAILY. VILLIERS Guinea Portrait in Oil, the cheapest and inost permanent style of Portrait in England. VILLIERS' FAMILY PORTRAITS ENLARGED FROM CARTES TO LIFE SIZE. ,VILLIERS' JEWEL MINIATURES. A variety of new specimens to be seen at 8, COMMERCIAL STREET', NEWPORT e' Machinery, Landscapes, Animals, Pointings', &c. Photographed. H. PEARMAN, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, 11, COMMERCIAL STKFET, NEWPORT. T PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY DISPENSED. _]2- sW. E. VAUGHAN & CO'S STEAM DYEING, BLEACHING, AND SCOURING WORKS, 52, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. ALSO, CARDIFF, MERTHYR, SWANSEA, AND TENBY AGENT FOR USK-Messrs Jones and Powell, drapers, &c AGENT FOR BLAENAVON-Mr. J. Harris, draper London House. AGENT FOR BLAINA—Mrs. Collins, confectioner. AGENT FOR BRYNMAWR-Mrs. Hicks, milliner, &c., Beaufort-street l28 ^XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXMXXXXmxx X The demand FOR wholesotoie *• = beverages induced the Importers Aupwardsof40 YEARS since, to supply the Public with Pure Tea. X 9S TEA* e from its very reliable good quality is PREFERRED; the •* Importers guarantee. perfectly pure. It is famous FOR possessing the delicate aroma of the Spring gathering. | Its great STRENGTH is due X to extremely careful selection in China. £ The fine F L A V O R is very;* = delicious. CHEAPNESS also is ? secured by the Price being on Packets. HORNIMAN's LOCAL AGENTS ^■JOATkkkt Gosden ^KWPOlJTjEmii-NUs.-JIisih. iligh-st. street •"KBTiLrESY.Evans, chemist ..BOWMAN, 21 L'anarth-1. n~*KR!,EY..l,hilpotta J PniLLip^9?, Commerci IWDKBFORD.. Cordwiri,cl»en'i^ Mrcet, cii. »IQ*HOWEI,L.. 0 hristopln r. J. YOUNG 20, Miirkhtnt ,23,Lhike k. SETh, 1, Stow Hi)] n"ltto ••Williams,Hnte-streft Co-opeiat,vc Society W«MT°W..URI«TTIS,BOOKI.H«I „ C. PAINE, chemist, ;> Con LRFor.o..vviiitanis.—llo'oi mcrcial slnt'i yirLAI8*«Ridge,i73 (High-st. PONTYPOOL "Waoo rh* t ljYDNH T ..Hathawnj l*osTvrii»f)D.. chemis' E.B. Jones,chemist UHTMNKY I)a\ies, clieini> MI!MQtIT' ••"Qwen-C0"t act i «■! le RisCA Taylor, chcmis uwunAJi Fryer,Or<pei. USK Edward r,chcuv3t Ly<J- HARVEST IMPLEMENTS. -I" FARMERS WILL DERIVE GREAT ADVANTAGE BY SENDING THEIR ORDERS DIRECT TO J. S. STONE, DOCK STREET WORKS, NEWPORT, MON. Who, from his immense Stock (tho Largest in the Principality), can execute the same with a promptitude unsurpassed by any House in the Trade. ALL GOODS SUPPLIED AT MANUFACTURERS' PUBLISHED PRICES AND TERMS. CATALOGUES POST FREE ON APPLICATION. [1324 W. CHRISTOPHERS, PRINTER, BOOKSELLER, &C STATIONER 15, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. 2d. IN THE Is. DISCOUNT FOR O A. S St Off the PUBLISHED PRICE of all BOOKS. -II LEATHER AND FANCY GOODS FOR PRESENTS. BIBLES, CHURCH SERVICES. HYMN BOOKS. ARTISTS' COLOUR BOX E S. r ,¿, THE LARGEST AND MOTSHT E CWOEMST PLOEF TE ENFGULARNNDI.SHING ESTABLISHMENT IN C. TRAPNELL, 39, eOL LEGE-GREEN, BRISTOL. The following MODEL SUITES OF FURNITURE are of C. TRAPNELL'S SPECIAL and EXCLUSIVE DESIGN and MANUFACTURE, warranted to be thoroughly well made and in first-class taste, all of which are now cm view and ready for immediate delivery. THE 17 GUINEA DINING-ROOM, THE 25 GUINEA DINING-ROOM, I THE 80 GUINEA DINING-ROOM, THE 40 GUINEA DINING-ROOM, THE 100 GUINEA DINING-ROOM, THE 60 GUINEA DINING-ROOM, THE 150 GUINEA DINING-ROOM, C. TRAPNELL'S SPECIAL DESIGNS in BRUSSELS CARPETS and in CURTAINS for the above rooms, all designed and selected to properly harmonise. FOR FULL PARTICULARS AND PATTERNS SEE THE NEW FURNISHING GUID10, (J75 ILLUSTRATIONS, The Largest and most reliable Guide yet published. Post free for 12 Stamps. A LARGE NEW BOOK OF FURNISHING ESTIMATES POST FREE C TRAP NE L L, 39, COL LEGE- GREEN, BRISTOL. f942 H0USJ3 FURNISHING AND DECORATING. THE LARGEST STOCK IN THE KINGDOM OF EVERY DESCRIPTION OF FURNITURE SUITABLE FOR ANY CLASS OF HOUSE, ALL CONVENIENTLY ARRANGED FUH INSPECTION, AND MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES AT THE LOWEST CASH PRICES. 68, 69 & 58, Baker St., and 3 & 4, King St.. qp PORTMAN SQ., LONDON, W. 150 Sideboards, 100 Sets of Dining Tables, 500 Easy Chairs, and complete Suites of DINING and DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE, also 150 entire Suites of BED ROOM FURNITURE in various Woods to select from. Intending Purchasers should see this STOCK before deciding elsewhere. ILLUSTRATED-CATALOGUE POST FREE. 999 In consequence of spurious imitations of LEA AND PERRINS' SAUCE, i which are calculated to deceive the Public, Lea and Perrins haue adopted A NEW LABEL, bearing their Signature, thus, which is placed on every bottle of WORCESTERSHIRE SA UCE, and without which none is genuine. <- which is placed on every bottle of WORCESTERSHIRE SA UCE, and without which none is genuine. Sold Wholesale by the Proprietors, Worcester Crosse and Blackwell, London; I and Export Oilmen generally. Retail, by dealers in sauces throughout the World. ESTABLISHED 1812. H. & T- P R O C T O R, AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTS, CATHAY, BRISTOL ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS OF SPECIALLY PREPARED BONE MANURES, FOR GRASS, CORN, ROOT, AND OTHER CROPS; ALSO BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. WORKS: CATHAY, BRISTOL. Oar Mr. G. HATHERLY will attend NEWPORT, ABERGAVENNY, and USK Mnrkets during the Season. ores Air. G. WATERS, Coal Wharf, CHEPSTOW; Mr. T. R. HYAM, Wyebridge Street, MONMOUTH FULL PARTICULARS, WITH PRICES' POST FREE ON APPLlflATIQN. t976 _0_ ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SHOW, I AT LIVERPOOL, JULY 11, 12, 13, 14, & 16 CHARLES D. PHILLIPS'S STAND No. 27,. WHO WILL EXHIBIT LARGELY PHILLIPS'S IMPROVED RICK SHEETS, AND WATER PROOF COVERS. ORDEltS FOR FIRST PRIZE STEAM ENGINES, IMPLEMENTS, CARTS, WAGONS, CARRIAGES, &c. And for every requirement of the Agriculturist by Telegram or Letter, to CHARLES D. PHILLIPS'S, STAND 29, at LIVERPOOL SHOW, will have prompt attention. N.B.—MOWERS ASD REAPERS LET OUT ON HIRE. [798 CHARLES D. PHILLIPS, FARMERS' SUPPLY STORES, NEWPORT, MON., BEGS to inform Farmers and Agriculturists that lie is the SOLE AGENT for NEWPORT and DISTRICT for the ORIGINAL and GENUINE WOOD'S WORLD'S HIGHEST PRIZE MOWING MACHINES & REAPERS, *nd warns the Public generally against purchasing spurious imitations of this celebrated Machine. All Spare Parts kept in Stock, and a large Stock of Machines ready for instant delivery. RICK SHEETS, WATERPROOF COVERS, HAYMAKERS, HORSE RAKES, CARTS, WAGONS, and all kinds of HARVEST IMPLEMENTS in Stock, ready for delivery. These Articles are all by the most renowned Makers, and intending purchasers are invited to inspect the large and well-selected Stock at onee. REPAIRS to MOWERS, REAPERS, and all other IMPLEMENTS executed with great promptitude by most Experienced Workmen, at The EMLTN WORKS. CHARLES D. PHILLIPS, COMMERCIAL WAREHOUSES, NEWPORT. BRANCH DEPOT — DOCK STREET. .WORKS EMLYN FOUNDRY, CROSS STREET. L1341 TO FARMERS & GRAZIERS. I ■ I pHILLIPS & SONS solicit orders for HAYMAKING BEER, at the following Prices, viz. 8d., lOd., and Is. Per Gallon. ADDRESS-DOCK ROAD BREWERY, NEWPORT. 1318] CABINET MANUFACTURERS BY STEAM POWER. LAVERTQ N i CO™" BRISTOL ARE the LflRGEST HSUSE FURNISHERS y/i £ £ y% IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND, MUGH LOWER IN PRICES THAN LCNOON HOUSES. LARGE ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE, ..J|^|AAL containing nearly 600 BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVINGS II TC of Furniture, with Prices of sanie, ™1 jL^ GRATIS AND POST FREE on application. EVERY ARTICLE WARRANTED AND EXCHANGED IF NOT APPROVED. • 364 Iff O TIP EI. MANUFACTURE OT SPOONS AND FORKS, Messrs. ELKINGTON & Co. Wj "T>EG to announce that having succeeded in carrying out fcLKINGTON SkC# J-J several important improvements in the above Manufacture, they ELKINCTON SiC? err, are now enabled to offer their guaranteed qualities at. such prices as, — ELKINCTON. while fully maintaining their high quality, place them vrithin the ELKINCTON. reach of all classes. REVISED ILLUSTRATED PRICE LISTS CAN BE HAD ON APPLICATION. ADDRESS—ELKINGTON & Co. LONDON—22, REGENT STREET, W. 42, MOORGATE STREET, E.G. LIVERPOOL-25, CHUIWH STREET. MANCHESTER—ST. ANN'S SQUARE; or to the MANUFACTORY, NENHALL STREET, BIRMINGHAM, Or from Silversmiths and Tronmongers generally throughout the country. [1221 JOHN YOUNG, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, 20, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. Physicians' Prescriptions and Family Receipts care- fully Prepared. [ CLARENCE NURSERY. WILLIAM OLIVER begs to inform the Public he has for SALE a Choice Collection of good GARDEN & FLOWER SEEDS At Moderate Prices. Orders by Post punctually attended to. CLARENCE NURSERY, NEWPORT, MON. I (969 UN FIRE OFFICE, LONDON, ESTABLISHED 1710. HENRY P. SHAW LEFEVRE, Esq.. Chairman and Treasurer, FRANCIS B. HELTON, Esq., Secretary. Total Sum insured in 1876, £ 248 980 367. Claims paid during the last ten years. upwards of Two MILLIONS STERLING. All inclination respecting Fire Insurances, may be ob- tained from any of the undermentioned Agents of the Society. ° AGENTS. NEWPORT MR. CHARLES CULLUM, 19. Stow Hill. Abergavenny Mr. William H. Grieve. Chepstow Mr. James W. Coles. Ebbw Vale. Mr. Thomas G. Powell. Monmouth Mr. William C. A. Williams. Pontypool Mr. Richard Greenway. | Tredegar v. Mr. George Harrhy. Usk Mr. Jtunes Keats. [919 MONMOUTHSmRE AND SOUTH WALES GENERAL SUPPLY STORES. 35, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT, MON. T. CORDEY BEGS most respectfully to thank his numer- ous Patrons and the Public generally for their liberal support since commencing his new system o business, and to call their special attention to his List of CRYSTALLISED AND GLAZED FRUITS. SHIPPED BY CROSSE & BLACKWELL. per lb. s. d. Apricots, Finest Quality 3 Q Fi-S 11 1 8 Green-gages or Ginger g Augelica 1 10 Pears, White or Pink. j Pine Apple 2 10 Peaches, Glace 1 JQ Cherries, Crystallised. 2 2 Dried 2 2 Raspberries 2 4 Knots in Pates, 3 colours 1 10 Brochetts j jo Strawberries. 2 6 Lunette 2 0 Crystallised Almonds j 9 Fleurs sur pates 2 9 Mirabellis Glace 2 3 Panachede Vanille 2 3 en Baton 2 3 Pulines de Nice 2 G Metz Fruits, Is. Box for 10d., Is. 6d. ditto for Is-2d. 2s. 6d. ditto for 2s. 2d. Citron Rings 2s. 6d. per lb. Orange and Lemon Chips and Rings 2s. 3d per lb. Als Fruits in Syrup for dessert, in great variety: NEW SEASON FRUITS. New Muscatels, good, 8d. and 10d. per Very fine 1 Q Fiuest j 9 Finest Valencia Almonds oo. 1 0 Fine Jordan .18 Finest 0 French Plums, 21b.Bottle.2 11 )> lib. Bottle. 1 Preserved Ginger, lib. Jar for. 0 10 Fine New Currants, 41. and 5d. per lb. Raisins, 4d., 5d., and 6d per lb. Sultanas, 6d. and 7d. per lb. Lemons, Oranges, Grapes, Spanish Nuts and Chesnuts in Stock Huntley and Palmer's Christmas Cakes and Biscuits in great variety. Is. Cake for 10d. Is. 6d. Bristol ditto fcr Is. 2|d. Bon Bons, a speciality Is. 4d. Box for 10d. A great variety of Dessert and other Papers, Ham and Mutton Frills, &c. Magic Roses Is. 4d. per Bouquet. LAWN MOWERS LAWN MOWERS GREEN'S PATENT LAWN MOWERS, With improved solid link steel chains. The superiority of our machines over those of all other makers is universally acknowledged. They will cut either short or long grass, bents, &c., wet or dry. THESE ADVANTAGES NO OTHER LAWN MOWERS POSSESS. They are the simplest in construction, the easiest to work, the least liable to get out of order, make little noise when in use, and are the MOST DURABLE LAWN MOWERS EXTANT. The above Machines have proved to be the best, and have carried off EVERY PRIZE in all cases of com- petition. EVERY ONE SENT OUT IS GUARANTEED to give entire satisfaction, Otherwise it may be returned at once free of COST to the PURCHASER. They can be had of all respectable Ironmongers and" Seedsmen in the United Kingdom or direct from the manufacturers, THOMAS GREEN & SON, Smithfiekl Ironworks, Leeds, and 51 and 55, Blackfriars Road, London, S.E. Carriage paid to all the Principal Railway Stations ia he United Kingdom. Illustrated Price List Free on Application. [1273 QUEENSLAND EMIGRATION. gAILINGS FROM GREAT BRITAIN. "ROXBURGHSHIRE" 4th July, from Glasgow for Brisbane "NEWCASTLE"about 12th July, from London. Female Domestic Servants free. Apply to the Local Aarents Mr. L. L. LEWIS, Briery Hill, Ebbw Vale Mr T. GRIFFITHS. Beaufort House, Chepstow; Mr. WARD, 141, Commercial-street, Newport; or to The AGENT-GENERAL for QUEENSLAND, 32. Charing Cross, London, S.W. ['1220 JTLOACA- NEWPORT CREDIT ASSOCIATION. LIMITED Registered Offices, 7, High-street, Newport, Mon. l^f-ONEY ADVANCED ON LOAN, re- XTA payable by easy instalments. A low rate of inures harged on security of an undeniable character. Advantageous rates of interest may be secured Deposits for specific periods. 1fil By Order, 16f WM. WEST, Manager. A/TONEY LENT by the NATIONAL ™ 1, DEPOSIT BANK (Established 1867), 16 and 17, i?iUn ft lce^' Covent Garden, London, from £ 10 to *1,000 at a day's notice, for short or long periods, in any part of England, or Wales, (at Borrower's residence it' desired), to male or female, upon note of haud alone5 or u.jon furniture, stock, plant, crops, or farming, imple- ments, without removal or publicity, also upon deeds and- life policies at < £ 5 per cent. interest. No sureties required. Distance no object. The Bank having a large amount of capital at command, no good application is refused. Apply personally, or prospectus forwarded gratis. 985] A. S. COCHRANE, Manager. ESTABLISHED 185 o. HOUSEHOLDERS, FARMERS, COW- I H KEEPERS, BREEDERS, TRADESMEN, and WORKING CLASS in general, can now obtain LOANS from .£10 to £ 1,000, on their Own Security without Sureties, repayable by easy instalments. Writs and County Court Execution paid out to any amount (distance no object), by applying at the WEST OF ENGLAND LOAN AND DISCOUNT OFFICE, 44, Commercial-street, Newport Mon. Cash advanced to any amount on dennsit nf Pinto Jewellery, Diamonds, Tea Cloth Pianos, and all kinds of value property. Strong Rooms for safe custody.. Hew?ffiC6M2' Bute^ace> Cardiff. Branches all over Wales. Manager, S. BLAIBERG. 1579 A CAPITALIST is willing to f resPectable persons of either sex, b U 0 t» £ 500, on their own note of hand alone, for one to seven years; repayment to be by instalments or otherwise, at option or convenience of borrower; interest 7 per cent. per annum state sum required, for what period, and mode of repayment, with stamp-directed enve- lope.-Address MB. G. GORTON, 58, Murray-street, New North Rood, London. N. 11331