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i. *iss p T II t S. PHELPS' POPULAR WORK GATES AJAR OB Ara QtJn LOVED ONES IN HEAVEN, Y be had, in various Styles of Binding, and at the following prices Is., Is. 6d., 2s., 2s. 6d., 3s. 6d., AT 15 W. CHRISTOPHERS', °0AfMERClAL STREET, NEWPORT, (THE MERLIN OFFICE). GLOBE," PRICE ON"E PENNY C^RST-CLASS EVENING PAPER, a recog yeaJ^en^ of Conservative Policy. "THE GLOBE" *er?' Veil(iing Evening Journal for more than sixty ^eaf ^as a larSe and increasing circulation. Ad- Csare inserted at a moderate charge. V"Offices 110, STRAND, W.C. [14,410 COMPANY'S KXTR.ACT ~OF carried the FIRST PRIZES at PARIS, AND AMSTERDAM. apt- OF WAR, BERLIN.—Notice is given hereby Of jf/yangements have been made with Liebig's Extract Of J> Company, Limited, for the supply, as an article Q- H of their Extract to all the troops of the North Confederation. W^TION.—Only sort warranted genuine by the In- J4f °r, Baron Liebig, whose signature is on every genuine r every Household where this Extract has been fairly od Its use is permanently adopted both for beef-tea and for soups, sauces, &c. [14,575 FOR REALLY NICE CAKES, GO TO BLAND'S, 3J COMMERCIAL STREET, AND 17, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. [6656 QGIIMAN'S «B» BRITISH ^ORN-FLOUR r.T Is Spared FROM RICE. L)lCfi ■ Staple Food of more than Three e<l Millions (300,000,000) of People. COLMAN'S ^RITISH CORN-FLOUR, in Domestic Use, is unequalled for Blanc- Mange, Custards, Puddings, Cakes, Soups, dc., and is the most wholesome and easily digestible Food for Children and Invalids. V, TESTIMONIALS. ÐWIN LANKESTER, M.D., F.R.S., says:— Rice-Flour is Corn-Flour, and I regard 0 this preparation of Messrs. Colman's as superior to anything of the kind A now before the public." 'r1I{JR, HILL HASSALL, M.D., observes:— I find it to be perfectly pure and most carefully manufactured; it forms an exceedingly digestible and wholesome article of diet." A. CAMERON, M.D., also states J I have never tasted anything of the kind more agreeable in flavour or so easily digestible." 1rEIDAN MUSPRATT, M.D., Professor at the iverpool College of Chemistry, writes :— I can highly recommend it as a palatable and very digestible and nutritious food." a&<ed by Family Grocers and Druggists; Wholesah of the Manufacturers, J. COLMAN, LONDON. I f|^ IMPORTANT TO FLOCK MASTERS. I SOMAS BIGG, Agricultural and Veteri" nary Chemist by Appointment to H.R.H. the late Ce Consort, K.G., begs to solicit orders for his £ 0 SHEEP DIPPING COMPOSITION Or the destruction of Tick, Lice, &c. and for the pre- Sfcti vention of Fly, Sc.ib, &e. Also for his r^ClFlC OR LOTION, FOR SCAB IN SHEEP, OR MANGE IN HORSES OR DOGS. It is only necessary in giving orders, to send the fcj^ber of sheep, to have the right quantity of each sent. 0^ LEICESTER HOUSE. ^KAT DOVER-STREET, BOROUGH, LONDON, DIPPING APPARATUS, X14, J35, -C4, X3. Afost important certificate from Mr. HEBAPATH, the — celebrated Analytical Chemist — laboratory, Old Park, January 18th, 1861. to a l V-e Emitted y(mr Sheep Dipping Composi- t>lended ?s*s> an,l find that the ingredients are well t° the mixture neutral:—if it is used according effectu lrections oivcn, I feel satisfied, that while it roots (i\ it ('estroys vermin, it would not injure the hair tiling if j v°lk ") in the skin, the fleece, or the carcase. I deserves the numerous testimonials published. I am, Sir, yours respectfully, T- WILLIAM HERAPATH, Sen., F.C.S., &c.. &c., Thomas Bigg, Professor of Chemistry. Leicester House, Great Dover-street, Borough, London. W agFFts. 'T JAMES EDMUNDS, druggist o\be JAMKS A. SgYB Agricultural Chemist ga.venny. J. W^'kins, druggist; J. Gosden, d CW,f druggist P»tow W. P. Williams., druggist; Henry Hontv. Hobliss, veterinary surgeon. u'k John Marshall, drn»gist J. Edward*, druggist Edwhid Joues ch-mist 00 P. Bright, druggist; J. Duncan, drug- gist Hall, diuggi<t tiav. a Thomas Price, druggist CRILV J. I.. Davii s, druggist ^irpn e11 M. A. Hairis, dmggist Cester J- w- Mil son. druggist Qlo s ey Wm. Heni-, Hanc. ck, chemist Utester Prosser and T renfield, druggists; E. Berry, druggist ifalis nhainpton J. and W. Simpkins. druggists JiW *°rth Smith and Son, druggists •fthi 111 C R. Hardeman, druggist \!1t J.H. Howard, druggist ut "— T. H. R. per, chemist Mrs. George Gay, chemist; Thomas ir°mv, J Hunt, dtugg st "'ref J. G Devertux, chemist ord. \V F. Chave, druggist; W. F. Ford, druggist >••• W H. Stanway,druggist lnster F. &nd D F. Davies, druggists Thomas Ri per, druggist; C. Morgan, druggist Price, dniggist rv°rniTn W. Ward, druggist — John G. Hughes seedsman ^bu^&m and Vennall, druggists rI'llam! G- Taylor, druggist Hereford T. W. Powell, chemist v?»U, Villiam Cross, druggist n« William George, chemist under-Edge E. G. Portlock, chemist. 9001 E. B. Ford, chemist. (1513d L- "MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN" OFFICE, NEWPORT. WILLIAM CHRISTOPHERS, PRINTER, BOOKSELLER, GENERAL & FANCY STATIONER, &c. 15, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT, MON., INVITES attention to his large and varied Stock of Books, Paper, Photograph Albums, JL Writing Cases, Purses, Church Services, Illustrated Gift Books, Toy Books, &c. POPULAR BOOKS. THE POETS, in Morocco or Cloth. GREAT BATTLES OF THE BRITISH ARMY, Coloured Illustrations. LAST HOURS OF GREAT MEN. WHAT MEN HAVE SAID ABOUT WOMEN. GEMS OF ENGLISH POETRY. THE QUEENS OF SOCIETY. PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, Large Type, Coloured Illustrations. THE GIANT CITIES OF BASHAN. PRINCE OF THE HOUSE OF DAVID. PILLAR OF FIRE. ISRAEL IN BONDAGE. THE SCHONBERG COTTA SERIES. EVERY BOY'S BOOK. CHILDREN OF THE NEW FOREST-by Captain MARRYATT. CLAUDIA A Tale by L. O. E. HEBREW HEROES THE YOUNG PILGRIM „ FRANK OLDFIELD, OR LOST AND FOUND; a Temperance Prize Tale, by Rev. T. P. WILSON. WILD FLOWERS WHERE TO FIND, AND HOW TO KNOW THEM. BEETON'S HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT. THE NEW COOKERY BOOK. ALONE IN LONDON-by HESBA STRETTON. THE GATES AJAR-in various Bindings. MISCELLANEOUS. MUSICAL PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS OF ALL SIZES, in Morocco or Cloth, from 2s. to £2 10s. PHOTOGRAPH FRAMES, in Ivory, &c. LADIES' COMPANIONS, TATTING CASES, SCENT CASES, &c. THE CHAMELION TOP. SCRAP BOOKS AND ALBUMS. JEWEL STANDS, WATCH STANDS, &c. ORNAMENTAL INKSTANDS, in Walnut, Ebony &c STATIONERY AND ENVELOPE CASES AND PAPETERIES. WRITING CASES & ORNAMENTAL BLOTTERS CHESS MEN in Bone and Wood. New Books, Periodicals, &c., supplied at the shortest notice-parcels from London daily. Orders for Manufactured Stationery, Account Books, Order Books, Ruled or Plain Business Forms, Bookbinding, &c. EXECUTED WITH PROMPTITUDE, AND AT MODERATE PRICES. NEWPORT BRANCH OF THE ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LIBRARY COMPANY. For the information of intending Subscribers, the terms of Subscription for the Publications contained in the Dep&t List of New Books, and in the Catalogues of the Standard Collection, numbering One Hundred and Thirty Thousand Volumes, are appended, viz ;— 12 Months. 6 Months. 3 Months. Month. £ s. d. £ s. d. zE s. d. £ s. d. Two VOLUMES 0 10 6 0 6 0 0 3 6 0 2 0 FOUR VOLUMES. I 1 0 0 12 0 0 7 0 0 4 0 And upwards, in the proportion of Two Additional Volumes for each additional Half-Guinea. Agent to the EAGLE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY the LANCASHIRE FIRE A VD LIFE INSURASCE COMPANY, with which is incorporated the BIRMINGHAM FIRE OFFICE; the ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY, and the GUARANTEE SOCIETY. ■society OJ ::xJ -I INCORPORATED BY ROYAL CHARTER A.D. 1843. JOHN YOUNG, (LATE PHILLIPS,) PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, (BY EXAMINATION,) 20, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND FAMILY RECEIPTS CAREFULLY PREPARED. [13,79 WILLIAM COMPTON RESPECTFULLY solicits his Friends and the Public to try his choice and well-selected stock of TEAS, the finest imported, on Sale in great variety. W. C.'s PROVISION STORES STAND A 1 FOR HIS CELEBRATED HOME-CURED HAMS AND BREAKFAST BACON. FINEST YORK AND WILTSHIRE SMOKED HAMS, OX TONGUES, BATH CHAPS FINEST CHEDDAR CHEESE, &c. ADDRESS 58, HIGH-STREKT, NEWPORT, MON. (Adjoining the South Wales Railway Station.) [14,464 TO THE NOBILITY, CLERGY, MERCHANTS, TRADESMEN, AND INHABITANTS GENERALLY, OF MONMOUTHSHIRE AND SURROUNDING DISTRICTS. Ibeg^ most respectfully to announce that I have commenced business as AUCTIONEER, VALLTER, ESTATE AGENT, and all Branches appertaining to such profession. All VALUATIONS, SALES, and other matters SETTLED PROMPTLY IN CASH. HENRY SHEPPARD. Offices, 26, Bridge-street, Newport, Mon. [14,971 6 ESTABLISHED 1830. I JAMES EDMUNDS, (Late Managing Assistant at Dickinson's, Hyde Park, London.) DISPENSING AND FAMILY CHYMIST, 5, HIGH STREET. KKAVPOPT AGENT FOR SCHWEPPE'S LEMONADE, SODA, SELTZER, & OTHER MINERAL WATERS PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY PREPARED. [13,860 MILLEP,S SIVFETY BOILER. MANUFACTURED BY THE ISCA FOUNDRY COMPANY, NEWPORT, MON., AND 25, LAURENCE POUNTNEY LANE, LONDON, (Who are the sole licensed makers for the West of England and South Wales) has varied advantages: 71 's JT-rdS^ 11, P, MOR&EFC.ER AMERICA SAFETY BOILER ISCA FOUNDRY COMPAIAY NEWPORT Eti,CLAND It is safe from destructive Explosions. It saves 40 per cent. of Fuel, as 1 lb. of Coa evaporates lllbs. of water. It raises steam from Cold Water in One Hour instead of Three. It consumes its own Smoke. It is not liable to incrustation, on account of the rapid and perfect circulation of the water. It occupies only one-half the space of a Cornish Boiler. It can be erected at one-fourth the cost in labour and masonry. It can be repaired with great despatch, as duplicate parts are always in stock. A Boiler may be seen at work on application at the IscA FOUNDRY. L14,369 ESTABLISHED 1859. IRONMONGERY"TSTABLISHMENT, 49, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. I ROWLAND" ALGER BEGS respectfully to thank the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Newport and its vicinity JD for the liberal patronage bestowed on him during the past Eleven Years, and to announce that, having made IMPORTANT and EXTENSIVE ALTERATIONS on his Premises, he is enabled to carry on his Business with greater facility. He hopes, by giving (as heretofore) strict personal attention to all Orders, and selling none but Goods of the best value at lowest remunerative prices, to merit a continuance of past favours. June, 1870. [15,249 gultesjcs. THE IMPROVEMENT OF LANDED ESTATES. THE LAND LOAN AND ENFRANCHISEMENT COMPANY (incorporated by Specia^ Act of Parliament) is empowered, subject to the approval of the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales, to ADVANCE MONEY to the Owner of Settled and other Estates, for the Erection of FARM BUILDINGS and COTTAGES, and for the DRAINAGE and general Improvement of Landed Property in any part of the United Kingdom the amount borrowed being made repayable by Annual Instalments, spread over a period not exceeding twenty-five years. The expenses incident to the transaction are paid by the Company, and added to the amount to be charged on the Estate. No investigation of the Landowner's title is necessary. Term3 and further particulars may be obtained of Messrs. GILLEPSIE and BELL, W.S., SlA., George- street, Edinburgh, agents for the Company in Scotland; of Messrs. RAWLENCE and SQUAREY, 22, Great George-street, Westminster, S.W., and Salisbury; of Messrs. ASHURST, MORRIS, and Co., Solicitors, 6, Old Jewry, London, E.C. and at the Offices of the Company. T. PAIN, Managing Director. Land Loan and Enfranchisement Company, EDWIN GARROD, Secretary. No. 22, Great George-street, Westminster, S.W. [14,726 GLASS AND CHINA ROOTYIS, ANCHOR HOUSE, NEXT THE WESTGATE HOTEL, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT, MON. WILTLTAM TWIST BEGS to call the attention of the Inhabitants of Newport and Neighbourhood to his superior STOCK of FANCY GOODS, CUT and ENGRAVED GLASS, TEA and BREAKFAST SERVICES, DINNER and TOILET WARE. GOODS ON HIRE, including ELECTRO-PLATE, KNIVES, and TABLE LINEN. [15,206 NEWPORT REGATTA, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, AUGUST 3RD AND 4TH, 1870. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. PRESENT PATRONS HIS WORSHIP THE MAYOR THE EX-MAYOR (JAMES MURPHY, ESQ ) THE TOWN COUNCIL OF NEWPORT. SIR JOHN W. RAMSDEN, BART., M.P. COLONEL POULETT SOMERSET, M.P. MAJOR THE HONOURABLE GODFREY MORGAN. M.P ADMIRAL FOOTE. COLONEL ELKINGTON and the OFFICERS of the 2nd BATTALION 6th ROYAL REGIMENT. COLONEL HAMLEY and the OFFICERS of the DETACHMENT 50th (the Queen's Own) REGIMENT, stationed at Newport. LIEUT.-COLONEL LYNE, 1st Mon. Artillery Volunteer Corps. CAPTAIN F. ALLFREY, 3rd Mon. Rifle Volunteer Corps. o a ifTTnT CAPTAIN H. BURTON, 7tli Mon. Rifle Volunteer Corps. SAMUEL HOMFRAY, Esq., H. M. KENNARD, Esq., L. A. HOMFRAY, Esq., &c., &c. LIST OF PRIZES. FIRST DAY. PILOT BOAT RACE. Confined to Pilots Boats belonging to Newport. 1st Prize. A Silver Cup, with Money added to the value of £ 20 0 0 2nd Prize. 10 0 0 3rd Prize 8 0 01 T71 J. fth Prize £ 7 0 0 £ >th Prize 6 0 0 6th Prize 4 0 0 XiUtranee j? ee, Jtive snuiings. I ALL COMERS' PRIZE. upen to any bailing tloat (exclusive of Yachts), 1st Prize. The Corporation I Cup of the value of J210 10 0 With Money added to the value of 15 0 0 X25 10 0 belonging to any Port in the United Kingdom. 11 211d Prize 1. I-Plo 0 0 Three Boats to contend, or no race. Entrance Fee, Ten Shillings and Sixpence. YACHT RACE. Jst Prize. A Silver Cup of the value of £ 30 0 OJ 2nd Prize. 0 0 ■ Three Yachts to contend, or no race. Sailing Regulations the same as those of the Royal London Yacht Club. Entrance Fee, One Guinea. Should the state of the Regatta Fund enable the Managing Committee to do so, the above Prizes may be increased or others added to them, SECOND DAY. "PrvTrn^^ana§™ £ Committee are arranging for Handsome Prizes to be contended for by 4.MATEUR STX inrl K3UR-OARED CUTTERS or WHERRIES, FOUR-OARED GIGS, CANOES. HOVELLING BOATS PUNTS Also for DUCK HUNTS, STEEPLE CHASE SWIMMING MATCHES (Club Dresses) &c &c&c Seo,hreWS bt;l0"°ln? the respective Classes of Boats should give notice as early as possible to the Honorary for thaTpurpose 31" 011 0 contend for the Pmes to be awarded, in order that Liberal Sums may be set apart Reeitt,rti"llail t0 bG Sf/lei°r rowe^ well as all other details and conditions of the above A ii ? be obtained addressing the Honorary Secretaries, Town Hall, Newport Mon All entries for Boat Races must be made by Monday Evening, the 1st August. W SPORTS ON THE MARSHES. CHASE PON?" RACES11" DONKEY SpftS the following Sports, namely :-BICYCLE STEEPLE CLIMBING GREASY POLE POLF VAULTING MATCHES, LEGGED RACE a WALKING MATCH fn h RACE. BLINDFOLDED, a THREE- tlie whole to conclude with rf MATCH, together with such other Athletic Sports as circumstances may allow BRILLIANT DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS. Arrangements are in progress to secure the Services of A SPLENDID MILITARY BAND As well as the BANDS of the LOCAL VOLUNTEER CORPS. board a^nivl'1 liru!5!!ftUqflim"6 I^u'nea entitle the Subscriber to One Ticket, securing a Free Passage on a good and sate Steamer to accompany the Racing Boats. acoomm^ rDea Subscribers may obtain Tickets for Ladies at Pour Shillings each, but in order to secure proper at W? n ? comfort it is absolutely necessary that application be made for Ladies' Tickets to the Hon. Sees, at least one week prior to the Regatta. Subscriptions may be paid to Mr. E. W. WILLEY, the Hon. Treasurer, at the West of England Bank. By order of the Committee of Management, R. S. ROPER ) „ 0 T T „ C. W. INGRAM. |Hon- Secs' Hall, Newport, Mon., June 24th, 1870. [15,235 MR. T. C. PARSON, QURCrEON DENTIST, bogs to announce his REMOVAL to Mr. WILLIAMS, G3, HIGH- STREET, NEXT DOOR TO THE POST OFFICE. —— Attendance every Wednesday, from Ten till Four. j HORNER'S GENTLEMEN'S ELASTIC SIDE SPIUXG BOOTS IOS. 6d. 124, COMMERCIAL STREET. [10,900 NOW READY FOR FOUR STAMPS, ;C. AND W. TRAPNELL'S ILLUSTRATED FURNISHING GUIDE, (372 ENGRAVINGS), CONTAINING ESTIMATES FOR FUR- NISHING HOUSES OF EVERY CLASS, NISHING HOUSES OF EVERY CLASS, THUS:— FOUR-ROOMED HOUSE, X21 18s. Gd. Five „ HOUSE, X-38 Os. Od. Six „ HOUSE, X67 14s. 2d. Eight" HOUSE, < £ 125 17s. Od. Ten „ HOUSE, X265 3s. 6d. Eleven HOUSE, £ 433 4s. Od. Twelve HOUSE, X547 Gs. Od. Twelve HOUSE, .£788 13s. 6d. THE LARGEST AND CHEAPEST FUR- NISHING ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND. 39, COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL. [13,261 RICK CLO T H S. S E C O ND-H AND CLOTHS, In good condition, May be had by early appli- cation. 5 NEW CLOTHS, i Of best quality Canvas,with Poles, &c., complete. Price List on application. Address, 2, Duke-st., London Bridge, S .E. No other Establishment BlBKJAxIm EDGINGTON. [15,176 HENRY RUSSELL EVANS, STOCK & SHARE BROKER, 12, GREAT DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. MORTGAGES AND LOANS NEGOTIATED. FOR SALE:- 25 NEWPORT CREDIT ASSOCIATION SHARES, at a Discount to an immediate purchaser. Dividends Eight per cent. 12674 H. PEARMAA7, PHARMACEUTICAL CIIEMiST, II, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY DISPE-VSED. [54S BORWICK'S BAKING POWDER HAS BEEN AWARDED TWO GOLD MEDALS FOR ITS SUPERIORITY OVER ALL OTHERS. I r 14,652 I#IR~ KIN AHAN S L. L. WHISKY. DUBLIN EXHIBITION, 1865. THIS celebrated OLD IRISH WHISKY gained the DUBLIN PRIZE MEDAL. It is pure, mild, mellow, delicious, and more wholesome than the finest Cognac Brandy. Wholesale at 8, Great Windmill-street, London, W. CAUTION.&In purchasing from the Agents, observe the red aeal, pink label, and cork branded KINAHAN'S L.L. WHISKY. [14,511 gyrttesi#. THE RIGHT HON. B. DISRAELI'S LATEST WORK, L O T H A I R," Portraiture of CONTEMPORARY HISTORY STTBSORTWI PL?4,DY FOE FIRST-CLASS FXCT T?w 5w^T^SWP0RT BRANCH of th& ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LIBRARY COMPANY, W. CHRISTOPHERS', 15, CO Itf E R C I A L STREET, (THE MERLIX OFFICE.) V ILL I E RS, RTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER- XX. 8, COMMERCIAL-STREET, Opposite the Westgate Hotel, Newport. VILLIERS' CARTES DE YISITE TAKEN DAILY YILLIERS' Guinea Portrait in Oil, the cheapest and most permanent style of Portrait in England YILLIERS' FAMILY PORTRAITS enlarged from CARTES to LIFE SIZE. CARTES to LIFE SIZE. VILLIERS' JEWEL MINIATURES.—A variety of new specimens to be seen at 8, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. MACHINERY. LANDSCAPES, ANIMALS, PAINTINGS, &c., PHOTOGRAPHED. [6294 Life and Fire Insurances, ALSO INSURANCES AGAINST ACCIDENTS, ALSO I Guarantees for the fidelity of Per- sons in Situations of Trusi, ARE EFFECTED BY MR. W. CH KIS TOPifKRS "MERLIN" OFFICE, 15, COMMERCIAL STREET NEWPORT, Mox. MR. R- N. OSBORNE, SURGEON DENTIST, 25, DOCK STREET, NEWPORT. 13,954 ESTABLISHED 1835. LAWN MOWERS AND GARDEN ROLLERS. GREENS' PATENT LAWJN MOWERS have proved to be the BEST, and have carried off EVERY PRIZE that has been given in all cases of Compe- tition. MANUFACTURERS OF GALVANIZED WIRE NETTING. GREENS' F PATENT HOT WATER BOILERS. Drawings arul Price Lists Free Oil Application. THOMAS GREEN & SON, SMITHFIELD IRON WORKS, LEEDS, and [H and 55, Blackfriars Road, London. S. [15,060 L FREE AND ASSISTED EMIGRATION TO QUEENSLAND. AUSTRALIA. Queensland Government Offices, 32, Charing Cross. London. Land Orders for 40 Acres per adult are given to persons paying their own passage. The selection free. Land can be acquired at 5s., 10s., and 1Js. per acre, payable in ten annual instalments. Assisted Passages granted to Farm Labourers, Ploughmen, Shepherds, Gardeners, Mechanics, and other eligible persons. Free Passages granted to Female Domestic Servants, for whom there is a great demand, and to Married Farm Labourers, and Shepherds with not more than one child, and under 12 years. Statistics and further information on application. JOHN DOUGLAS, Agent-GeneraL Appointed Agents. Newport: Mr. JAMES GRAHAM, Jun., Public Accountant.—Aberdare Mr. G. H. Evans. Auctioneer.-Carrliff: W. Davies. 28. Woking-street.— Brecon: John Evans, -Alount-street.-AI)trsychan: Edwin Wood.-Merl,byr: John Copeland.. [15,129 KOHNER'S FOR BOOTS! LADIES' KID ELASTIC SIDE SPUING, 5s. 6d. [10,900 TRAPNELL'S STEAM-MADE REGISTERED GUINEA EASY CHAIR. Tie Best and Cheapest Easy Chair in England TO meet tlie increasing demand for these Chairs in any of their varieties, arrangements have been made by which any number may be had upon giving Two Days' notice. Photographs and Patterns for Cover- ings post free. THE ROYAL VICTORIA SEA-SIDE EASY CHAIR FOR TWO GUINEAS AND A HALF, LARGE, THOROUGHLY EAST. AXD MOST DURABLE. The construction is upon scientific principles, and se- cures the most perfect rest. The Springs will neither break or work up through the Seat. The Castors are of the strongest and best make. Carriage and Packing o £ this Chair free to any principal Station. The Wrappers to be returned. Photograph and full description, with Samples of Coverings, post free. NEITHER OF THESE CHAIRS ARE TO BE HAD EXCEPT FROM THE INVENTORS AND MANUFACTURERS, C. & W. TRAPNELL, Upholsterers 39, COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL. [13,261 gi25H5E5H52525H5ESH3E5E525255555H5E5E52525HE2525y m | 1 | RECOMMENDED AS THE Bj I CHE&P & BEST | For Thirty Years this Pure Tea pj h has secured a preference for Bj I its great strength & real cheap- S ness, from not being colored 5} with the usual 'facing' powder, G Genuine PACKETS are signed [Q WOT^SDKFMIFRMM^HR LONDON,. [jj Original Importers of the Pure Tea. [3 2s.4D.-2s.8D.-3s,-3s,4cl. 3s.8d.perlb- Bj &OCAL &GEHTS I ABERGAVENNY Gosden. Watklns, High st. ABERISTWITH.Jones, chemist. BLAKESEY..Philpotts. CixuERFoiiD.. Cord win, chemist Cr.ICY.HOWEI.L..Christopl,er. Ar.niFF..Kernick,23, Uuko-st Ditto ..Jairie8 ,Bute-street HEPSTOW.. GritV.hs,bookseller Ditto .Hillman, backsel el COLEFORD.. W ILLLHMSHqugb DOWT-AIS..Hancock LYDKH Z ..Hathaway MOHNQVTB 4Ue»,ooafecti oner' NEWPORT, Ekmdkns,5, High street. CHERRY, 41, Commercial s. „ H. L WILLIAMS, 3, Coml-s- "J rIlILLIPS,92,eommercia st ckemitt „ J. YOUNG, 20, High-street. „ DAVIES, 2j, High street, "Co-operative Society, NEW>H A*Fryer, Drapar. PoxTYrooL Wood, chemist PONT YPBIDD ..Jamas, RISCA.. Taylor,Obemist V8X»«FAirftrds It.t7a