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^Q^THE^pARDO DECK will sing THmifiT,*1 if/^TlONAL GERMAN DRINKING A*Np<w, J. GROVES' CONCERT, on XT. [14,846 A ^TlST 1 It s, 8 PHOTOGRAPHER °PPo^h^MERCIAL-STREET, 'le West gate Hotel, Newport. DE YISITE TAKEN DAILY. VTTT perm Ulnea Portrait in Oil, the cheapest and ^lEji§> w, aiI6rit style of Portrait in England. YfTr P^ILY PORTRAITS enlarged from JURIES to LIFE SIZE. jE\VEL MINIATURES.—A variety of 8, Co specimens to be seen at -STREET, NEWPORT. LANDSCAPES, ANIMALS, &c., PHOTOGRAPHED. [6294 Chemist, 4 1, Commercial Street NewportAGENT. CJJBNIMAN'S TEA hk IlOfacingpowder on the leaf; wholesome- fIe8, & cheapness are thus secured. Genuine are signed rnwnwrv*6<r. tQX«MJLN*S BRITISH QRN-FLGUR IS PREPARED FROM RICE. JXICE is the Staple Food of more than Thi* mdred Millions (300,000,000) of People. s COL MAN'S 111S H CORN-FLOUR, %e'n „ omestic Use, is unequalled for Blanc- ^n9e> Custards, Puddings, Cakes, Soups, an^ *s the most wholesome and eatilu dlgestible Food for Children and Invalids. EdWIN lankeS™ 0T"' Ei<Flow i, 'M'^rES- ■- this prenai-n+-0ril > I regard as superior +°u Messrs. Colman'i now before the of the kind HIU HASSAT 1 it to h Kjy> obserres:- Carefu]]y mannT^ICtly Pure 8115 most e^ceedii^ ^^ured; it forms an Article of ^es^^le and wholesome c*Ubl p. t met- <( A- CAMERON, M.D., also states mo^neVer of the kind dig^ttbl"e ?> m flavour or BO easily TRlE>AN MUSPRATT, M.D., Professor at the Liverpool College of Chemistry, -writes I can highly recommend it as a palatable and very digestible andnutritious food." Family Grocers and Druggists; Wholetah of the Manufacturers, -<^J^COLMAN, LONDON. Jfc^ThTl?G'S COUGH LOZKXGKS.— for C0UGHS and Wrt?? COUGH lozi-NGES.— ^tPTioN. remedy in cases of INCIPIENT CON- K" EATIJ^^ ~Z tftlT ^cert»in ren^11011 L( >Z '"NOES. — ^I^^NCHIAL TTT^ relieving the IRRITATION V^,7T — JfUBEs. KiA rlNG^ dCa^'GH LOZKNGES- aiarb<>*0„ estimoniQi 1: Ly RECOMMENDED BY THE —n,Sold in ri 0lri the inost eminent of whom K" Boxes, Is. l^d.; and Tins, 2s. 9d. ^chUdTABLETS^ CHILDREN'S WORM *Or en and nri u e S^eat remedy for these disorders a Pnifr Can 110w be administered IN THE T^eable an(a ff "VEGETABLE SWEETMEAT, at once Hek. effective. Sold in Tins, Is. l*d. and 2s. 9d. 1(EATING, Chemist, 79, St. Paul's Church- Yard, London. Sold retail by all Druggists, &c. _fl4,757 I WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. | ) S ?* jj 1 ^^nounced [I Be carefjl j I i hy J 1 i; j ^urs to ask for f W„ THE °Nl'V p LEA L K?sm-II I; GfOOj) D |L A' i ji b^UuE, |: ..j SAUCE. ij «.* q :l Strtn* nimc on wrapper, label, bottle, and •' • anJPLer" Crosse & Bl.ickwel!, London, jj j Q y dealers in Sauces. | eWARE OF COUNTERFEITS, i I LEA & P £ RSI!MS, I jfc^ WORCESTER. ] GLENFIElLl3~ ^CLnsnr ST A R c H And H„ LY USED IN THB ROYAL LA UNDRY Jdb "^Majesty's LADNDBEBS savs, thiu it is FINEST STARCH SUE EVER USED. a*ded Prize Medal for its Superiority. Q. T E WHEN YOU ASK JOB H HuElfFlELD STARCH, L you get it, as inferior kinds are often substituted ,I QTHERSPOON & CO., GLASGOW & LONEON. [13,931 ^r^?hJkiIAN s Nothing POWDERS, V^tedto11 Cuttin« their teeth.Purchasers are of tk. BP-WARE OF IMITATIONS and to observe in erery ease, that tbe S?dV.tSJ1BDMan» CHEMIST, WAL. ♦ V "reeDgr»yed on tbe Government ■1 u eaf. Pac,4etf without whicb none arc LID Chemi«t» AND Druggistt, ID packet* [14,443 gk(Wrww.s. "MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN" OFFICE, NEWPORT. WILLIAM CHRISTOPHERS, PRINTER, BOOKSELLER, GENERAL & FANCY STATIONER, &c., 15, COMMERCIAL, STREET, NEWPORT, MON., INVITES attention to his large and varied Stock of Books, Paper, Photograph Albums' I Writing Cases, Purses, Church Services, Illustrated Gift Books, Toy Books, PAPETERIES, CONVERSATION CARJ)S, IVORY PRAYER BOOKS, THE POETS, IN MOROCCO OR CLOTH BINDING, kc., di BOOKS SUITABLE F0I1 PRECIS, TENNYSON'S POEMS, an Elegant Edition, printed BEAUTIES OF POETRY AND GEMS OF ART on toned paper, exquisitely Illustrated—a profusely Illustrated, on toned paper. choice Gift Book. FAVOURITE POEMS, by Gifted Bards. LONGFELLOW in Morocco or Cloth. A THOUSAND AND ONE GEMS-selected and ELIZA COOKE arranged by CHARLES MACKAY. WORDSWORTH „ FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS-by JOHN BARTLKTT. MILTON „ „ „ TEN THOUSAND WONDERFUL THINGS. GOLDSMITH „ „ „ HOME SCENES AND HEART STUDIES. KIRKE WHITE „ EVENINGS WITH THE POETS. COWPER „ >f SELECTIONS FROM TENNYSON. BYRON „ „ LEECH'S PICTURES OF LIFE & CHARACTER. MONTGOMERY" „ „ CARTOONS FROM PUNCH-by TENNIEL. S?^ERT » » COMIC HISTORY OF ENGLAND-by A'BECKETT TSOM^OV THE SCHONBERG COTTA SERIES. PrT\"PHN ATMAVAT'sJ T> j JEWELS GATHERED FROM PAINTER & POET. THE NEW BAUI ROOM ALBUM. jllIS€ELLA\li:0tT8. MUSICAL PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. SCRAP BOOKS AND ALBUMS PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS OF ALL SIZES, iD JEWEL STAND^ VVATUH SIMDS, 4c. Morocco or Cloth, and at prices ranging from THE SIAMESE LINK. T.TT^m^i0.!2^103- ORNAMENTAL INKSTANDS, in Walnut, Ebony,&c. PHOTOGRAPH FRAMES, in Ivory, &c. STATIONERY AND ENVELOPE CASES AND CONVERSATION CARDS-CARD GAMES, &c. PAPETERIES. LADIES' COMPANIONS, TATTING CASES, WRITING CASES & ORNAMENTAL BLOTTERS. SCENT CASES, &c. CHESS MEN in Bone and Wood. THE CHAMELION TOP. Xe" Books, Periodicals, &c., supplied at the shortest notice—parcels from London daily. Orders for Manufactured Stationery, Account Books, Order Books, Ruled or Plain Business Forms, Bookbinding-, &c. EXECUTED WITH PROMPTITUDE, AND AT MODERATE PRICES. NEWPORT BRANCH OF THE KNGLISHAND FOREIGN LIBRARY COMPANY. L I For the information of intending Subscribers, the terms of Subscription for the Publications contained in the Depflt List of New Books, and in the Catalogues of the Standard Collection, numbering One Hundred and Thirty Thousand Volumes, are appended, viz :— 12 Months. 6 Months. 3 Months. Month. X s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. Two VOLUMES 0 10 6 0 6 0 0 3 6 0 2 0 FOUR VOLUMES. 1 1 0 0 12 0 0 7 0 0 4 0 And upwards, in the proportion of Two Additional Volumes for each additional Half-Guinea. Agent to the BAGLE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY the LANCASHIRE FIRE ASD LIFE INSURANCE CO MP A A Y, with which is incorporated the BIRMINGHAM FIRE OFFICE; the I ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY, and the GUARANTEE SOCIETY. SOC.IE T If OP JOHN YOUNG, (LATE PHILLIPS,) £ IVA PHARMACEUTICAL, CHEMIST, ci (BY EXAMINATION,) 2 5 20, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. j PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS 'I AND INC O R P ORATED BY ROYAL CHARTER FAMILY RECEIPTS A.D.I843. OAREFULLY PUEPAR^D. [1:3,79 TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. A GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICE OF WRIGHT'S PATENT BIVALVES. AGE N T S :-H GREENE AND CO., IRONMONGERS, NEWPORT. A LARGE VARIETY ALWAYS IN STOCK. [14,776 FEWELLERY, CUTLERY, & FANCY WAREHOUSE 12, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT, ESTABLISHED 1840. J. CAPPELLA HAS the pleasure of respectfully informing the Public that ho has replenished his STOCK with an unusually large quantity of NEW GOODS, many of them especially adapted or the present Season, and while he renders his sincere thanks for past favours, would respectfully solicit ,he continuance of their esteemed patronage. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF WEDDING AND BIRTHDAY PRESENTS. December, 1869. [14,595 ESTABLISHED 1830. JAMES EDMUNDS, (Late Managing Assistant at Dickinson's, Hyde Park, London.) DISPENSING AND FAMILY CHYMI8T, ^iMr 5, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. AGENT FOR SCHWEPPE'S LEMONADE, SODA, SELTZER, & OTHEIt MLMERAL WATERS PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY PREPARED. [13,860 WILLIAM COM P T O N RESPECTFULLY solicits his Friends and the Public to try his choice and well-selected stock of TEAS, the finest imported, on Sale in great variety. W. C.'s PROVISION STORES STAND A 1 FOR HIS CELEBRATED HOME-CURED HAMS AND BREAKFAST BACON. FINEST YORK AND WILTSHIRE SMOKED HAMS, OX TONGUES, BATH CHAPS, FINEST CHEDDAR CHEESE, &c. ■ ADDRESS 58, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. (Adjoining the South Wales Railway Station.) [14,464 ESTABLISHED 1812. H. AND T. PROCTOR, AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTS, CATHAY, BRISTOL. PREPARED BONE MANURES, FOR GRASS, CORN, ROOT, AND OTHER CROPS; ALSO, BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. STORES-AT MODERATOR WHARF, NEWPORT. „ AT WATERS' COAL WHARF, CHEPSTOW. [14*815 gMflrraisw. PEATY AND HALL, TEA, FLOUR, AND PROVISION MERCHANTS, 28, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. [14,498 THIRD ANNIVERSARY OF THE OPENING OF THE VICTORIA ASSEMBLY ROOMS, NEWPORT MR. H. J. GROVES, PROFESSOR of MUSIC, and ORGANIST of ST. WOOLOS CHURCH, begs to IP announce that he will give a GRAND OPERATIC AND BALLAD CONCERT. IN THE VICTORIA ASSEMBLY ROOMS, ? ON THURSDAY FEBRUARY 24, 1870, Under the following distinguished patronage THE WORSHIPFUL THE MAYOR OF NEWPORT (T. BEYNON, ESQ.), The Right Hon. LORD TREDEGAR. S. HOMFRAY, Esq., Gleuuske. The Right Hon. LADY TREDEGAR. L A. HOMFKAY, Esq., Maipas. Rev. CANON HAWKINS, Newport. T. CORDES, Esq., Brynglas. Rev. T. PROTHERO, Malpas Court. Captain PEARSON, Castle Town. T. GRATREX, Esq., Newport. COLONEL ELKINGTON AND THE OFFICERS OF THE 6TH ROYALS. ARTISTES :— I MADAME B OD D A P Y N E '.r (Late Miss LOUISA PYNE); MISS EMILY DONES, (The eminent Contralto of the Popular Concerts," and of the Concerts of the Crystal Palace) and MDLLE. ANNETTA ZULIANI, (Prima Donna assoluta of the principal Theatres in Milan, Turin and Naples); HERR RICARDO DECK, (Of the Imperial Theatre of Vienna, the Grand Opera of Dresden and St. Carlo, the Philharmonic Concerts of London, the Monday Popular Concerts, and the Concerts of the Crystal Palace). MR. FRANK BODDA. TICKETS-RESERVED and NUMBERED CHAIRS, FIVE SHILLINGS to be had only of Mr GROVES, Pianoforte Warehouse, Tredegar-place, Newport. UNRESERVED-TWO SHILLINGS and SIXPENCE; BALCONY ONE SHILLING LARGE GALLERY-SIXPENCE. Doors open at SEVEN o'Clock; Concert to commence at EIGHT. [14,7.69-, PATRONISED BY HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. VICTORIA ASS E M B L Y R OOMS, NEWPORT ROYAL ORIGINAL CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. THE QUEEN'S MINSTiBL BAND. MR. A. Gr. POLLOCK, R.A., begs to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Newport and surrounding Neighbourhood, that he has engaged the above Distinguished Company to give TWO PERFORMANCES r ON THE EVE SINGS OF SA TURDA Y, the 26th, and MONDAY, 2 8th of February, 1870. Mr. P. would draw the attention of the Public to the fact that this is the only Company that has ever appeared by Special Command before Her Majesty the Queen and Court. The Proprietors, Messrs. BERNARD and VESTRIS, will show each Evening the Original Letters written by MAJOR-GKNERAL SIR THOMAS BIDDULPH, and sent under the Privy Seal; the first commanding the Com- pany's appearance on October 16th, 1868, and the second conveying Her Majesty's entire satisfaction with the Entertainment given by this Company. Mr. POLLOCK will appear and perform with the Royal Christy's each Evening. Doors open at Half past Seven. Performance to commence at Light o'clock. » Prices of Admission :-FRONT SEATS, 2S. UNRESERVED and BALCONY, Is. GALLERY, Gd. Tickets of Mr. E. NEWMAN, Music Warehouse, Commercial-street; and of Mr. POLLOCK, 42, Llanarth-street. Carriages may be ordered at a quarter-past Ten. [14,855 — FOX HUNTERS AND FARMERS' ANNUAL PUBLIC BALL, On FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25th 1870. AT THE BEAUFORT ARMS HOTEL, MONMOUTH. THE object of the above BALL is to bring together the Families of the Farmers who occupy Lands over which the_Monmouthshire Hounds Hunt. LIST OF STEWARDS: THE MAYOR OF MONMOUTH MR. THOMAS FORD, Jun. (Nanti- MR. CHAMPNKY POWELL HON. MAJOR MORGAN, M. P. derri) MR. NICHOLAS G. PRICE MR. F. CAPELWII.LIAMS, M.M.F.H. MR. REGINALD HERBERT MR. FOWLER B. PRICK MAJOR ROLLS, Chairman of Com- MR. T. C. HALLEN MR. HEXRY PKII.F, mittee MR. J. E. HALE MR, THOMAS PKIDE CAPT. ALLEN MR. PRYCE HAMILTON AIR. J. W. PRICE (Abergavenny) I CAPT. ARNEY MR. J. HAYNES Mr. GEORGE PRITCHAKD' (White MR CRAWSHAT BAILEY, Jun. CAPT. HICKMAN House) MR. W. BEVAN (Grosmont) CAPT. JACKSON MR. JOHN ALLAN ROLLS MR. E. BROMAGE MR. JONES (LIwynygaer) MR..JOHN ROGERS MR. COOK (Abergavenny) MR. T. KEDDLE COL. P. SOMERSET, C.B., M.P. MR. CULVERWELL, (Penrhos) MAJOR KING. MR. W. STEWARD CAPT. DAVIES CAPT. LITTLE (Iltnvtir) MR. GEORGE SCUDAMOP.E MR. H. DYKE MR. JOSEPH LANE (Berllwydd) All'. (-IWY,NE VAL-Cfl, MR. THOMAS DEW (Llanvetherine) DR. MAYOlT MR W. C. A. WILLIAMS MR. T. M. EDWARDS, Jun. (Llanarth) MR. Mo MASTER CAPT. W. WHEELEY MR. ALFRED EVANS MR. T. W. OAKLEY MR. OSMOND WYATT Tickets to be obtained at the BEAUFORT ARMS HOTEL, Monmouth. For bona fide Tenant Farmers,. 10s each. Wives and daughters of Farmers, over whose lands the Monmouthshire Hounds hunt admitted Free and their tickets to be obtained of the Hon. Sec., Mr. CHAMPNEY POWELL. Other Gentlemen's Tickets, 12s. 6d. each Ladies' ditto, 5s. each EARLY APPLICATION IS REQUESTED. The Monmouthshire Hounds will meet in Agiacourt-square on the following Morning. ° [14,790 N 3 T ICE. E DAN I E L & CO., IN returning thanks for the liberal support awarded to them and their predecessor for nearly Fifty Years, beg respectfully to inform their Customers that they have DI8P0SED OF THEIR BUSINESS to Mr. GEORGE MICHAEL, for whom they solicit a coatinuanae of their kind favours, 51, High-street, Newport, Mon., January 13th, 1870. GEORGE MICHAEL BEGS respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public, that he has TAKEN TO THE BUSINESS lately carried on by MESSRS. E. DANIEL 8r CO., 61, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT, and trusts by strict attention to merit a continuance of that patronage so liberally bestowed on the late firm for many years past. SADDLE, HARNESS, AND MACHINE BAND MANUFACTORY, H I G H S T R E E T, NEWPORT, MO X. [14,831 THE NEWPORT TURKISH AND WARM BATHS COMPANY, LIMITED. ALTERATION OF TARIFF. THE TARIFF OF ADMISSION to these BATHS will be as follows until further Notice :— I | FIRST CLASS TURKISHJBATH. SECOND CLASS TURKISH BATH.I s. d. s A Single Ticket Paid on the Premises 2 0 A Single Ticket Paid on the Premises 16 A Book containing Ten Tickets 15 0 A Baok containing Ten Tickets io o FIRST CLASS WARM BATH. I SECOND CLASS WARM IfATa. S, D. A Single Ticket Paid on the Premises 1 0 A Single Ticket Paid on the Premises 0 9 A Book containing Ten Tickets 7 6 A Book containing Ten Tickets 5 0 BOOKS OF TICKETS can be purchased of the Directors, Principal Booksellers of the Town and ft the Baths. 1 N.B.-From this Date the Ladies' Day will be altered from TBV^SDAY to MONDAY. 1B,R, 1Q_A BY ORDER. 18th February, 187(^ [14,853 iiife and fire Insurances, ALSO INSURANCES AGAINST ACCIDENTS. ALSO Guarantees for the Fidelity of Per- sons in Sitaasiosis of Trust, ARE EFFECTED BY MR. W. CHRISTOPHERS "MERLIN" OFFICE. 15, COMMERCIAL STREBT, NEWPORT, MON. li/TADAME BODDA PYX; will sing '-AIR WITH VARIATIONS," by RODES, as sung by her more than 80,» nights in England ana America, in the Orown Diamonds," and ROAMING THROUGH THE GREEN FIELDS?" at Mr H J GROVES' CONCERT, on THURSDAY NEX1\ [14,846 66 RPHE GLOBE," PRICE ONE PENNY _L FIRST-CLASS EVENING PAPER, a recog nised Organ 01 Conservative Policy. THE GLOBE5*' has been the leading Evening Journ'il for more than sixty years, and it has a large and increasing circulation. Ad- vertisements are in=e'ted at a moderate charge. Offices 110, STRAND, W.C. [14,410 THE ARCADE STUDIO ALL TH. 1 EAiv KOUNi) has increased its patronage to that extent its to confirm it as now ESTABLISHED By careful and Artistic Productions, with MODERATE PRICES. CARTE -DE YISITE S •—Twelve Copies. 7s. *6d. Six ditto, 4s. Three d;tt-). Gd. Children specially agreed. J. (j a..LillUE HALE. Phot'.u'rupher, 14,79^ ] The Arcade, Newport. R A 1..) N E L L S T E A M -MADE REGISTERED I GUI N H A RASY C i AL ii. The Best an3. C'teopesi Easy ChcAr in England TO meet the increasing demand for these JL Chairs in any of their varieties, arrangements have been made by which aav number may be had upon giving1 Two Days' notice. Pnotographs and Patterns for Cover- ings post free. THE ROIAL VICTORIA S F A S I 1) JiJ-: A S Y O IT AIR FOR TWO GUINEAS AND A HALF, LARGE, THOROUGHLY EASY. AND MOST DURABLE. The construct on is upon scientific principles, and so- cures the most, perfect rest. The Springs will neither break or work up through the Seat. The Cantors are of the strongoai, and hcot make. Carriage and Packing of this Coaii n-ei; co any principal station. Tiis WrappeM to be returned. Photograph full description, with Samples of Coverings, b-i free. NEITHER OF TTISJE CIIAIUS ARE TO BE HAD EXCEPT FNOII ?H 1 INVENTORS A:<D MANUFACTURERS, C. & W, .A.T' j J.J. U T; T-C1 sterers "JOLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL. [13,261 Liebig Company's Extract ef Xeat. AMSTERDAM EXHIBITION, 1869, FIBHT. PRIZE, beiag above the Gold Medal. Sup- plied to the Uritisn, renfiiv Prussian, Russian, Italian, Dutch. anj. other Governments. One pint of fine fta. voured ifceuf Tea at Most convmieat and economia "tock." CAUTION. Only sori warranted GENUINE by the In- ventor, BM-on Liebig, whose signature is on every genuime Jar. Ask fcr LrzIHo COKIANY'S ESTBACT, and not for Liebig' Extract of Meat. [14,575 L H 0 R N E R S G.SNTLEMEN." S ELASTIC SIDE SPRING BOOTS 10s. 6d. 124, COMMERCIAL STREET. [10,9CO AA AAJk/d. AiAA ^.AA4AAilA AA .<»> J BUY 3 "Joli nson, joh;iso?i Co s i 1 Mj Fure Tea> E < F/eejrom all-^Artificial | fa 2/- per ibi C-1 CHOICE QUALITIES^ 2 "NEW SEASON'S," ► < 2 8-3 -3 4-3 S-4 2 Su?Pli ed in Packets flnly, from 2 OTS. to i-lb. j and 3-lb. and 6-ib. Tin Canisters i by Chemists. G>x feciimersj^, &C., in erery Town. ► J LOCAL ACrXTS. ► c'ien:iKt, 3, Cora frcU! sri«i,t. „ CAPOS, (.'onf.ctioner 129, Cmm loial strt-et. PlLLOWF.N-l.Lr K.M l.KyEK.C'lie mist, tH, Commercial road. Abergavenny..Jsraus, cotfecr Aber iile-y Jo i s, Post CM';ce A,bevdare.Ric!.a r. chemist Cardift.Cross, chemist „ ..Baker, 1">4, Uute roefl. „ .Heen, 24. Butt* btree:, „ .Davies, 27 j, street r.. T ó-' c. Chppstoir Williams, chomis Hereford .Chave, »t „ J ennings^a-Higk Town. Lydney.BettBfj;l;on. Merthyr .Lewis, George Town. Stephens, chemist Pontjpool.Kdwards, and Ro- derick, chemist. Rhymney..Dixnn, chemist Office. Trede2Hr.lenkiBS, chemist. UskMClark, Post wfiicc. £"), 'T'1: .,f "I. n ¿"1y'1' JOUNSOX, JOiiNSOV fr CO., TEA MERCHANTS, 17, BLQMFIELD STREET. CITY LONDON. 114,144 g25H525252555H5H5H525H5252555SBE5S25H552525]8 I HOEHIM&1'STB& I [§ RECOMMENDED AS THE K I CHEAfISi8 & | Kj For Thirty Years this Pure Tea [jj g has secured a preference for K S its great strength & real cheap- S H ness, from not being colored jg S with the usual 'facing' powder, g g Genuine PACKETS are signed 5 G LONDON, JJJ g Original Importers of the Pure Tea. j}j g 2s.4d.-2s.8d.-3s.-3s.4d. 3s.8d.perlb- K 1 LOCAL Aoehts | ABBaaAVESJJT Goadea. Watkins, High st. ABKRYBTWITH.Jones, chemist. BLAKBNKT..Philpotta. Ciw DKSFOED—Cordwin, chemist C BICKHO WELL C hil s toph e r. C ABDirp.. Kernick, 23, Duke-ut Ditto ..James .Bute-street CHBPSTOW.. Grifft thsboo-xs-I Ditte -Hillman, bookseller ConMBO..Wilh&ms.—HcHgb Do WUAIS..Hancock LTDvrr ..Hatkavray 1(9**OOT8 5 r NEWPORT, Edmdi.DS,c>, Uigk «*Teet. CBERBT 41, Commetcial st. H. L WILLIAMS, S, Coml-s* J PBn.uptt.&X.CommwTttt BtchHBlit „ J. Yorso, 20, „ DAVIEB, 25, H ph street, „ Co-operative Secicty. N BWKHAK.Fryer,Drayee. POSTTFOOL Wt>oi,«KMM POXTTFBIDD.. 3 aa»—, RiepA.. TaylT,Cllwi>l»l .J4"W-.