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fteam (EJammumcirtMm. RISTOL AND NEWPORT. APRIL, 1869 HTHE TAFF>" CaPtain G- A DANDO, unless prevented by any unforeseen occarrence, is intended to sail during the Month ot APRIL 1869, Between PORTISHEAD (for BRISTOL) and NEWPORT « „ xt i Newport to Bristol Britlol (via Portishead) to Newport. via pgr tishea^ Railway to TApF TAFF Portishead. 1Arr {rotn BATS. J from DATS. Kod- Bristol St Clifton Portis- ney Exeter Bridge head Wharf Station, Station Pier. N'wpt 1 Th ..morn 8 10 8 21 9 0 T1l f morn 7 30 2, ifri — 10 3.5 10 47 a 15 1 after 7 45 3 (Sat 10 35 10 47 "n 15 3 Sat ..THoriij 10 15 J* Mon..after 12 45 12 57 1 25 5 Mon..morn 11 30 7 Wed.. 3 10 3 21 4 0 6 Tu ..nonnl 12 0 Th 3 10 3 21 4 0 7 Wed..after 2 30 9 Fri 5 15 5 26 5 50 8 Th 2 45 lfl J morn 6 10 6 25 70 9 Fri 5 15 JU ^atl after 5 15 5 26 6 0 J() 3 j morn 5 30 ( after! 5 15 12 Mon..morn 6 10 6 25 7 0 12 Mon..after! 5 15 13 Tu 8 10 8 21 g 45 morn 7 30 14 w J 2 10 S 21 8 « 13 TU ( after 5 15 ( after 8 20 8 32 9 Q jmorn 5 45 15 Th imorn 8 10 8 21 8 45 14 afterl 5 30 *»,*>» after 8 20 8 32 9 0 (morn1 7 15 16! Fri ..morn 8 10 8 21 8 45 15 rh after 7 15 17. fsat 8 10 8 21 8 45 1C (moral 7 30 16 Fn | after| 7 30 17 Sat .morn 7 30 i 39 ■, !0 35 1047 11 15 19 Mon..moin 10 15 20'Tn .after 12 45 12 57 1 25 20 Tu 10 0 21 Wrtd.. 12 45 12 57 2 0 21 Wed. after 12 30 22 Th 3 10 3 21 3 50 23 Fri 2 45 23 Fri 3 10 3 21 3 50 24 Sat 3 45 24 3at. 5 15 5 26 5 50 -26- Mon..morn 6 10 6 25 7 0 26 Mon fm~rn I? w J 8 10 8 21 8 45 „ I a"er 28 W {after 8 20 8 32 9 0 2' ^0 Th t morn 8 10 8 21 8 4i 23 ed..morn 7 30 Ti | after 8 20 8 32 9 0 29 Th 7 i SO Fri 8 20 8 32 9 0 30 Fri -f ,1 I J afterj Arriving at Port!she id in time ler Trains to Clifton Bridg •ltd Bristol Stations. •ltd Bristol Stations. t'A&Es.—Newport and Portishead, After Cabin, Is. Ed.; Fore Cabin, 10d.; Portishaad and Clifton Bridge Station-First Class Is. 6d.; Second Class, Is.; Third Class, Sd. Portishead and Bristol and Exeter Station-First Class, 2s.: Second Class, ls; 6d.; Third class, lljd. Rates for Carriages. Horses, Cattle, Sheep, etc,, and Freights for Merchandise reduced to allow for cost of transit to and from Bristol by Railway, the total charges not exceeding those Mlherto paid. NoTME.—Carriages, Horses, and Live Stock should be along- side One H .ur before the time of sailing, and are embarked, con- Teyed, and landed so'ely at the risk and expense of their owners. Further particulars may be obtained at the Bristol General 8team. Navigation Company's Office, 32, Prince Street, Bristol. Befreshments \nay be had on oard at moderate charges. Agent at Portishead-Mr. J. H. DAVIS, Office, Pier Cottage. Jlewport—Mr, R P. JONES, Rodney Wharf. Portishead for Cardiff tag and embarking Passengers, APRIL. on payment of Is.each. Luggage Saturday 10 7 morn to be paid for at the rate of 6d Monday 12 8} morn per package, delivered to High » 12 6j after Water mark, near the public Tfaesday 13 81 mljrn road; bdt no charge will be v 13. 9 after made for small parcel carried Wednesday 14 M'- 8i morn on shoreby the Passengers For » •••• 9 after particulars apply to Mr. T Thursday 15 8J more GEEN, Lyn Cliff Terrace. „ 15 9 after Friday 16 SJ morn Bristol to Tenhy. » 16 morn jEIL, Saturday 17 llj morn Wednesday 14 7j morn Cardiff to Portishead Tenby to Bristol. (Arrivinge.t Portishead in time APRIL. for Up Train to Bristol.) Saturday 10 5 mom APRIL. Friday 16 9 night Saturday 10 5J morn F AR«s—Cabin 10s 6d Children » a*'er under twelve years. 5s 3d Ser- Monday 12 5i after vantsintheCabin,8s(including Tuesday n 5* morn Steward's Fees ) Fore Cabin — » •••• after Children under twelve Wednesday .4 morn yearS( 4s. Carriage, 42s; Pair- ww •« if *'ter hone phaeton,31s6d Smallone- Thursday 15. 74 morn horseditto,25s; Gig, 0s Horse „ » li afte„r 20s, Dog, 3s. Friday 16 7i moen Rhturw CABI* TICKRTS avail- •••• J? able for a month, 19s. 6d aturday 17 7t afte the option of return, Brirtcl to Bideford, Tljradombt 'ng by either of the Company's and Barnstaple. StermersplyingbetweenBristol APRIL. and Tenby, Carmarthen, Pem Tuesday 13 76 morn broke Dock Cardiff or Newpor Friday 16 9 mom Bristol 10 CarmartUn f Midi/ord to Barnstaple, Iljra- ARPIL. combe, and Bristol. We nesday 14 ij more i APRIL. Carmarthen to Bristol. Saturday 10 3J mom April Wednesday 14 54 morn Fr-d • 16 y morn «*turd»7 i7 7 morn FARES-7S Od Facts- Best Cabin,7s Fore „ j r,mhrr)lc,Dock NUford Cabin, 4s. Children nnder 12, and Baverjordwst Half pnee.. ■> rnm Ilfracombe,weather per- day ? morn Kitting, 4 hours a ter leavu.g J Best Cabin, 13s. Bideford, Lynmouth, 5 hours. Fore-Cabin 7s 6d liT>'Mi)UTa-The above steamer •alls oil Lvnmouth on the VAT- Pembroke Dock to Water ford. age to and from Ilfracombe The CALYPSO" as soon weather permitting, where a after arrival from Bristol as I arge bort exclusively employed circumstances will permit. Is always in attendance for land- Waterford to Bristol^Friday ■NOTICE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets will no be accountable for any Cabin Passengers' Luggage (iflostor damaged) above the value of L2; nor for any Deck Passengers luggage (if lost or damaged) above he value of 20s.,unless in ftuch cage entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same at the time of delivery nor will they be answerable for any other parcel above the value 01 40s (if lost or damaged) un. less entered as such, and freight in proportion aid fo the same t the time of delivery VILLIERS & SONS, PHOTOGRAPHERS AND ARTISTS, 8, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. YILLIERS' HIGHLY.FINISHED PORTRAIT in Gilt, 21a. CARTES DE VISITE and CABINET PORTRAITS "Unsurpassed for Brilliancy and Artistic Treatment. Families attended at their own Residences, where GROUPS AKRANGED as FAMILY PICTURES can be taken. PICTURES AND DRAWINGS FRAMED IN THE NEWEST LONDON STYLE. [6294 MR. WM. D. SMITH. (FltOK MESSRS* BARNARD, THOMAS, fc Co., BRISTOL PUBLIC AUDITOR AND ACCOUNTANT. MERCANTILE, MANUFACTURING, AND TRADESMAN'S BOOKS MADE UP AND BALANCED CHANCERY, EXECUTORSHIP, CO-PARTNER SHIP, BANKRUPTCY, and other ACCOUNTS prepared and the BOOKS of PUBLIC COM PANIES examined and Audited. OFFICES 7, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT. MR. PARSON SURGEON DENTIST, of 3, Great George- S street, Park-street, Bristol, respectfully acquaint the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and Inhabitants of New port and Vicinities, that he may be consulted in the T&rious branches of his profession, at the KING'S HEAD HOTEL, Newport, the second and fourth Wednesday in each month. ATTK.VDANCB FOR ) Newport Wednesday, 14th & 28th, 9 to 5 JQAY, SON, & HEWITT, London and Wantage. .G ABFOUS FLUID. For Gripes in Horses. GASEOUS FLUID. For Scour in Lambs. GASEOUS FLUID. For Scour in Sheep. GASEOUS FLUID. For Scour in Calves. GASEOUS FLUID. For Debility in Horses. GASEOUS FLUID. For Debility in Ewes. GASEOUS FLUID. For Debility in Cattle. ^ASEOUS FLUID. For Blown Cattle. GASEOUS FLUID. For Weakly Calves. GASEOUS FLUID. For Weakly Lambs. GASEOUS FLUID. For Chills in Cows. FLUID. Price 20s per dozen Bottles GASEOUS FLUID. Price 20s per dozen Bottles GASEOUS FLUID. "We have found the Gaseous Fluid' (Colic Drinks) act as an in- Taluable remedy.Mark Lane Express. GASEOUS FLUID. This Preparation is suffi- cient for all the ills that Calfbood is liable to," T. BOWIOK, Author of the Prize.Essay on Calvet. CAUTION—The first Animal Medicines known to the world as DAY'S," and in such universal repute under that title, are those only manufactured by us, as a Bill in Chanoery, we recently filed, has established and no one, as was there shown, knows anything of our discovery or our mode of compounding. Orders sent by post will be promptly attended to, if addressed DAY, SON, & HEWITT, 22 DORSET STREET, BAKER STREET, LON* DON, W., or WANTAGE, BERKS. BOOKS.—"Woods on Skeep/' five stamps Bowick on Calves," three stamps, both free by post. [ Cortices. I JOWN HALL, NEWPORT, FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY. APRIL 14& 15, 1869. ROYAL TYCOON JAPANESE PERFORMERS! Patron—H.R.H. THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH, before whom they have performed twice. Wonderful and astounding FEATS OF TOP SPIN- NING-BUTTERFLY FANNING. The Japanese William Tell in his extraordinary FEATS OF ARCHERY, shooting a lighted match from off the top of a man's head. Singing and Lancing by the Japanese Ladies > Balancing! Egg Spinning. YEDDO FLY WHEEL. This feat is one of the most extraordinary ever attempted, the performer turning Somersaults on the Points of Sharp Swords, with frightful rapiditv. TWENTY MINUTES IN JAPAN, illustrated by the Troupe, showing the Fashions and Customs of this so little known nation' To conclude with THE TEMPLE OF MIKADO. Doors open at Half-past Seven, to commence at Eight. Front Seats (numbered), 31.; Second Seats, 2s.; Third Seats, Is. Tickets may be obtained at MR. NEWMAN'S, Com- mercial-street. [13,651 NEWPORT (MON.) DOCK COMPANY. THE HALF YEARLY GENERAL MEETING of the Proprietors of the Newport Dock Company will be held at this Office on THURSDAY, the 6th of MAY next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. By Order, HENRY R. FOOTE, Secretary. Dock Office, Newport. Mon 7th April, 1869 The Transfer Books of the Company will be closed from the 30th April until the day after the Meeting. [13.641 NEWPORT (MON.) DOCK COMPANY. THE COMPANY are prepared to receive LOANS on the security of their DEBENTURES, for terms of Five or Seven Years, bearing interest at 4. per centum, per annum to replace Debentures falling due. By Order of the Directors, HENRY R. FOOTE, Secretary. Dock Office, Newport. Mon., April 5th, 1869. [13,640 GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. CLOSING, OF GATCOMBE STATION. ON and from SATURDAY, MAY 1st, 1869,the GATCOMBE STATIONS (both Passen- gers and Goods) WILL BE CLOSED, and NEW STA- TIONS will be OPENED at AWRE for PASSEN. GERS, PARCELS, and GOODS and at BLAKENEY for GOODS only. 13,658 AT FAIRWATER, NEAR CARDIFF. '6 T LANDAFF," by « King- 8t0D>' °ut °f tha B1°°">er," II 'fly by Melbourne," own brother to Ely," and half-brother to ''Fair water," Penarth," and the e. Princess of Wales," at Five Guineas and a Half, Groom's Fee included. Dams of Winners Three Guineas and a Half. Half Bred Mares, Three Guineas and a Half, Groom's Fee included. Grass and Hay, 10s. per week. Llandaff" is a grand Bay Horse, with great bone, and a sure foal getter, his Stock are very promising, and have obtained prizes. Application to be made to Mr. WILSON, as above, and the Fees paid to him before the Mares are removed. [13,652 WILLIAM MORGAN, DECEASED. PURSUANT to the Act of Parliament, 22nd P and 23rd Via., c. 35, intituled An Act to further amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees," NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Persons having any claims or demands agaiost or upon the Estate of WILLIAM MORGAN, late of Pontypool, in the county of Monmouth, Cattle Dealer, (who died on the Seven. teenth day of November, 1868, and whose Will, with a Codicil thereto, was proved in the District Registry of Her Majesty's Court of Probate, at Llandaff, on the seventh day of April, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine, by PHILIP HAMBL^TON and THOMAS JAMES, the Executors therein named), are hereby required to send to me, the undersigned, as the Solicitor to the said Executors, on or before the Thirty.first day of May, one thousand eight hundred and bixty-nine, particulars of their respective claims and demands. After that day the said Executors will distribute the assets of the Testator among the parties entitled thereto, or will otherwise deal therewith, having regard therein only to the claims of which they shall then have had notice and the said Executors will nat be liable for the assets, or any part thereof, so distributed or otherwise dealt with, to any person or persons of whose debt or claim they shall not then have had notice. Dated this eighth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine. WILLIAM HENRY LLOYD, 13,6-56] Pontypool. Solicitor to the said Executors. NEWMARKET SAUSAGES OF EXQUISITE FLAVOUR, RECEIVED DAILY AT E. FENNELL' S, HIGH STREET. [13.358 BERLIN REPOSITORY, 130, COMMERCIAL- STREET. MISS READ begs to announce that she is SELLING OFF the whole of her large and well assorted STOCK at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES, as she is about to relinquish the business. The Stock consists of a great variety of ORNAMEN- TAL WORK, PAPER FLOWER MATERIALS. JEWELLERY, and FANCY GOODS of EVERY DESCRIPTION. [13,618 IMPORTANT NOTICE. PRIZE MEDALS AWARDED TO GREEN'S PATENT LAWN MOWERS. International Exhibition, London, 1862. International Exhibition, Dublin, 1865. and numerous other places. GREEN'S Patent Lawn Mowers have proved to be the BEST, and have carried off EVERY PRIZE that has been given in all cases of competition, and as evidence of their superiority, upwards of 46,600 have been sold since the year 1856. Sold by all respectable Ironmongers, Seeds- men, &c., in the Kingdom. Delivered to all the principal Railway Stations and Shipping Ports in England. THOMAS GREEN AND SON, Smithfield Iron Works, Leeds, and 54 & 55, Blackfriars Road, London. S. [13,623 NOW READY FOR FOUR STAMPS, C. AND W. TRAPNELLS ILLUSTRA TED FURNISHING GUIDE, (372 ENGRAVINGS), CONTAINING ESTIMATES FOR FUR- NISHING HOUSES OF EVERY CLASS, THUS— FOUR-ROOMED HOUSE, Jg21 18s. 6d. Five „ HOUSE, aE38 Os. Od. Six „ HOUSE, £67 14s. 2d. Eight HOUSE, tl25 17s. Od. Ten „ HOUSE, JE265 3s. 6d. Eleven HOUSE, JB433 4s. Od Twelve „ HOUSE. JE547 6s. Od' Twelve „ HOUSE, £ 788 13s. 6d. THE LARGEST AND CHEAPEST FUR- NISHING ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND. 39, COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL. [13,261 HE MONMOUTHSHIRE AND SOUTH WALES PERMANENT INVESTMENT AND BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. SHARES, JE50 EACH. TRUSTEES, WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Esq., Frwd Vale, Maindee, Newport. HENRY PHILLIPS, Esq., Friars' Cottage, Newport. THOMAS BBYNON, Esq., Richmond Heuse, Newport. DIRECTORS. Mr A. R. Bear Mr. W. M. Locke Mr Theophilus Beynon Mr Oliver Goss Mr. Jas. Barter. Mr Robert Holmes Mr H. P. Bolt Mr George W. Jones Mr George Fothergill Mr R. N. Osborne Mr Thos. Freeman Mr H. J. Parnall BANKERS. The West of England and South Wales District Bank (Newport Branch). SOLICITOR. Mr: WILLIAM J. LLOYD, Bank Chambers, Newport. SURVEYOR. Mr B. LAWRENCE, Architect, Tredegar Place, Newport. SECRETARIES. Messrs HARSK and BaoWN, Dock Street, Newport, r A,, otitt#. PORT OR HARBOUR OF NEWPORT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the GENERAL YEARLY MEETING of the COM. MISSIONERS of the PORT or HARBOUR of NEW. PORT, in the county of Monmouth, will be held at the TOWN HALL, in Newport, on FRIDAY, the Seventh day of May next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, for the purpose of AUDITING the ACCOUNTS for the year ending 31st March last, and Reporting the State of the said Harbour, and for the Transaction of General Business. Dated this 8th day of April, 1869 CHARLES PROTHERO, 13,659] Clerk to the said Commissioners. MONMOUTHSHIRE. COURT OF SEWERS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a GENERAL COURT and SESSION of SEWERS for the LEVELS of the HUNDREDS of CALDICOT and WENTLOOGE, in the county of Monmouth, will be held at the KING'S HEAD INN, in the town of NEWPORT, in the said county, on WEDNESDAY, the 28th day of APRIL instant, at Twelve at Noon. Dated this 7th day of April, 1869. 13,646] A; WADDINGTON, Clerk. GLOUCESTERSHIRE AND MONMOUTHSHIRE AUDIT DISTRICT. ABERGAVENNY UNION. I the undersigned EDWARD MURRELL, ) Auditor of the above-named District, do hereby give notice that I have appointed the AUDIT of the ACCOUNTS of the ABERGAVENNY UNION, and of the Parishes therein contained, for the half-year ended the 2.5th of March, 1869, to commence on MONDAY, the 26tb day of April next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, at the Board Room of the Guardians of the said Union, when and where all persons who by law are bound to account at such Audit are required to attend, and to submit all Books, Documents, Bills, and Vouchers, containing or relating to the accounts or to moneys assessed for, and applicable to, the Relief of the Poor. Dated the 5th day of April, 1869. 13.638] EDWARD MURRELL, District Auditor. GLOUCESTERSHIRE AND MONMOUTHSHIRE AUDIT DISTRICT. B ED WELL TT UNION. I the undersigned EDWARD MURRELL, 9 Auditor of the above-named District, do hereby give notice that I have appointed the AUDIT of the ACCOUNTS of the BEDWELLTY UNION, and of the Parishes therein contained, for the half-year ended the 25th of March, 1869, to commence on THURSDAY, the 29th day of April inst., at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, at the Board Room of the Guardians of the said Union, when and where all persons who by law are bound to account at such Audit are required to attend, and to submit all Books, Documents, Bills, and Vouchers, containing or relating to the aooounts or to moneys assessed for, and applicable to, the Relief of the Poor. Dated the 7th day of April, 1869. 13.639] EDWARD MURRELL, District Auditor. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1361. In the County Court of Monmouthshire, holden at Abergavenny. JAMES PHILLIPS WILLIAMS, of the Butchers' Arms, Albert-street, Blaenavon, in the parish of Llanover Upper, in the county of Monmouth, Beerhouse Keeper and Butcher previously of the Royal Oak, Albert-street, Blaenavon aforesaid, Beerhouse Keeper and Butcher; and previously of Prince-street, Blaenavon, aforesaid, Butcher, having been adjudged bankrupt on the 10th day of March, 1869, a public sitting, for the said bankrupt to pass his last examination, and make application for his discharge. will be held at the said Court, at the Court House, Abergavenny, on the sixth day of May, 1869, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon precisely, the day last aforesaid being the day limited for the said bankrupt to surrender. The REGISTRAR of the Court is the Official Assignee and Mr. WILLIAM HENRY LLOYD, of Pontypool, is the Solicitor acting in the Bankruptcy. 13,636] JOHN ALDRIDGE, High Bailiff. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. LEWIS BROCK, of Lower Castle-street, Abergavenny, in the county of Monmouth, jeweller, having been adjudged Bankrupt in the County Court of Monmouthshire, holden at Abergavenny, on the 2nd day of April, 1869, is hereby required to surrender himself to WILLIAM FORSTER BATT, Esquire, a Registrar of the County Court of Monmouthshire, holden at Abergavenny, at the First Meeting of Creditors, to be held on the Twentieth day of April, 1869. at Twelve o'olock at Noon precisely, at the County Court Office, Abergavenny, Mr. JAMES SA YOE, of Abergavenny, is the Solicitor acting in the Bankruptcy. At the Meeting the Registrar will receive the Proofs of the Debts of the Creditors, and the Creditors may choose an Assignee or Assignees of the Bankrupt's Estate and Effects. All Persons having in their possession any of the Effecte of the said Bankrupt, must deliver them to the Registrar, and all Debts due to the Bankrupt must be paid to the 13,635]' JOHN ALDRIDGE, High Bailiff. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. JOSEPH KELSON, of the Wheelwright's Arms, Maindee, in the parish of Christchurch, in the eounty of Monmouth, Baker and Beer-house Keeper, having been adjudged Bankrupt in Newport, on the 5th day of April, 1869, is hereby required to surrender himself to Mr. WILLIAM ROBERTS, a Registrar of the County Court of Moomouthshire, holden at Newport, at the first meeting of Creditors to be held on the 26th day of April, 1869, at One o'clock in the Afternoon precisely, at the County Court Office, Newport. J. D. PAIN, Esquire, of Newport, is the Solicitor act- ing in the Bankruptcy. At the meeting the Registrar will receive the proofs of the'Hebts of the Creditors, and the Creditors may choose an Asignee or Assignees of the Bankrupt's estate and effects. All persons having in their possession any of the effects of the said Bankrupt, must deliver them to the Registrar, and all debts due to the Bankrupt must be paid to the Registrar. 13,660] WILLIAM ROBERTS, Registrar. NEW DAILY PAPER FOR THE WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES. PRICE ONE PEN NT. THE WESTERN MAIL. The rapidly increasing wealth and importance of the great district on either side of the Bristol Channel impera- tively demand a corresponding development of press or. ganization. This necessity is more especially felt through. out South Wales, where a district containing upwards of half a million inhabitants has as yet but a single daily paper. That any one Journal, however ably conducted, can either adequately represent the numerous and complicated interests of the district, or properly examine, in all their various aspects, the many-sided questions of Imperial policy, is in itself obviously impossible. Equally obvious is the disadvantage at which such duties are performed by a paper appearing only at weekly intervals. The want thus felt THE WESTERN MAIL aims to supply and so far as can be done by an energetic direction, a powerful Staff, and an ample Capital, it trusts to do so effectively. The principles of THE WESTERN MAIL may be stated in very few words. Its first watchword is a hearty loyalty to the Church of England, not only as the National Church of the United Kingdom, but as in herself the best and purest of all living branches of the great Church of Christ. Its second, is the British Constitution, the parent of British power and prosperity, the only known form of government under which power can never degenerate into oppression, or freedom into licence. These principles it will be the endeavour of THE WESTERN MAIL to carry out with equal firmness and moderation. In Religious matters it will avoid, as far as possible, all questions of dootrine, and especially of con- troversy. These are not topics within the province of a daily paper. It will deal in a friendly spirit with all questions affecting Nonconforming communities, and will not consider the steady maintenance of its own principles in any way incompatible with a courteous and cordial respect for those who conscientiously oppose them. In Politics it will equally eschew all unnecessary bitter. ness and personality aiming rather to convince than to coerce, seeking points of agreement rather than of diffe- rence, and not easily deterred by every little variance of opinion from hearty co-operation for the common good. These being the principles by which the policy of THE WESTERN MAIL will be guided, neither pains nor expense will be spared to render the Literary and News Departments as perfect as money and care can make them. A powerful staff of writers, reporters, and agents is already engaged, and will be increased and varied as occasion may demand. The fullest, latest, and most reliable intelligence will be given on all points of public interest, wholly irrespective of all party considerations; whilst a similar impartiality will be strictly observed in all its Reporting arrangements. Finally, the WESTERN MAIL'S special attention will be directed towards the supply of all such information as may tend to promote and develope the Commercial I terests of its constituents. A City Article by a Londo writer of first-rate ability and information will appear in each issue, and will give full particulars of all transactions up to the final close of business on the preceding evening. The latest Market Reports will be regularly collected from all parts of the country immediate notice will be given of all arrivals, departures and other items of Ship- ping Intelligence, and every occurrence affecting the Ship- ping or Mercantile Interests of the District will be instantly reported by the able correspondents specially retained for that purpose at every important point around the Coast. Cheques, and Post Office Orders to be made payable to Mr. ABEL NAD1N, Western Mail Office, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, to whom all business commanioationB respecting this paper should be addressed. [13,612 TRINITY CHURCH, PILLGWENLLY. ON SUNDAY, APRIL 11, 1869, TWO SERMONS will be Preached (D.V.) at the above Church, by the REV. DR. JAMES. COLLECTIONS IN AID OF THE DAY SOHOOLS. [13,622 1869; ARCHDEACONRY OF MONMOUTH. THE VERNAL VISITATION of the Ven. WILLIAM CRAWLEY, Clerk, M.A., Archdeacon of Monmouth, will be held as follows, viz. At NEWPORT, on MONDAY, 26th APRIL. At CHEPSTOW, on TUESDAY, 27th APRIL. At MONMOUTH, on WEDNESDAY, 28th APRIL. At ABERGAVENNY, on THURSDAY, 29th APRIL. The Churchwardens are requested to attend early, be. fore the commencement of Divine Service and deliver to the Registrar the Transcripts of their Registers for the year ending 31st December, 1868, with the proper Decla. ration at the foot signed by their Ministers and themselves pursuant to 52 Geo. 3, cap. 146, s. 7. The Clergy are respectfully informed that they are not required to attend this Visitation. 13,647] J. HUCKWELL, Registrar. LIFE AND FIRE INSURANCES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION May be effected promptly, and upon the most moderate terms, through any of the Local Agents, or at the Chief Offices of the PROVINCIAL INSURANCE COMPANY. ESTABLISHED 1852. OFFICES WREXHAM, LONDON, AND GLASGOW. TRUSTEES: THE RIGHT HON. LORD BOSTON THE RIGHT HON. LORD TREEDEGAR SIR WATKIN W. WYNN, BART., M.P. COLONE MYDDLETON BIDDULPH TOWNSHEND MAIN WARING, ESQ. THE VERY REV. THE DEAN OF ST. ASAPH THOMAS BARNES, ESQ. THOMAS BRASSEY, ESQ. HUGH OWEN, ESQ. CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: THOMAS BARNES, ESQ. The Quinta, Salop, and Farnworth, near Manchester. ROBERT WILLIAMS, SECRETARY TO THB COMPANY. AGENTS WANTED In Towns and Districts where the Company is not already represented.- Application to be made to the Secretary, or to Mr. EBENEZER PROSSER, Superintendent of Agents, 9, Park Terrace, Poutypool. [13,583 RITON MEDICAL and GENERAL LIFE ASSOCIATION. Chief Offices, 429, Strand, London. TRUSTEES. Lieut.-General Sir J. E. R. Partridge, Esq., F.R.S. Dupuis, K.C-B. Francis Webb, Esq. Sir James Duke, Bart. W. Tyler Smith, M.D. Sir W. Fergusson, Bart., Millis Coventry, Esq. F.R.S. Chairman of the Board-FRANCIS WEBB, Esq. Deputy Chairman-W. TYLER SMITH, M.D. Extracts from the Fifteenth Annual Report, read at the Annual General Meeting, held at the Society House, on Thursday, March 18, Francis Webb, Esq., in the chair. The directors have received 3,242 proposals for assuring the sum of £312,866 18s. 9d.—2,472 policies were issued, assuring £ 703,451 4s., and producing in annual pre. miums the sum of £ 25,277 8s. The following tabulated returns exhibit the new business transacted during the three quinquennial periods i rd .5 C T3 <i £ S 5 0 S, Amount 0 Amount Annual o O'-TF 5 Proposed. ° S Assured. Premiums, fa S, .2 2 25 '3 S? H S c ^PH P4 1858 4,802 £1,023,140 0 0 3,318 jE654,140 0 0 jE21,347 16 5 1863 13,244 2,779,666 0 0 9,746 2,037,3S3 0 0 63,507 19 10 1868 17,466 4,861,303 5 9 13,699 3,732,967 4 8 122,257 17 6 Total 35,512 £8,66!,109 5 926,763 jM,444,490 4 8 E207,1 13 13 9 The net premium iucoine has increased to the 6am of. 2216,704 1 7 The'interest on investments and other items of receipt yield 21,276 18 1 Making a total income of £231,980 19 8 The claims were 335, amounting to the sum of £127,886 12s. Id. The balance of the year's income was £ 68,026 93. 4d. The assets of the Association at the close of the year amounted to jE667,493 8s. 5d. The Directors draw special attention to the fact that the next bonus valuation will take place at the end of the year 1872, and that all policies effected on the profit scales prior to the 31st December, 1869, will be entitled to participate in the same. TbeDirectorsalso draw special attention to the successful establishment during the past year of the Britannia Fire Association, under the auspices of the Briton. The Di- rectors believe that the establishment of a Fire Company, to work in active co-operation with the Life, will tend much to the advantage and profit of both institutions. It is scarcely necessary to remark that the capital funds and constitution of each office are quite separate and distinct. By order of the Board, (JOHN MESSENT, Actuary and Secretary. London, March 18, 1869. BRITANNIA FIRE ASSOCIATION. Head Offices, 429, Strand, London. The distinguishing features of this Association are equitable rates, undoubted security, prompt settlement of claims. JOHN MESSENT, Manager. Detailed reports, prospectuses, &c., may be had on appli- cation to MESSRS. HARSE AND BROWN, DISTRICT MANAGERS, 6, GREAT DOCK STREET, NEWPORT. Agents for,the Norwich and London Accidentall Death and Plate Glass Insurance Company. [13,600 ESTABLISHED 1710. SUN FIRE AND LIFE OFFICES, LONDON. DUTY ON STOCK-IN-TRADE REDUCED TO Is. 6d. PER CENT FARMING STOCK INSURED AT 5S. PER OENT. REDUOED PREMIUMS FOR SMALL AMOUNTS. No CHARGE FOR POLICY. SUN LIFE ASSURANCE OFFICE. Policies effeoted in this Old-Established Office at lower rates than in most other Offices, especially on Young Lives. SECOND EQUITABLE PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY, Established at Bridgwater. 1852. Money advanced to any amount on Freehold or Lease. bold Property, repayable by Quarterly Instalments, and at a lower rate than that charged by any other office. Agent for this District, CHARLES CULLUM, 19, Stow Hill, (opposite British Schools) Newport. [12,730 ROYAL INSURANCE COMPANY. HEAD OFFICE 1, NORTH JOHN-STREET, LIVERPOOL. Invested Funds, £1 ,500,000. Annual Income, 4:800,000. CAPITAL, JE2 000,000 STERLING. J. H. MoLAREN, MANAGER. WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES BRANCH: ROYAL INSURANCE BUILDINGS, CORN STREET, BRISTOL. LOCAL DIRECTORS: P. W. S. MILES., ESQ, Chairman. Lieut.-Col. Brent, Wood- W. J. Richards, Esq., bury, Devon. Exeter. H. J. Evans, Esq., Cardiff. Albany B. Savile, Esq., S. V. Hare. Esq. Bristol. Bristol. Col. W. Harding, Barns- Charles E. Ward, Esq., taple. Bristol. H. Cruger W. Miles, Esq., H. B. T. Wrey, Esq., Bristol. Teignmouth. E.J.Phillips,Esq.,Newport. Thomas Gratrex, Esq., James Poole, Esq.. Bristol. Newport. E.J.Phillips,Esq.,Newport. Thomas Gratrex, Esq., James Poole, Esq.. Bristol. Newport. H. F. O. SAVTLE, DISTRICT MANAGER. AGKVTSI H. GRATREX, AGENTS I SAMUEL WILDE, Office, 137, Commercial-street, Newport. FIRE-LIFE- ENDOWMENTS — ANN UITI.ES. Moderate Fire Premiums. Prompt and liberal settle. ment of Losses. SPECIAL ADVANTAGES IN LIFE BUSINESS!—-Large participation of Profits. No charge for Policy Stamps. Fees to Medical Referees paid by the Company. Profits divided every Five years. Bonuses hitherto declared, t2 pet cent, per annum on the sum assured. [13,643 A TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are required for the Erection of JL TWO SEMI-DETACHED VILLAS. The Plans and Specification may be seen at the Office of the Archi- tect, A. O. WATKINS, DoCK-STREET. Tenders are to be sent in on MONDAY, April 22th, at 3 p.m. [13,629 POLICE CLOTHING. THE WATCH COMMITTEE of the BOROUGH OF NEWPORT, in the county of Monmouth, are reldy to receive Tenders for the supply of POLICE CLOTHING. Specifications may he obtained on application to Chief Superintendent' HUXTABLE, at the Police Station, and the Tenders must be sent in written on the Forms supplied. The Watch Committee reserve to themselves the power of dividing the Order, and do not engage to accept the lowest or any Tender. Tenders marked outside Tenders for Police Clothing," must be delivered at my Office, not later than Ten o'clook a'm., on Tuesday, the 13th day of April, 1869. THOS. WOOLLETT, Town Clerk. Town Hall, Newport, Wednesday, March 31st, 1869 [13,626 Pottey. PO £ An TO BE ADVANCED ON GOOD SECURITY, at ONCE, in one or more sums.—Apply to Mr. GEORGE BAKER, 26a, High-street, Newport, Mon. [13,521 IMPORTANT. IF YOU WANT TO BORROW MONEY at a Cheap Rate go to "Mr. W. WILLIAMS 16, DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT, MON., and Insure your Life, and, with approved Personal Security, you can have any sum up to £2,000, repayable by fixed instal. ments. W. W. is also Agent to the TAUNTON and BRIDG. WATER BUILDING SOCIETY, who will make ADVANCES on Mortgage of Approved Freeholds, Copyholds, or Leaseholds. Forms on application. Office Hours 10 to 5. (13,453 OMuatiott. ENGLISH COMMERCIAL BOARDING SCHOOL, BRIDGE-STREET, NEWPORT. CONDUCTED BY MR. WILLIAM SCOTT. MR. SCOTT respectfully assures Parents and Guardians that no efforts on (his part will be spared to advance the progressive improvement of the Pupils committed to his care. Terms on application at the School. P.S.—The Easter Recess terminated on WEDNESDAY, the 31st MAROH. [13.599 .arallttd. WANTED, in the Oountry, a GOOD PLAIN COOK.—Apply at the MERLIN Office. [13,632 $0 fa 9§ti. TO BE LET, all that HOUSE, SHOP, and Premises, situated in HIGH STREET, NEWPORT, adjoining the Arcade, for many years in the occupation of Mr. E. FENMELL, but late in the occupation of Mr; WM. Moss, Upholsterer. For particulars, apply to Mr. WILLIAM KINSEY MORGAN, Solicitor, 5, Dock-street. [13,577 TO BE LET, with immediate possession, the GENTEEL RESIDENCE, No. 5, Palmyra Place.-For particulars, apply to Mr. HALLEN, West- gate Hotel or Mrs. D. HALLEN, Race Farm, Panteg, near Pontypool. [13,459 TO BE L E T, a supeiipr newly-built HOUSE, in the most healthy part of Newport, being No. 7, York Place, containing Nine Rooms, Two Water Closets, Garden, &o.-Apply to FREDERICK MARTIN, 20, Commercial-street. [13,291 TO BE LET, "THE PONTYPOOL ARMS" BEERHOUSE, Crown-street, Pontypool. Fixtures, Furniture, and Brewing Utensils to be taken to. -Apply to Mrs. DIXON, on the Premises. L13,624 TO BE LET, from the 1st day of May next, at Maindee«place, within half a mile of Newport, a CO nmodioua HOUSE, with Stable and Garden.-For par. ticulars, apply to Mr. W. HOPKINS, 50, High-stieet, Newport. [13.654 RFLNO BE LET, the DWELLING-HOUSE, J_ SHOP and PREMISES, No. 168, COMMERCIAL. STREET, NEWPORT, now or late occupied by the Bank of Wales, immediately opposite the Town Hall.- Apply to T. M. LLEWELLIN, Solicitor, Newport., Mon. [13,650 jR»fa0i by Igtiet* Ctlontrart. 1?OIi SALE, a full-size, Slate Bed, BILLIARD TABLE, with all requisites.—Apply at 15, High-street, Newport. 13,653 TO BE SOL D—L EASEHOLD PROPERTIES. ALMA-STREET TWO substantially built DWEL, LING HOUSES, containing Two Parlours, Kitchen, Cellars, Four Bedrooms, and other Offices.-Apply to Mr. PENNY. For further information, apply to E. G. PENNY, Auc. tioneer, Newport. [13,627 f^OR SALE, a BROUGHAM, Second- hand, Rouod Fronted, in excellent condition, very light and easy, with break drag, plated silver circular lamps, &c., complete. LANDAU SOCIABLE, nearly new, recently built, to be sold by order of a gentleman having no further use for it. For particulars apply to E. & H. VEZEY, Coach Builders to Her Majesty, 19, Milsom-street and Long Acre, Bath. 13,649 by guwtitm. VAUGHAN COTTAGE, NEAR THE OLD ROAD, MAINDEE. Unreserved Sale of Good and Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNIfURE, PIANOFORTE, and other Effects. R. E. G. PENINY will SELL BY AUC- MR. E. G. PE.NNY will SELL BY AUC- 1'.1. TION, without Reserve, on MONDAY, APRIL 12, 1869, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANOFORTE,and other Effects,consisting of Rosewood Loo Table, Mahogany Pembroke Table, Mahogany'borse- hair seated Couch, Morocco ditto, 6 ditto Chairs, 2 Easy Ditto, 6 cane-seated Ditto, Chimney Pier Glass, Fender and Fire Irons, Desks, Kidderminster Carpet, Rug, Pier Glass, Ornaments, Flowers under Glass Shades, Window Pole and Curtains, 10 Engravings, 2 Oil Paintings,Clocks, Books, Half-tester Iron and Wood Bedsteads, 2 Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, 2 Millpuff Beds, Straw Pal- liasses, Mahogany and Painted Chests with Drawers, Sheets, Blankets, Counterpanes, Quilts, Swing Glasses, Washstands and Ware, Dressing Tables, and Towel Horses, Mahogany Night Commodes, Carpets, Chiua, Glass, Dinner and Tea Ware, and the usual Kitchen Requisites, including Tables, Chairs, Fender, Fire Irons, Tubs, Buckets, &c. On view the morning of the Sale. Sale to commence at Two o'clock in the Afternoon. The COT rAGE TO LET, apply to the AUC. TIONEER Dated April 6th, 1869, Auctioneer's Offices, Commer. cial Buildings, opposite St. Paul's Church, Newport. [13,645 SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MR. H. M. PARTRIDGE will SELL B? PUBLIC AUCTION, at the residence of the Rev. Albert Whitmarsh, No. 5, York Place, Stow Hill, on TUESDAY, the 20th April, 1869, the whole of his HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising-Nearly new Brussels Carpet (32 yards), and Hearth Rug, Princess Cooch and Easy Chair to match six fancy Cane Chairs, Amerioan Folding Ditto,IRound, Centre, and Small Fancy Tables, several Pictures in Frames, handsome Gilt Cor. nice, Fender and Fire Irons, Dining Roo:n Table, Easy and other Chairs, Gilt Cornice, Book Shelves, Set of Fire Irons and Fender, elegant Bronze Lamp, &c., Fancy Iron Bedstead (mauve and gilt), with three others, Mattresses, &c., Chests of Drawers, Washstands, Toilet Tables, Look. ing Glasses, Chamber Sets, Bath and Can, Blinds and Rollers, Bedroom Fenders, Stair Carpet and Rods, Door Mats, several pieces of Drugget, Kitchen Dresser, Kitchen Range, quite new, requires no fixing Butler's Tray and Stand, Dianer and Tea Services, Tea Trays, Mincing Machine, Glass, Culinary Effects, Filter,I.Garden Tools, and a variety of other useful Articles. May be viewed on the morning of Sale. Sale to commence at Two o'clock in the Afternoon. Newport, April 1st, 1869. [13,642 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. 20, STOW HILL, NEWPORT. I^HE whole of the useful, modern, aad well- seleoted FURNITURE, BOOKS, OIL PAINT- INGS, Trichord PIANO,and all the necessary Furniture, and appointments of Four Sitting Rooms, and Eight Bed. rooms, Kitchen, China Pantry, Bath Room, &c., &c., the property of Mr J. A. Pritchard, who is leaving the Town, will be offered for SALE BY PUBLIC COMPE. TITION. Particulars in next week's paper. Also, a LEASE OF THE HOUSE, about 18 years unexpired, if not disposed of previously by Private Con. tract. 13,657 &u §Mtrti<ra. OLD MASONIC HALL, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. Sale of a Choice Assortment of HO USEHOLD FUJ. AITURE, the complete Appointments of a Laffl House in the Country, removed for convenience of StÙI- MESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS & SO* -L'-i will SELL BY AUCTION, on the Premises, fig above, on TUESDAY, the 13th day of April, 1869, com mericing at Twelve o'clock precisely. the first portion of I choice assortment of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, by eminent London makers. The Sale will occupy three days: due notice of the other days of Sale will be given in future Advertisements. Catalogues will be ready one week prior to the Sale. The Hall will be cleared out and renovated, expressly for this Sale. Auction and Estate Offices, 15, High-street, Newport. 19th March, 1869. [13,585 NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. Sale of a CHOICE HERD of ALDERNEY and GUERNSEY COWS and HEIFERS, with Calve., and to Calve at Early Dates. MESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS & SON ? will SELL BY AUCTION, in the Yard, at the KING S HEAD HOTEL, Newport, on WEDNESDAY,the 14th of APRIL, 1869, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, a splendid Herd of THIRTEEN ALDERNEY and GUERN. SEY COWS and HEIFERS, the property of Mr. L. Pi FOWLER, of Little Bushey Farm, Bushey, Herts, the well-known Importer of these far-famed Breeds of Cattle. CATALOGUE — ALDERNEYS. Supposed -g Age. time of Colours. Remarks. H) Calving. 1 2 years 18th April SmokeyFawn and Very choice. White 2 2 years 25th April Grey Fawn and A. Prize Heifer. White 3 3 years 21st April Pale Fawn and A. first-class young Cow White 4 2 years Time up Mulberry Fawn & Exceedingly promising White 5 2 yearsj 17th April Smokey Fawn Mr. Dauncig's Colour, very ChoIce 6 4 years 23rd April Lemon and White A 1irst class and war. ranted Butter Cow. 7 2 years Time up Dark Fawn and VeTyrich andpr'omiring 8 2 years 19th April Mulberry Brown From prize stock and White 9 4 years 23rd April Grey Fawn and Made 121bs. of Butter White per week last season GUERNSEYS. 1C 2 years Time up Lemon Fawn and Extraordinarily richand White promising. 11 2 years Time up Smokey Fawn and ) m „ White y Two first class Heifers 12 2 years 20th April Yellow Fawn and ( wul1. adaPted for White ) crossing. 13 The yield of milk and cream of these animals is truly astonishing, both in quantiiy and quality. The rich. ness, fii mness, and luxuriant taste of their butter com- mands an extra price in all the principal markets in the kingdom no dairy should be without them. Mr. L. P Fowler (and his late father. Mr. M. Fowler) have ocou. pied the Little Bushey Farm for upwards of 60 years where they have carried on the business of importers ol the Alderney and Guernsey breeds. Mr. L. P. Fowler still continues to hold the important appointment as one of the Judges of Stock in the Islands, and has the honour of supplying Her Majesty's dairies at Windsor and Osborne. He is the only importer purchasers can rely on to obtain a pure-bred animal direct from the islands, as he does not purchase stock in the English markets. Hit long established reputation is a sufficient guarantee for the animals now offered. On view the Morning of Sale. Auotion and Estate Offices, 15, High-street, Newport. [13,614 PRELIMINARY. MACHEN PLACE. MESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS & SON wiH SELL B? AUCTION, without Reserve, on 2n?hTfi«QSetV MA°HEN PLACE, on TUESDAY, April FURNTIVRP f, ™ suPeri°r HOUSEHOLD Servant Effects, the property of Mr». Full particulars will be given in fatare Advertisements. and in Catalogues. S..le to commence at Eleven for Twelve o'clook precisely. Auction and Estate Offices, 15, High-street, Newport. [13,697 MAINDEE PARK, NEWPORT, MONMOUTH- SHIRE. ONB MILE FROM NEWPORT. IMPORTANT SALE Of the whole of the ELEGANT and MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PAINTINGS AND PRINTS, BOOKS, GLASS. CHIN A, HORSE, CARRIAGE, &c., &o. MESSRS. WILLIAM GRAHAM & SON have received instructions from the Executors of the late JAMES. RENNIE, Esq., to SELL the above BY AUCTION, on TOESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY. April 20th, 21st, and 22nd. The whole may be viewed on the Saturday and Monday previous to the Sale, and on the morning of the first day of Sale. Catalogues may be obtained at the Offices of the AUC. TIONEERS, Savings Bank Chambars, Newport. [13,606 FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, IN THE SALE ROOM, AT F. K. BARNES & SONS' TIMBER YARD, Canons' Marsh, Bristol, on WEDNESDAY ^lst of April, 1869, at Two o'olock precisely, FOR ACCOUNT OF IMPORTERS. 5,000 New York Heavy Hhtl. Staves 15,000 Mer. W. I. Pun. Staves 2,000 Mer. Pipe Staves 8'J Wainscot Oak Logs 10,000 Spruce Deals and Battens, &c. 250 Logs Birch 100 Logs Quebec Board Pine Timber 24 Loads Quebec Oak 6 000 Quebec Pine Deals and Planks 1,000 4-inch Swedish Red Deals 1,000 Pitch Pine Deals 7,000 Onega and Archangel Deals 3,000 Uleaborg Red Deals and Battens 300 Loals Quebec Yellow and Red Pine Timber 300 Loads Memel Red Timber m 300 Loads Fresh Savannah Pitch Pine 60,000 Boards Prepared Flooring 50 Fathoms Quebec and Baltic Lathvood 100 Norway Masts 500 4 to 6-inch Fresh Christiania Sprtrs < Expocted to 200 4-inch ditto Spars arrive per Martha. 200 22-feet Kickers I @ Christiania. 350 Boat-hook Poles J With other Goods. For Catalogues apply to F. K. BARNES & SONS, Brokers. Canons'-marsh, Bristol, April 7th, 1869. [13,648 RED LION INN, MAGOR. MR. SKETCH, from instructions, will LET BY PUBLIC AUCTION, the GREEN ROADS, in the Parish of LLANViaANGEL KOGGIETT, on TUESDAY, the 13th instant, at Two o'clock p.m. Dated the 8th day of April. 1869. Offices, 63, High-street, Newport, Mon. [13,661 PT0R PIJBL1C SALE, by Order of the Liq uidators, at the COMMERCIAL SALE ROOM, Bristol, on WEDNESDAY, April 21st, 1869, at Two o'clock prompt, THE TWO SCREW STEAMERS "NEWPORT" AND "AVON," With the whole of the working plant, good will, righta and privileges in connection with the Goods and Pas- senger Traffic now being carried on between Bristol and Newport by the New Steam Packet Company Limited-" The "Newport1' was built in Bristol in 1868, by Messrs. G. K. Stothert and Co., expressly for the Com- pany, and is constructed of the very best materials and workmanship. Dimensions: Length, 135ft. 8in.; breadth, 18ft. 9in.; depth of holJ, 8ft. lin.; gross tonnage. 152 tons, 80 nett, 83 tons, 59; draft of water loaded, 7ft. 3in.; 170 tons, dead weight and measurement: is licensed to carry 275 passengers, and steams 9 knots. She is fitted with two direct-aoting engines of 50 horse power, nominal, surface condensers diameter of cylinder, 15in length of stroke, 18 inches. Donkey engine, two tubular boilers, and consumes 7 owt. of fuel per hour. The Cabin accommodation in most perfect, well ventilated, and nicely fitted and furnished with Ladies' Cabin accom- modation for 20 passengers. She is a very strong and well built boat, and exceedingly well found. The Steamer plies daily on the station between Bristo and Newport. The Avon" was built at Bristol, by Messrs. Stothert and Co. Her dimensions are as follow Length, 122ft. breadth, 16ft. 3in.; depth of bold, 8 ft., 75100; groas tonnage, 102 tons, 67; nett, 51 tons, 45 draft of water, 8ft. 8in.; carries, dead weight and measurement, 100 tons; and 134 passengers, and steams 8 miles, with 7 owt; of fuel per hour. She is fixed with two locomotive engines, vertically fixed surface condenser of 50 horse power, nominal diameter of cylinder, 15in.; length of stroke. 16jin. Donkey engine, and two tubular boilers, in good condition, and will be sold as she now lies at Messrs. Stothert's Yard, BriBtol- For further particulars apply to Messrs. FUSSELL and PRITCHARD, Solicitors, Bristol Mr. HORTON, New Steam Packet Company's Offices, Newport, Mon.; or to the Broker, R. W. MORRIS, 105, Leadenball. street, London, E.C" and 5, Clare-street, Bristol. [13,644