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Addresors. DUBLIN ALES AND STOUTS.. ALEXANDERPERRY & CO. FAMILIES to their'* the aUention of PR1VATE iwPBI,I.N IMPEEIAL ALE." Winter Ber'e'14"110 ^u^neS8 *8 Pecu^ar'y adapted for a flaw'"8 ^'8; from *'s brilliancy of condition and delicate »our or the Hop, ia now successfully competing with any Barton Ale in this Market. Priced Lists of Ales and Stoats to be had on applica- tion to ROBERT PERRY, 155, DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. 13,347 SEVILLE ORANGES FOR MARMALADE, IN PRIME CONDITION, AT BUNNELL'S, HIGH-STREET. [13,370 BENSON'S watelaes Clocks Gold Jewellery ynda, Of all kinds. Of the hewest Designs. JjfcVBB DRAWING-ROOM. BRACELETS. CAANW^W 1,1 DINING-ROOM. BROOCHES. TAB" CARKIAQB- EAR-RINGS. CBUNWF8* CHURCH. LOCKETS, OLOGRAPH. HALL AND SHOP. NECKLACES. w^° holds the appointment to H.R.H. of Walea,. has juat published two Pamphlets, lched and embellished with illustrations—one upon ONM T NCLOCK MMAKIN8» and other upon Artiatic Wold Jewellery. These are sent post free fqr 2d. each. Persons living in the country or abroad can select the article required, and have it forwarded with perfect safety. 28, OLD BOND STREET AND THE CITY STEAM WORKS, 58 & 60, LUDQATK HILL, LONDON. [13,595 IFOR REALLY NICE CAKES, GO TO BLAND'S, 33, COMMERCIAL STREET, AND 17, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT, MON. [6656 OLD ALE.-The Advertisers are Purchasers QUanti?^ 9^^ ALE.—Apply, stating price required and 13 o,*for disposal, to W. J. COLEMAN and CO,, Eastcheap, London, 13,611 H. PEARMAN. r15 Z ä 0 w o Z q = 00 L-4 0 p- *l'COMMERCIAL STREET NEWPORT. [548 44, Lord Street, Liverpool. THE importation of BLACK TEA into this Country during the present Season has been exceptionally large, and at few previous periods has there been so great a variety of qualities brought into lII.e Market.-Tbese facts call for unusual care in the seleetion of stock and the exercise of practical expe- *<*ce and matured judgment in the choice of pioper ^wcriptions. ""e have always afforded; Consumers the greatest \«*lTaSe i0 Pr'Ce' W'th eVery P°S3ib,e security as to a*Prey~an<* the discerning Public have so thoroughly largerlated °Ur system of bllsi», that a much ^8tablis^n°,lt1^ patronage has been accorded to our Uting th*611' "lan t<J 3n^ ot'ler similar und9rtaking, lea Tradee 8ame in the history of the Th by Sa ^riSent moderate rate °f Carriage of parcels f 1 Way affords to Families residing at a distance les for obtaining their supplies without material q ,anal epxense. Whenever desired we prepay the rtage of Parcels, including the charge in the Invoice, our numerous Customers may rest assured that all Order, entrusted to us will continue to have our usual Prompt attention. The following qualities are well worth special notice:- v n Per lb* CHOICKST KAISOW TEA 3S gd TilE EXTRA FINE SOUCHONG (Choicest) 38 4d T*"fT CoNO0D Mich Souchong Flavour). 3s Od n r T INE ^ONGou (Pekoe §ouchony kind) 2s 8d F'"E C^'°oc (Strong Ankoi kind £ SCROMC CONGOU {Souchong kind) 2s Medium and Ordinary Kinds much Lower. Ellis Davies & Compy. Tea and Coffee Salesmen, 44, Lord Street, Liverpool. 13,541 PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT GUANO. J. S STONE, NEWPORT, MOTF., BEGS to inform his Friends that he has in STOCK a GOOD SUPPLY of the above VA- LUABLE MANURE IN EXCELLENTCONDITION, alld WARRANTED GENUINE. ALSO SUPF;RPH0SPHATE OF LIME, BONE SUPER. PHOSPHATES, DISSOLVED BONES, &c.,&o. EARLY ORDBRS ARE EARNESTLY INVITED. DOCK-STREET WORKS, ^■March 11th, 1869. 10,792 ARSONS, FLETCHER, AND CO'S INDIAN STARCH IS OF GREAT STRENGTH PARSONS, FLETCHER, AND "CO^S. INDIAN STARCH PRODUCES A BEAUTIFUL GLOSS. PARSONS, FLETCHER, AND CO S. P INDIAN STARCH WILL NOT ADHERE TO THE IRON. PACKED IN lib. BOXES. SOLD EVERYWHERE. GRAVPT WORKS. VEI- LANE, SOUTH WARE, LONDON, E.C gWteffflg. "MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN" OFFICE, NEWPORT. WILLIAM CHRISTOPHERS, Printer, Bookseller, and General and Fancy Stationer, 15, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT, MON.. INVITES attention to his large and varied Stock of Books, Paper, Photograph Albums Writing Cases. Purses, Church Services, Prayer Books, Illustrated Gift Books, Toy Books, Verse Cards, &o PAPETERIES, CONVERSATION CARDS, ANNUALS, IVORY PRAYER BOOKS THE POETS, IN MOROCCO OR CLOTH BINDING, AND A GREAT VARIETY OF BOOKS AND OTHER ARTICLES. Orders for Manufactured Stationery, Account Books, Order Books, Ruled or Plain Business Forms, Bookbinding, &c. EXECUTED WITH PROMPTITUDE, AND AT MODERATE PRICES. Hew Books, Periodicals, &c., supplied at the shortest notice—parcels from London daily. NEWPORT BRANCH OF THE ENGLISH AND 10 1EIGN LIBRARY COMPANY. r* For the information of intending Subscribers, the terms of Subscription for the Publications contained in Depfit List of New Books, and in the Catalogues of the Standard Collection, numbering One Hundred and Thirtv Thousand Volumes, are appended, viz. :— xmriy 12 Months. 6 Months. 3 Months. Month. £ s. d. £ a. d. £ s. d. £ s d Two VOLUMES 0 10 6 0 6 0 0 3 6 0 2 0 .FOUR VOLUMES 1 1 0 0 12 0 0 7'0 0 4 0 And upwards, in the proportion of Two Additional Volumes for each Additional Half-Guinea. Agent to the EAGLE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY; the LANCASHIRE FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, with which is incorporated the BIRMINGHAM FIRE OFFICE the ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY, and the GUARANTEE SOCIETY. JOSEPH SIMMONDS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, "OLD SHIP" STORES, HIGH-STREET, AND MARKET.STREET, NEWPORT, MON., TN returning thanks to the Public and his Patrons far the liberal support accorded to him for the Dast oftheSt qualit'yI>dfre^fromrSntd.em & eXtensive St0ck ot WINES and SPIRITS the finest quality, direct from Bond. FAMILIES SUPPLIED AS USUAL. DUNVILLE'S & JAMIESON'S CELEBRATED IRISH WHISKIES ON DRAUGHT OR IN BOTTLE [13.241 CUT GLASS AND CHINA DEPOT. LANE AND CO., 140, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT, MON. A CHOICE and well-assorted STOCK of NEW STONE and CHINA DINNER DESSERT, BREAKFAST, TEA, and TOILET SERVICES, of the Newest Designs and Patterns' selected from all the leading Manufacturers in Staffordshire. RICHLY CUT and ENGRAVED TABLE GLASS* of the best Stourbridge Flint, Purest Colour, and most Modern Shapes and Patterns. GOODS LENT ON HIRE, including GLASS, CHINA, ELECTRO-PLATE, CUTLERY, &c., to any extent. Parties Furnishing and Housekeepers will find this the best-selected Stock in the Town, and at the Lowest Price. LANE & CO., 140, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT, MON. [13,226 JAMES CAPPELLA, 12, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. THE LARGEST and moat VARIED STOCK of CUTLERY in the COTTNTV CARVERS, TABLE and DESSERT KNIVES, in Plain and Carved Ivory, Stag Self.Tin RuA i Bone Handles; BEST PRUNING, SPORTING, DESK, PEN, and POCKET KNIVES. TAILOR^ CUTTING-OUT, NAIL, and FANCY SCISSORS RAZORS, Single, and in Cases, from Is to a oSS^i.' Pair. The whole selected from the best Sheffield manufacturers, such as Joseph Rodgers and Soli Thoma. TnM and Co., Mappin Brothers, &c. SILVER, ELECTRO-PLATED, and NICKEL SILVER SPOONS porS? SOUP LADLES, GRAVY SPOONS, SUGAR TONGS, &c. s' JEWELLERY, ,/ATCHES, CABINET, AND FANCY GOODS. [13,222 ESTABLISHED 1839. T. P. WANSBROUGH, PLUMBER, PAINTER, GLAZIER, PAPER-HANGER p and DECORATOR, 4 AND 5, COMMERCIAL-STREET, OPPOSITE THE WESTGATE HOTEL, NEWPORT, MON., EXPERIENCED WORKMEN SENT TO ANY PART OF THE COUNTRY. T. P. WANSBROUGH would respeotfully call attention to his NEW STOCK of DECORATIONS and PAPER-HANGINGS. DESIGNS FROM THE DRAWINGS OF THE BEST BRITISH & FOREIGN ARTISTS SUITABLE FOR THE MANSION AS WELL AS THE COTTAGE. [12,268 ESTABLISHED 1840. W W. L 0 D E R' S PAPER HANGING DEPOT, AND GENERAL STATIONERY ESTABLISHMENT, AT 82, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEAR ST. PAUL'S CHURCH, NEWPORT, MON. THE PAPER HANGING and DECORATING DEPARTMENT consists of 40,000 PIECES of NEW DESIGNS for the year 1868, both British and Foreign, from all the Best Manufacturers, suitable for every description of Residence and Business Departments. Experienced Workmen recommended if required. Charges Reasonable. PATTERNS SENT FOR INSPECTION. Branch Post Office, May 1st, 1868. [10,874 ESTABLISHED 1812. H. AND T. PROCTOR Invite the attention of Agriculturists to their SPECIAL BONE MANURES, Which are of a superior quality, and the most economical that can be used. PROCTOR'S TURNIP MANURE I PROCTOR'S WHEAT MANURE PROCTOR'S MANGOLD MANURE PROCTOR'S BARLEY MANURE PROCTOR'S POTATOE MANURE PROCTOR'S GRASS MANURES BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. Full particulars sent free by post, on application to Messrs. PROCTOR, or their AGENTS. ADBKBSS, — H. AND T. PROCTOR, AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTS, CATHAY, BRISTOL. WoRK3,-BRISTOL, BIRMINGHAM, CHESTER, AND WARWICK. STORES AT MODERATOR BOAT COMPANY'S WHAUF, NEWPORT MR. COOK'S, SUN INN, ABERGAVENNY. MR. G. WATERS', COAL WHARF, CHEPSTOW. [13 334 ESTABLISHED 1848 FKIZE MEDAL, I-AKIS, 1864. LONDON, 1851. ASPHALTE. MINERAL ROCK STONE OF SEYSSEL AND OTHERS, AND BY H. M. LETTERS PATENT, METALLIC L A V A. ASPHALTE, THE best well-known Materials for Basement Floors* Paving of Stables, Farm Buildings Granaries, &c., &c and excluding all dampness and vermin. ARMAN I AND STODART. London, 35, Poultry, E.C. For Estimates, Prices, Contracts for Work, apply to H. P. BOLT & CO., Builders and Contractors. Newpor he only Agents and representatives for Monmouthshire, -[12,342 LONDON manure company^ ESTABLISHED 1840, HAVE NOW READY, IN FINE CONDITION, the following MANURES DISSOLVED BONES POTATO MANURE. BONE TURNIP MANURE CORN AND BLOOD MANURES. SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. SUP E R P H 0 S P HAT E 0 F L I M: E. The above can be had genuine from the STORES of the following AGENTS, or from our DEPOTS :— MONMOUTHSHIRE RAILWAY. NEWPORT; CAMBRAIN RAILWAY, ABERDOVEY; and GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY, SALTNEY.. Mr J. S. STONE, Newport, Mon. Mr H. P. THOMAS, Pembroke Mr JOHN MORGAN, Shrewsbury Mr T. MATHIAS, Saundersfoot, Tenby Mr EVAN DAVIES, Denbigh Mr D. HARRIES, Cwmyar, Llaiiybyther Mr EVAN EVANS. Aberavon, Port Talbot THE FARMERS SUPPLY CO., Limited, Welshpool Mr J. SHARPE, Thornwell, Cbepstow THE SOUTH WALES MERCANTILE CO., Limited, Mr GEO. PALMER, Haverfordwest Brecon Mr W. LEWIS, Narberth THE SOUTH WALES COAL CO., Limited Mr J. ROCH, Narberth Hereford. OFFICES 116, FENCHURCH-STREET, E.C. 13,469] EDWARD PURSER, Secretary. — w — M I L L I N E R Y. MRS. TADD begs to inform the LADIES of NEWPORT and the Neighbourhood, that her FIRST SPRING SHOW OF MILLINERY, &c., is now ready for inspection, and she respectfully solicits an early call. 55, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT. [13,628 NOTICE OF REMOVAL. W M O S S CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER. &c., BEGS to return his most sincere thanks for the liberal support he has received for upwards of Thirty years in High-street: and to inform his Friends and the Public that he has TAKEN the WATERLOO HOUSE, No 155, COMMERCIAL STREET,. And where he hopes to continue to receive the Patronage of his Friend*, heretofore. These Premises being extensive, will enable W. M. to offer to his customers a LARGER ASSORTMENT OF DIFFERENT KINDS OF FURNITURE, suitable for a large or small establishment and the whole of the STOCK being new, of the latest designs aud superior quality and workmanship, offers a very favourable oppor- tunity for parties about to furnish. NOTE THE ADDRESS W. MOSS, CABINET MAKEH, UPHOLSTERER, &c., WATERLOO HOUSE, No. 155, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. MON. The above Premises were opened for business on SATURDAY, MARCH 13th, 1869. N.B.-W. M. has at present a quantity of Furniture which has been on hire for a short time, and would sell the same at a low price also several good Counters and Shop Fixtures to be sold very cheap. [13,532 PATENT WHITE STONE BRICKS. MADE WITHOUT BURNING. BODMERS' PATENT STONE BRICK COMPANY. (SUCCESSORS TO MESSRS. BODMER, BROTHERS.) BEG to call the attention of Architects, Builders, and others, to their PATENT STONE BRICKS, Plain and Ornamental, and are PREPARED TO EXECUTE ORDERS FOR LARGE QUANTITIES. These Bricks consist chiefly of Sand and Lime, subject to great pressure in moulds. They improve with time are not affected by frost, however severe, a property which Clay Bricks do not possess. They can be highly recom. mended for their ACCURATE SHAPE, HANDSOME APPEARANCE, AND PLEASING COLOUR-the latter resembling that of FREESTONF. are well adapted for use under water, as well as for ordinary Building Purposes. PRESENT PRICES AT THE WORKS AT NEWPORT. NET CASH. PLAIN BHICKS „ 27s. per 1000 ORNAMLNlAL BRICKS (of several pleasing designs) 60,. per 1,000 All communications to be addressed to tig) Managing Partner, MR. MATTHEW JOHNS, CORPORATION WHARF, OR AT THE WORKS, COURTYBELLA TERRACE PILLGWENLLY. NEWPORT, MON. TESTIMONIALS AND LITHOGRAPH SKETCHES SENT ON APPICATION. [13 550 MESSRS. VIVIAN AND SONS, HAFOD PHOSPIIATE WORKS, SWANSEA, MANUFACTURERS OF SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME, AND OTHER ARTIFICIAL MANURES. PRICES ON APPLICATION. Agent-CHARLES D. PHILIjIPS, ALSO AGENT FOR THE REQUIREMENTS OF IRONWORKS AND COLLIERIES. • OFFICES, COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS, NEWPORT, MON. [13,509 L.A'VES'l\IANUI{ES VT^ERE the first CHEMICAL MANURES manufactured aca introduced, and have been in U9e for 28 years with great success. LAWES' PATENT TURNIP MANURE. DISSOLVED BONES. LAWES' SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. LAWES' WHEAT, BARLEY, GRASS, AND MANGEL MANURES. CONCENTRATED CORN AND GRASS MANURES. AGE N l' S:- Messra Tucker Brothers, Abergavenny. Mr Thomas Hallen, Ragland. Mr A. Templeton, Glasburv essrs N. and F- Willmott. Pontypool. Mr Joseph Morris Loughope,near Ross Mr Jobn E. YOUD? H.>RAL«IT J^Clel,,°U9e'GHerHillCbeP8t0W Mr J. M. Hall, Cardiff. Court, Leiton, nearflei/ Mr John Phillpotts, Skenfrith Mills, Mr W. Morgan, Magor, near New- ford. enlritb* P0^. J. Holehouse, Gaer Hill, Chepstow Messrs. W. and T. Parry, Wain.y-pwll Farm, near Caerleon, Monmoutlahire. Mr J as. Jenkins, Llangadock. Mr Matthews, Pool's Cottage, White Cress Road, Hereford. Orders for Genuine Peruvian Guano, Nitrate of Soda, Sulphate of Ammonia &c Ao SHOULD BE SENT DIRECT TO » JOHN BENNET LAWES T OFFICES » London-59, Mark Lane, E.C. I Dublin-22, Eden QllaY. I Shrewsbury- Market Street. JOB THOMAS, Mm NEWPORT STEAM MARBLE, SLATE, AND MONUMENTAL WORKS, TluTHERE Architects, Builders, and the Public will find the Largest T T Stock in Wales of MONUMENTS, TOMBS, HEADSTONES, TABLETS °&c M Granite, Marble, Forest of Dean, and other Stone. MARBLE and FNA\1FI'TKI"! SLATE CHIUNKY PIECES, in all colours, on the p^emtsS L li, proved Machinery. J REGISTER AND OTHER GRATES, FENDERS, FIRE IRONS, &c. IJOB THOMAS, NEWPORT STEAM MARBLE, SLATE, AND MONUMENTAL WORKS, TluTHERE Architects, Builders, and the Public will find the Largest T T Stock in Wales of MONUMENTS, TOMBS, HEADSTONES, TABLETS °&c M Granite, Marble, Forest of Dean, and other Stone. MARBLE and FNA\1FI'TKI"! SLATE CHIUNKY PIECES, in all colours, on the p^emtsS L li, proved Machinery. J REGISTER AND OTHER GRATES, FENDERS, FIRE IRONS, &c. The Trade supplied with STEPS, SILLS, LANDERS; COPING, CURB, a'ud all kind of sawn Forest stone. GRANITE & MARBLE IN BLOCK, SLAB, OR SCANTLING. Sanitary Pipes, Tsrra Cotta Chimney Pots. Vases, &c. Closet Pans, Syphons Earthen Ovens Plain, GLze.1, *nd Brosely Cress Flooring Tiles, Fire Bucks, Sink Stones kc ALL KINDS OF CEMENTS AND PLASTER PARIS. Estimates given for Ornamental Masonry, Carving in Wood and Stone Pulpits, Fonts, Windows, and all kinds of Church Work, Contracted for. DESI GNS FURNISHED UPON APPLICATION of sawn Forest stone. GRANITE & MARBLE IN BLOCK, SLAB, OR SCANTLING. Sanitary Pipes, Tsrra Cotta Chimney Pots. Vases, &c. Closet Pans, Sypbons, Earthen Ovens Plain, GLze.1, *nd Brosely Cress Flooring Tiles, Fire Bucks, Sink Stones kc ALL KINDS OF CEMENTS AND PLASTER PARIS. Estimates given for Ornamental Masonry, Carving in Wood and Stone. Pulpits, Fonts, Windows, and all kiuds of Church Work, Contracted for. DESI GNS FURNISHED UPON APPLICATION [11,979 IN WEALTH, BHAUTY, and HUMOUR J- of ILLUSTRATION' no Magazine of the dav ap- proaches LONDON SOCIETY. It is at once rich in btigravings and in the variety of Light and Amusing Literature for the Hours of Relaxation. IONDON SOCIETY for APRIL. Richly J Illustrated by tbe late GEORGE H. THOMILS, WIL- FRIO LAWSON, HOKACE STANTON, and R. NEWCOMBE. Now ready at all Booksellers and Railway Stations. Price Is. y LONDON SOCIETY FOR APRIL. NOW ready Is- Studies from Life at the Conrt of St James's.' ^Drawn by the late GEORGB H. THOMAS.) No. II.—PRINCESS LOUISE. LONDON SOCIETY for APRIL. Now L ready. ts. Charity's Tableaux Vivants.' LONDON SOCIETY for APRIL. Xow L ready. lg. M. or N.' New Novel by WHYTE. ill ELVILLE. LONDON SOCIETY for APRIL. Now L ready. Is. I A Night among Wild Fowl.' LONDON SOCIETY for APRIL. Now L ready. la. American University Customs.' LONDON SOCIETY for APRIL. Now J-J ready. li). The Piccadily Papers.' LONDON SOCIETY for APRIL. Now L ready. Is. The Talk of the Clubs.' LONDON SOCIETY for APRIL. Now L ready. is. Recent Poetry.' PRINCESS LOUISE.-See 'Studies from P Life at the Court of St. James's (Drawn by the late GEORGE H. THOMAS), in LONDON SOCIETY for APRlL. Now ready. Is. STUDIES FROM LIFE AT THE COURT OF ST. JAMES'S.—This New Series will be con- tinned monthly in LONDON SOCIETY. The most Riohly Illustrated Magazine of the day. Price 18. LONDON SOCIETY, VOLUME XIY. Ele- gantly bound in crimson cloth, gilt edges. Contains numerous Tales, Sketches, and Miscellaneous Papers by the First Novelists, Storytellers, and Humorists of the day. Richly Illustrated bj JOHN GILBERT, J. D. WAT- SON, M. ELLEN EDWARDS, FLORENCE CLAXTON, ADE* LAIDE CLAXTON, CHARLES KEENE, WILFKID LAWSON, GORDON TBOMSON, WILLIAM SAtAU, &C., &o. Price 10s. 6d. Office- 217, Piccadilly, London, W. U_- HORNER S GENTLEMEN'S ELASTIC SIDE SPEING BOOTS 10s. 6d. 124, COMMERCIAL STREET. [10,9.0 H:O:3.NER' 3 FOR BOOTS! LADIES' KID ELASTIC SIDE SPRING, 5s. 6d. [10,.900 Queensland Government Emigration Act, 2, Old Broad.street, London, E.C. EMIGRATION TO QUEENSLAND. NEW LAND ACT, 1868. GRANTS OF LAND, 80 TO 160 ACRES. LAND by free selection, from 40 to 10 88(1 Acres, can now be purchased at 153, 10s.0 and 5». per Acre, payable in ten aunual instalments of Is. 6<1 Is:, aod 6d. per Acre. Persons 21 years of age, paying their passage to the Colony, can select a homestead of 80 or 160 Acres, at a quit-rent of 91. and 6d. per Acre for five years, when they become entited to the freehold. Land Orders, £ 30 per adult, available for taking np land under the Land Act, will still be granted to persons paying their passage to the colony ASSISTED PASSAGES are now granted to shep. herds, ploughmen, agricultural labourers, quarrymen, professed gardeners, miaers, carpenters, masons, bricK- layers, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, and other eligible persons and FREE passages to female domestic aervantf, and married farm labourers and shephercs, -ith not more than one child, and under 12 years Assisted and free passengers will be eligible, after three years continuous residence in the Colony, if 21 years of age/ to select a homestead of SO to 160 Acres, under the Land Act. JAMES WHEELER. Appointed Agent for NEWPORT Mr. JAB. GRAHAM, 4 and 5, I Commerciaf.street. Aberdare G H. Evans, Auctioneer. Cardiff ..Joseph Elliott and Sons. Brecon John Evans, Mount-atr^eti Abersychan Edwin Wood, Merthyr "J Qbu Copeland. [13,259 c Life and Fire Insurances, ALSO INSURANCES AGAINST ACCIDENTS. ALSO Guarantees for the Fidelity of Per- sons in Situations of Trust. ARE EFFECTED BY MR. W. CHRISTOPHERS, "MERLIN" OFFICE, 15, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. E. G.. PEN NY, A UCTIONEER, VALUER, HOUSE and ri. ESTATE AGENT, PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT. ARRANGEMENTS EFFECTED WITH CREDITORS BY COMPOSITION, OR OTHERWISE, S*les effected on very moderate terms, and Dromit settlement. Collector of Rents and Debts. Agent to the Alliance Life and Fire Assurance Con- pany, Established 1824, Capital Five Millions Offices, Commercial Buildings, Newport. [13 201 LIEBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT OF MEAT.—Paris aDd Havre Exhibition Gold Medala. -CAUTION.-None genuine without Barcn Liebig the in- ventor's signature being on every j.r, accompanied by full printed directions. About 70 Pints of excellent beef-iea for lis, the present reduced retail price per pound. Finetit, most convenient, and by far the cheapest meat. flavounug ingredient for soups, made dishes, aDd sauce.. Sold by allI Uahan a.ehou^emen. Chemists. Grocers, bbip Chandlers, and Ptovisiop Dealers, [13 192 T RATPN ELL'S STEAM. MADE REGISTERED GUINEA EASY CHAIR. The Best and Cheapest Easy Chair in England. HTO meet the increasing demand for theae ,Chairs in any of their varieties, arrangements have been made by which any number may be had upon givinr I wo Day's notice. Photographs and Patterns foe Cover- ings post free. THE ROYAL VICTORIA SEA-SIDE EASY CHAIR. FOR TWO GUINEAS AND A HALF LARGE, THOROUGHLY EASY, AND MOST DURABLE The construction is upon scientific priijciplep, and w. cures the most perfect rest. The Springs will neither break nor work up through the Seat. The Cutors are of the strongest and best make. Carriage and Packing of this Chair free to an) principal S a.ion. The Wrappers to be returned. Photograph and full description, with Samples of Coverings, post free. NEITHER OF THESE CRIIRS ARE TO BE HAD EXCEPT- FROM THE INVENTORS AND MANUFACTURERS. C. & W. TRAPNELL, Upholsterers 39, COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL. [13,262 [13,262 TEETH! TEETH 1 TEETH! ARTIFICIAL TEETH of the best quality and workmanship, combined with moderate prices. J. SUMPTION JONES, DENTIST AND CHEMIST. j 12 7, COMMERCIAL-STHEET, OPPOSITE CROSS-STREET, NEWPORT, TEETH EXTRACTED. STOPPED, AND SCALED ON THE NEWEST PRINCIPLE. J. SUMPTION JONES' COMPOUND QUI. NINE DENTIFRICE, best made, for Whitening and Preserving the Teeth. [11,000 MEDRIXGTOX'S CANTHARlDES WASH TS the ONE GREAT REMEDY for W^akness^ Relaxation, and consequent Loss of the Hair, and is of such potency that if there are any roots still lingering under the closed surface, they immediately respond to the application, and begin to shoot anew, « MEDRINGTON'S CANTHARIDES CREAM Is prepared with the greatest care of the finest and moat nourishing mutant, and is one of the best stimulants now in use for the GROWTH OF THE HAIR. 7 he above Iwo Remedies are used jointly. Sol,) in bottles, with directions, prioe 2a., 3d. 6.1.. 69., 10s 6J., and 21s. Perfumery Depot, Milsom-street, Bath, Agent—Mr. OSTLKR, Perfumer, High-street, Newport BUY I j Johnson, Jo Anson j- Cos J A PURE TEA, £ 2/- per lb. E ^CHOICE QUAUTIESFC 1 "NEW SEASON'S," I 1 2 8 3 3 /4 3 /8 4 Supplied in Packets only, from 2 ozs. to 1 lb. ► and 3-lb. and 6-lb. Tin Canisters. 1 2/8 3 3/4 38 4 E Supplied in Packets only, from 2 ozs. to I lb. ► and 3-lb. and 6-lb. Tin Canisters. t by Chemists, Confectioners,^ &*r., in every Town. < LOCAL AGENTS. PjLLG\VE?fi.LY..FArT.KXEB, Chemist, 81, Commercial road. Abergavenny..James, confecr. Lydncy Kicholls, New B*va; >rt..lor.os. chemist erne. Aberdare Thomas, chemi-t 1 Merthyr .Lewis, George Brynmawr .Tonus,Beaufort-si Town. Bristol Uaniba.1,-7,Kings- „ Stephens, chemist d nvu Parade. Nantyglo .Allen, Post otliee Cardiff Orjss, chemist ty pool. Edwards. George Gloucester Jayn- s, Mercury street office. Rhymney Pixon, chemist Hereford Chaw, r,Broad ft Tredegar .Jenkins, chemist „ Jennings.3 i,H':gt Usk Clark, Post-effiee Town. JOHNSOV, .TOHN'SOV CO., TEA MERCHANTS, 17, BLOMFIELO STREET. CITY LONDON. [13.01 nHORNIMAN'S¡ ø n I PURE TEA I gfromthe spring crop g& free from facingg g powder, is strong &g g cheap. g g Sold only in packets. 8 U 2s. 8d.—3s,—3s. 4d. & 3s. 8d. per lb. 0 g LOCAL AGENTS. § ABBEUTAVEKNT Gosden. NEWPORT, EnMas.ns,5, iiigh Watkins, High st. street. ABER-isTwrrH.Jones, chemist. CHERKY, ^Commercial st Bi,AKKSEY..Philpotts. H. L WILLIAMS, 3, Coml-st CINDEKFOBD—Cordwin, chemist „ J PHILLIPS,92, Commercial CRICKHOWELL..Christopher. at chemist CA&PIFF..Kernick,23,Duke-st „ J. YOUNG, 20, High-street, Ditto ..James ,Bute-street „ Co-operative Society. CHEPSTOW..Griiffths,bookseller N'EVTNIIAM.Fryer,Draper. Ditto .Hillm&n, bookseller PONTYPOOL Wood.chemiftt COLETORD.. Williams.—Hough PONTYPRIDD..James, DOWLAIS..Hancock RISCA.. Taylor,Chemist LTDNKY ..Hathaway UgK.. £ dwarg0 M.WJWPTS.. AUe»,eo»fest3 oper