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Regulate your Health in such a way that your func- tional habits occur naturally and ■!» regularly, and you will seldom complain of feeling unwell. NATURE'$ PLEASANT LAXATIVE," ei will aid you as nothing g a, else can, because it f| strengthens as well as w clearfses the system, Ask for completely overcom- C A L I- a, ing all tendency to FORNIA ra habitual constipation. SyntP of -I 1 lc 13 P^mpt yet /or?& y# the gentle, and does not Trade Mark a harm the most deli- inBiueattop h cate system, and it Ofpackage. a is plea. sant in taste. Of all Chem- ists,ij,17i and 1/9. :J.W: BENSON, ltd., THIS NAME on a Watch is the HALL-MARK of RELIABILITY. It 1 means that the materials and work- n manship used in its construction are « > -• thebest Obtainable regardless of • cost; that the Watches carrying it are made by J. W. BENSON, Ltd. i It appears only ojo i BENSONJS WATCHES I-RENONVNED as the MOST I RELIABLE in THE WORLD. They are made in Gold and Silver, I all patterns of Cases, for Ladies or igendemen. From £ 5 to £ 1,000.. AT LOWEST CASH PRICES, or on "CK Cimcs System of MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Hie Key-wind LDDGATE in Silver-Cases, £ 5:5; in 18-ct. Gold Cases, £ 12:12. The New Keyless English lever for Ladies, v in 18-ct. Gol<J Cases, £ 10. The Keyless BANK in Silver Cases, £5 in 18-ct. Gold Cases. Z15. The Keyless LUDGATE" in Silver Cases, L8. 8; in 18-ct. Gold Cases, 920. The World-Renowned PULD" in 18-d., Gold Cases, £25. Many owners write us, are of Jf INCOMPARABLE EXCELLENCE": Our Books fully Illustrated (the largest & most complete issued), are sent post free. No. 1, of Watches, Chains and Jetcds. No. 2, of Clocks, "Empire Plate,, Sterlitig SiZver for Household uw, and pretty-yet inexpensive Presents. Fitted Travelhrig Cases, Jcc. J.W. BENSONG Ltd. The Premier Watch & Clock Makers, Makers to the India and War Offices, the Admiralty, &c., &c. 62 & 64, LU DG-ATE H I LL LONDON, E.C. TAKE THIS TO-DAY TO YOUR CHEMIST FOR THE NEW REMEDY FOR NERVES, STOMACH, AND KIDNEYS. COSTS ONLY A FEW PENCE. A w remedy has lately been brought to light wBicfe* is now being recommended and prescribed everywhere. It is made from a famous prescription by a noted specialist, and is called Dr. Cassell's Tablets. It-costs cnly a few pence, and we advise ail persons, young or old, who are suffering from qmy form of nerve or bodily weakness, or such complaints as indigestion, weakness of the kidneys and back; pal- pitation, loss of flesh or appetite, weak longs, and those who are in any way thin, weak, nervous, or badiy, developed to try these tablets. Stoiat people may take them without fear of racrease-of adipose tissue, because of their extraordinary power of con- verting fat into sound, healthy flesh blood, bone, and muscle. The price iaonly lOJd, larger sizes..Is lid and 2s 9d and any chemist will supply Dr. CassetTs Tablets. The pablicare to be congratulated in now being able to secure this famous remedy fnreveryone is ast«niahed at its marvellous strengthening effect, ■ -i "SANITAS FLUID." The great Home Purifier, rapidly destroys all disease germs, Ward off infection by daily spraying all dwelling rooms with "SANITAS FLUID." -is pint bots. & Ss gall. Sanitas Sprays, s6dea OF ALL CHEMISTS. 19696 | Ck T EA j HEADACHE, BILIOUSNESS, INDIGESTION. Impure Blood cir oulating in the Body must bring on dis- turbance in their natural functions, causing distressing HEADACHE, BILIOUSNESS, WIND, INDIGESTION, DESPONDENCY, CONSTIPATION. HTTGTTTTS'S have earned a great reputation for CURING THESE COM- t- Ann PLAINTS, as well as WIND, ■ B.LUU.U HEARTBURN, Skin Rash, _U Boils, Pimples, Lumbago, PILLS Rheumatism, Piles, Fits, Neuralgia. Try them. Cure is Certain. Ask for Hughes's Blood Pills," with the shape of the Heart on each box. Refuse a H others. Sold by all Chemists and Dealers at Is 11d, 2s 9d. or 4s 6d, or send value in stamps,, or P.O. to maker. Jacob Hugbes, £ MJP.S. L.D.S., Manufacturing Chemist. Penarth. Cardiff. 13464

! Policeman Badly Used. .




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Council and Fusion Bills.…



. Bridgwater Police Chief.…

Cardiff Man's Arrest.


Newport Council. .





On the Brecon Border. .

Welsh Division. __',_. r ."