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Overwhelms His Critics.


Overwhelms His Critics. BRilLIANT BUDGET DEFENCE. House of Commons on Wednesday the the order for the second reading *ttoti ^nance Bill and Mr A. Chamberlain's on for the reiection of the measure was Ma ed by 'hat ^EDMOND (Nat.), who announced their Nationalist party intended to cast •BilL against the second reading of the he iL From the purely British point of view ^hcS^8 ready to admit that the Budget as a might be a good thing, but liish ,[*>ers being forced to come to that House tjM«ist their will and being always in opposi- te 3fid in a permanent minority were bound "hielideavour to wring from an assembly, when it was not hostile was largely t>r t0*1 Irish affairs, some concession f0 v- ireland. Prom the Irish point onn»lew.' fc^3 Budget was bad, unjust, and Govff88^6- (Nationalist cheers.) "Hie could only do financial jus- Jre^an(l by exempting her from the oper- iny °' the whisky tax and the licensing Vifo (Nationalist cheers.) ONAR LAW (C.) continued the debate, government, whose great boast it had ^iak they were reducing debt, seemed to 'hey had earned the right to a debauch, pa, proceeding to paint the town red. afi t They had thrown into their Bud- the extreme nostrums of which Socialists Ofie ^°^en at street corners for years, but no CoheT.Was able to state them in a taXeserit whole or to say how the Vo^H^oul<i be collected and upon whom they !aU. This Budget sought popularity by cteei>r1irig political opponents. (Opposition Did they imagine that the Socialists Wejjf^d to stop at land ? If they did they Boci-i. y^g in a fool's paradise, because to^J^ts had declared plainly that they meajat tofjjjTPPly the same principles to all Of Property. (Opposition cheers.) Mr Uoyd George's Reply, >5*LLOYD GEORGE, who was received ftie fan+ Ministerial cheers, commented upon that Mr Bonar Law had not said a agj^jabout Tariff Reform. That was a pity, ^Qetlwi that they were discussing the best raising 16 mil lions of money. "T}ierial chpers and Opposition cries of kw^Qrat methods.") He repudiated the the Budget was inspired by irrespon- tiie of Socialism. The proposals of CoQ&y°Vernment had a precedent in this and in other countries where Socialistic were repudiated. Mr Bonar I jaw t>id M^s°lutely unreliable in his facts. Bonar Law know that, as a matter of there were very heavy death duties in hc^Ce> hanging up to 20A per cent. ? Did the er know that the new income tax in y^s 6imply a consolidation and exten- Mj. DrTe present system ? "ONAR LAW Nothing of the kind. teat]«^TL0YD GEORGE Before the hon. has done with the Budget he will cW, ^mething about the facts. (Ministerial a and laughter.) Does he know that sts in France, as an equivalent to this tr»H ^ax' taxes on dividends on land and running up to o-ter 20 millions a year, 4*K_. t the present income tax is a consoli- of these taxes ? j. Stuff and Nonsense. hon. gentleman never knew that! ofTj^seria] laughter.) That is just a sample s°rt of facts which he gives to the "tacfc,'» 411(1 let the Houle bear in mind the IWj Upon which charges of robbery are tfettmi* Ministerial cheers.) Here is another 1»oq the sort of facts we get from the *We Cmber- He said that never before had been such a flow of capital from this America. Does he know that 20 or ^re»u.ears there was an infinitely flow of capital to America when tJjgj. ? were developing their railways (Ministerial cheers.) Here is another The hon. gentleman said, Money is to the Colonies, and that is a good Ihejpjf* It is flowing to the Colonies, where in actual operation far more drastic ecause these taxes have got the de brand upon them the hon. genfclemaq. them as statesmanship," but th<t they are introduced here in a more la gJ^-te form they are 44 robbery." So capital run away from the halfpenny in &i&is+° into the hands of the sovereign, ja riailau,hter.) That, if I may say so, The of stuff" talked by the Opposition. •n* gentleman says there is some ejts of ey between the speeches of the IJatJ?9 of the Government. If he had really to the debates he would have noticed inconsistency of the charges levelled the Budget. For instance, it is said we Webbing the rich and pauperising the poor, the same time it is said we are robbing Qjvpoor man of his tobacco and whisky. • ^tecial laughter.) ¡- A Few Specimens. W a smSi °tber charges You are plunder- ta^tinn „^clas3 and putting the whole of your *H<3 u y small section of the community," tnd ou" are attacking every trade and ?Wp<5<T' You are inflicting most cruel and you a 8 axation upon the landlord," and QJtlpj. tare pasting the time of Parliament in a P^try sum of half a million." ou are specially hitting the ,*ta|e_ Ui°ras in order to break up their ^pUcerif the object of the Budget is to e ^e land in the hands of a few." The member for Dulwich, Y^Uof r1 others, says we are crushing the j*a(jer trade for vindictive purposes, but the Jhejjj w?,, the Opposition says we are endowing «i? a million a vear. (Loud Minis- jjp ^heers.) the ^fALFOUR I was speaking in reply to I 1 hon. gentleman, whose statements, I ^Pe^er^h°wed that he was endowing the GEORGE said that confirmed n2a saiHraerik that the Leader of the Opposi- they were endowing the liquor trade, "ight c^eers.) ReaSy, the Opposition *9 make up their minds which line of *^1 1 ey were going to take. (Minis- avighter land cheers.) Both charges ^t be true, -and therefore there ^eers.) he a choice of epithets. (Renewed The Government could not be both tK°^ an(I endowers. They could not en- hrewers and at the same time burgle ^hajpgg .r^Perty. Mr Law had repeated tha ^Se tv at they were using the Budget to pen- Political opponents. (Opposition t on V"ny Minister who was capable of doing Sht to be impeached. Le Examine the Facts 13 rthem examine the charge. Of the l0ns raised by taxation only three Were raised from licences and ?Nt mWas. it suggested that the millions was raised by vindictive Did not Liberals save money ? Had incomes ? Did they not pay death they not smoke or drink whisky ? ^Ote^~ter.) The whisky tax was said to ifall ^avily Upon Ireland or Scotland than ^^gland. Scotland, at any rate, had {J11016 faithful than any to Liberalism to Ireland, however much Irishmen Ck the; Government they hated b.Position still more. (Cheers and •) Where, then, was the vindictiveness 'taeatj taxes ? Apparently it was entirely a 'an<i and the liquor licences be- Vpe of the Budget at any rate l^Tfe0 vin<iictive. Let them follow this the vindictiveness against the • In the case of agricultural land ik* la>errimeilt were recognising the claim of 6 i^^°Wners to relief within schedule A of ^ea^pme tax, and while the Budget only in- j^Lthe burden upon agricultural land by Nief a year the Government were giving which on the lowest estimate °ut at nearly a million a year. (Minis- ,5;heers.) Really he expected to hear i^crJ^t the Government were endowing ers* At all events he was entitled to that no case had been made out for the of a mean and contemptible spirit of I v Ufk (Ministerial cheers.) Then he came K^al ? '11 'an<l. Was this part of the Bill They were putting a halfpenny on the Nue ^hich was in excess of its agricultural MliCk' Was there a country in the world Sm k had imposed such taxation where they ricl en satisfied with a halfpenny in the £ T ^emen opposite realise that Royal 1Ssion after Royal Commission nad re- bluded the imposition, not of a halfpenny We kJt. °f a heavy rate for local purposes, on « 6Fe it the capital value of building land ? j*Ple 0f f16 Opposition objecting to the prin- taxing the capital value of urban sites ;tioere they objecting to the appro- ^ob-0^ the amount? He assumed they Acting to the principle. An Apt Quotation. Aldwyn, when discussing the death had made this appeal to Sir William j1 e Let the right hon. gentleman, if »v5rea« ri right, invent means of taxing the u;H?hb value of landed property in the ^j/^rhood of towns. In an endeavour of gs I will support the right hon. gentJe- £ 0^ ,readily as anyone, because I think it rbfttw, fair." (Ministerial cheers.) Asking this halfpenny tax on undeveloped » ^Hr Ch was going to drive land away to ijj a daughter)—the right hon gentleman ^>Dl /-f^Pect of land which had risen in value to £ 300 an a«re, the tax when £ i^°tions had been made would be a mere re- That was the tax which was going ^rban landowners Was it not prepos- A^il ta°1186 exaggerated language about a that sort? (Ministerial cheers.) h»6 ^th the duty on ungotten minerals, hon. gentleman corrected a state- f bY Mr Pretyman yesterday with jOlie Rosyth. The whole of that property, iloo^v was sold to the Admiralty tvlv^ more or less, and it was only shale ^5,0Q(j ch were reserved, for which a sum of h thia tvias ST1bsequently paid.. He deduced ^^alu»rt ^S^ment that if shale beds could ^or the purposes of sale they could Trial "k for the purpose of taxation. (Minis- ^lt}' ers" This was a perfectlv fair tax. h } small ii> would be a growing tax. n 13 millions of money for thf. ^Vposes which were not challenged, [ A h,.1 not vet been told by the critics I of the Budget by what other means than thos, proposed by the Government the money wac to be raised. Kicking Mr Cox. Turning to the criticisms of Mr Harold Cox the right hon. gentleman reproached him wit] his untractableness. We offered him old ago pensions last year," he said," and the hon member would not have anything but a contr butorv scheme. He wanted a German band We offer to discourse to him his own music thi- year, and still the hon. member won't dance- he kicks. (Laughter.) What can you do wi' an hon. member like that ? Mr W. REDMOND: Make him a Lor< (Loud laughter.) „ Mr LLOYD GEORGE That would not tw a bad idea Concluding the right hon. gentle- man repudiated the idea that to give old agi pensions to people who had lived a life of toi was to embark on the road to national ruin. It has been the pride of this country, he said, that its flag has never been lowered. Surely it might also be the pride of a great country like this that under that flag no honest labour is requited with beg- gary, and it is for that reason we art raising this money. (Loud Ministerial cheer° The debate was adjourned.







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