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IJarJnfrjbtp. A BC Guide to Stock Exchange. 1908 Edition (33rd).- z\- The simplest and best Guide to every description of Stock Exchange transactions how to open an account With small capital contains highest and lowest sales for last 15 years. Gratis and post free from Publishers. Freeborn. Franklin and Co., 12, Bank-street. Royal Exchange. Manchester. 19515 ffrrosfs, & £ manitl.. WANTED, Furnished House in Wales from January for 6 months or longer, containing 12 to 14 bed- rooms must be on coast where good sea fishing, sailing. and good bathing obtainable, and if possible within motoring distance of some good trout fishing.—V 0 612, Bout^WralesWeeklyNews^ardiff^iiiiii><<^>>B>J51^ JEttsiral Insirtmtfttts. ryou would like to Exchange your present unsatisfac- tory Piano (of any make and in any condition) for a high-class instrument by Bechstein. Broadwood, Brins- im-tad, Collard and Collard. Blnthner, lbach, Steinway. Hopkinson, or whichever is your favourite make of piano, it can be arranged on the most favourable terms by writing to us. The magnitude of our business enables us to allow bigger discounts for cash, more liberal terms of payment by instalments, and higher prices for pianos taken in exchange than other houses in South Wales or elsewhere. We can easily prove the truth of this state- ment if you will write to us. All particulars and lists free. Be wise in time and avoid having to repent at leisure by writing to-day to Duck, Son and Pinker. Piano Merchants. Plllteney Bridge. Bath 6462-265n Utrgrks saib SrirgdUs. 1908 Tyres.—Special value, covers ift Clincher or Dimtop JL rims, 5s each, guaranteed; Air Tubes, with vahres, 3s. List free.-W. A. Gorton, Tyre Factory, Wolverhampton. ffitbual Eitittirus. NITS banished completely from children's hair by Sun- flower Pomade • never fails; Is post free small size Id.—C. X. Livesey, Chemist, Preston, Lancashire. 19473 gr fox Salt. OUTH Wales Properly Gazette."—A Monthly Re;isr,?r of Esbatis, Hoasas, Lands, Ac., to be Let or Sold in Wales, Monmouthshire, West of England, &c. 1,000 copies sent monthly, post free, to the leading inhabitants of Wales and Monmouthshire Insertions free. Copies post free from Messrs Hern and Pertwee, Estate Agents, Auctioneers, &c., 74, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 189 F E A T H B R S. F EATHERS. FEATHERS FOR BEDS. Why buy common shoody wool beds when you can get hest ENGLISH FEATHEBS at 5d per lb, carfiage paid ? Warranted dry and sweet. Feather Beds made to order. Send for samples and price list to H. HANDY AND CO.. FEATHER MERCHANTS. 5061 WELSHPOOL. NORTH WALES. 114 øisøllamous. « ATRIMONIAL Advertiser, Dept. D. 38. Earls-court- 111.. road. London.—The cheapest and surest medium for aU those desiring marriage. All classes quickly Ttaited. Absolute secrecy and satisfaction. 4d in seated envelope. 112 OTP False Teeth Bought.—Send to us any old False Teeth you have. Moat liberal offers by largest firm in the world.—R. D. and J. B. Fraser, Ltd., Desk 123, Princes-st. buwich. Eatb. 1833. Bankers-Capital & Counties. 19475 JKisftllsntmss Manis. \mj ELSH China.—Wanted, Swansea and Nantgarw vv China, Swansea and Cambrian Pottery, and Dillwyn Etruscan Ware only good specimens required high iwiM* «i«mi —AHrlroaa PnlIpr-tnr I-'rhn Offloe. Cardiff. 24 lI'&& Blanks. T" C HAFJNG CROSS BANK. (Eat. 1870 Cardiff Branch-73. ST. MARY-STREET. HeadOfflces—28, Bedford-street, Strand, London, W.C., and39, Btshopsgate-street Within, London, B.C. Branches—Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Ac. Assets, £ 1*607,949; Liabillties, £ l,236.871; Surplus, £ 271,078. LOANS of AM to CIOO granted at a few hoars' notice In town or country on personal security, jewellery, precious atoaes, stocks, shares, and furnicora without removal. Stocks and Shares bought and sold. A PBB CPT. allowed on current aceount balances. DEPOSITS of 110 and upwards received as under- Bnbjeet to 3mouthal notice of withdrawal, 5p.a. per aD. 6 „ „ 6 „ 12 „ „ 7 Special terms for lancer periods. Interest paM quarterly. Owing to the mature of our investments we are able to pay rates of Interest on deposits ihat will compare favourably with dividends said on almost any class of stock or shareholding, lnsnrtng the safety of capttal. We have been established for 38 years. and our position in the banking world to-daz."tilles to the success of our business methods m.u to the satisfaction of our customers. Write or call forproapectas. 1165 A. WILLIAMS and H J. TALL. Joini Xamagers. ———— ;Ø[øuq. 2 TO £ 5.000 ADVANCED By Private Lender on simple Promissory Notes. Kb bilta of sale taken and absolute privacy guaranteed. First letter of application receivei prompt attention. an 1 intending borrowers are waited upon by a representative. wbo hi empowered to complete transaction on termi mutually arranged, no charge being made unless busiosji actually completed. Special quotations for short toaas Write in confidence to- C. WELU3. CORBIDOB CHAMBERS. 194n 6134 LEICESTER. lELDCTOS Old-established Financiers, are pre- pared to advance sums from E20 to £ 3,000 at short notice on approved Note of Hand, personal or other Charges arranged before transactions are complete*. Mortgagor on Aopertr. effected at current rates ot interest. Property Purchased. Trade Bilfe Uncounted. Annuities and Fixed Incomes arranged. Money advanced on saoand mortgages. — Apply direct as we have no agents. Hayes Bufldings. The Hayes. Cardig. 15958 BB OT.TVESTATtT.TSTrrcT) PROVINCIAL UNION BANK continues to lepd immense sums daily, from £ 10 to £ 5,000 on Note of. Hand alone or other Security, sf* few hoars' notice, to all classes In any part of Eag. land and Wales. repayable by easy instalments. No good attpflflatioii is ever refused. All communications strictly private. Moderate interest. Special rates for short periods. The largest, best known, and most honourably conducted Business in the Kingdom. Thousands of our regular customers have expressed thelentire satisfw, tion in repeated transactions with us. If desired one of our Officials will attend at ycurrwWau* once with Cash, and can, out the advance THERE and THEN. Call or write (in confidence) to'the Manager. Mr STANLEY DOWDING. I. Cueammw. Bristol. Ityf ESSES S. HEEN & PERTWEE. Estate Agents. 74. xTA St. Mary-street, Cardiff, are prepared to advance from £100 to £100.000 on Mortgage of Freehold or Leasehold Property, and from M to £1.aD on personal security. 5664 XSTOP ONE MOMENT, OH DEAR, DOCTOR A. MUST MY DARLING DIE t THERE IS VERY LITTLE HOPE, BUT TRY rjTUDOR WILLIAMS" AL 5 A M OF HONEYs It is an essence of the purest and most v efficacious herbs, gathered on the Welsh Hilla and Valleys in the proper season, when their virtues are in full perfection, and combined v with Pore Welsh Honey. All the ingredients are perfectly pure. rjlUDOB -^ILLIAMS* JJALSAM OF HONEY Cures Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Croup, and all disorders of the Throat, Chest, and Lungs. It is invaluable toweak-cheated Men, delicate Women and Children. Wonderful Cure forcblldren's Cough, after Measles, and Whooping Cough! It succeeds where all other remedies fail. IT SOOTHES WHILE IT CURES. Thousands of people have written us testifying to its Marvellous Curative properties. For Vocalists and Public Speakers it is a Real Blesøing-it prevents hoarseness and sore j throat, and keeps the voice as clear as a belL Try it. You will not regret it. ITS HEALING POWER IS MARVELLOUS. lqo House should be Without It. gee that You Get the Genuine Article. TUDOR WILLIAMS' PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. 6o Many Imitations and Frauds. Sold by all Chemists and Stores, Is, 2s 6d/ 4s 6a Bottles. Great saving in purchasing the large bottle. Sample Bottle sent (post paid) for Is 3d, 2s 9d, and 5s, from the Inventor, D. Tudor Williams, IELS.DJ- This preparation is not a Quack Medicine, but el 36 years standing, prepared by Scientific Chemists and Druggists. Manufacturer— TUDOR WILLIAMS, M.R.P.S., A.S.Apth, LondonAnalytical and Consulting Chemist and Druggist by Examination. Medical Hall. Aberdare. Boll was AND CO:g J) ALE AND ^LES. SEASON BREWINGS May now be had in Prime Condition, in Casks or Bottles, of F ULTON DUNLOP, AND CO. CARDIFF. 114d I MANFULNESS.—An interesting and 1. instructive Book can be had FREE describing a safe, simple, and Scientific System Which has been' practised lor over 20 years with unexampled success, together with over 1,000 Testimoniala giving absolute t>roof that the severest cases of NERVOUS EX- HAUSTION, DECAY OF VITAL FORCE, WASTING WEAKNESS, VARICOCELE, etc., have been PER- MANENTLY CURED WITHOUT Stomach Mediciae, Electricity, Chanpe of Diet or Habits, Loss of Time or Occupation. A former sufferer writes :_h It has made life again worth living." Apply to-day enclosing two stamps for postage in plain envelope,and mention this naver —A J. T^'gh, 92 and 93, Great Russell-street, London. W.C. Jùlli Anmitmtnts. CARDIFF. NEW T HEATRE, CARDIFF. Sole Proprietor.ROBERT REDFORD. EVERY EVENING at 7.30 aid SATURDAY at 2. THE JJOYAL CARL ROSA OPERA COMPANY. T O-N I G H T- AIARITA N A. Mr WALTER WHEATLEY, Mr DILLON SHALLARD, Mr ARTHUR WINKWORTH, Miss CHRISTINE RITZ. and Miss ELIZABETH BURGESS. Oct. 23rd-DON GIOVANNI. „ 24th-IL TROVATORE. „ 24th (Matinee)—TANNHAUSER, NEXT WEEK- Mr and Mrs F. R. BENSON and their SHAKESPEARIAN COMPANY. Mon.-THE MERCHANT OF VENICE. Tues—THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. Wed.—MACBETH. Thurs.—JULIAS CÆSAR. Fri.—THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL. 8at.-THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. Mat.—TWELFTH NIGHT. L Box Office at Theatre, 10 to 5. Nat. Tel. 376. Insnrrmrf. QTTVT FIRE OFFICE O w JL* FOUNDED 171a The Oldest Insnrance Offioe in the World CARDIFF BRANCH—2, CHTTRCH-STMCBT. W. BY AN LLOYD. District Iaspaefcaf. I effected against the following rislca. FIRE. Workmen's Com- Personal Accident I pensation & Em- Sickness ct Disease. ployers' Liability, Fidelity Guarantee, including Accidents Burglary. to DwnestiG Servants. Funds in Hand, £ 2,764,234. alt.5 bg Aurticrit. FRIDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 30th, 1908, at 11 a.m* IMPORTANT TO FARMERS, BUILDERS, ESTATE AGENTS and OTHERS. CATHAYS PARK, CARDIFF. SALE of the. Whole of the Valuable TIMBER, etc., recently used in the fitting up of the Exhibition Hall (arranged in lots to suit all classes of purchasers), by order of Messrs L. H. Wood- house and Co., of Nottingham, the Contractors. No catalogues. Cash sale. JOHN MAINWABING and CO., 19552 A uctummrs, Warrington. PI AVE YOU TRIED IT ? IF NOT, THEN TRY IT NOW. gTWILYM E VANS'B'=Rs- This is the one Acknowledged Remedy which gives STRENGTH TO THE WEAK, NEW LIFE TO THE DEBILITATED, JOY IN LIFE TO THE MELANCHOLY. The Doctors say it is a safe, certain, trustworthy Remedy. REMEMBER IT IS G WILYM E VANS* JJITTERS, THE BEST REMEDY FOR WEAKNESS, NERVOUSNESS, INDIGESTION, LOSS OF APPETITE, FLATULENCE, LOW SPIRITS, SLEEPLESSNESS. GWILYM E VANS' B ITTERS. TESTIMONIAL. Coed Talywern, Dyffryn. Gentlemen,—I am pleased to be able to bear testimony to the benefit I have received by taking WEAKNESS Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. I have had medicine from various WEAKNESS Doctors every spring for years past, and was obliged to take medi- WEAKNESS cine all last winter, but, as I re- ceived little benefit. I resolved to try Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters, and, though I have only taken three 2s 9d bottles, I am able already to go about. I have been suffering from weakness, etc. Yours truly, M. A. WILLIAMS. GWILYM Jg VANS' B ITTERS. TESTIMONIAL. Tanyard-terrace, St. John's, Worcester. Dear S!r,-I have suffered with pain in my-chest. Nervousness, and Debility for a long time, and have NERVOUSNESS taken a deal of medicine, but got no relief. Being recommended to NERVOUSNESS try Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters, I took one bottle and NERVOUSNESS found great relief. Then I got another, and now I am not like the same person. I can go to work with ease, which I had not done before for a long time. I shall be happy to recommend Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters, and feel pleased to say I have found it such a quick remedy after suffering so long. Yours gratefully, K. FISHER. GWILYM E VANS' JJITTERS, TESTIMONIAL. 44, Llwydarth-road, Maesteg. Dear Sits, Gwilym jrvmsl Quinine Bitters is in my opinion INDIGESTION one of the Best Gifts given to Humanity. I myielf have derived INDIGESTION the greatest possible benefit in stubborn cases of Flatulence, Indi- INDIGESTION gestion, Loss ,of Appetite, and. Weakness. 1 nave proved Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters on my own person to succeed when all other remedies have failed. Yours truly. T. POWELL. GWILYM JjTVANS' BITTERS. When you ask for Gwilym Evans' Bitten see that you get it. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS with the name Gwilym Evana on BEWARE OF IMITATIONS the label, on the stamp, and on the » BEWARE OF MTATIONS bottle, without which none are genuine, in- dignaatly refuse sub- stitutes, and insist upon having WILYM EVANS' JJITTERS. Q.WILYM jgVANS' JJITTERS. This world-famous pre- SOLD EVERYWHERE paration is sold everywhere SOLD EVERYWHERE in bottles, 2s 9d and 4s 6d SOLD EVERYWHERE each, or will be sent direct, carriage free, from the sole Proprietors— QUININE BITTERS MANUFAC- TURING CO., LTD. MINCING-LANE, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. GWlLYM JjlVANS' JJITTERS. Perpetual injunction has been granted against M. W. James, PERPETUAL INJUNCTION Llanelly, with costs, PERPETUAL INJUNCTION vestraining him from PERPETUAL INJUNCTION passing off his goods as Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. m A TgERAPip^Mg Rostan. Jobert, Voipeau, and others, surpasses every- thing hitherto employed for imparity of blood, spot*, blotches, pains and swellings of joints, kidney, bladder, and liver diseases, gravel, pains in back, atone, gleet, gout, rheumatism, exhaustion, sleeplessness, <fcc. Throe forms, Nos. 1,2, and 3, according to diseases for which intended. Price 2s 9d (particulars penny stamp) post free in Great Britain, from the Le Clero Medicine Co.. Haverstock-street, Hampstead, London, and principal Chemists. 19*e0 Chemists. 19460 PAINE'S BILLPOSTING SYNDI- CATE, or Aberdare, Hirwain, Mountain Ash, and District. z. ANDREWS, Secretary. 13502 Oftim NEW THEATRE, ABERDARE. ARDIFF ADVERTISING, BILL- POSTING, <ft CIRCULAR DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, LIMITED. OFFICES and WORKS. 1, PARK-STREET, CARDIFF. hilLnager-FRANK H. SIMPSON. Proprietors of the Principal Stations in Cardiff and Neighbourhood. Contractors for all descriptions of Advertising; Circular Distributing, etc. Advertising; Circular Distributing, etc. All order* promptly attended to. 130—1044 l bipping faeixtts. H1TE STAR LINE.—LIVERPOOL to AUSTRALIA, calling at Capetown (South Africa). PERSIC, 11,974 tons Nov. 18 RUNIC, 12,482 tons Dec. 19 MEDIC, 11,984 tons Jan. 14 AFRIC, 11,948 tons Feb. 11 The accommodation on these twin-screw steamers comprises smoking, reading, and dining rooms. Fares.—To Australia, S17 to £ 30; to Capetown, E15 15s to 124 3s. For further particulars apply to Local Agents or to Ismay, Imrie and Co., Liverpool. Southampton, 1, Cockspur-street, S.W., and 38, Leadenhall-street, E.C., London. CANADIAN pACIFIC LINE. FASTEST 1 Weekly Service from Liverpool. Un- TO surpassed accommodation at moderate FASTEST Weekly Service from Liverpool. Un- »Pq surpassed accommodation at moderate /-I » xt a -r-v fares. Emigrants met at Liverpool by CAW ADA. c.P. officials. For Sailings, pamphlets and information as to opportunities in Canada apply to 18, St. Augustine's-parade, Bristol, or Local Agents everywhere. 19479 Xmldhtg %oritbts. HE TAUNTON AND WEST OF ENGLAND PERPETUAL BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED 1857. INCORPORATED 188S. Offices 3, HAMLET-STREET, TAUNTON. Secretary: Mr GOODMAN. BORROWING SHARES, JEM EACH. SUMS OF MONEY are ready to be advanced on security of any description of real .property-free- hold, leasehold, or copyhetd—on the most equitable terms: the principal and interest repayable by Monthly Instalments. INVESTING SHARES, ZO EACH, realised in about 13 years and 4 months by Monthly Payments of Five Shillings per share. FULLY PAID-UP SHARES, bearing a fixed rate of interest, payable half-yearly, or allowed to accu- mulate. DEPOSITS received. Interest at 4 per cent. per annum, payable half-yearly, or may accumulate. Prospectuses, or any further particulars, may be obtained on application to the Secretary, as above, or to Mr THOMAS WEBBER, District Secretary. Tower Chambers, Church-street, St. John's- square, Cardiff. 189 Jnhli, jHfltiaa. /CANCER HOSPITAL (Free), Fulham VJ road, London, S.W.—PATIENTS SEEN DAILY on their own application at 2 o'clock. Funds urgently needed for general expenses and for the Research Department. 18584 Secretary Fred W. Howell DON" THE SIT ATE when the moment arrives for immediate action. It is then that the man who hesi- tates is lost." Investigate. Decide. Act. These are the phases of every enterprise that is to have a successful issue. In a world where there is so much that is doubtful-which is so full of snares to catch the unwary—where you can so easily be robbed of wealth or health, it is most unwise TO PUT YOUR FAITH IN any proposition without careful investigation, Supposing, for instance, you feel run down. out of sorts," worried, sickly, or depressed, you know well enough that you ought to take some curative and tonic medicine. If you will inquire you will then learn, perhaps from one of your own friends, that in B E E C H A M'S pILLS Jrou have ready to your hand a positive cure or such complaints as indigestion, constipa- tion, all forms of biliousness and other dis- orders of the liver and kidneys, which, when neglected, give rise to serious complications and injuriously react upon the nervous system, making life a veritable misery. Beecham's Pills are a reliable medicine which have attained their present high popularity by SHEER MERIT, and if you give them a chance they will keep you in perfect health. You will then realise the truth of the saying— w 0 RTH A GUINEA A Box Sold everywhere in boxes, price Is lid (56 pills) and 2s 9d (168 pills). f- BHODESIA-v I IDEAL COUHTRY g SETTLER I H SOO Days of Smtsblne 1 |B every Year. I I lumiJONS OF ACRES of cheap land I A auttaWr. top iviaiz4 Wheat, Barley, I '1' Oats, and other cerea Is, Tobacco, ■ ■ Cotton, Fibres, and Fruit. ■ ■ SPLENDID CATTLE COUNTRY. 9 I Abundant, Well-Watered, Natural B I Pasture, D*tfy^Farnung*5keefi, Figs, ■ I Goats and Poultry- I 1 SETTLERS, HANDBOOK post free on ■ ■ application. Call or write to the. | BRITISH SOOTH AFRICA Co.'s ■ Rhodesia Emigration t fInformation Offices, ■ I 138, STRAND, LOUDON, W.C. I ft 151, BIICmUIAII STREET, 61A860W. J A Proud Reputation. ingov Kingov Self Raising Flour attained its good name by the purity of its ingredients and the rigorous care used in its manufacture. And it will always be the best. No Flour like Kingov. j Superfine Z^d. perlb.; Fine 2dper 16 L Tell your grocer which you want. HL Kingov Trading Co., Cardiff. HAVE YOU TRIED the Great English Remedy GRASSHOPPER OINTMENT IF i \k YOU J J BAD HAVE LY LEG t LEG With Wounds that discharge or otherwise, perhaps surrounded with inflammation and swollen, that when you press your finger on the inflamed part it leaves the impression t If so, under the skin you have poison which will cause suffering until death releases you. Per- haps your kneea are swollen, the joints being ulcerated, the same with the ankles, round which the skin may be discoloured; the disease, if allowed to continue, will deprive you of the power to walk. You may have attended various hogpitalsior advised to submit to a.mputation, but do not, for I can cure you. I don't say perhaps, but I will. Send at once a P. Order, or Stamps, for 2s 3d to ALBERT, Albert House, Farringdon-flt., London, for a box of GRASSHOPPER OINTMENT and Pills, which is a certain cure for a Bad Leg, Housemaid's Knee, Poisoned Hands, Abscesses, Swollen Glands, Ulcerated Joints, Carbuncles, Bunions, &c. Of chemists and stores at la lid and 2s 9d per box. I WORTH KNOWING. EORGE NAISH & SON, 79, GREAT IT FREDEKICK-STBEET. CABDIFT. is the OLDEST ESTABLISHED PUBLIC BILL POSTER, who rents the largest number and best private bill-posting stations in the town and neigh- bourhood. All work entrusted to him will be speedily and faithfully executed. N.B. —Bill Posting sent by boat or mail will have Immediate attention. 13675 ts&ts. Every purchase at H. puts Dloneylnto rH,,E the customer's pocket a Bavlng of the dUference between, praotically the cost of ¡ the and its usual retail [ sellingvalue. I Eh'CE This means goods of the high- est intrlDBic at their lowest possible xr= bargain in ever3 of the word. WHAT H. SAMUEL MEANS BY VALUE:- was L"i,;s'Lotig 251-Gold Guards 816 in a variety Solid Gold, set f ne. linkings, all Choice Rubies Solid G*Ld,fuli length. and Re.1 Parts. GIII, 's Solid Exquisite R-1 3/3 6/6 G Id Nocklet.% i M*Bsive Crb Albert-. lol2g, AD I ntinio'm FO"YTH, 9 Andmtoa Glmgow, g -d uroba"d one or your ftmoum,xem&o tiW rfSSlBiSffitlii 1M "t«v« Vatokti about SO -years aco. fflf Ill 'flit lIS CSISEi 1W "which, I may aay. la an excellent time- Hf fceepef and le now aa good as «vg|| Ttlfl "ACME H. SAMUEL'S ASSORTMENT IS SUCH AH M S'i*»LE V' TO BBWILDEB SELECTION—A GUARANTEE H! 9 k I Wi 1<9 /C I ITSELF OP ABUHBANT VALUE AND Sc Jk 4$bWf" H l<2/6 Solid Gold & <^D BinriHa INYE8TMEHT. Call and WW fl ■ I New Art Pattern Brooch, I see T0-°AT. Wkw M. I Dompiete with ■j «et Real Amethysts. | Month's Free Trial. Train Fares Paid. ^>1id Silver BE U 1 1 MTi Cof Manchester, EqnaUoanJwatch ■B gge ■■■■ London, at any pricc for ap- m 7. ST. MARY-ST..jgS«^3 CARDIFF. # H mIkH I H hJ| a ■ p ■ The Phjsician'd B B Ilk H W ( I hD -I — Cure for Gout, Rheumatic Gout and Gravel. The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, Safest most Sour Eructations, Bilious Affections, Eliectiye Aperient for im DINNAORDIS, Use.

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