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^arinfrsbtp. A B.C. Guide to Stock Exchange, 1903 Edition (33rd).— The simplest and best. Guid^ to every description of stock Exchange transactions; how to open an account with small capital: contains highest and lowest sales for AIlst 15 years. Gratis and post. freo from Publishers. 1331 Freeborn, Franklin and Co., 12, Rank-street, Royal Hxchange, Manchester. 281 .u "1051 anb Hfomtb. IOST. bearded Collie Dog answer? to Ralph informa- J tioa thankfully received.—.M. Whirter. Cnewr, Cray. mtnrral j9*riranis Wiantett. A Good Cener-il Servant wantect.—Apply with particn- lar and references. Miss .loaes, C'ruglas. Khbw Vale.n fiolifcatr Apartments. DO.VT fail to see Cardiff ABC Railway Timetables under Bournemouth. 988 Ðnblic Rouses. BRISTOL.—For immediate Disposal, Hotel and D Restaurant frei beer and wine licence; main thoroughfare fullY furnished; E295 everything.—Oakfleld, Ashgrove-road. Ashley Down. Bristol. 570n Jltosical Instruments. IF you want a Piano or Organ do not be persuaded by any interested person to purchas- until you have as- certained the extraordinary value we are offering. You will save many pounds, be most liberally treated, and get the easiest possible terms by purchasing from us.—Duck. Son and Pinker, the Great Piano Merchants, Pulteney Bridge. Bath, and at Bristol. Catalogue and book of advire free. Name this paper. 19455 IB ir treks artti BICYCLES, £555 CASH. or 15s with order and 10s per month. Lined frames. plated rims, free wheel, 2 brakes, lamp, bell, pump, spanners honest, reliable machines high grade tyres; Jarriage paid; guaranteed 4 years; 10 days' approval. Testimonials, photo, full specifications from the œ.ak ex- GEORGE BEATSON. LION CYCLE WORKS. 80, MOSELEY-STREET. BIRMINGHAM. 1939 -< 3Ce Tyres.—Special. value, covers tit Clincher or Dunlop JL rims, 5s each. guaranteed Air Tubes, with valves, 3s. List tree.—W. A. Gorton, Tyre Factory, Wolverhampton. Jarm an5 Ciarhtn. WIRE Netting.—Cheapest house: prices from II lid TV roll of to yards; carriage paid lots of 60s any- where 200.000 yards in stock. Pig Troughs, Cisterns, Portable Boilers; send for quotations. Write for catalogue, Section A. which is just out. Everything tor the garden, farm, and field.—Charlea Bailey. Ltd., Vlctoria-9treet, Bristol. 19396_ iKiMral IttmtbitS. A DVIfE free for stamp.—MM Stewart, Herbal t\. Spedalist,9. Grove-place, Swan, 27n yor Sab. V S. OUTH Wales Property Gazette."—A Monthly Register of Hawses. Lands, Sec., to be fjet or Sold in Wales, Monmouthshire, West of England, Ac. 1,000 copies sent monthly, post free, to the leading Inhabitants of Walesand Monmouthshire Insertions free. Copies post free from Messrs Hern Mid Pertwee, Estate Agents. Auctioneers, &c.. 74, St. Mary-atreet, Cardiff. 189 JjlEATHERS JjlEAXHBSS FEATHERS FOR BEDS. Wlsy btty common shoddy Wool Bed? when yon can get best ENGLISH FEATHERS at" 5d per Ib. cMTittge paid? Warranted dry and sweet. Feather Beds made it-order. Be d for samples and price list to H HANDY AND CO.. FEATHER MERCHANTS, 6061 WELSHPOOL. NORTH WALES. 114 I JRisallntttOttS. A BTIFICIAL Teeth Bought.—We strongly advise .<1 everyone to send to us any Artificial Teeth they may have for disposal. We make mo., liberal otten and are the largest firm of Dental Merchants in the world.—R. D. and J. B. Frase., Ld„ Desk 123. Prinoes-st., Ipswloh. Est.1633. Kefs. Capital A, Conn ties Bank.Ipgwloh RTNTING.—500 Billheads. Memos. &c., 8x5, for 58 JL 9d 1,000, 6s 5,000, 2Ds 500 Cards. 4, x 3. and Post- cards, 4s: 1.000, 6s G.t. Samples free. Cash with order. -Herald Press, Dudlwy, Wore. 884 Iftisttllancotts 8 ants. WJ ELSH China.—Wanted, Swansea and Kantnrw j T ChlsaBwuuet and CaiabrianFottery.aod Dtilwyn Etruscan Ware only good specimens required; high pricesgiTen.—Address Collector. Koho Orlic^.Cdtrdlff. Hanks- THE CIWUNG CROSS JgANK. tEsl. 1870). Cardiff Branch-73, ST. MARY-STREET. IteadOffices—28, Bedford-street, Strand, London, W.0„ and 39, Blshopsgate-street Within, London, B.C. Branches—HtncbesMr, Liverpool, Leieds, Bradford, Ac. Assets, £1.607,949; Liabilities, £ 1,236.871; Surplus,J6i71,078. LOANS of JHO to £2,000 granted al a few hours' notice IntoWD or country on personal security, jewellery, »recl0tlB stones, stocks, shares, and furn11iure without z«moval. Stocks and Shares bought and sold. 24 PER CENT, allowed on current account balances. DBPOSntS at £ 10 and upwards fMetmd ad under— BaMeet to Smonthi' notice 0f withdrawal, 5p.0. per au. „ 6 „ « •. S „ „ 12 „ „ 7 „ Epeotal terms for 1 onger periods. Interest paid quarterly. Owing to the nature of our Investments we are able to pay rates of interest on deposits that will compare favourably with dividends lIaid on almost IIonJ class of stock or shareholding, insuring the satety of capital. We have been established for 36 years, and our position In the banking world to-day testifies to the saeqessof onr business methods and to the satisfaction of our easterners. Write or can for prospectus. 1165 A. WILLIAMS and H J. TALL, Joint Managers.59n flfUiten. jgVtO £5.000 ADVANCED By Private Lender on simple Promissory Note*. Wo bills of sale ta!;en. and ahsolute privacy guaranteed. First, letter of application receives prompt attention, and Intending t^rrowers are waited upon by a representative, who is empowered to complete transaction on termi mutually arranged, no charge being made unless business aewally completed. Special Quotations for short loaiUL intern confidence to C. WELLS. CORRIDOR CHAMBERS. 789n 4217 LEICESTER. j^R^l^y^AWRJNCE Advances (daily) CMh to RESPONSIBLE PERSONS # without publicity, delay, or sureties. Write or call at once to J. LAWRENCE. 1. PEMBROKE-TERRACE. CARDIFF. Nat. Tel. 1Q36.1318-67a IJIIELDINGS Old-established Financiers, are pre- JD pared to advance sums from £ 20 to £ 3,000 at short notice on approved Note of Hand. personal or other securities. Charges arranged before transactions are completed. Mortgages on Property effected at current rates of interest. Property Purchased, larade Bills Discounted. Annuities and Fixed Incomes arranged. Money advanced on second mortgages. — Apply direct as we have no agents. Hayes BuiIdings, The Hayes, Cardiff. THE OLD ^ESTABLISHED PROVINCIAL UNION BANK continues to lend immense svms daily, from .£10 to £5,000 on Note of Hand Alone, or other Security, at a few hours' notice, to all classes in any part of Eng- land and Wales, repayable t-y easy instalments. No good application iiever refused. All communfcatlODs striotly private. Moderate interest. Special Fa.toa for snort periods, Ttfe largest, best known. a.nd most honour ably conducted Business in the Kingdom. Thousands of our regular customers have expressed their entire satisfac- iton in repeated transactions with us. If desired one of our Officials will attend at your residence at once with Cash, and carry out the advance THERE <and THEN.— Call or write (in confidence) to the Manager, Mr Stanley Dowding, 1. Queen-square, Bristol, or to tbe Looal Agents, Messrs Armstrong & Francis, 19.Puke-st,Cardiff, KSSBSSTHEKN & FERTWMIf, Estate Amenta. 74, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, are prepared to advaace from B100 to £lOO.<kX> on Mortgage of Free- hold or Leasehold Property, and from £ 60 to £1.000 Oft peisomJ security. 3664 G L 0 0 M Y Yesterdays consequent upon indifferent health have often resulted in a bright future by the prompt use of BEECHAM'S PILLS. The cares of busi- ness fatigue—indiscretions in amusement or in diet—may have brought about your trouble, but your condition may BECOME immediately changed for the better by the use of this medicine. Few of us can triumph, un- aided, over a bad state of health. When our digestive organs got thoroughly deranged our case is one calling for prompt attention. Now in BEECHAM'S PILLS you have a remedy to your hand. JJOPEFUL rjlO-DAYS AND JJAPPY rjpO-MORROWS may be secured by the use of this preparation. You will be gratified and surprised at the im- provement right from the vpry beginning. The Pills find their way straight to the source of your trouble, and with quiet yet unfailing power remove the evil and its cause. Their good effects upon the Liver, Stomach, Kid- neys, and Bowels are quickly realised and ex- perience will show you that the priceless bless- ing of perfect health my be secured BY TAKING T>EECHAM'S TRILLS. « DEECHAM S T)ILLS. JJEECHAM'S pILLS. I Prepared only by THOMAS BEfiCHAM, St. Helens, Lane. Sold everywhere in boxes. Price Is lid (56 pills) and 2s 9d (168 pills). MANFULNESS —An interesting and JM_ instructive Book can bo had FREE describing a sale, simple, and Scientific System which has been practised ior over 20 years with unexampled success, together with over 1,000 Testimonials giving absolute proof that the severest cases of NERVOUS EX- HAUSTION. DECAY OF VITAL FORCE, WASTING WEAKNESS, VARICOCELE, etc., have been PER- MANENTLY CURED WITHOUT Stomach Medicine, jKlectricity, Change of Diet or Habits, Loss of Time or Occupation. A former sufferer writes :— It has made life again worth living." Apply to-day enclosing two ttamps for postage in plain en,ve!ope, and mention this fiaper.—A. J. Leigh, 92 and 93, Great Russell-street, x>^lon, W.C. 16625 PAINE'S BILLPOSTING SYNDI CATE. liar Aberdare, Hirwaia, Mountain Ash and District. Z. ANDREWS, Secretary. JJ8G2 Oftlcea- NEW THEATRE, ABERDA £ E« f5nbiir j^imxsfnunis. CARDIFF. J^EW FJ1HEATRE, £ JARDlli\ Sole Proprietor ROBERT REDFORD. EVERY EVENING AT 7.30. MR LIONEL RIGNOLD and MISS ADA BLANCHE in the most nmusing play. -^YHAT THE JJUTLER QAW. Box Office at Theatre. 10 to 5. Nat. Tel. 376. NEW rjlHEATRE, CARDIFF. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 17th "t1-. THE CELEBRATED FRENCH ACTRESS, MADAME SARAH BERNHARDT, in the great play LA DAME AUX CAMELIAS. Prices (Booked Seats)—Dress Circle, 7s 6d: Orches- tral Stalls, 63 and 5s Boxes, £3 3s, :£2 2s, and £1 Is. OEinirsitftts. BY THE BRITISH ROYAL MAIL ROUTE, VIA HARWICH HOLIDAYS AND THE -EL HOOK OJ HOLLAND CORRIDOR VESTI- BULED TRAINS Alongside the steamers. ABROAD NEW sBt1aSBINE COPENHAGEN on this service. Send postcard to the Conti- nental Manager, Liverpool- street Station, London, for descriptive illustrated pamph- let (free). HuUdiug Societies, THE TAUNTON AND WEST OF _L ENGLAND PERPETUAL BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED 1857. INCORPORATED 1883. Offices 3, HAMMET-STREET, TAUNTON. Secretary: Mr—GOODMAN. BORROWING SHARES, £60 EACH. SUMS OF MONEY are ready to be advanced on security of any description of real property—free- hold, leasehold, or copyhold—on the most equitable terms; the principal and interest repayable by Monthly Instalments. INVESTING SHARES, JE50 EACH, realised in about 13 years and 4 months by Monthly Payments of Five Shillings per share. FULLY PAID-UP SHARES, bearing a fixed rate of interest/ payable half-yearly, or allowed to accu- mulate. DEPOSITS received. Interest at 4 per cent. per annum, payable half-yearly, or may accumulate. Prospectuses, or any further particular8, may be obtained on application to the Secretary, as above, or to Mr THOMAS WEBBER, District Secretary. Tower Chambers, Church-street, St. John's- square, Cardiff. 189 ddttcofom. OUR BOARDING SCHOOLS f (Ladies'), private, high-class. London, Surrey Hills, Eastbourne, Brighton.—For Information and prospectus kindly write or call upon the Secretary (Miss GREjBN), 97, New Bond-street, London, W. public goiters. CANCER HOSPITAL (Free), Fulham road., London, 8.W.—PATIENTS SEEN 'DAlX/Y on their own application at 2 o'clock. Funds urgently needed for general expenses and for the Research Department. 185M Secretary Fred W. HoweU SUMMER JJOLIDAYS. IMPORTANT TO READERS. THE gOUTH ^yTALES JQAILY NEWS IS ON SALE AT THE FOLLOWING HOLIDAY BESO&TS EACH MORNING :— ABERYSTWYTH. W. H. SMITH and SON Railway Bookstall W. JENKINS 23, Great Darkgate-street S. CLAPPERTON 40, Terrace-road G. I. JONES 14, Thespian-stwet EVANS BROS 17, Pier-street BARMOUTH. W. H. SMITH and SON.Railway Bookstall E. DAVIES 1, Belle vue Arcade BATH. WYMAN and SONS, Ltd.Railway Books all W. H. SMITH and SONS ..15, Manvers-street H. MARIGOLD 16, Green-street BUILTH. W. H. SMITH and SON.Railway Bookstall H.LEWIS Market Hall CLEVEDON. WYMAN and SONS, Ltd.Railway Boobtall W. H. SMITH and SON 10a, Triangle Mrs DUDDEN 11, Alexandra-road FERRYSIDE. A. GOLDSMITH Newsagent HAY. HENRY R. GRANT ^.6, Castle-street J. FERRIS Hightown ILFRACOMBE. W. H. SMITH and SON Railway Bookstall W. H. SMITH and SON la, High-street Miss A. B. CROPP i Fore-street W. COuKE., 79, Fore-st. and 27, Broad-street A. C. DOVELL .36, Fore-street LLANDRINDOD WELLS. WYMAN and SONS, Ltd.Railway Bookstall W. H. SMITH and SON .Station-crescent R. EVANS and SON .Middleton-street LLANWRTYD WELLS. WYMAN and SONS, Ltd.Railway Bookstall Miss WILLIAMS Newsagent LLANGAMMARCH WELLS. W. STEPHENS. Post Office LLANIDLOES. W. H: SMITH and SON.Railway Bookstall J. ROGERS Newsagent LLANSTEPHAN. W. LEWIS The Stores E. T. DAVTBS The Emporium LLANTWIT MAJOR. W. CTTMMINGS West-street W. H. FISHER Bristol Hoase MINEHEAD. COX, 30NS, and CO., Ltd. The Library MUMBLES. Mrs HOWELL Newsagent Mrs W. H. JONES The Dunas Post Office Mrs E. JOHN Newsagent Mrs ORRIN .Post Office WILLIAMS BlackpiU E. E. WRIGHT Parade PORTHCAWL. D. HUTCHINSON Newsagent Mrs J. J. THOMAS Newsagent RHAYADER. W. H. SMITH and SON.Railway Bookstall Mrs E. PRICE .Nofth-street SENNYBRIDGE. DAVID DAVIES Newsagent SOUTH IfRNDOWN. J. VERITY Post Office TENBY. WYMAN and SONS, Ltd.Railway Bookstall W. H SMITH and SON .15, Warren-street C. FARLEY 46, High-street J. E. ARNETT .The library WESTON-SUPER-MARE. WYMAN and SONS, Ltd.Railway Bookstall W. H. SMITH and SON Walliscote-road LAWRENCE BROS High-street W. LEVER and CO, 21, Regent-street JAMES LEVER 47, High-street S. HALLETT Claremont P.O., near Pier H. JF.LLY Meadow-street HEATH & SONS. Sole Agents for BROADWOOD, BECHSTEIN, BLUTHNER, ERARD, SCHIEDMAYER, NEUMEY^ER,^ WALDEMAR, & The PIANOLA Co. Also Stock BRINSMEAD, COLLARD,- STEINWAY, IBACH, &c., &c. PIANOS & ORGANS FROM 108 6d MONTHLY. 70 QUEEN-STREET. CARDIFF. Nat. Tel. 01199. 70, (TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD, Nat. Cel. 21. PENARTH & PORT TALBOT. WORTH KNOWING. GEORGE NAISH & SON, 79, GREAT FREDERICK-STREET, CARDIFF, istha. OLDEST ESTABLISHED PUBLIC BILL POSTER, who rents the largest number and best private bill-posting stations in the town and neigh- bourhood. All work entrusted to him will be speedily and faithfully executed. N.B. —Bill Posting sent by boat or mail will have immediate attention. 13675 «■ I* mj «■ jmpaMW—— —-r pipping j&rrittts. HITE STAR LINE.— LIVERPOOL | tT to AUSTRALIA, calling at Capetown (South Africa). PERSIC, 11,974 tons July 2 RUNIC. 1 ,482 ton j July 30 MEDIC, 11.984 ton3 Aug. 27 AFRIC, 11,948 tons Sept 24 The accommodation on these twin-screw steamers comprises smoking, reading, and dining rooms. Fares.—To Australia, £17 to £30; to Capetown, £15 15s to £24 3s, For further particulars apply to Local Agents or to Ismay, Imrie and Co., Liverpool. Southampton. 1 Cockspur-street, S.W., and 38, Leadenhall-street, E.C., London. CANADIAN pACIFIC LINE ASTEST 1 Weekly Service from Liverpool. Un- TO ) surpassed accommodation at moderate p XT A TI fares. Emigrants met at Liverpool by AUA. c.P. officials. For Sailings and Pam- phlet re Work and Wages apply to Canadian Pacific Railway, 18, St. Augustine's-parade, Bristol, or Local Agents everywhere. g SUMMER TOURS TO EDINBURGH EXHIBITION, X GLASGOW, FIRTH OF CLYDE, SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, BELFAST, PORTRUSH. NORTH OF IRELAND, ISLE OF MAN, GL From CARDIFF, BRISTOL, SWANSEA, <ft NEWPORT. E CIRCULAR TOUR to GLASGOW, EDIN- BURGH, LONDON, etc. A Guide Book and all Particulars Free from ALEXANDER GREGOR, 19456 13, Bute-crescent, Cardiff. ALLAN ROYAL MAIL LINE. THE ONLY I EXPRESS WEEKLY SERVICE TURBINE from LIVERPOOL to STEAMERS. CANADA. Unsurpassed Accommodation. Lowest Fares. Special Through Bates to Western States. Also Direct Services from London and Glasgow. Handbooks, Maps, and all information Free. Apply ALLANS, 19. James-street, Liverpool; 103. Leadenhall-st., E.C.; and 5. Pall Mall. S.W., London 25, Bothwell-st., Glasgow, or Local Agents. JJAVE YOU TRIED IT? TF NOT, THEN TRY IT NOW. JWILYM VANS' TWITTERS. This is the one Acknowledged Remedy which gives STRENGTH TO THE WEAK. NEW LIFE TO THE DEBILITATED. JOY IN LIFE TO THE MELANCHOLY The Doctors say it is a safe, certain, trustworthy. Remedy. REMEMBER IT IS GWILYM ^VANS' TWITTERS. THE BEST REMEDY FOR WEAKNESS, NERVOUSNESS, INDIGESTION, LOSS OF APPETITE, FLATULENCE, LOW SPIRITS, SLEEPLESSNESS. GWILYM 1^VANS' TWITTERS. TESTIMONIAL. Coed Talywern, Dvffryn. Gentlemen,—I am pleased to be able to bear testimony to the benefit I have received by taking WEAKNESS Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. I have had medicine from various WEAKNESS Doctors every Spring for yeara past, and was obliged to take medi- WEAK 5TES3 cine all last Winter, but, as I re- ceived little benefit, 1 resolved to try Gwilym Evans'Quinine Bitters, and, though I have only taken three 2s 9d bottles, I am able already to go about. I have been suffering trom weakness, etc. Yours truly, M. A. WILLIAMS. QWILYM VANS' TWITTERS. TESTIMONIAL. Tanyard-terrace, St. John's, Worcester. Dear Sir,—I have suffered with pain in my chest, Nervousness and Debility for a long time, and have NERVOUSNESS taken a deal of medicine, but got no relief. Being recommended to NERVOUSNESS try Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters, I took one bottle and NERVOUSNESS found great relief; then I got another, and now I am not like the same person. I can go to work with ease, which I had not done before for a long time. I shall be happy to recommend GwUym Evans' Quinine Bitters, and feel pleased to say I have found it such a quick remedy after suffering so long. Yours grttefnlly. K.yiSHER. GWILYM /EVANS. TWITTERS. TESTIMONIAL. 44, Llwydarth-road, Maesteg. Dear Sirs,—Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters is, in my opinion, INDIGESTION one of the Best Gifts gven to Humanity. I, myself, have derived INDIGESTION the greatestpossible benefit in stub- burn cases of flatulence, Indiges- INDIGESTION tion, Loss of Appetite, and Weak- ness. I have proved Gwilym Evans* Quinine Bitters on my own person to succeed when all other remedies bave failed. Yours troly, T. POWELL. GWILYM VANS' JglTTERS* When you ask for GwilymEvans* Bittera see that you get it, BEWARE OF IMITATIONS with the name, Gwilym Evans" on BKWARE OF IMITATIONS thelabel^nthe stamp, and on the bottle BEWARE OF IMITATIONS without which none are genuine. Indig- nantly refuse substi- tutes, and insist upon having GWILYM jg VANS' TDITTERS. This worM-famous pre- SOLD EVERYWHERE ^d^^Sd SOLD EVERYWHERE eMh or be sent dire^L SOLD EVERYWHERE ^°re 7, from the Soto Proprietors— QUININE BITTE RS MANUFACTUR- ING CO., LTD., MINCING-LANE, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. GWILYM -giVANS' &JJITTERS. Perpetual inlunction has been granted against M. W. James. PERPETUAL INJUNCTION Llanelly, with costs, PERPETUAL INJUNCTION restraining him from PERPETUAL INJUNCTION passing oft hisgooda as Gwilym Evans's Quinine Bitters. X REACH OUT "Y'" And take hold of Good Health. ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTLE OF IJIUDOR "YYTT,TJAMS' PATENT BALSAM OF TJONEY, WHAT IT IS. TUDOR WILLIAMS' PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY is an essence of the purest and most efficacious herbs gathered on the Welsh Hills and Valleys in the proper season when their virtues are in full perfection, and combined with pure Welsh Honey. All the ingredients are perfectly pure. WHAT IT DOES, TUDOR WILLIAMS' PATENT BALSAM -OF HONEY Cures Coughs,. Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Croup, and aLl disorders of the Throat, Chest, and Lungs. Wonderful Cure for Children's Coughs after Measles, It is invaluable to weak-cnested men, delicate women, and children. It succeeds where all other remedies fail. Sold by all Chemists and Stores in Is, 2s 6d, and 4s 6d bottles. A great saving in purchasing the larger size bottles. WHAT IT HAS DONE FOR OTHERS. A Stipendiary and Magistrate in the County of Glamorgan remarks :— "1 feel it my duty to inform you that I have been using your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey in my family, which is a large one. for many years, and kave proved its great value, having used nothing else for Cough during Measles, Whooping Cough, and Bronchitis, and can highly recommend it to all parents for such complaints." YOU NEED NOT SUFFER. Disease is a sin, inasmuch that you act rightly, at the right time, it can to a great ex- tent be avoided. Here is the preventative. The first moment you start with Sore Throat take a dose of npUDOR WIlLIAMS. PATENT JgALSAM OF HONEY. It has savod thousands. It will save you. It is prepared by a fully-qualified chemist, and is, by virtue of its composition, eminently adapted for all cases of Coughs, Colds, Bron- chitis, Asthma, etc.; it exercises a. distinct in- fluence upon the mucous lining of the throat, windpipe, and small air vessels,so that nothing but warmed pure air passes into the lungs. THE CHILDREN LIKE IT. It's the product of the Honeycomb chemic- ally treated to get the best results. THEY ASK FOR IT. go different from most Medicines. Nice to Take. Cures Quickly. For vocalists and public speakers it has no equal, it makes the voice as clear as a bell. Sample Bottle sent (post paid) for Is 3d. 2s 9d, and 5s from the inventor, D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, K.S.D.E. Manufacturer- TUDOR WILLIAMS, M.R.P.S., A.S.Apth., Analytical and Consulting Chemist and Druggist, bv Examination. MEDICAL llALL. ABERDARE. 1103 fBusiitflss -,Xbbrtzstz. r~/ 1 fk I M\T^dayand throughout the Whitsuntide period /» WW V is coupling with his FAC IOHY 5f i\\ ?SEEEPRr £ B""r;s?ab„ySa -J| lljl »!«/|| I Previous records for valuo and qualitv are -J 11/ SI I easily surpassed in this week's selection, tha X. I l|i J] I adYanta^s to the customer asserting — Itself in hundreds of ineney-saving — 1 'with EQUAL" to °LD B^ £ °|HES' SOI.M GOLD ENGRAVED TEA Mr. W.J. FOWLKS, or I jubilee r~—— Solid Gold G<?M IFF Fti "I llave had one BRACELETS IQf. GUARDS (asfrtqu-m ysold 110/S) H of your Watches (27/6 value) Wf ■" (40/- value) [yT^xl ljuijf for over 14 years. Hundreds of half-saving bargains! To- v It has been a won- day is Free Prize Day. Cut this out and Ha WJSL IK derful Watch. It come for yours. ? ? IK put toftthe tea? Month's Free Trial. Train Paras Paid, H. SAMUEL, BlijjlC 7. ST. MARY-ST. CARDIFF. I NicriL LvvKR Ci-ocr, ill with Rcgtila- tor (-orth 216). ■ nV I | H gj D 1 n n The Physician's H B 9 H fl jH JB B IS Cure for Gout, B iwt B IK H ■> IB ^Hr WBk. iJ| Rheumatic Gout and Gravel. The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Headache, Heartburn. Indigestion, J™65!5 most Sour Eructations, Bilious Afiections. Effective Aperient ^0r Regular Use. MAGNESIA

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