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-=, -.c = oo oo oo When a man has Neuralgia, don't offej^^ f Sffif him sympathy but quietly give him a M- VW fy% Zox Powder and leave him to himself vVB for a few minutes. Then go back and K HI you will find his is not a case for e £ ? sympathy but for congratulation. \k_j_ ■§5 & Zox will have done its work w3 well and the pain will have j| y^Jj disappeared as if by magic. f 11 ✓ y. Cures J 1 fNt Neuralgia Jfw Headache I Toothache I ffffl /4fe%r^ We make no impossible claims for Zox. 8 /? £ dgr What we say Zox will do. it has done- 9 f M jr J&S' hundreds of thousands of times. Zox I i J? 0W has established itself by its sheer and ■ s <$* unfailing efficacy. It is easy to take, quick in g ml J MEr its action on the nerves, and certified, to contain 9 f| Z' no injurious substance. If you suffer from Neuralgia 1 fl/ Mv or Headache, try Zox, and find speedy relief. B Yf0M F R E Send stamped addressed envelope. mention this iournal. and we B I It £ y /"tees"'i> w'" send you. free of charge. Two Zox Powders. You thus I £ *Zgr £ »"• test ti.e value of the remedy at cur expense. fl v|||y Zox Powders of Chemists, Stores, &c., I ^HST I/- and 2/6 per box, or post free from I JjW THE ZOX CO., 11, HATTON GARDEN, LONDON, E.C. SiL~- [Heaves Food] J Assists digestion. I I Your Infant will require no corrective medicine it Neave's 1 | Food is given strictly according to directions. gj Quickly and easily prepared. I E Purveyors by Special Appointment to H.I.M. the B I Empress of Russia. f 1 Gold Medals, London, J900 & 1906. — L ink A A-Ale that 51 ■ — FURNISH THE HOME WITH -| OKT»I^H^i50 EVERLASTING | j, SSWoUll a "EMPIRE"! 1 "'fM PLATE. '1 "Empire" Plate is trebly I", "Empire" Plate is trebly I", I l.i plated on the finest Nickel Silver, lb | can only distinguished from Ster- | I 'r$MmI ling Silver by the absence of the Hall. 1 tT.v :'4|llmV Mark, and excels in quality and value | 1 all other makes of Electro-plated v»'-are. V, ^JlPI "Empire" IPHsate is hand- jjj^ r some in appearance and an ornament' f to the table. It is true economy-to-.J ^gr'T I buy" Empire" Plate, which retaiusitai | aei«om^t,,BMTE Hltu l origiBal c°lour and. appearance even | ^HgS a.w-8 J after many years of exceptionally? j hard service. 0 At the 1862 Exhibition "Empire" f Cases and Canteen of Spoons and Forks, p]ate was aWarded Prize Medals for » or Cutlery, &c„ from £ 3 .12. excellence of manufacture, and it«till i See Illustrated, Book No. 2, post free. retains that pre-eminence for | f^~p which it was noted 50 years ago, j 1 a r -whilst the prices are, quality con- | —~ sidered, the lowest. 0 BT AlEkBLE SYSTEM OF I MONTHLY-J WP \PAYMENTS^ ILLUSTRATED aad Jewellery. 1 J THE "PORTLfe^O" SET. &Q the 3-piectM. BOOKS ^Q^Ba^Cd Fitar "Many other Designs-arc given in Illustrated Book FREE. Articles for Presents. fl Many other Designs-arc given in Illustrated Book FREE. Articles for Presents. fl yr0. 2, post p-ac. Mention this Paper. H ij, W, BlWS8i» Ltd., 62 & 64, Lutigats Hill, LONDON, E.C. | I ->-=^1 — -1 WHEEZY COUGHS. WCHRONIC ASTHMA CURED BY WCHRONIC ASTHMA CURED BY LIGHTNING COUGH CURE. J>ijr Alireti Harrould, of 64, l.ondon-avenne, N E., i^Wouth' writes:—About twelve years ago I con- jj |?iracted Baker's Asthma,* and I got so bad that KiVf' up my work. I went to several doctors wjtridd every advertised remedy, but derived no M-uanent eood. Then I tiied Veno's Lightning ;t|3?h Cure, a;id gave it a fair trial, and soon found ^tn ^^ioughing was nothing like as bad, and now I iC1 a* well' as ever. I always''keep a bottle in the as I find t hat one dose only will cure a cold in the members of my family." i,iglitn ina C'ùu¡!h Cure can be bought for 9kl, lid, and is 9d everywhere. < That Will' ita e you eitt make, you I enjoy your food too— B I plenty of other sauces I but only one H.P. g iyiCJLASSSNE B MEAL I (IMPBCVED PBOCESS) » MAKES HORSES "GO" I KEEPS them healthy and 98 ALWAYS FIT. H better VALUE THAN CORN. H THE MoijASPIMK Co. (1907), LD., 36. Mark Lane London. E.C J» ,¡o,i_ ,> ,1 t







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