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r jj BEST & GOES FARTHEST. S Una :C' "¡ I :ANHOUTEN'S( ji ^e ^rst *n ^e morn*n £ 1 THE COCOA THE CHILDREN ENJOY. I I ..iJ" ITHE ONLY SAFE J FOOD FOR BABY! j You learnt, that Babies fed on PATENT I FOODS get RICKETS. SCURVY, and S otbrr wasting DISEASES. Bacia. has nuw made this IMPOSSIBLE. RACIA, IHO new Food for Babies from Birth. PRE- VENTS and CURES these diseases, as besides being absolutely starcliless, it con- I tains the soluble albuminoids and organic | phosphates and lime salts extracted from 1 wheat bran. i RACIA is most strengthening for In- I valids, Nursing and Expectant Mothers. I Sold in always hermetically closedtins, Is 6d. j SAMPLE TIN FREE Frame Food Co., Ltd., Standen Road. Southfields, London, S.W. RACIA is sold by F. J. Allwood, Talbot-street, Cardiff. A. C. Culley and Co., 108, Queen-street, Cardiff. E. Davies, Woodville-r6ad, Cardiff. Duck's Drug Stores, St. John's-square, Cardiff. | Edwards' Drug Stores, 2, Mackintosh- place, Roath. W. T. Hicks Co., 28, CardUT. Owen Jenkins, 372, Cowbridge-road, IW. T. Hicks & Co., 28. Duke-st., Cardiff. CardiC. E. Poole, Broadway, Cardiff. H. Prust. 14, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. Geo. Thomas, 157, Cowbridge-road, Canton. I J. Williams, 132, Queen-street, Cardiff. | And most other leading Chemists and | Grocers. § r BO VRIL, or BO VRll Row do YOU pronounce it? f £ 500"PRIZES f- See Particulars in Prize Scheme Circular, \Sc. BOVRIL is a delicious, refreshing J beverage, a strengthening food. an );■ aid to tasty cookery, and a sick- i room necessity, in one. | BOVRIL is concentrated prime beef, I and contains not only the extractives of the beef, but the nourishing con- o stituents of its substance as well. 6 BOVRIL is ready for immediate use, and even the weakest can digest it. AVOID cheap imitations and buy Bovril. which is made only of prime beef, and guaranteed pure. J j(ONGREVfcsj J ELIXIR, I has never been superseded | 1 as a remedy for | || CONSUMPTION, J f| Bronchia.8 Coughs, §| I CoSds, Asthma, M JR The Rev. W. HARVEY-SMITM writes || f During a quarter of a century of work R| 0 amongst the poor of East London 1 fre. j» J queutly gave away Congreve's Elixir, and M a In several cases the relt was truly wonderful, ■ the patients rapidly gaining flesh and recovering H •| sound health. H 1 CONGREVE'S ELIXIR is sold by all JI | Chemists at i.'i VI, 2,9, 4/6 and 11/- £ 3 fc per bottle. jm j!i Mr. Congreve's new book on j| y j |l Consumption and other Diseases jS? | jflk of the Lungs will be sent A|i 9 Ifmk post free, for Si.>ence I j B nil f No. 4, Coombs | J | j| 5 J Lodge, Peckharo, jrfwf 111 l| 11 ^ill ■■■ The Family f* t Safeguard I against Pain SU9AMTS LINI. T Penetrates Right to the Bone and Kills Pain All the Way. The penetrative properties of this wonder- I ful remedy ensure the absolute removal of | pain. This is not only by a soothing: action J on the nerves, but by increase of circulation j and removal of congestion. Sloan's Liniment I I kills pains in muscles, organs, tissues, or | | joints. R gS YEARS' § j w RHEUMATISM.! Pine Street, Waldridg-e Fell, 1 Chestcr-le-Street. | Dear Dr. Sl.OAN,—For six years I suffered S from rheumatism. Nothing that I tried jjavc I me the least relief until I applied Dr. Sloan's g Liniment, which is infallible in giving speedy and B -thorouoh comfort. I have never been troubled I with rncuinatism since 1 tried l)r. Sloan s Jy Liniment. Thanking you, I jCSBSS355«fl jl am, yours truly, B ABRAHAM MUDD. | £ For rheumatism, grout, \| | backache, lumbago, ncu- fr' la 1 ralgia, sciatica, Uiothache, iMuBMpMl I t iylit chest,Stiffness,'sprai us-, 11 MMSSfiti 1 blows, burns, etc., thtre is | 1 absolutely nothing-to equa* I Sloan's Liniment: A I At Chemists, 1,'J hollies. tlu"* "1 I Depot: tS, Snow H ill, E.C. |)a- I 1ABUNG WOWDER 'OWDR the World, i

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