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.1 THE PROOF IS HERE IN I YOUR OWN TOWN. I ww A.I! ww *s a ^act all the "Every Picture world over, but we more 1 .» easily realise it to be a fact jfr — JgjP^ |fk when we hear of it from a Jn>± ST^r-J I neighbour. We know it to \s^ wlwk$8 be a fact when we have ourselves tested its truth, B i 335*^ and this we can do when B jf IM^VVx i « the news is local news. We \Al I can test the truth of a story ^m. Vu V X /vi ^at ^oes not come from | 1 >&l far away, but from nearby, f 1' W perhaps even from our own ^CN town. It is this kind of jtJf evidence that is always given to you about the value of Dean's Backache *•" Kidney Pills, evidence from Teas a story." your own town, evidence from a neighbour. WHEN WE SEE IT OURSELVES. 1 WHEN OUR NEBCHBOURS TELL IT. i NO BETTER EVIDENCE CAN BE HAD. IT'S NOT WHAT THEY SAY MILES AWAY. THIS IS WHAT THEY SAY HERE IN CARDIFF. Mrs S. Sinclair, 2, Maria-street, kidney trouble and I take pleasure in Bute Town, Cardiff, savs:—" For recommending the medicine to others, two years I suffered from severe (Signed) Sarah Sinclair." pains in my back and loins, caused by my kidneys not acting properly. These J Over 5% years later Mrs Sinclair pains were always very bad whenever said to one of our representatives :— I stooped. I also suffered 11 I say the same now as I always say A from urinary disorders. I I have never had a return of my old tried no end of things, but complaint since I was cured by Doan's none of them did me any backache kidney pills, a3 I wrote and CARDIFF good. I was told of Doan's told your people a little while ago. I backache kidney pills, and am very grateful for my lasting cure." CASE. advised to try them. I Doan's Backache Kidney Pills are two got some, and aftertaking. shillings and ninepence per box (six boxes for a few doses I felt much better. I went thirteen shillings and ninepence). Of all j on using the pills, and soon the pains ^hemiste and stores, or post free, direct from i ju. „„4-aA Foster-McClellan Co., 8, Wells-street, Oxford- left me, and the kidneys acted natur- streefc; Ij0nd0I1( w. Be sure you get ally. 1 can honestly say "that Doan s exactly the same kind of pills that Mrs backache kidney pills have cured my 1 Sinclair had. If the KIDNEYS are too ILL or too WEAK to carry on their work, you will suffer from Backache, Rheumatism, Giddiness, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Gout, Bladder Troubles, Stone, Dropsy, Ringing in the Ears, Broken Sleep, Tiredness, and Weakness. f iACKACHE liaoftr i L A DOCTORS ADVICE. TO SUFFERERS FROM THE NERVES, STOMACH, & KIDNEYS. The eoon<? and expert advice contained in the follow. tug-letter from a well-known specialist should be of !,ntk" rm+, to all. It deals wilh a preparation called Dr. Ca Ys Tablets, which ? made up from a priceless pret pticm and now in ui vmal use fn every home in Great. Britain. D ring the last six months I have prescribed Dr. Cass ell "i Tablets in cases where a nutrient tonic was indicated, and in this respect 1 found them most valuable in each ease. Tb<ry increase flesh, strength, and weight, and appear to possess the peouliar actIon of reducing fat tissue and increasing muscular strength and activity. I regard the preparation as a most valuable addition to therapeutics." Surelv advice aoch as this is worth more than passing consideration, and we would advise all persons suffer- ing from wrecked constitution, debility, thinness, and weakness of body. indigestion, stomach disorders, nerve troubles, kidney and heart weakness, decline, and like ailments, to get a loid box of Dr. Cassell's Tablets. Any chemist can supply them. A Triumplt of Science I You learnt that Babies fed on PATENT FOODS get RICKETS, SCURVY, and other wasting DISEASES. Radar. has now made this IMPOSSIBLE. RACIA, the new Food for Babies from Birth. PRE- VENTS and CURES these diseases, as besides being absolutely starchless, it con- tains the soluble albuminoids and organic phospha-tes and lime salts extracted from wheat bran. RACIA is most strengthening for In- valids, Nursing and Expectant Mothers. Sold in always hermetically closedtifts, is 6d. SAMPLE TIN FREE Frame Food Co., Ltd., Standen Road' Southfields, London, S. W, RACIA is sold by F. J- AHwoody Talbot-strest, Cardiff. A: C. Culley and Co., 108, Queen-street, Cardiff- E. Davies, Woodville-road, Cardiff. Duck's Drug Stores, St. Jobn's-square, 8 Cardiff. I Edwards' Drug Stores, 2, Mackintosh- | place, Roath. I W. T. Hicks & Co., 28. Duke-st., Cardiff. | Owen Jenkins, 372, Cowbridge-road, g Cardiff- I E. Poole, Broadway, Cardiff- g R. Prust, 14, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff, g Geo. Thomas, 157, Cowbridge-road, g Canton. § J. Williams, 132, Queen-street, Cardiff. 3 And most other leading Chemists and | Grocers. 1 H COLD MF-AT now in Season -so is 4& "Try them U T ø The best remedy for GOUT, RHEU- d' j MAT3SM, SCIATICA and LUMBAGO, and B I the only one that has stood the test of B time and increased in sale yearly, is that § celebrated medicine, B lA I R"S GOUT PILLS. Why? Because they are pure, sure, and safe, I and have relieved and cured thousands. Try g j them. They hardly ever fail. B ■ AUChemists and-Storea, at Is lid-and 2s 9d per 1 f 1 box. 1 MMHKBBRS^BCSIX!mEBmaBBBaONanH9BB8BOBBSMBHmmnBKf >r, for Ladles t,-d'6e-4hM.Ughl7y prices. A dr ttel. %ud a I)a a toa.y I' N03UE 271 B.-k Wamb NW., i







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