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SUCCESSFUL OPENING DAY. Brilliant Summer Weather. BIG ENTRIES AND ATTENDANCE IMPORTANT SOCIAL FUNCTION. The twenty-fifth annual Cardiff and South Wales Horae Show opened at the Sophia Gardens Field on Wednesday in brilliant wea- ther. The officials of the show had left no stone unturned to make the event a success. They had increased the accommodation of the grand stand, making its total length over 1,000 feet. They had partially rearranged the show ground, which made it from a spectacular point of view better than ever before. The committee had engaged the famous Royal Marines Band for the delectation of visitors, and the band played selections at intervals in a specially-erected stand at the rear of the grand stand. It is notable that this is the first time a band has been engngad at the Cardiff show. The big ring had been once more en- larged, and this, added to the fact that the turf > as in exceptionally fine condition, did much to make the trotting and other competi- tions the success that they undoubtedly were. The attendance was officially estimated at 7,000. Included in this number were 5,100 pay- ing Is at the gates, 584 reserve t icket holders, and 397 who paid 2s 6d. These figures are practically identical with those of the opening day last year. day last year. THE OFFICIALS. The show officials, most of whom were on the ground early, included Mr C. H. Williams, general steward of the yard Mr James Howeil presided over the financial arrangements while Mr D. T. Alexander as usual rendered arduous service in the general supervision of the grand stand. The stewards of the larg3 ring were Colonel Henry Lewis, (Wecn- meadow Mr R. Forrest, Mr G. C. Wililams, Mr W. R. Shirley, Mr J. H. Howell, Mr W. Cope, Mr J. A. Alexander, and Colonel W. Forrest. The stewards of the small ring were Messrs G. W. David, W. Cope, L. W. David, R. W. Lewis, and Sir Francis Rose Price. The judges were as follow :—Hunters— Messrs T. H. Hutchinson, Catterick, Yorks, and Romer Williams, Newnham Hall, Daventry. Hacks, hackneys, and harness horses—Messrs James Hornsby, Laxton Park, Stamford Henry Moore, Cranswick, Hull and D. S. Carr, Carluke, N.B. Cart horses- Messrs Henry Smith, Crosswell Butler, Nottingham and W. Richardson, Dodding- ton, Cambs. ENTRIES AND THE JUDGING. The entries totalled nearly 600, and practi- cally represented a record, the total being nearly 100 in advance of last year, and it in- cluded most of the famous prize winners from all parts of the United Kingdom. The judging of the hack and harness classes began in the big ring before 10 o'clock, while the hunter classes were judged in the small ring. The big ring was the main centre of interest throughout the day. Shortly before noon, while one of the hackney classes was being judged, there was an exciting incident. Mrs Hartlsy Batt, a well- known prize winner, was showing Heathfield Squire in harness. Sitting beside her was a groom. Some unevenness in the ground caused Mrs Batt to lurch against the groom, who was thrown out on to the ground. Mrs Batt lost the reins, and the horse careered off madly, Mrs Batt clinging to the splash board of the vehicle. Things looked very serious. The horse doubled back and scattered the judges. The groom had by this time recovered his feet, and he ran and pmckily seized the animal by the head and brought it to a standstill. Generally speaking the entries are, from the point of view of quality, thoroughly up to the high standard of former years. The general in- terest of the public was thoroughly well sus- tained, and the jumping and trotting in the big ring proved as popular a feature as ever. AS A SOCIAL FUNCTION. The Cardiff Horse Show has always proved a big social function, and this feature Was again a notable one. Many of the county families from Glamorganshire, Monmouthshire, and Carmarthenshire were represented, and the dis- play of ladies' dresses was such that during the latter part of the afternoon the central portion of the grand stand presented a brilliant scene. One of the earliest arrivals was Lord Tredegar, whose debonair figure was seen moving hither and thither throughout the afternoon, always genial, always welcome. Colonel the Hon. F. C. Morgan, of Ruperra, another of the oldest sup- porters of the show. was also greeted heartily by many old friends as he moved about, ac- companied by his daughter, Mrs Mundy. Sir Charles and Lady Forestier Walker, of Castle- ton, brought a house party, which included the Rev. T. Peyton, Air, Peyton, and Miss Peyton, and Mr and Mrs Ivor Forestier Walker. Lord and Lady Ninian Stuart visited the show ground during the afternoon. Colonel and Mrs Henry Lewis (Greenmeadow) brought a house party which included Mrs and the Misses Bernard, of Honiton Colonel Bertie, C.B., and Captain D. Gwynne others present included Lord Glantawe and party, Colonel Sir Ivor Herbert, M.P., and party, Mr and Mrs Blandy Jenkins (Llanharran) and party, Sir Francis Rose Price (Hensol), Sir John Gunn and party, Sir Griffith Thomas and party, Colonel and Mrs Homfray (Penlline) and party, General Tyler (Llantrythyd) and party, Mr and Mrs Ebsworth (Llandough Castle), Mr John Cory (Duffryn) and party, Mr and Mrs Delme Evans (Carmarthenshire) and party, Mr W. H. P. Jenkins and Lady Caroline Jenkins. Mrs Firbank (Caerloon) and party, Mr and Mrs Clay (Chepstow), Mrs Curre (Chep- stow) and party, Mr and Mrs Roland Fores- tier Walker, the Misses Masters (Lanelay), Mr C. H. Williams (Roath Court and party, Mr and Mrs Robert Forrest and party, Col. and Mrs J. Rees Banfield, Mr Walter Shirley and party, Mr \V. Cope (Bridgend) and party, Mr Lipscomb (Margam), Mr Henry Radcliffe and party, Mr and Mrs J. H. Mullins (Pres- wylfa), Mrs Griffiths Phillips (Whitchurch) and party, Mr T. M. Franklen and party, Mr W. H. Matthias, Mr and Mrs L. Williams (Bon- vilstone), Mr Insole (Ely Court) and party, Mrs Vernon Hill and party, Mrs Walter Mor- gan (Treforest) and Miss Morgan, Mr and Mrs Alex. Duncan, Mr J. A. Ware and party, Mrs Trevor Thomas and pa.rty, Mr and Mrs W..T. Tatem and party, Major T. W. Lucas, Mr and Mrs Waldron (Peterstone), Mr and Mrs Aisbett (Llanishen), the Misses David (Llan- daff), Mr T. Andrews and party. THE EVENING CONCERT. The concert in the evening attracted a large crowd. The avenue of the Sophia Gardens leading up to the bandstand was gaily- illu- minated, and presented for some time an animated scene. The band of the Roval Marines (Portsmouth division), under the con- ductorship of Lieutenant George Miller, dis- coursed a fine programme of music selected from the works of Godfrey, Strauss, Tschai- kowsky, Sullivan, and Berger. flfeminis- cences of England," one of F. Godfrey's masterpieces, elicited much applause, as also did the overture solennelle 1812," played by request.



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The T onypandy "Split."


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