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The Little Ruse.

Illustrated Humour.


Illustrated Humour. I Time To Stop. I Irate Passenger (scrambling into an omnibus that did not stop): Suppose I bad slipped and broken a leg, what then? Corductor You wouldn't have bad to do any more running then, air; we always stop* lor folks with crutches. Easily Explained. Younger Brother Tell me what ia the differ. ence between a tricycle and a bicyale ? a Elder Brother (with a patronising air) Whv, ± don't you know that ? If a man takes the thing home to see how he likes it, it's a trieycle but if he buys it outright, it'» a bicycle. jj On The Door Step. S a Messrs Fairlai4 and Redman (calling): Is Miss Flirtie at home ? a .Bridget Faith, thin, Oi dotiPt know the said C if it was that rod hided, freolhad dnde, she was c not in; bat if it_was that hand so ma Mr Fairleigb, she was., But, begorre, yer both here together. b Just So. f! A school master bad a clasir, of boys who were q irery troublesome, One day when some anpar- n lonabie mischief had been committed, be stood d with several of tbe rmglead«(fc at the head of the. :Iass. v I I Ob. dear," he exclaimed, 441 have to use that 0 itick for more than it ought to be need." "yes, sir, romaiked the demon of the CiRso. o It Tjill be comiDg out on atrike Then it came out on n,tika" with a yen- »eance. \ty. Ancient, s e "That chioken which yoa are eating vvaa hatchod in an incubator," said a waitor at a rsstaurant. t "Great Scot!" said the customer, 441 didn't I know that incubators bad bien inuoted sueh a »reat number of vears l" —— — c Not His Business To Tell, Guilty or not guilty ?" asked the Judge of an Irish prisoner. f "AD' sure," said Pat, II what are vez there for but to tind ant 7" f An Easy One. g Master (to his chemistry class): What does = sea water :Mnt..ln besides the sodium chloride just mentioned? I Smith Fish, air. f t Callie For Gratjt"-le, ( < Jack (waking np hill brother): Jin^mie, tSeio's a burglar in the house. Jimmie (fervently) ? Thank goodness he's not in the backyard; my bike's out there. Trick Of Tbe Trade. Optician (to new assistant): Now, in sanding out tbees price list,, write the addresses as small as possible, so that tbose reading them will thiak they need glasses. March Of Science. Scientific Parent (out for a walk) You see that^man with that cart pashes it in front of himt Can you guess tbe reason why? Pro- bablT not-l will ask him. "My good man, why do you pnsb that cart instead of nulling it 1" 'Cause I ain't a horse, yoa blooming idiot." A Theory- Why do so many pianiata wear long Liair "1 suppose," answered Miss Cayenne, "that some of them let their hair bang over their ears so as not to be so much disturbed by the sur- rounding conversation." Not Hilt Enough. Did yoa deliver my message, air?" said the gentleman to his servant. No, eorr, the doctor was out." "Couldn't you have put the letter in the box ?" No, air, the box was inside, and the door was locked." But wasn't there a slit in the door?" Yea sorr, but it was na bit: enough for me to ;,t through," p^^nsw What H<r Wanted.—Green If there is woman in this UAta who is a better cook than my wife, I'd Jike to eaeet bar.-Brown Yoar wife Is an expert, eh ?—Green Expert, no I Didn't I jaat tell yoa I waa an&ioua to meet a better Ltoo**

Welsh Tit-Bits. -------------------"

A Question of Equity.

Fashion and Things Feminine.

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