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WELSH GLEANINGS. News and Views in Lighter Vein, Sir Thomaa Hughes, a former Lord Mayor of Liverpool, has been Btaying at Llanwrtyd Wells, Lord and Lady Windsor are giving a ball at Hewell Grange—their Doraetabire seat-on Oct, 23, to celebrate tbe coming of age of their eldest son, the Hon. Other Robert Windsor Clive. Musically, the event of the season in Merthyc, will be the visit of Sir Edward Elgar. The dis. tinguished composer blLS promised to visit the town to conduct Mr Harry Evans's society in the performance of King Olaf (Elgai). In the "Novel Magazine for the current month a novelette, which was published some time ago in Papur Pawb" (Carnarvon), apt pears in Engliah garb. The author ia a member of the Herald Cymraeg ataff. Mr O. M. Edwards attributes the surprisingly large nnmber of Welsh teachers on the staffs of the best Londou elementary schools to the fact that the Welah^teacber has superior sympathy with tbe scholars." Mr E. Towyn Jones, tB.Sc., Junior Demon- strator in Chemistry at the University College of North Walea, Bangor, has been apDointed Asistant Lecturer and Demonstrator in Chemis- try at tbe School of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Society), London. A Conway correspondent is responsible for the statement that 37 sparrows were killed at Pen- maenmavr station the other day by the engine of tbe boat express. The birds, he says, were picking ap grain wbich had been spilt along the permanent way, and did not take to flight until he express was upon them. Welsh teachers will be interested to it is proposed to isaue, shortly, a ,.ugual edition of Msbinogion aa a school reader, soitable for tbe upper standarda in primary schools and the lower forms of tbe interaiediata schools. It will be well illustrated and anno- tated, and will be edited by Mr R. L. D&vias. Mr J. Tudor Rees, of Cardiff, will ba sailing to-morrow (Wednesday) for tbe United States to lectnre in several Ameiican cities on the Welsh revival. Mr Reell, who will be acoomnanied by Mr Dewi Michael, tooor vocalist, delivered hia lacture. which was illustrated with lantern slides, to a crowded audience at tbe John Cory Sailors and Soldiers' Rest at Cardiff on Satur- day night. Mr Benjamin Owen Jones, formerly of Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire is the first Mayor of the South African city of Boksburg. During bis year of office he has entertained Lord and Lady Selborne (High Commissioner of South Africa, and bis wife). Boksburg is a flourishing town in the Transvaal, and its inhabitants have recently erected a free library, a public hospi- tal, and a new post-office. Cardiff members of the Corporation are more pestered by lovers of light work for something to do on the Crams" than for any other kind of occupation, but Mr Ellis's last annual report discloses the fact that tbe tramway staff haa been reduced by 75 hands daring the year. This information should ward off seekers far sinecare appointments. It is difficult to understand why tram conducting and tram-driving has come to be regarded as a "Jjbt job," particularly in the winter season. Welsh is findine in the examination schedules of-the Central Welah Board for tbe coming official year. Translations fnto Welah from English, and from English into Welsh are provided for, and in each atage of the examina- tions questions to be answered in Welsh on the subject matter of the texts may be eet. Soau ot tbe books to be used are among the moal classical in the Welsh langnuage. Mel us DQOM mwy." The Liberation Society have appointed tbe Rev. John Michael a: their agent for the counties of Pembroke and Carmarthen. He ia a native of Maeateg, where he lived for 25 years. Mr Mtchsel'a aervices are in ereat demand in the piesent month, and bill lectures on the eeia. cation question, Diaestabliahment, and matters affecting Nonconformity bave been much appre- ciated. The rev. gentleman will dt-liverlB lec- tures in October and November. He is in charge of the joint paatorate of the Congregational Churches of Eeyston and Nolton Haven. The Cardiff Higher Grade Sobool has 771 scholars, 254 of whom are the children of arti- sans. The number of assistant teachers is 38 (36 permanent and two visiting). The ques- tion that now agitates tbe minds of the Higher Grade Scbool Sub-Committee ia whether this school shall be partly elementary and partly secondary, or wholly secondary in future. The board of Education strongly urges the latter alternative. This is a. matter tbat the ratepayers ought to bave a good deal to say abont during the coming November elections, especially if the weekly tuition fee is to be raiBed from 61.1 to 1s. Farmers' Wives' Excursion. The success of the farmers' excursion a few weeks ago ball encouraged the Glamorgan County Council to arrange an excursion for farmers' wives and daughters and others interested in dairying and poultry keeping. The party will leave on October 3rd and return from Loption October 6th. It wiil be organised and condr- by the agricultural lecturer with tbe ass of the dairy inatruetresa. The dairy abov. be viaitei and studied, and calls will be made at other placea of interest, such as dairies, poultry markets, egg warehouses, dairy farma, &c. The inclusive cost of the excursion will not exesed £3 per bead, and may be much lesa. An oppor- tunity ia thus offered which should be taken ad- vantage of. Every farmer should endeavour that at least one member of hr. household will join the party. Darmerth." Writes Etymologist In discussing enllin,' Mr Ben Jones has unearthed ant liisi interesting domestic Welsh word, viz., 4 dar- merth (provisions). In farmhouses there is always a kitchen table called 4 Bord darmerth., viz., that upon which the pastry, bread, msat, &c., is prepaied or dressed previous to cooking. Snch tabls has its top flanked on three aidee by fillets of toarda, jnst as modern pastry boards are surrounded, for the purpose of preventing any of the good things bandied by the housewife fulling on to the ground. It baa also a capacious drawer, wherein the roiling pin, &c., are apt. The name baa always been a mystery to me evet since the time I. aa a lad, used to natoh my mother preparing certain toothsome daintiai such aa 4 teisen hufen.* cramwtb.' and Welsh cakes apon it. but now it ia clear tbat I Borri darmerth means a provision table '—a very descriptive name iodeed." Old Characters at Buiith. Builth, beloved the colliers of South Wales, is losing ita old characters. One of the lateat to pass away was Thomaa Wickett, familiarly known aa Tommy Wicked, a harmless man, who did most of the porterage, and had a wonderful memory for faces of patrons. One still more friendly to the visitor hailed from Cefn Coed, and used to delight visitors by jigging after the old and approved style, whish he would do to the of 44 Shonny Hoy," who watched the Weakdown patroni singly pipe in mouth. Many a familiar character Builth has bad, from men who played instru- ments of divers kinds at the Wells from the beginning of the aeason to tbe end and some reputed :to bave seen better days, and wonld spin yarni to tender-hearted people of the ops and downs of this trying life. the trials having chiefly been due to their own thirsty nature. I have a recollection of one now with an old visi- tor, whose thirst was abnormal. It was not due to taking a quantity of aaline, a favourite thirst provoker, by the way, for he was never seen tc indulge in a glass, and the keen interest with which he watched John Jones or William Wilt liams imbibe was temarkabte but dry or wet, May to October, he was alwaya in a state of lubrication," and yet in all conditions played finely the old air unvil his playing days ceased. Tommy Wicked died in tbe workhouse last week, his journey to the train. ended for ever. _0--

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