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A Splendid Exhibition.




HACKS OR nJDING HORSES. The hacks or riding bcrsas commeuced with hackneys shown in saddle. Most of them were, however, more suitable for harness than for riding purnoso?. In the clasR 14.2 and net above 15.2 Mr Arthur Fevvson providad the winner in Prince Edward, a chestnut with fine action which held tbe same position at Bnxton. H13 immediate follower was Mr w. B. Tubbs'd Morning Gloa, » mare of good action, which aftorwnids carried off the premier prize in the hackney biood mares class. Another anetfoer, both 10 saddle and harness, was Mr S. R, Ten- ant's Authority, placed third. This animal waa a big winner ft Richmond when shown in leather. The next class was for hackneys 13 2 and not ubove 14.2. Mr H. Frank's Tissington Kit Cat was first here, having better action than Mr T. Morgan's RJajestic. Tbe latter is, how- ever, a very fine goer, and easily disposed of Mr W. Foster's Mel Valley Sneezer. In ponies not above 13 2 Mr George Griffith's well-known Lady Go Bang defeated Mr Totem's Penylan Eva, a very nice goer, showing a Jot of style. Little Briton, shown by Mr Robert Jones, per- haps one of the nicest riding hacks of the lot, wa« third. Tbe hackneys shown in saddle the properly of residents in South Wales and Monmouthsbire were a good lot. Dr. George P. Francis was first with Lady Dandy, one of his pair of harness horses that did so well at Batb. The aeuond prize winner was Mr David Evans' Memeuto, a mare that has won a considerable number of prizes both in saddle and harness. She was on this occasion shown afterwards in the local brood mares and was pfacod first. Mr Falconet's Ammau Empress, also a very nice gosr. came third- Tbe Gwalia Stud Company's Gwalia Qaeen was reserve, and other nice animals shown were Dr. Francis's Royalty and Mr Charles Rudcliffe's St. Nicholas, both bciug commended. The next class alno wus confined to Sonth Wales and Monmouthshire. Mra R. D. Evans's Lady Lofty, a very showy goer, who, however, throws her legs a little too much, whs first, and Mr C. Raticliffe this time took second place with BJorelind Ireta, the Gwali* Stud Company being third with Lady Roanie, which appeared to be more _*nitabJe for harness tbon saddle Mr Radcliffe's Maiie Tempest was strongly "commended, and Mr T. Morgan's Majestic, a very pleasant monnt. reserved. Tbe single harness horses exceeding 15.2 were a very good lot, probably one of the best classes in the show, Mr A. E. Evans was first with Princess, a mare of excellent bind and lore action, wbo went at a great pace. Mias Ella Ross came next with Rowton Blacktborue. a winner of many prizes, now beginning to get a little erale, not going with the same fire aa formerly he is 11 years old. The Hon. Mrs Ward ,-<as third with an animal of merit, wbo went straight an animal of merit, who went straight and well, and appeared to be eaoy to drive Mr J. Ker's Advertisement, which vaef reserve, 19 another faiily well known winner. OlbernDe traDpers shown were Mr H. Le march ant's The Only Way and the Gwalia Stud Company's Go Lightly, both being'commended. Another grand class was that for tingle har- ness mares and geldings, 14.2, and not above I' 15.2. Nothing came foiward to lower the colours of Mr Hartley Batt's celebrated Usatbfield Sqaire, wbo made a grand show. Uloxe up was Mr 8. R. Tenant's Authority, good iookicRi bay, which was a winner at Richmond. Anotbe fine stopper was Mr fl. Lemarcbant's CbieUIIO, and Mr Cbarl?s Radciffo secured reserve with Bravo, wbo perhaps WAS a little unlncky not to havo baen better pieced; he is a pl\1ticolprl1 lively goer, with find bind action, a'-id "poear to be a very pleasaot animal to drive. In tbl. clnss Mr McBride's New Bean got his lest over the shaft, aod falling smashed the traP to pieces, and "vas led off the cround txtae. next class was for cobs, Mr C, Kadcliffe, Carditii came to the front with Phoebe Walton, ceedingly hne goer, who won ut Bath. She bf a somewhat better hind action than Mr Fr*nB Tissington's Kit Cat, who divided Phosbe Wa ton from tbe aamo owner's Mario Tarrpest. M Kenworthv'a Woodley's Dorothy, a Z00" looking black, was reserve. Tbii mare was for- tunate to and herself in front of Mr A. Butcher » The Gentleman, a frequent winner in the weeC of England. Mr W. B, Tnbbs was first in tbe class for brood mares with Morning Glory, wbo had prevtonsly taken a second prize in the saddle. Mr -lames Howell came next w1'J Campanula, who haa an exceedingly 8°^^ action, using hot hocks as wyll as her kue^s. Lysagiit (Chepstow) was third with Titania« whose action behind is not quito of the besSi Mr Butcbelor's Rosette, a fine animal, wont wltb force, and beat Mr Lysagbt's Gold Flash, short-legged animal thut bas woa at this show on previous occasions. She was now atroop" commended. Commendation went aha to B" James Howell's Norbnry Duchess, a flashy g°et with foal at foot. In tbe next class, confined to residents of South Waleo and Monmouthllhire. Mr Howell waa again second with CampaanlJJj who was beaten for first place by Mr David Evaria's Memento. Mr Waller Briggs Wile fint 10 thi; class for hackney foals with St. Alban.a cheat" nut by St. John, and Mr Lvsagbt s-ocond with » filly by Garton Duke. Mr Howell this '11118 came in third with Campanula's chestnut colt, who is sbired by Hywol's Royal Danegalt. In tbe class for yearling colts by regiBterod hankie?9 Mr David Evans was first with Midland Heheb. and Mr W. Saint second with a black colt by Revolver. MrW. J. Tatem's Penylan Amt. sired by Majesty, just managed to score in the class for foals over Mr Jame** Howell's chestofl* by Athil. Tbe last-named exhibitor gained Lbe third prize with a bay by Conquest II. 10 t\10 year old colts Mr A. Fswson wan to the flon- with a fine upstanding chestnut gelding by St, Thomas. Mr Jame3 Howell took second plaell with an exceedingly smart chcatnut by Uoatdoff and Mr J. Beal waa third with Blanch former, a roan by St. Thomas.



",-_.----* LOCAL WEDDINGS.



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