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The National Eisteddfod.


The Commonwealth in Breconshire.


The Commonwealth in Breconshire. In Wales, the Royalist party was so strong that it was found impossible to secure the working of a sequestration committee to fine delinquents, and therefore an Act was pasted. first for South Wales, and later on for North Wales, imposing a general tax for delinquency on the counties of Wales, only excepting some of the wealthier nobility and gentry, whose estates were valuable enough to make them worth special prosecution. On 23rd Feb., 1649, was passed the Act concern- ing the Sequestration of South Wales and county of Monmouth, whereby fines were imposed on the respective counties for their delinquencies, viz. Pembroke, 23-500; Cardigan, £ 3,000; Carmar- then, 24,000; Glamorgan, £ 3,500; Brecon, £ 2,000; Monmouth, £ 3,000; Radnor. ZLSOO; total, £ 20,500. On 7th Feb., 1650. Thomas Evans, of Eglwys Extan, Wm. Morgan, of Neath, Major Jenkin Francklyn, Wm. Watkins, John Hughes, and Fras. Blethiu were constituted the new Sequestration Commissioners for South Wales, and Robert Jones, Thomas Evans, and Thomas Jones for Monmouthshire. Letters fram Brecon. 10 Nov., 1649.—Brecon. Edward Williams, sequestration solicitor for the County of Brecon., to the Commibtee for, Compounding, London,—I did not receive your order of 13th August for receiving and payin? m the rents and arrears of sequestered delinquents by the 10th of September till 20th of October. I sent to demand the same and being on my journey to attend you thereon on the 2nd November, William and Thomas Powell and other ill-affected persons dangerously wounded me, and I yet lie in peril of my life. The Army in 1647 brought a charge of treason against Sir William Lawis, Bart., M.P., of Llangoroe, one of the charges being that he bad appointed his kinsman, Edward Williams, to be solioitor for sequestration. 2 Oct., 1650.—Committee for South Wales to the same.—We have sent you £ 200, part of qhe half-year's rent, for the lordship of Criokhowell. county of Brecon and as we can get safe convey- ances we will send up the' whole arreais due to that lordship. Are all the sequestered tithes, which is a great part of that lordship, to be paid to the Commissioners for the Act for better propagation of the Gospel in Wales ? Pray send your orders by Mr Watking, one of our com- missioners, who is coming to you for advice in some doubtful matters. We cannot got accounts from many of the officers of the late committee, and therefore crave orders to compel them to it. With note that 220 apiece was to be levied upon such officers as did not furnish their accounts. (William Watkins made his fortune under the Commonwealth, And built himself a house at Penyworlodd, in Llanigon, Breconshire. He was elected M.P. for Monmouth in 1640, in a double return, but the election was declared void in 1644. (He seems to have been appointed by deed, 6th January, 1686, one of the trustees of the Rev. Bice Powel lof Boughrood's Charity, and to have, by his will, charged his Penyworlodd property with the payment of 10s a year for the poor of the parish ot Hay.) 25th Oct., 1651, Brecknock.—John Gunter and William Thomas, county commissioners for Brecon, to the same. We have received your commission for us to act in the county of Brecon, and your letter of discharge to the former com- mittee though they were detained by William Watkins, one of tho old commissioners, to retard our proceedings, and to enable him to receive the Michaelmas rents and to grant leases. We have sent to Watkins to deliver all papers, and account for rents received and what is in arrear, which be has not done. We also summoned the former solicitors, sequestrators, and agents to give in their accounts, but they have not done so. John Morgan, formerly chief sequestrator, contemptu- ously said he had nothing to do with us, and his. accounts were with ^Watkins. Shall we levy 220 on refuse to brmg in their accounts and jpapers ? Watkins dis- courages the tenants fromt,, paying rents to us and obstructs our proceedings, telling them be will quash this commission as soon as he comes to London. Nevertheless we summoned the tenants, on whose appearance and on inquiry of the value of the sequestered estates in this county it appeared that Watkins has made several leases thereof and discharged some sequestrations contrary to your instructions, and has let the same at extreme low rents and under values, particularly the lands-'jf Edw. Winter, worth £100, at 220 a year. Most part of the rents due at Miohaelmas have been received by Watkins, and he refuses to pay them to us. All of the ministers of this comity were ousted two years past by the Commissioners named in the Act for the Propagation of t the Gospel in Wales, since which none Irf these churches have been supplied, and yeb the rents and profits of ft' rectories, vioarages, donatives, glebe lands,? Ac., have been received by the said ConamiaMoners and their agents, whioh in this county amounts to about 94,000 or 25.OW a year. As wenave received no instruc- tions, we have foreborne intermeddling therein, although we conceive t&» Act only gives power to the Commissioners to? receive and dispose of the aforesaid rents for tb^ propagation of the Gospel, and not let, set, and gather, which we conceive to be our proper tmpl<05m<SDt- (There was a Wm. Thomas, bailiff of Brecon 1647 and 1659, and alderman 1648, 1660, and 1663.) 29th October, Brecfcoook-—County Committee for Brecon to the sames We have surveyed lands and tenements undervsequestration, doing our utmost to discover the teal value, and find that for the last two pIlIrs the late Commis- sioners for South Wales have let the sequestered estates extremely under values. The several tenantsf. being summoned, have satisfied us that they Pay the chief farmers far greater rents than are recounted for to the State, whereby the State is prejudiced, and a great advantage raised by private persons. We have summoned Wm. Watkins, Edward Games. formerly treasurer, John and David Morgan, and Howell, John, and mJiam Jones, the sequestra- tors, to deliver us their books and papers, and an account of their former proceedings, but they have refused, and purpose to conceal their accounts. We he&r.thst there remain vast sums in their hands unaccounted for. We have imposed the fine of jB20 a piece upon them for their contempt, and desirs-dirsctious as to levying for it. Watkins and his associates, contrary to your instructions, have let the lands in the survey enclosed for above year. We cannot bear that they :bstvs ever been posted, and several persons have already offered us the full value mentioned in our surveys. We desire your dirolions. We also bear that many Papists and delinquents are concealed their estates yet unsequestered others illegally discharged from sequestration several estates compounded for at ueder value others omitted out of their compasitoOOi and still enjoyed free from sequestration inhere has beena note pro. duced to us under ttwhanda of Mr Watkins only, discharging Alexsndwstone lands from sequestra- tion without yout permi?8'0?; Edward Games, of Bnek!and, Alderman of Brecon 1653, ana Bailiff 1654, and died during his year of office. He was Sheriff of the County 1647, and married Margaret, dau. of Howell John Powel Gwalter, of M»estna^r< ,n Llanddetty. 29 Nov.—Order aupowring Roger Havard, of Llandow (Llandow (Jilanddew); John Gunter, of Tredomen (in Llanvillo)» and William Thomas, of Brecknock, f°c Sequestration in the county of Brecon. 16 Dec.—Order of the Committee of Com- poundiug, London, that William Jones, James Watkins, of the Way (quaere Greenway, in Llan- hamlaoh), and Bartb Games, of Llanfrynach, be Commissioners for county of Brecon. (These three were appointed' instead of Havard, Gunter, and Thomas, who were superseded). 18 Deo. —Brecon. County Committee for Brecon to the Committee for Compounding. We have posted up ther estates under sequestration, and used the utmost to pay the rents. We enclose the contmop., deatrlng your confirmation. We have set out the lands to those who have offered the most, aid spared no care to improve to the full value,, although we believe that you have empowered others to act since if this be true, we shall be willingly superseded, and wish our successors may aim as much for the public good as we did, vrfciob was the chief end of our undertaking this employment, though to our private prejudice. 21 Jan., 1652.—Boecon. County Committee, for Brecon to tho ColiwniUeo for Compounding, London. Being appointed Commissioners for this county, we ii.iva required duplicates of proceedings from the late committee, but not got them. On perusing particulars of estates com- pounded for, wo find that some are undervalued, and we shall bring many to a new composition, which will be the most advantageous work in this oounty. The Michaelmas rents were reoeiTed >y lite gTrnm

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