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Business Aiitcsses. 1 I x. STOP ONE MOMENT! Oh. dear doctor, must my darling die? 'There i" very little hope, but TRY x m- OF THE MOST REMARKABLE REMEDIES OF THE AGE. TUDOR WILLIAMS PATENT JJALSAM OF jaONEY. Ihcnsands of children hare been saved from an untimely death by the prompt use of TUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONlfiY. No Mother should neglect; to keep this Infallible SenMdy in the house ready for any emergency. Bemember that it is wiser to check a slight Cough at \he commencement than to allow it to develop into a igering complaint DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE IT TO THE BABY. UVEB 4,000 TESTIMONIALS TO HAND FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. AT LARGE EMPLOYER OF LABOUR SPEAKS HIGHLY OF IT. I find your Tudor Williams' Balaam of Honey very useful for cold or coughs, and keep a bottle always by TDe. My children have also found much benefit trom ? In case of Bronchitis and Cough. Yours truly BENJ. PETTY Of the Firm ef Messrs Petty &Sons, Ltd., White Hall Printers, Leeds. January 17, 1895 PARENTS THINK IT A GOLDEN REMEDY SIB.,—I consider it my duty to send you this testi- monial of the great benefit my child has derived from your grand Tudor Williams's Patent Balsam of Honey. She has taken it for three years She has been troubled with bronchitis since 14 weeks old. She is now 6 years old, and since I discovered this prepara. tion I consider my child out of danger, and no need to I in any medical man. Yours faithfully, bias BOND. 17, Argyle-street, Darwen, January 21st, 1895. Sold by all Chemists and Stores all over the World atls ly^a, 2s 9d, and 4s 6d per bottle. Sample bottle sent (post paid) for Is 5(1, 3s, and 5s from tne Inventor, D. RJLUDOR ^-ILLIAMS, MEDICAL HALL, ABERDARE. mmm 17e—1177 T& CI QMITH S XX. O ESSENCE ofCOFFEE with Chicory is the Original and Best T& XX CJMITH'S XX. O ESSENCE of COFFEE with Chicory contains the ful aroma. rV & Vt UMiTH's X. XX lO ESSENCE of COFFEE with Chicory contains the full Caffein. T& XX SMITH'S XX. O ESSENCE of COFFEE with Chicory contains no Burnt Sugar. T& XX CJMITH'S XX- KJ ESSENCE of COFFEE with Chicory conning no Tr eacle T& O CJMITH'S CX. O ESSENCI f COFFEE with Chicory, exhilarating, De liciods. T& O QMITH'S XX. K7 ESSENCE of COFFEE with Chicory. The most econo- mical foed beve age in the world. T& XT SMITH'S CX. O ESSENCE of COFFEE with Chicory. Sold by aUOrocers 15445a ——— 106e T & H. gMITH CO., EDINBURGH, LONDON, DUKE-ST. AND 12. WORSHIP-ST.E.C ). j RIOCKLE'S V> ANT1BILIOU 5 PILLS The Safest Patent Medicine OCKLE'S I COCKLE'S ANTI BILIOUS PILLS', Free from Mercury CACKLE'S ANTIBI^IOUS PILLS, t, The Oldest Patent Medicinel /COCKLE'S ANT13ILIOUS PILLS, Tafc;>j Vhe fiest Family Aperlen in t /COCKLE'S 'HO MIGHT I ANTIBIMOUK PILLS, VLu Fo liver. i 10CKLES V/ A5TIBILIOUS PILLS, For Bile OCKLE'S COCKLE'S ANHBILIOUS FILLS, •; For Indigestion. COCKLE'S ANTIBILI0US PILLS, 6 For Heartbarn OCKLE'S CACKLE'S ANTIBILIO US PILLS, For Acidity OCKLE'S COCKLE'S ANTIBILIO US PILLS, For Sick Headache. CCKLF-'S COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, In Use Amongst all Classes. r CecKLE'S L' ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, I In Use Eighty-nine Years | /"COCKLE'S JH V/ ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, fc In Use Everywhere. ft rieCKLE'S ■ V/ ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, ■ V/ ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, w The Safest Patent Medicine. K |~10CKLE'S & £ V/ ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, Free from Mercury. MM /COCKLE'S COMPOUND ANTI ■F7 V/ BILIOUS PILLS. In Use jf B Ninety-two rears. Mt Slay be bad throughout the United Kingdom K. In Boxes at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4a 6d, lis, and 22s 4, Great Ormonct-slreet, I.enUen ■J^! 1.5065 K n U GHES's JJLOOD PILLS* BLOOD I JgLOOD JgLOOD JgLOOD LOOD [JgLOOD BLOOD JJLOOD JgLOOD I BLOOD I JJLOOD i BL00D |r OLOOD REGULATE THE STOMACH a^d PURIFY THE BLOOD. Safe and Effectual Remedy for Dyspepsia, Headache, Constipation, Skin Disea-es, Spots and Pimples on the Face, Biliousness, &c. Quickly change the Pale Colour of the Face into a Ruddy Bloom of Health. Make Pure, Rich. Red Blood. The Finest Blood Puri- fler known. They always do good. Try them. They will cure you. From all Chemists or Patent Medicine Dealer* at l/llls. 2/9, and 4/6 per box or from the Maker, JACOB HUGHES. Manufacturing Chemist, PE ARTH. pILLS pILLS piLLS pILLS pILLS pILLS pILLS pILLS pILLS pILLS pILLS pILLS HUGHES'S T> LOOD X>ILLS. JL> 13454 X 72se Makes Boots and Harness DA T BQI W aterproof as a duck's ALAS back, and soft as velvet Adds three times to the wear and allows polishing, fii GOLD MKDAL 19 Exhibition •* Highest Awards. DOBBIN TIW 2s. 6d., of all Bootmakers, Saddlers, Ironuaongers, &c DINNEFOHDS MAGNESIA. The Best Remedy for ACIDITY of the STOMACH, HEARTBURN. GOUT, and HEADACHE, INDIGESTION, And safest Aperient for Delicate Constitutions, Ladies, Children, and Infants. D INN FJ F() It D'S 15543 1408 NIAGNESIA. TEETH.—Complete Sot, One Gainer. jL Five years' warranty. GOODMAN AND Co., :0, Duke-street a,utl r,. Oitee;Street, .L S/00 late for Ciassifuatioit. NEW ZEALAND. REDUCED FARES. Intending Settlers approved by the Ajcent-General receive PASSAGES at reduced rates by the NEW ZBAI<AND SHifPino Co.'s and the TSHAW, SAVIIX & Co.'s Steamers.. Apply to AGBNT-GEHEKAL FOR NF.W ZEALAND, 13, U Victoria-street, London, S.W. a Al»o to Agents for ihe above-mentioned Companies— I CUDLIPP, C. J., Castle-road, Cardiff. | 15619 S. J. DA VIES, 9, Edward-place, Cardiff. | 15619 S. J. DA VIES, 9, Edward-place, Cardiff. XIT^IRFIELD SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, TT TAUNTON. Sf™ Principal, Mrs LOVEDAY, assisted by Miss F. t FULLERTON, B.A., Miss KENNISON, B.Sc., Miss 1 CHANDLER, and Hew MILAN!. Kindergarten for chilctveu imder Mght. T NEXT TERM COMMKNCKS MAY STH. I' Successes during the past year Four Matricula- l tton, eight Cum bridge Ix)cals, College Preceptors, I foctteeii Royal AeoLdetay-five with honours or disbne- [ tlooa, alld seven Trinity College. 60S WHITE Leghorn Sittings; also White Rose- combed Orpingtons grand layers and early IfttwHCfc to one sittwfv7a twQ.—Jtowlwad!, Wtatlwad. business Abbrtzzts. iv ELLIN's FOOD .N,t ELLIN's F OOD m ELLIN 's F OOD jyjELLIN'S JlOOD FOR INFANTS AND INVALIDS. An Illustrated Pamphlet on the Feeding and Rearing of Infants a Practical and Simple Treatise for Mo hers. Containing a laige number of Portraits of Haltby Children, together with Fac-simile of Original Testi- monials, which are of the greatest interest to all mothers, to be had, with sample. free ¡,y post, on application to MELLIN'S FOOD WORKS, PECKHAM, LONDON, S.E. jyjELLIN'S JpOOD Ni ELLIN 's FOOD MELLIN 's Fo()D jyjELLIN'S jpOOD Meution this paper. 15569a. r W~~ OODWARD'S SAFEST, BEST GRIPE REMEDY. FOR ALL DISEASES OF ~WTATER INFANTS AND CHILDREN. T T AIDS TEETHING, PREVENTS CONVULSIONS Mrs A. THOMAS, Devonshire Park, Birkenhead For over five years 1 have used vour 'GRIPE WATER, and am constantly advising my friends to do so. I cannot speak too highly of it. I found it VERY BENEFI- CIAL TO MYSELF during nursing." IMITATIONS ARE INJURIOUS. BE SURE YOU GET THE GENUINE. SOLD BY CHEMISTS, GROCERS, STORKS Price Is I%d. Sample Bottle, post free for 12 Stamps W. Woodward, Chaucer-street, Nottingham.15538

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