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THE WELSH TITHE WAR. The County-court Bailiffs Operations Frustrated. On the 6th inst., Mr J. P. Howell, high bailiff of the county court, in accordance with the order obtained at the last sitting of the court in a number of tithe cases which were allowed to go undefended, went to the parish of Whiteohurch for the purpose of distraining on the effects of the farmers, as they had stoutly refused to comply with the order of the court to pay. In the performance of hia un- pleasant duty Mr Howell was protected by P.C. Parry (St. Dogmells) ard P.O. Morris (Boncath), who know th people and locality well. Distraints were effACed at Tyddyn Farm, owned and ocoupied by Mr Melchior Evans at Maesgwyn Farm, occupied by Mr John Pioton and at Coedoefnlas Farm, owned and occupied by Mr Stephen Pioton, Whilst the high-bauiff and the police were engaged at Coedoefnlas Farm, some persons made it thetr business to capture the vehiole whioh conveyed the representatives of the law, and which had been l-jft at a place called Penfeidir (some 300 yards away from the farm), and damaged the harness very much by cutting the trace, the breeching, and the reins with a knife. Consequentlythebailiffwa3p0werjes5 to proceed any further with distraining, and to proceed with the vehicle in its disabled state in the best way he could to EglwyBwrw Vioarage, where he received much sympathy and the loan of a set of harness to enable him to return to Cardigan, the journey being completed about 8 po m. The weather was very inclement, high winds prevailing with much rain. It is rumoured that the perpetrators of this deed are known to the driver and the police. It LS that, after hia present experience, Mr Howell, who is an elderly gentleman, will not venture again to this district without a strong forye of polioe to pro- tect him, as he finds quite as much opposition ta the payment of tithes under the new Act as there was under the old. The .majority of the farmera in the parish of Whitechurch being free- holders. it is more than probable that a good deal of difficulty will i experienced in recovering the amounts due in respect to tithes, many of them declaring that they will suffer imprisonment rather than pay.



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