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I IfoSttUSS XTHE GREATEST THROAT V. CHEST, AND LUNG X RESTORER IS TUDOR WILLIAMS BALSAM OF HO N E Y. HAVE YOU A COUGH ? [f so, check it quickly beiore it takes rooc, and. you jieiuatureiy fall a victim to the merciless reaper tor leglected Coughs breed mischief in the Chest, travelling n eager haste to reach the Lungs, to Inflame, li1cerate, uid finally consume the delicate tissues thereof. T['H;DOlt WILLIAMS' PATENT -1. BALSAM OF HONEY, 'HE MOST REMARKABLE REMEDY OF THE AGE FOR CHILDREN S COUGHS AND COLDS, hid' is winning Repute for the BELIEF and CURE of BROYCHIAL AFFECTIONS, '.VINTKK COCGHS. COLDS, CHILLS, JOLD IN THE HEAD, RUNNING FROM THE NOSE AND EYES. Thousands of Children Cured from Whooping Coughs And Bronchitis when all other Remedies fail. Persons suffering from Difficulty ot Breathing ■should :ive it a trial. Now Commended by Surgeons and Physicians. W'or.djrful Cures DaiJy. Thousands of Testimonials to hand from all parts of I the world A Cardiff Chemist stages:—" I have a Larger Sale or Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey than any other j Jeugh Mediciae. '1Y customers speak highly of it." HEAD WHAT PLBLK; MEN Til INK OF IT. ¡ My children's cough and bronchitis have been com- f. ,le¡;eb: cured 011 ::everal occasions by the celebrated ?udov" Williams' Balsam of Honey. The tight-breathing jid pain iu the chest and hoarseness they suffered was ireadful, lmt an taking the Balsam of Honey they had mmetUate ease. It aces like a charm on them. I am ertain the more the Balsam is known the more Ü will ,e "pre<:iatel1. I am, Sir. yours truly, Alderman THOMAS PHILIP WHITE. ANOTHER SPONTANEOUS TESTIMONY. _\1y ChilÜren and Myself have been great sufferers rom ii;onchitis and Spitting of Blood from the Lungs or many years. A bill was placed under my door .fte.- reading; the contents I found that it concerned ,.u. complaint's. A Bottle of Tudor Williams' Patent 3ab:lIll of Honey was sent for post-haste co the nearest itorex. After taking Four Bottles tlis effect was all hat could be desired. Two more were sent for, and the esult was a grand cure. 1 wish [ had known of this j rep; ration before. Three years ago I lost a, darling laughter suffering likewise. I deem it a duty to take m interest in pushing the sale of your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey.-Yours faithiuily, Mrs CLUFF, "I, Bower-street, Sold bv all Chemists and Stores all over, the World to 1 s, 2s 90, and 'Is 6d bottles. Sample bottles sent (post paid) for 1;; 3s, 5"" xr- )M i iie inventor 1425S1294-32e D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, R.D.S.L., MEDICAL HALL. ABERDAilJl. COCKLE'S ANT1BILIOUS PILLS The Safest Patent Medicine COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, Free from Mercury COCKLElS ANTIBILTOUS PILLS, The Oldest Patent Medicin« CCOCKLE'S J ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, The Besi Family A oerien /COCKLE'S ) ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, Fo 1 i»er. i^CKLE-'S V/ ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, For Bile CACKLE'S > ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, For Indigestion. A:'<iTIBIJ.I&US PILLS, C«>CKLE'S > ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, For Heartburn. CACKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, Fer Acidity CCOCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, For sick Headache. COCKLE'S ) ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. In Use Amongst all Classes. i COCKLE'S V ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, In Use Eighty-nine Years. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, In Use Kruryvhere. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, The Safest Patent Medicine. /COCKLE'S J ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, Free from Mercury. tOCKLE S COMPOUND ANTI- l BILIOUS PILLS, In Use Eighty-nine Years. May be had throughout the United Kingdom, in Huxes ac Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, lls; and 22s 4, Great Urmond-stieet, f.enden. 1305b gIR JOHN BENNETT (LIMITED), WATCH, CLOCK, AND JEWELLERY Manu- facturers to Her Majesty the Queen, the Royal Ousorvavory tile Board of Trade, Foreign Govern- ments, and the principal Railway Companies, 66 and 64 CHEAPsIDE, LONDON, E.C. « — TiENNETT'S Workman's Silver Keyless Watch. O >) —BENNETT'S Workman's Silver Keyless a;¡,>. Lever. £ ^ADY S Silver Keyless Watches, £2, £3, £ ■», £5. | ^AriY'S Gold Keyless Watches, £5, £6, £8, £10, &c SILVER KEYLESS ENGLISH LEVER O WATCH. A tine 34 Plate English Keyless Level-, jewelled in rubies, chroDomet6r balance, l.TYSt.a1 g,j¡:¡; 'i'he cheapest watch ever produced. Air, damp, md dust tight. £ —In return for £ 10 note, free and safe per V- post, a LADY'S GOLD KEYLESS LEVER *1 CM, perfect for rime, beauty and workmanship, witi keyless action, air, clamp, anù dust tight, in strong crysa.1 glass hunting or half-hunting cases. 4* | —GENTLEMAN'S GOLD KEYLESS CVJLO HUNTING or HALF-HUNTING LEVER tnHyj welled 34-plate movement, a sound and reliable timekeeper. Ditto in Silver, jgo. <*•> X A standard GOLD KEYLESS 34-plate, half-CHRONOMETER WATCH, accurately timea. io. all climates. Jewelled in 13 actions. In massive ll^carat case, with monogram or crest richly emblazon til. Ditto in Silver, :£15. JF HON ot, RAPHS of all kinds. Gold and Silver, of Scientific, Engineering, Medical, and Racing pur poses aiso .'hronurneters, Repeaters, Calendar, and Uock vN atch^s of the highest quality.—SIR JOHN i5L2s > J' l l (Lujited), 65 and 64, Cheapside, E.C. JEWELCERY OF EVERY^DESCRlPTION. I Laciie>' Gold Secklets. Guards, and Albert Chains from N2 Gold irooches and Earrings from £1. Gentle- men s Gold Alboct Chains, in all patterns and quali- ties, from B5. Gentlemen's Diamond and Signet Rings, Ac-. CLOCKS.— THE FINEST STOCK IN LONDON. Irawing-room. Dining-room, Hall, Library, Office, and ether Clocks, at prices lower than ever. Marble Clocks from jEl 10s. Estimates given for Church Turret atd other Public Clocks. A large slock of Carriage Clocks, HaJI Clocks, to chime on eight bells, m oaK or manog&ny, from £ 25. Silver and Electro-phted Goods in Great Variety. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES POST FREE. Presentation Watches, £10, £20, jB30, B40 B50 to £250. Arms and Inscriptions emblazoned to order. Watches, Clocks, and jewellery repaired on the Premises by experienced" Workmen. SIR JOHN BENNETT, LTD., 65 AND 64, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. E.C. 14368 X jJUGBjES'S X JJLOOD PILLS, THE GREAT REMEDY FOR THE BLOOD. SKIN, NERVES, LIVER., AND STOMACH. HUGHES 8 BLOOD PILLS cure Bad Blood, HUGHES S BLOOD PILLS care Skiu Rash. HDGHEd S BLOOD PILLS cure Scurvy. HUGHESS BLOOD PILLS cure Boils. HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS cure Indigestion HUGHES S BLOOD PILLS cars Biliousness. HUGHi S'S BLOOD PILLS cure Headache. HUGHES S BLOOD PILLS cure Rheumatism- HUGHES S BLOOD PILLS cure Constipation HUGHES S BLOOD PILLS cure Fits and Piles HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS cure Sluggish Liver Brery Sufferer should take these Noted Pills, as reliet is certain from these complaints. Thousauds are cured yearly by them. Testimonies received contunuallyfrom all parts'of the :11obe to their great virtues. Sold by every Chemist and Patent Medicine Dealer at Is lid, 2s 9ii, 4s 6d. By Post Is 3d, 2s lid lis 9d from the Proprietor, J ACOll HUGHKS, Manufacturing Chemist, Penarth, Cardiff. 15454 X x ijtoo 'fait for (klaasifiratiou. N 6~ t i c E~ If Mr FREDERICK E. ROY. who resided some time in BARRHEAD, near GLASGOW, and was after- wards paymaster sergeant in the 2nd Battalion Scotch Rifles (formerly 90th Light Infantry), apolies to Messrs Brownlie, Watsou, and Beckett, Solicitors, 225. West George-street, Glasgow, he may HEAR OF SOME- THING TO HIS ADVANTAGE. 76 BUFFALO Bill's new favourite American Rifles, JD effective at 150yards(ares four kinds ammunition including shot). 26s each other rifles, 8s 6d single breechloaders, 15s.- Lists, Hillsdon, Armouries, Folke- stone, 77 LAW.-Vacancy for Articled Pupifin^iffice^of ex- _i_J tensive General Practice in Cardiff.—Apply, J, Stephens, 29 and 30, jSaint Mary-street, Cardiff. CJA KK, Second-hand fireproof ~height, 30in. un- Cj pickable locks two sets keys price, £ 4 10s. delivered.—Lord's Safe Works, Wolverhampton. 109 WANTED, a sharp Lad that will make himself useful, age 15.—Apply Dumfries Hotel, Docks, Cardiff. 132 WANTED immediately, a sood General Servant. TV —Apply Mrs Churchiu, 32, Oakfiefd-street, Cardiff. 84 WANTED, a respectable Girl as General Servant. —Apply Mrs* Rees, 2. Hannah-street, Porth, Rholldda. 35 DRESSMAKING. — Heme Brothers. Drapers, Queen-street, Cardiff, have several vacancies for Apprentices "Olù Improvers (outuoor); good oppor- '•daily to learu. lIusímss Jl&&ress*s. JMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. pRINCES AJMONG PREACHERS. A SERIES OF JglOGRAPHICAL AND 0RITICAL SKETCHES OF EMINENT WELSH PREACHERS, SPECIALLY WRITTEN FOR THE CARDIFF fJIIMES AND SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS WILL COMMENCE NEXT w E E K. No. 1. The Venerable Archdeacon GRIFFITH'S, SATURDAY, JUNE 6TH. No. 2. Rev. OWEN THOMAS, D.D., Liverpool, SATURDAY, JUNE 13TH. -No. 3. Rev. JAMES OWEN, Swansea {Chairman of the Baptist Union), J SATURDAY, JUNE 20TH. Ncf. 4. Rev DAVID YOUNG, Cardiff, SATURDAY, JUNE 27T.H. No. 5 Rev. E. HERBER EVANS, D.D., Carnarvon (Chairman Congregational Union), SATURDAY, JULY 4TH. WITH OTHERS TO FOLLOW. To be had of all Newsagents, PRICE ONE PENNY. jgOOTS! TDOOTS; JJOOTS! jgOYLE AND CO., THE OLD ESTABLISHED BOOT PEOPLE, NOTED FOR KEEPING THE MOST STYLISH, LARGEST, BEST, AND CHEAPEST STOCK For all Classes, from the Biumblest to the' Highest. SPECIALITIES :— The Waukerz and Unicorn Brand of Boots and Shoes are a medium and high-class range of Gentlemen's Boots, of the best workmanship and leather that can be produced. Every pair bears the registered trade- mark, Waukerz and Unicorn," and they are declared to be the most comfortable, economical, and smartest boots placed before the public. A written guarantee given wiUi each pair. Price 10/6, 13(6, 15/6, 17/6, 18/6, 20/ Buy the adapted Boot registered for Gentlemen easy walking; made the actual form of the foot, light in weight, pliable, and stylish perfectly clear inside; no sock, lining. Every Boot bears The Adapted" stamped on the sole. All sizes and fittings in stock for broad and narrow feet. Sizes and fittings are woven in the loops. Same fittings always procurable from stock. Price 17/9; best quality, 21/ THE STAFFORDIA BRAND OF BOOTS Are high-class Ladies' smart, stylish Boots, and are always as near perfection as possible to •imagine. Price, 10/6, 13'6, 14/6, 18,6, 20/ A WORD TO PARENTS. Money may be saved by purchasing Boyle and Co.'s Hard-wear School Boots for Bovs and Girls. Price,2/11, 3/6, 3,11, 4/11, 6,6, 7/6, 8/6, 10/6. These special brands of Boots and Shoes can only be obtained from us, and we hold ourselves responsible for the good wear of each pair. JgOYLE AND CO., 2, HIGH STREET, 19, CHURCH-STREET, 28, ST. MARY- STREET, 10, CHURCH-STREE, 1, BUTE- STREET (HAYES BRIDGE). WHOLESALE WAREHOUSE :— OMANBY-STREET, CARDIFF. 448e—14498—2363 DINNEFORD S MAGNESIA. This pure Solution is the best remedy for Aeidity of the Stomach, Heartburn, Head- ache, Gout, and Indigestion. DINNEFORD'S MAGNESIA. The safest and most gentle ,tperient for delicate constitu- tions, Ladies, Children, and Infants. Sold throughout the World. 14356 TEETH. -Complete Set, One Guinea -t- Single Tooth, 2s 6d. Five years' warranty. Re models, repairs, ucc. Painless Dentistry, Gas, &c.- GOODMAN AND Co., 56, Queen-st., Cardiff, and 23 B, High street (Market-lane). Newport. 15041 111 A FREE REMEDY TO ALL.—A late sufferer from nervous disorders, despondency, &c., will be pleased to forward particulars of simple self-treatment. A cure is certain.—Address "W. H. BROWN, Esq., 19, Walpole-terrace, Kemp Town, Brighton. 278o-700

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