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ati—j — —. »«aret« • ■ "■ -tni f *■■ m ■* | 01 XlXth Century, Parent of Marvels, thou hast produced nothttangg i more Marvellous than I p THE JOHN NOBLE i Half-Guinea COSTUMES 1 Which a vast multitude of delighted customers hailing from all parts of the Queen's f Dominions, proclaim to he SUPREME VALUE KOR MONEY. | JOHN NOBLE LTD.,The ^The WorWI1,500, trker^ f Dresses which any Sentiewoman can wear I (i Jfytm&is3M&L mt nomin*1 co*U"—The Gentlewoman. A\jl8^A TWO SOLD ,MEDALS AWARDED. ■' MODEL s8a. An up-to-date L ■ MODEL 5*3- Tue latest mode in design in John Noble Cheviot | John Noble Cheviot Serge has a "r Serge. <R I f% The tight- I smart-well cut Blonse bodice with the The John Noble Popular fitting fill/hb°dice L back shaped <• A -f% to the figure Suit. MODEL 468 beauti- ■ VI W fully sha- f and front I Vjj j Bg pleated to {3 a Tailor-made open-coat ped to figure and daintily trim- L j the waist a ■ ft* w pretty yok- Costume, f P 1 smart med. The saddle and sleeves. L i edcollar, full lined sleeves. Full wide curved B n/arevets. are lined. The skirt is a full f Skirt in Tailor-made design. Basque ■ w« arranged wide Tailor-made design.Price L complete oo'O. Safely packed and in smart folds. Pull wide complete only 10/6. Sent car- L carnage paid 9d. extra. Skirt only Tailor-made skirt. Price com- riage paid and safely packed f 5/6, carriage 6d. extra. plete 11/ carriage gd extra. for 9!. extra. I 4 COLOURS: Black, Brown, Navy, Bronze-Green, Myrtle, Electric, Ruby, Petunia, Cinna- I mon, Pawn, or Grey. Ordinary stock sizes fit figures 34, 36, 38 ins. round bust under arms. Skirts f j being 38, 40, and 42 ins. long-in front. I,arger or special sizes made to measure, 1/6 extra. L 4 wølitX WalTIMG PLEASE MENTION CARDIFF TIMBS. • J Bankers: London and Midland Bank." p iJOHN NOBLE LTD., -sjglr MANCHESTER. j1 | W' W W W" W T■—1-w—■ W" -,W- "W 3 I x STOP ONE MOMENT. X I Ob, dear, Doctor, what will you recommend low my Children's Coughs and Cold fJlRT fJIUDOR -WIMAMS PATENT JgALSAM OF "p| ONEY, The most marvellous Cure for all disorders of the phest, Throat), and Longs. lb never fails to give instant relief, and does not contain Laudanum, Opium or Morphia. ECONOMISE YOUR HEALTH. HEALTH IS THE FIRST WEALTH. All who are engaged in indoor and outdoor ccupation, and are especially exposed to the ever- varying climate of Great Britain, BE WISE IN TIME! Don't tamper with Danger, but go straight away for TUDOR WILLIAMS' PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. IT IS INVALUABLE for weak-chested men, delicate women, and children. It cures when all other remedies fail. It cures Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Tightness of the Chest. It cares chousand-s of children of Bronchitis and Whooping Coughs. It cares for One Shilling when Pounds have been spent in vain. DO TRY IT If you have a Cough, try it; it you have a Cold, try it; if you have Bronchitis, try it. It loosens the Phlegm and promotes expectoration, produces warmth and comfort to the chest, and gives efreshing sleep when you have lost night of rest. READ ON. NOW COMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. When you are distressed with a miserable oold, some bunged up, throat sore, limbs aching, with a general feeling of smothering, a few doses of the Balsam of Honey will clear the wretched symptoms away almost before you know lb. There is aoobing like it on the market; it is thoroughly np to date; it trickles into all the system A true friend, prompt and reliable in its action, BRONCHITIS. 1 There are thousands of children who die annually from bronchi bisi, whooping congb, and croap. A grand discovery has been made for the cure of such complaints, namely, Tudor Williams's Balsam of Honey, which contains Welsh honey and an essence of the purest and most efficacious herbs, A Swansea lady declares that this famous Balsam acts like magic on her children whenever they are afflicted with one of these kindred complaints. It is to be obtained of all Chemists and Stores. ——— 17e Sold by all Chemists and Stores all over the World in Is 1 %d, 2a 9d, and 4s 6d bottles, 1177 TJ UGHES'STJUGHES'S JgLOOD BLOOD I pILLS. jpiLLS. j If you want to be healthy, strong, and vigorous, it is j of vital importance that your blood be in cood eondi- I tion. Bad and poor blood MEANA ill-health and pro > bably death. Fortify yourseU by taking j LTGHFSIS gLOOD PILLS, j which are undoubtedly the very finest remedy extant I for improving and strengthening the blood. If you suffer from INDIGESTION, DYSPEPSIA, WIND, HIJJOUSNKSS, CONSTIPATION, NERVOUS COM- PLAINTS, BLOTCHES and SORES, PILES, SICK JBKADACHE, KIDNEY TROUBLES, etc., etc., these Pills will cure you quickly and effectively. Don't delay any longer, but get a box to-day. Prepared by JACOB HUGHES, Mnfg. Cbeurfgfe, and sold by Chemists and Patent Medicine Dealers at Is l%d, 2A 9d, and 4s 6d, or send value in stamps to Special Agents, Messrs NEWBERY FT SONS, 1 and 3, King Edward-street, London. JJUGHES'S TJ UGHES'S JgLOOD JgLOOD p LLS. pILLS. DINNEFORD'S MAGNESIA. The Best Remedy for ACIDITY of the STOMACH, HEARTBURN, I GOUT, and HEADACHE, | INDIGESTION, And safest Aperient for Delieate Constitutions, Ladies, Children. and Infante. DINNEFORD'S 15817 l289 MAGNESIA. fTlEETH.—Complete Set, One Guinea. JL Five years' warranty. GOODMAN AAD CO., 1C, Duke-street and 56. Queen-street-, Cardiff. 13041.1114 Not if You Use W DALES GOLD I VUBBIN MEDAL JJ to your Boot*. It's a wonderful waterproofer. Softens and pre- serves leather GIVES it new life. Equally good for Harness. Odour- less, and allows POLISHING. FEET HIGHEST AWARDS AT 22 EXHIBI- I TIOHSi Tins, 2d, 6d, U. and 2s 6d, of Boot- 16006 makers, Saddlers, Ironmongers, &c. JOHN R OBINSO AND CO., LIMITED, t CHEMICAL MANURE MANUFACTURERS AND SEED CRUSHERS, BATHURST WHARF, BRISTOL, SUPPLY PURE L INSEED & COTTONSEED CAKES COTTON CAKES, J.R., Made irom Egyptian Cottonseed only. LINSEED CAKE, J.R., 11 SPECIAL," with 12 to 14 per cent. oil soft, and weU suited fo Prize Catele and Young Stock. 15992 3559 JQ RUNKENNESS CURED. A Lady, whose Husband was a Confirmed Drunkard for over 20 years, has at last discovered a Cure, after trying all advertised nostrums in vain, This remark- able discovery entirely destroys the appetite for all intoxicants after the third time of administration. Can be given in heer, tea, or coffee without the patient's knowledge. Full particulars will be gladly sent free of charge Otl receipt of STAMPED euvelope.-Write privately to Mrs D. Barringtoa, 4, Veatherstone- Buildings, London, W.C. 16041 A SOVEREIGN JJEMEDY" Vox Chafed Skin, Piles, Insect BITES, .ScaMa, Cats, Sore Eyes, Chapped Hands, Chilblains. Neuralgic and Rheumatic Ptilns, Throat Colds, Ringworm, and Skin Ailments generally, U CALVERT'S CARBOLIC OINTMENT, Large Pots, Is L%D each, at Chemists, DCC., or post free for value. 47 F. C. CALVERT and CO., MANCHESTER. ttoø Utate for (UisMttotfiou* IOLINS. -For Sale, Half-sized Violin, Bow, aDd Case v priee. 20s also Tbre»-^u»jrter AIM VietiA. Bow, and CMe price, 40s all in perfect catdition. BroweU. MID lane, woolwicb. 232 ASTLE-street Hall. -Four days each week seats 300 light heat, and ventilation good. -IL Harrb, Mio"ob-plaws Roatb. i04 "aUs bw Attrtion. In the High Court of Justice, 1892. B. 1704. Chancery Division, Mr Justice North. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION JL by Mr JOSEPH KENDALL (by Order of the Court), at the County Hotel, Carlisle, on FRIDAY, the 23rd day of October, 1896 (postponed from the 25ih September, 1896), at Noon for half-past 12 o'clock in the Afternoon precisely, the following Lots LOT I.-All that valuable LEASEHOLD PRO- PERTY, known as the West Cumberland Iron and Steel Works, with Four Managers' Houses and 130 Workmen's Houses, situate at Workington, in the county of CUMBERLAND. LOT 2.-All that valuable LEASEHOLD PRO- PERTY, known as the Derwent Tinplate Works, together with Manager's Honse and 29 Workmen's Houses, situate at Barepot, Workington, in the county Houses, situate at Barepot, Workington, in the county of Cumberland. For further information and particulars and con- ditions of sale, and for orders to view, application may be made to Messrs W. B. Peat & Co., Chartered Accountants, of No. 3. Lothbury, London; E.C., and 90, Duke-street, Barrow-in-Furness Messrs Brock- bank, Helder, & Co., Solicitors, Whitehaven and in London, to Messrs Blunt & Co., 95, Gresham-street, E.C. to Messrs Helder, Roberts, Son, & Walton, Solicitors, 2, Verulam-buildings, Gray's Inn, W.C. to the Auct;oneer, at his Office, Crosby-street, Maryport; and at the place of Sale. MELLIN'S FOOD MELLIN'S FOOD jy/ £ ELLINJS FOOD jyjELLIN'S JpOOD m ELLIN'S JJIOOD FOR INFANTS AND INVALIDS. MELLIN'S FOOD IS SIMILAR TO BREAST MILK CHEMICALLY, and as BENEFICIAL PHYSIOLOGICALLY. Samples post free from MELLIN'S FOOD WORKS, PECKHAM, LONDON, S.E, jy/j ELLIN'S FOOD MELLIN'S OOD MELLIN'S FOOD B L L IN'S JpOOD jyj-ELLIN'S JJIOOD l^TEAVE'S TjlOOD.—For Infants, In- J-i JO valids, Growing Chil- dren, and the Aged. NEA OOD.-IL Ad m i ra b I vB's F Adapted to the Wants of Infants."—SIR CHAS. A. CAMERON, M.D. XTEAVE'S "JjlOOD.—'♦ Contains all the JLJI J? Elements of Food in an Easily Digested Form." —GORDON STABLBS, M.D., R.N. NEAVE' -VOOD.-Best and Chupest RAVE'S ClOOD.—In lib. Patent JLL 16034 X: Air-tight This, Is. each; WOODWARD'S SAFEST, BEST « GRIPE REMEDY. FOR AIA DISEASES OF WJ A f ii |iiT> ?? INFANTS AND CHILDREN. T | J\. X JZJJLl/ AIDS TEETHING, PREVENTS CONVULSIONS. ALL BABIES LIKE IT. DOCTORS PRESCRIBE IT. ESTABLISHED 100 YEARS. IMITATIONS ARE INJURIOUS. BE SURE YOU GET THE GENUINE. SOLD BY CHEMISTS, GROCERS, STORES, Price Is 1 %d. 15811

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