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Corn Trade.



LONDON MARKETS. MARK-LANE, MONDAY, DEC. 15. We have had large supplies of wheat since this day week, which, with the unsettled state of the trade, in consequence of the ministerial crisis, have further depressed the market and we note to-day a declIne of 2s. to 3s. per qr. on English wheat. foreign wheats meet a limited demand, and sales of anv extent cannot be made within Is. to 2s. of late prices. Holders of bonded wheat remain firm, and little business doing in conse- quence. Flour very dull. and ship samples attain Is. per sack lower. The samples of barley are very largj none but the finest samples are saleable at last week's prices all ordinary sorts ate Is. per qr. lower, and very dull of sale. Beans of all sorts are In. to 2s. per qr. cheaper. White peas 3s. per qr., and maple and grey Is. to 2s. per qr. lower. H There is a large supply of oats at market, and we have-again a very dull trade. Prices, Is. per qr. lower on all descriotiona. n. CURRENCY PER IMPERIAL MEASURE. WHBAT.tssex ife Kent, new rea ox 58 White 59 63 Old, red 56 65 Ditto 64 W RTE.old 34 38 38 40 BARLEY»grinding,2831 raaUhig 36 — Chevalier..36 38 Irish ••••••*•«•§••••• 27 28 flere 2fi 97 MALT, Suffolk and Norfolk .• 58 63 Brown""I.56 60 Kingstone and Ware 60 — Chevalier ..65 — OATS, Yorksh 6c Lincolnsh, feed 22 — Potato .26 Youghatl&Cork.biack. 22 23 Cork, wbite.26 26 Dublin 23 24 Westport.,24 — Waterford, white 24 25 Black .25 26 Newry. 26 — Galway 22 — Scotch feed 21 Potato .27 30 Clonmel. 24 — Limerick 27 30 Londondeiry 25 Sligo. 26 27 BEANS, Tick,new 34 38 Old, small.52 — PEAS, Grey 40 Maple .36 White. 50 Boilers .52 FLOUR, Town-made.55 60 Suffolk50 persackof2801ba Stockton est Norfolk 48 Irish ..50 52 FOREIGN GRAIN AND FLOUR IN BOND. WHEAT, Dantzic 56 58 fioQ- 62 Hamburg 50 52 Rostock 52 54 BARLKY 26 '28 OATS, Brew. 24 28 Feed.19 22 BEANS. a.•• 44 — PICAS 50 FLOUR, American, per barrel.. SO 32 Baltic LONDON, MONDAY, Dec. 15. ^/arrivals last week from Ireland were 10,484 fi, kins butter. "nTliTram!ctioDs°.nn 1°™ f°relgn portS' 3-954 casks butter. Ihe transactions in the butter market during the past week "f6foreign r^hp °fin» characler » owinS to the high price close ohh'e t i we;:e. saleable, and towards the remain without^ change,8 '° & were *"< 1 lie bacon market continues dull, the dealers merely buying to supply their immediate demand, and a further decline of Is. per cwt. was submitted to. Lard metts a very slow sale. Stock and deliveries for the week ending Dec. 6th: UUIIKII. I BACON. Stock. Delivery. Stock. Delivery. 1843 69,yi0 9,190 7,730 2,860 1844 17,510 9,130 1,480 1,830 1845 49,570 7,460 5;410 3,510 1845 49,570 7,460 5;410 3,510 BUTTER, BACON, CHEESE, AND HAMS. IUlsu BUTTER (new). s. CHEESE, per cwt. s. s. per cwt. — — Double Gloucester 62 68 1 Cailow, new, on brd 98 — Single ditto 48 52 Sligo 92 — Cheshire 56 76 Cork, 1st 98 — HAMS. ENGLISH BUTTER. Irish 66 64 Dofset.potirkin. 64 — Westmoreland 66 — FOREIGN. York 66 70 Prim, Friesland, ct 104 108 1 BACON, new 48 62 Ditto, Kiel 100 —) Middles — — SMITHFIELD CATTLE MARKET, MON. DEC. 15. This being the day appointed for holding the Great Christinas Market, the attendance of both town and country buyers was numerojs at a very early hour. As was to be expected, the arrivals of beasts, from nearly every part of England, were large, though not quite equal in number to those at the corresponding day in 1B44, when 5,713 were shown. The beef trade must be considered inactive, at currencies varying from 3s. 6d. to 4s. 8d. per Bibs. and at which a total clearance was not effected. The numbers of sheep were on the increase, and of unusually prime quality indeed, the oldest man living never saw so splendid a collection of that description of stock as was the case here this morning. As to weight, the Downs wete in admirable order; while the Rents, Leicesters, G loucesters, and all other breeds were in excellent condition. Although the mutton trade was not to say brisk, a full average amount of business was doing, and last week's quotations were supported in every instance. There was only a moderate number of calves on offer. Prime qualities of veal were in demand, at late rates, but other kinds hung on hand still, the whole of the supply was disposed ot. 1 he show of pigs was extxemely good in quality, but the num. ber was by no means large. Each kind of pork sold readily, at fully, but at nothing quotable beyond, last week's prices. Considering the vast supplies of stock here this morning, everything passed off extremely well, the aocommodation being of the saire character as those provided last year. Per Bibs., to sink the offal. s. a. s. a. s. d s d Coarse and Inferior Prime coarse wool- Beasts 3 6 3 8 led Sheep .4 6 4 8 Second quality do.3 10 4 0 Prime South Downs Prime large Oxen.4 2 4 4 ditto.4 10 5 0 Prime Scots, &c.. 4 6 4 8 Large coarse Catves4 2 4 8 Coarse and Inferior I Prime small ditto.,4 10 5 2 Sheep .3 4 310 Large Hogs .3 10 4 6 Second quality do.4 0 4 4 1 Neat small Porkers.4 8 5 2 Suckling uatves, Itls. to aus.; and quaner-ota store Pigs, 16. to 21s. each. Beasts, 5,326; Sheep, 25,240; | Calves, 90, Pigs, 358.