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South Wales Bailway.

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Welch Midland Railway Bill.

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Breeon & Merthyr Junction Railway, IN CONNECTION WITH THE WELCH MIDLAND RAILWAY. NOTICK IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT application is intended to be made to Parliament in the next session for leave to bring in a Bill or Bills for making anti maintaining a railway or railways, wilh all proper alld eon venieut stations, erections, brieges, wharfs, warehouses, works, commu- nications, roads. approaches, and eUllveniences conllùcted therewith, to pOlllmence by ajunction or juncrions wirh tile proposed Welch Midland Railway, al or n"arColdbruok or Pontithil, in the parish of Bronllvs, in lhe county of Brecknock, olhprwise Brecon, and at or near Talybont, iu the parish of Llanddetty, otherwise Llanthetty, in the counly of llre- con, anti passing by or near Merthyr Tydfil, Hirwain, Aberdare Valley, and Neath, to terminate at or near Ihe Eastern Picr, or bv ajunl'ti011 wilh the intended Swansea Vale Railway, at or near Tyrllomdwr Farm, in th" parish and Borongh of 8wansea, in the county of Glamorgall and whieh said railway or railways and wurk. will pass from, ill, through, or into the several parishes, townships, hamlets, and extra-parochial and other places following, or some of them (hat. h¡lo say): Borough of Brecon, Saint John the Evangelist. Saint John the Evan- gelist Upper, Saint John the Evangelist Lower, Chapelry of Saint Mary, Saint David's, Saint David's Upper, Saint, David's Lower, otherwise Llan- fdes, Christ's College, Castlo Inn, \.Ianthew, otherwise Llanddew, Llalld- dew, otherwise Llanthew Upper, Llanddew, otherwise Llanthew Lower, Llanhamlach Upper, Llanliainlach Lower. Llechfaen, otherwise 1.lech- vane, Llanhamlach, I,, Cantref, otlwrwise Canlrctl, Llany- wern, Llandefailog, Tregraig, otherwise Llandefailog Tregraig, Lianli- liani;el Talylln, Llangorse, Llangasty-Tall v llyn, Cathedine, Llansaint- fraed Llantigan, LllInli;šan, Ulherwise Llanvigan, Llantigan Lower, Pen- kelly, otherwise Pencelli, Lhinthetty, otherwise J,I:lII<ldeul, Dyttrin, otheiwise Dytfryn, otherwise Dytfryn Crawnon, otherwise Crawnant, Vro, 1.lantlÇ\an Upper, Ohn, (;]vnco11wn[;, otherwise (;lyun-Collwn, otherwise Capel Glynn Collwn, ill the county of Brecknock, otherwise Brecon. Vaynor, Gelly, Dutfiin, otherwise Duffryn, Coedy Cymmar, otherwise Dntfdu. utherwise Vy1liin, Pend, rrin, Penderyn Upper, Penderrin, Penderyn Lower, borough of Merthyr Tvdvil, otherwise Merthyr Tyd/il, ill the county of Brecknock, otherwise Brecon. Merthyr Tydvil, otherwise Merthvr-Tydlil. (idly deg, otherwise Gelli- deg, borough or Merthyr Tydfil, otherwise Merthyr Tydvil, Aberdare, Llwydcoed, Heolwnrmwond, otherwise lteolwormood, harth, III the counlv of Glamorgan. Aberdare, Aberdare Cefn, Pennar, Fforcli, Amman,otherwise rorc la man, otherwise FfúrchamllHJ!I, Llwydcoed Rhigos, Cwm.larc, olherwlse Cwmdare, ill the county of Glamorgan Clydaeh, Rome, Melltey, Ystraa- elte, otherwise Y"tra.dfelltey, Y'tIadfelte Lower, Penderrin, otherwise Penderyn, Penderrin, otherwise I'enderyn Higher, Pendoryn, othelll Penderrin Lower, Hepsiau, otherwise llcpsta, in the county of BfjjJ otherwise Brecknock; Ltwyd Coed, otherwise Llv.yn Coed, Ystrad dyfndw¡;, otherwise Ystradvoduck, otherwise Ystradvotog, doxton iuxta Neath, Dylais, or Dulais Higher, Glyncorrwg, BlaenlV, otherwise Ulaengrwach, Glyncorrwg, Aberpergwm, Llantwit Lower JU Neath, otherwise Llantwit juxta Neath, Llantwit Lower. Llall Clyne, ¡¡psnlven, otherwise Hhcs(\lvcl1, Caùo,lol1, Coed frank, ])11 (,Iydach, otherwise Dyffryn Clydaeh, Blaenhonddeu, Dylais or D* Lower, Neath Lower, Neath Upper or Higher, Neath Middle, N, Neath, borough of Neath, Britonferry otherwise lirittonferrv, Brl ferry otherwise Brittonferry, Llansamlel, Llansamlet Lower, Llansll Jli!{her, Swansea, Saint Thomas, borough of Swansea, in the counl (ilamorgan. Also to make and maintain a branch or extension rilway from out of the said last-described line of railway, to commence at or L1Y!H'l.lin, in the Parish of Merthyr Tydfil, and to terminate at a ceo J, bridge wheretho turnpike-road crosses the Glamorganshire Canal, 't said paiish of Merthyr Tydfil; and also another railway and works'" and out of the said first-described line of railway, to commence at or Wern, and at or near Glanderio, in the parish of Merthyr Tydfil, i1^ county of Glamorgan, or one of them and to terminate at or near A" cannad, at or near Dan-y-derri, in the parish of Merthyr Tydfil aforeS bp a junction with the Tatf Vale Railway, or by an independent t nlls there, which said branch railways and works will pass from through, or into the several parishes, townships, and extra-parochial oteer places following, or some of them (that is to say): Merthyr Tydfil, Gellideg, 'l'aif, and Cynon, Forest, and borottg" Merthyr Tydfil, in the county of Glamorgan. Also to make and maintain hranch railways and works, from and of the said first-described proposed line of railway, to commence near Tylerbont, in the parish of Llanddetty, or Llanthetty, in the cO of Brecknock, otherwise Brecon, and to terminate at or near Abe nad, or at or near Dowlais, or at or near Dan y-derri aforesaid, in parish of Merthyr Tydlil aforesaid, by a junction with tbe Taff' Railway, and also at or near Rumney. otherwise Rhymney, in tl),, risheg ot Gilli-Gaer, Bedwelity, and Llanvabon, or one of theni, county of Monmouth, which said branch roilways and works will l'ruai, in, through, or into the several parishes, townships, and e parociJial and other places following, orsome of them (that is to saJJ (Worthyr Tydfil, I;arth, Heolworuiwootl, Forest, Geiledeg, othe^ GeUe l1< Cynon, Tail' aud Cynon, (leUi«aor, Brethdir, Cefn, G ¡.;ynyd, Hengoed, Yswyddywn, and Dowlais, in the county of Ola Unn; and Rumney, otherwise Rhymney, and lkdwelltyand Ushl eoed, in the county of Monmouth. Also to make and maintain a branch railway and works from and of the said first-described propesed line of railway, to commence al iw:ir Aberdare, in the parish of Aberdare, in the county of Glanioflj and terminate at or near the Quaker's Yard in the parish of Mer Tidiii, or in the parish of Idanvabort, in the county of Glamorgan. "h said branch railway and works will pass from, in, through, or into several parishes, townships, ond extra-parochial, and other places* lowing, or some of them (that is to sav); Aberdare, Merthyr Tydlil, Ft,rest, Llanwynno, otherwise Llanwofljj Forest, Havaddryinog Glynrynon, otherwise (Jlyncormon (jilligan, kjjjj Hengoed, Llanvabon, Garth all,1 Glan Rumney, otherwise GUn RlO^ ney, in the county of Glamorgaa. Jfc And it is intended to apply for powers in the said Bill or Bills lo lateral deviations from thd line of the proposed railways and wortM the execnl or within the limits defined upon the plans hereinafter ttoned, and also to cross, divert, alter, or stop, whether temporal?! permanently, all such turnpike roads, parish roads, streets, and eMj higlnva* streams, sewers, canals, riveis, navigations, bridges, railwM or tra.nroads, within the said parisiios, townships, and exlra-parochi# other places aforesaid, or some of them, as it may be necessary to ctfj direct, alter, or stu|> up for the purposes of the said railways and vonl Ami aUo lo authorize a junction with any railway or railways commencement or termination or on the line or course of the said f'r ways, as before described, or either of them, in the several par!s^? townships, and extra-parochial pbees aforesaid. I And notice is hereby further thai on or hefore the 30th JaY November, duplicate plans and sections of the said several ways and works, together with books of leferenees thereto, be de sitee for public inspediun with the clerk of the peace fur the conntyf Brecknock, at his ollice at Brecon; with the clerk of the peace for c<HI 11 Lv uf Monmouth* at his oflice at -1'sk, in the county of J\ionniou» with the clerk of the peace for the county "f Glamorgan, at It, ollic^S c'ardiii and on or before the illst day of December, lR-I:J, a copy of IlllIeh of the said plans and sections ÐS relates to eaeh parish, jø throllgh which the said several railways and works are intended to, mad", together with a book of reference thereto, will be deposited \1 the parish clerk of each such parish, at his place of abode J And 1Iotlee is hereby given, thai, it Is further intended to applfa powers for the company or companies, or either of the companies, SO 3 be incorporated, or either of thein. to purchase or take on lease. a Iff the respective companies of proprietors of the Brecknock and gavennv Canal, and the Brinore Kail way or Traimoad Company, other companies or persons* to sell, transfer or lease Ullto the compa7 or companies so to be incorporated, or one of such companies, alb iir cithrr, er any portion of the canals, railwavs* tramroads, stone and orher works, and the towing paths* lands* tenements* and heredir^ ments oi or belonging thereto, or vested in tlie said specified canal other companies respectively, or any of them, or belonging unt0'i5 vested in anv other companies or persons whose canals or other v'°r j[ or any part thereof; may be required for the purposes of* or be bv th« said proposed railways, any or either of them and to enter •'vjji and perform any other airangements or agreements in relation to said canals, railways, or tramroads and other works, or any of then* 01'1. spec-lively. And it is further intended to apply for powers for the C version or use of the said canals, railways, or tramroads and. works, of some of them, or some portions thereof, respectively, for the porpoi^9^; the said proposed railways and works, OJ* some of them* and also fot jj extinguishment or alteration of the tolls, rates* and duties made pay3*Jv by the several Acts of Parliament relatiug thereto respectively, or or one of them, and to vary or extinguish exemptions from tolls, ra^ and duties, and all existing rights and privileges in any manner •: nected Jwith the said canals, railways, tramroads, and works, ur either of them, or the lands and grounds boloniiing thereto, and ParL cularly to enable the said intended company or companies to purch:ljft by compulsion or otherwise, snd to divert the waters of the said caii8'*| and to stop up end otherwise discontinue the said Brecknock and gavenny Canal, and the branch or branches thereof { Also the said Brinore Railway or tramroad, or the branch or branch^ thereof. And in or in connection with the sajd Biil or Bills, application will Ijj thereof. And in or in connection with the sajd Biil or Bills, application will Ijj made for the alteration, amendment, and enlargement of Ihe poW^I- and provisions, or some of the powers and provisions* (if both or oi t A'o several Acts of Parliament; one passed in the 33rd year of of hd Majesty King George the Third, intituled 41 All Act > making and maintaining a Navigable Canal from the town of to the Monmouthshire Canal, near the town of Pontypool, in the nf Monmouth* and ior making and maintaining Railways and StO" Koads from such Canal to several Iron Works and Mines in the eounueci of Brecknock and Monmouth;" and the other passed in the 44th a of the same reign, intituled," An Act for enabling the Company Proprietors of the Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal to raise a ¡llrtll ø sum of money for completing the said Canal, and the Works therein1 belonging, and for altering and enlarging the Powers of an Act made the 33rd yearofhis present Majesty for making the said Canal." And notice is hereby further given, that it is intended by the s*1, Bill or Bills to incorporate a company or companies for the purpose ø carrying into ellect. the proposed works, or some part thereof, and tl apply for powers for the compulsory purchase of lands and houses, all to vary or extinguish all rights and pJivileges in any maimer conjecte with the lands an,1 houses proyosed to be taken for the purposes said, and also to levy tolls, rates, or duties upon or in respect of the a, several railways an,1 works, and alter existing tolls, rates, or duties, all to confer, yary, or extinguish, exemptions from the payment of toll* rates, and duties, and other rights and privileges. f And it is also proposed* in and by the said Bill or Bills, to empotfe the said <">lnp:lI1Y or companies to be thereby incorporated to let 0 0 lease, seli, or transfer the said intended railway and works, or any of the same, or file tolls thereof, to the Welch Midland Company, IP tended to be incorporated by the name of the Welch Midland Company, or any other railway company or companies, with whose hn m- the said intended railways and works, or any part thereof, may and to delegare to the said Welch Midland Railway Company, or sUc^ other compnny or companies as aforesaid* the execution of all or any? | the powers of the said intended BiU or Billst and to authorize the saj^f Welch Midland Railway Company, or such other company or eompaii*W as aforesaid, out of their corporate or other funds, and either jointly j severally, to take shares in and subscribe for or towards the making' maintaining, working, and using the said intended railways and works" or any part thereof, or to purchase, rent, work, or construct, and the said intended railways and works, or any part of the same, and to take tolls and duties upon or ill tespect thereof, and to raise money fot the purposes aforesaid. And it is further proposed by the said Bill or Rills to authorize the union aud amalgamation of the said companies, or any of them, with tl" ompany or companies to be incorporated by the sai,1 Bill or Bills, OJ any of them, upon such terms and conditions as may be mutually upon, and to authorize the company to be formed by snob union or gamat\ou to use and work the said railways and works, or any Pali thereof, and to take tolls in respeot thereof. And the promoters of the said undertaking reserve to themselves power to confine the applicatio^ in the next Session of Parliament to a part only, instead of the who!0' the said railway alia works. Dated the 5th day oi' November, 1845. H.^X'l'EK KOSE, and NORTON',? SoMcitorll. 3, Park-street, Westminster, )