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A travelling dentist left his creditors, in a fashionable water ing-place, the following cheering announcement on his door:— Dr. M —— is gon to London to ateiid the Roial Family." The Springfield Post says, a lame man would have been drowned in the town brook, had he not been so full of iiquor that the water could not get into him.— Boston Postt A DILKJUIA.— The fair and graceful Mademoiselle Plessis, the delight of the Fiench stage, after bestowing her hand upon the happy M. Arnould, of Brussels, started, under his protec- tion, to fulfil an engagement at St. Petersbugh. On their arrival at the frontier, the authorities demanded the reason of their coming. Madame Arnould exhibited her engagement, signed and sealed, by authority of the Emperor, and her pass-port. All was correct, and the lady was told that she was at liberty to proceed. 1 hen came the gentleman's turn—Who are you, Sid "1 am the husband of Madame, and here is my pass- port, signed by the Russian ambassador in London." Alas! these claims did not suffice O;J the contrary, orders had been received from St. Petersburgh to prevent the further progress of the bndegroorn. In vain did the maries expostulate, the sturdy official remained firm, upon which the bride declared her inten- j.,0° of returning wiih her husband; this, however, was equally torbidden she had put her foot upon Russian ground under a ten years' encasement, and fiom that moment she became lmpenal property until the completion of her contract. The result was a huriied and agonized parting between the be. wilderded couple after which the lady was handed into a carnage, which started at a gallop towards the capital; and the gentleman was conduchd, under an escort, beyond the frontier, Q-, .a hint of the possibility of his extending his discoveries to >- ibena should he again attempt to enter the imperial dominions, it is said that certain liberal opinions put forth by M. Arnould in his works have procured for him the somewhat paiuful dis- tinction of this ill-timed excommunication. The Critic BATIUNO DI the Douno.—It is an amusing sight, and enlivening withal, to look at the rows of white tents,.he beautiful girls and their elegant diesses, the crowds of spectators, each sheltered by a bright coloured umbrella, and some thirty or forty taclies and gentlemen, tat and thin, tall and short, old and young, in the water together dipping and splutttnng, shouting and shrieking, as the white crested waves roll towards them- some attempting to swim, others, fearful of being carried out to sea, clinging to their attendants' arms,and endeavouring to make then escape to terra firma. Here an old woman, bearing aloft a utile cheiub, independent of any costume, to dip a certain number of times—there a bathing girl, encouraging a stout old gentleman to venture into the water, after he has leeeivedthe first souse on the head from the contents uf a basin, to prevent his feeling the effect of the shock to his feet. Sometimes three or four young ladies will go in together, or a gentleman may be seen gallantly leading some fair one of his acquaintance; but everything is conducted with the strictest propriety and decorum, so that however extraordinary the style may atfiist appear to a s ranger, he soon becomes accustomed to it. Liusitajiian sketches. The Marquess of Hertford gave an entertainment last week to upwards of three hundred paupeu in the Lisburn Union Work. house. An offer has been made recently to the Post-offi-e by the Brighton CompHny, to carry a mail every train between Lon- don and BrightonWithout charge." This liberal proceeding will | be another means of rendeiing Brighton a suburb of the metro- polis to a greater extent than its hour and a half journey already makes it. If accepted, as doubtless i £ must be, the public will have the privilege of a post nearly eveiry hour in the day. AGKICULTUKK.—Finer weather for haivesting the late-sown grain aud beans, for ploughing, and all other operations of agri- I have the privilege of a post nearly eveiry hour in the day. AGKICULTUKK.—Finer weather for haivesting the late-sown grain aud beans, for ploughing, and all other operations of agri- culture, than that of the last two or three weeks, was, perhaps, never experienced. The fields are now mostly cleared of their produce, and the dry, mild season, has also been very favourable for getting up potatoes—a circumstance which we cannot be 100 grateful for at the present junclure,-Hcreford Journal. Potatoes are selling retail in this city at sixpence per peck, or two shillings per buhd-a reasonable price, but there is very great loss, owing to the prevailing infection. The sound part õ: the potato is of good quality.—Hereford Journal. THE A?JPOVEP. INQUIRY.—(From our own correspondent.)— The tnends of the poor throughout the country will doubt less be glad to learn that a movement, which I alluded to 10 some of my former communications, is now goWg on promisingly. A meeting of the friends of Mr. Westlake. the surgeon of the And. over Union, was held at Andover on We 13th day of October, for the purpose of devising means to respond to the conrwnunica- tions from various parts of the country offering subscriptions to- wards defraying the heavy expenses to which that gentleman had been put by the prosecuting the recent inquiry into the ennduct at the master of the union workhouse, and in doing which he gave his undivided attention, and em- P'oyed counsel and solicitors, and summoned upwards of fifty witnesses from diffelent parts of the country, whereby he proved such gross acts of profligacy and ill-treatment to the paupers, that the master and matron were compelled lo give up iheirsifua- lion3. At that meeting it was resotved that the following gentle- men should form themselves into a committee, and that Mr. J. Brown May, of London, be requested to act as honorary secre. tary :1r. M.P. for the borough and Messrs. Wake- ford, Reeves, Tasker, Mortimer, and Svmons, of Andover; to- gether with Mr If Mundy (mogistrate), Mr. John llolloway, and Mr. James Soper, guardians of the Andover union. It was also resolved that all those friends of the poor who wish to relieve Mr. Westinke from the pecuniary burden thrown upon him in prosecuting the late inquiiy be respectfully requested to for* aid any contribution* they may wish to add to those already Stlb. sciibed to Messrs. Heath, bankers, Aodover, Ihe hme$office, Leeds; Mr p u Chava3»e, surgeon, Old-square, Birmingham; <he Reading Mercury otfee, Reading; the Hampshire Bank, Southampton or by post office order to Mr J. Brown May, J4, Queen-square, BloonUury. Upwards of £ b0 ha. already been subscribed.—Times. STATE OF TRADE —November, for many years pasl, has been a flat month. Parties purchasing at November prices have ge- uerally been rieht This year, in the fall of prices bears a close resemblance ^ceding V h" i'eavy. Uur enquiry in authoritative quarters, as to the exten, of trade doio*, has been answered in the words there is none.' This notice in applicable alm-t to all brunches of trade. 7-8 printer, 72's. 5s. 9d.; di't0 fa6 s< os.—Manchester Araus. Mr. Walter is a candidate for the representation of Windsor. If he should succeed, the proprietors of the Times, Morning Herald, and Morning Chronicle, will all three be Parliament.


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