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DOMESTIC SEWS. To show the spirit of speculation at present existing, Jones and Lloyd, the bankers, received the enormous sum o' £ 300,000., on S-t'urday last, in deposits on the London and lYlduchester Ristrick's line. The house was literally besieged all the day, and kept open till ten at night. At various other banking-houses the sum of £175,000. was re ceived, making a total of £ 475,000., close upou half a mil- lion, in one day, for one railway. PRINCE Lotus BUONAPARTE.—A letter from Paris of the 17th ult., published in a German print, says; Prince Luuis Buonaparte is tired of his prison at Ham, and is said to be disposed to submit to any terms imposed upon him for his liberation. The Minister of the Interior has sent him a person who is provided with confidential instruction. It is believed that the prisoner and his companions in misfor tune will soon be restored to freedom, and it is said will proceed to America." DEATH OF THE MARQUESS OF ELY.—The Most Noble the Marquess of Ely died on Friday night, at Ely Lod^e, in the county Fermanagh, afier a short illness. His lordship had but lately returned to Ely Lodge, and appeared to be in the enjoyment of more than his usual health and spirits. On Thursday he experienced an attack ofEnghshchotera, and notwithstanding the prompt attendance of the most eminent men in the neighbourhood, expired, to the inex- pressible grief of his family and fri°nds, in the course of the following day; His lordship i, succeeded in his title and estate, by his eldest son, Lord Viscouut Loftus, born the 111h of Jannaqb 1814. GREAT WlSfljhiN RAILWAY.—Traffic for the week end- ing 28ih Sept:, 845 :-P4ssengers.(57,564!), '£14,411 Os. lid.; mails, JE404 7s. lid.; parcels, £ 658. 18s. Id ex- presses, £9,; meichandise, £4,143. Is.; total, £19,632. 7s. lid. Traffic of corresponding week last year, £17,890. On Saturday, the Torrento, 700 tons burden, Captain Tmber, sailed from the St. Kaiherine's Docks, London, having; on board sixty steerage passengers, all agricultural labourers, from the counties of Bedfoid, Buckingham, and Oxford. On board the same vessel, the collection of wild beasts, belonging to Van Amburgh, proceeded on their voy- age to New York. STATISTICKS OF BRITISH SHIPWRECKS A writer in the New Quarterly Review states, that the average number of wrecks of Blltish meichant ships a year are six hundred the average sum lost, above two millions and a hall sterling; the average of lives lost, the lamentable number of 1560; but the wtecks of fifteen out of every twenty ships are at- tributed to some incompetency on the part of the masters. The late Earl Spencer's remains were removed from Weston Hall, near Bawtry, and were conveyed by railway, by a special train, to Weedon, where the luneral cortege was formed. The deceased earl's remains, by his ex- press wish, were placed in the family vault in the village church of Brington, near Altborp, without the least unne- cessary paiade. RAILWAY CLUB.—A meeting of gentlemen connected with railways was held at the London Tavern on Wednes day week, at which Sir G. W. Piescott, Bart., presided The chairman explained that the object of the meeting was to adopt measures for the formal Ion of a club, to be com- posed of railway directors and parties interested in railways, for the interchange and record of information connected with them. The proposltloll had already the approbation by letter of upwards of 150 noblemen and gentlemen, direc- tors 01 railways* Several gentlemen addressed the meeting, and urged that the proposed plan would have the effect 01 diffusing railway intelligence generally, particularly as re- spects the geological state of the country, and the improve- ments of locomotive engines, &c., and a resolution in con- formity with the objects 01 the meeting was adopted. It was suggested to the committee which was appointed, that pro- fessors of geoloey, &c., be appointed to give occasional lec- tures, and that a new Exchange might probably be estab- lished, to be devoted exclusively to railways. A most barefaced robbery was committed a little after seven o'clock last night, to a considerable amount. A farmer from a neighbouring town having called at our office for the purpose of paying a small account, was noticed by some wotten to place his purse in his breast pocket. They watched him le&ve the office, and before he had got twenty yards, they ran up against him, and one of them thrusting her hand in his oreast, drew out his purse, and made away. He did not discover his loss at the moment, but in five mi- nutes after he missed his purse, which contained four or five sovereigns, and £240 in notes of the Lichfield Bank, pay- able in London, at Messrs. Smith, Payne, and Smith. He had come into the town with a view of buying some sheep at our fair to-day, and was thus, in an instant, depiiveti 01 this very serious sum of money. Should any Ltchfied i!i- te presented lor payment, parties should be cautious and notire who presents them.— Leicester Mercury. We-lea n frorq authority, which we cannot distrust, that 8. plan of fdllway IS now in active contemplation, and in highly influential hands, which bids fair to be one of the most imposing adventufesofthisadventutousera. It is proposed to complete a double line ot railway from New- castle to the metropolis for the carriage of goods only; these Roods being coals chiefly upwards, and miscellaneous pack- ages downwards. As this line wourd exclude passengers, great speed is not an object. The coals would be delivered in a condition far superior to that which goes by sea, and the metropolitan market would by this means be regularly supplied at all times, with superior coals, on terms that would hardly vary, and which would be lower than any thai London has yet seen. The cost of the railway is .St.. mated however at somewhat above four millions, and it is proposed to obtain a subscribed capital ot five millions to meet all contingencies. We look with great interest for further details as to the gigantic undertaking. Lyne ^IvT'ext meeting of the Royal Irish Agricultural Society is to he held at L|m UNSL0W.—Lieutenant Kirwan.of the ••p ux" -°d b,°p' ..iw, p«bi,.h«, bu, a A RIS, UCT. reluctance, the official despatches from di«.roa, encounlers »„h >he Algeria, ^elj?'h(] e|_Kad«>r, in consequence of which, the rrmy ofaAlg«ia Is about to be carried to above one hun- dred thousand B y _A jjne> sanc(ioned by her M^es'iy's Government, is projected Irom Sydney (New e Wales)10 Paramal9J Penrith,Castlereawh, Richmond, and W^dsor, with a branch io Liverpool and C-mpbell. town m «he'same colony. The capital is £ 1,000,000, ,n 50 000 shares, of £ 30 each. GEORGE HUDSON, E*q.. M.P, has purchased Newby Park one of the beautiful seats of the Earl De Grpy. It is bounded by the romantic nver Swale, and airfjoins t ie splendid estate of Baldersby, in the North Rttng, ™ llc Mi. Hudson some time ago purchased of the ( ° tonshire- As there is no family mansion on he Baldersby estate, the purchase will form a most desirable appendage — Forks/iire Gazette.. „„.onf rP«irl. LISTOS. This ce'ebrated comjc actor is a^p lab()im ing at Brighton for ihe benefit of f .1 under a depression of spirits, which cuts h.m' °ff usual enjoyment of society, and ma esi i e den. Wlfat a theme for the great comic actor, who was M that Lis- roar present.-Tit may not be generally known, that L.ts roar, prese i rrtm«stamDS him for the comic muse, ton, whose physiognomy stamps Spelchley Park, so'n.Roberl Be.keley, LJCi •»10 .ksq., and, auer o 4 hjs butler, and legacies to J.Tanced, » .IK » ,he residue of hi, p„. .11 h« .Iter *<••>»<>. "< dled „ ,be age 81, sonal estate, valued at on the 14th of Tune last. Drimnin> Sir Ch*rle. ro?dEAnTHthe well-known and hiKhly respected Secretary of Gordon, the Agricultural Society, died at his house, Hi 'Xnice! on Thursday se'nnight. was in'the fiuy-,hird year of h'S age' and ',ad lhC l? portant situation of Secretary of the Highland Society for J 1 on vpar«. He received the honour of knight- upwards ot iu ye" hood from William IV., in 1836. 1 ri-xs—Several vessels which have recently arrived, re h*ving seen larue fields of grasshoppers, or locusts, off the Western Islands. By comparing the different ac- that these tnsee'St-xtended over an area of < are The impression .s. that they had btown oft from the coast of Africa Hong Kong Regzster. 1 rrntlB(, As an illustration of the beneficial EARLY C ctec| (0 accrue from the early ".J<b. gra.i'ying facl .hat closing ol sliop. mtn in ihe employmenl ol M "i" I', Brai'e". enrolled ihem, in Iht Mejsrs. Faulkner, Monday. We uusl this example Manchester Athen«um on mo J win find nuineious imitators. Uura, ,abourers jn the So great is the scarc y d ,he cjty crier was en- Worcester distiict, that on S*iu y> J POurts ol paged in perambulating the streets, a y Worcester, announcing where eroployme for hop-pickers, 8cc. ^.Persons now under com- ASSESSEDTAXES COMPOSITION. increase to the position for assessed taxes, who m y iniend to number of articles included in their con rac coroo0siti0n discontinuesuch increase and not to c 37> sh0uld under the provISions of the Act 8 and 9 r*gh m whicl) give notice to the assessor or collector of P nr before ihey reside, 01 to the surveyor of the distnc 1 ar_ the 5th ot March, 1846, of the disuse of such addi tides and must actually cease to keep lhe»ame on the said 5th March, 1846, otherwise they will Decnd ts for the same in the year commencing on 5'h "P'1 PURCHASE OF THE REGENT'S CANAL.—The Reg6° nal has been purchased by a new railway comPan^'f,00 purchase-muney is £ 1,000,000, of which sum £ 500,0 > to be paid down, and the rematnina-f 500.000 is to be paId in three instalments, extending over a period of three yars. The purchase was legally ratified on Thursday. The resl)' will be most advantageous to the p-esent stiareholders in t e canal, for they will now receive £46 for each share, althoug 1, a short time since, the slures could have been procured a> low as £ 13. The Regent's Canal begins at Paddingtonan terminates at Blackwall, and we shall consequently have a railway running thiough the heart 01 London, and connecting the Great Western, the London and Birmingham* and Eas- tern Couuties Railway,



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