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Worcester and Leominster Railway,…

Great Welsh Central Railway,

Great Welsh Central Railway.



Glamorgan Central Mineral Railway. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEM ENT. Capital, .£500,000" in 25,000 Shares, of £20. each. Deposit, £2. per Share. THIS Line of Railway (which is proposed by the Duffryn- JL Llynvi, and Perth Cawl Railway Company), will embrace the richest mineral field in the Principality, lying chiefly in the Hundreds ot Newcastle and Ogmore, and com- prising a district of about ten miles square, abounding with Coal of the best quality, also with Argillaceous and Black Band Iron Ore. It is proposed to construct this Railway in the most efficient manner, to carry a branch line up each of the mineral valleys into which the district is divided, to connect them into one t Trunk line near Bridgend; and to enlarge the present harbour of Porth Cawl (which is about midway between Cardiff and i Swansea), into a commodious port adapted to the extensive traffic contemplated. It is intended, for the convenience of passengers, to connect i the main line with the South Wales Railway at two different points towards Cardiff and Neath; which will also afford faci- lities of shipment at the various ports, accessible bv the South Wales line. A detailed prospectus, with the names of an influential com- l mittee, will shortly be submitted to the public, when it will be seen that no line of railway yet projected offers greater advan- f tages in the way of investment, or opens such an inexhaustible field of mineral wealth. Further information may, in the mean time, be obtained of Mr. WILLIAM LEWIS, Solicitor, Bridgend; and Messrs. ROWLAND, HACON, and ROWLAND, Solicitors, Thread- needle-street, London. By order of the Duffryn, Llynvi, and Porth Cawl Railway e Company, W. S. BRADLEY, Clerk. e Porth Cawl, Sept. 26th, 1845. Hereford and Merthyr Tidvil Junction Railway, IN CONNI-CTlON WITH 1HF. GLOUCESTER, ABEIU SI W 11 H, AND CENTRAL WALES RAILWAY. (PH O VIS 1 O N At. L Y RKOISTERED.) Capital, iSlUO.OOO iu 20,000 Shares, of £20. each. Deposit, £2. "2s. per Shaie. PNOVISJONAL COMMITTEE. Lord George Lennox, 33, St. James\-street Th« Hon. A. Capel, Epping The Hon. F. H. F. Berkeley, M.P.. 6. Spring Gardens The Hon. A. L Berkeley, 6, Spring Gardens Sir James Anderson, Bart., M.R.S.A., New Burlington-Street Sir Jdme. Eyre. II, Drook-street Sir W. Magnay, Bart., London i Sir John Osborne, bart., Earl's court, Brompton Sir William Young, Bart., Director of the Honble. E. I. t Company Sir Andrew Pellatt Green, Austin Friars e Colonel Robert Douglas, C.B., United Service Club Colonel Hanmer, Bear Place, Maidenhead k'.r'nR,on- Wyndhatn-place, Braynston-square Major J. O. Lindliam, K.H., 3, New-street, Dorset-square Major William Bereslord, PattMat), Deputy Chairman of the Leeds and Carlisle Railway Lieut R. Fowke R.N Cath am Lieut. White, R.N.. Sheerness Thomas Fuller Maitland, Esq., Garth House, Builtb, and f Park-place, Henley-on-Thames T. F. Mautand, Jun., Esq., 61, Upper Seymore-street W. A. Hill. Esq., 29. Lonsdale-square The Venerable Archdeacon Venables, Llysdinam Hall, Builth Archibald Charles Dickson, Esq., F.R.S., F.S.A., Rosland- house, Lancashire, and Reigate Paik Atkinson, C. D., Esq., Wakefield Bagshaiv, John, Esq., 17, Gloucester-place, Portmaa-square Barber, John, Esq., 10, Giay's Inn-place Bardgett, W llliam, Esq., Director of tbe Italian and Austrian Railway Bardgett, William. Esq., Bishopsgate-street, Within Beamish, Capt., Maes MaIVr, Montgomery, and Kensington- square Rulkeley, Archibald, Esq Suffolk-place, Pall Mall Carne, J. Nicholl, Esq., L.L D., Dimlands House, Cowbridge Castro, H. De, Esq., South-street, Finsbury Coventry, Millis, Esq., Director ot the Britannia Life Assur- ance Company Douglass, Thomas, Esq.. Marlborough-place, St. John's Wood Earle, Captain Hamilton, R.A., Director of the Oxford and Worcester Extension Railway Farncomb, Mr. Alderman Foster, E. R. Esq., Director of the Derby, Uttoxeter, and Staffoid Railway Glen, J P.,Esq., Presteign Green, C. E., Esq., Blandford-street, Portman-square Grover, Captain, Ramsgate Gunter, Richard, Esq Belgrave-square Gwynne, Marmaduke, Esq., Llanelwuh Hal1, Builth Haines, Samuel, Esq., Chad House. Edgbaston Halpin, W. H., Esq 23, Grafton-street. Fitzroy-square Hancorne, R., Esq., Euston-square, Director of the Metropoli- tan Junctton Railway Heale, Josiah, Esq Giay's Inn-square Hopper, Jo' n, Esq., Duector of the London and Manchester Direct Railway Hudson. John Bellingham Godfrey, Esq., Director of the Cen- tral Teiminus Railway Humphtevs. Mr Alderman Knyve t, Charles, Esq., St. James's-place, London Leaf, Edivin, Esq Wood-street, Cheapside Match William, Esq., Cumberland-terrace, Regent's-park M'Cann, Nicholas, Esq.. Parliament-street Mon'efiore, J., Esq., 20, Chestei-street, Grosvenot-place Morrison, Peter, Esq.. Diiectoi of the London and Birmingham Extension, and South and Midland Junction Railways Morley, William, Esq Blackheath ^ewton.'l bomas Charles, Esq., Lugwardine, He^efoidshire Phillips, R., Esq., Gloster Villa, Gloster-road, Regent's-park Phillipson, R. b Esq., Director of the Rugby, Leamington, and Warwick Railway Price, Rees Esq., Tyne Hall liford, Essex Prosser, William, Esq.. J3 Windsor-terrace, Pimlico Reid. William, Esq., 20, Buty-slreet, St. James's Ricketts T. B., Esq., Combe House, Presteign Rigby, Joseph Drowne, Esq., Cadogan-place, Belgrave-square Roberts, Thomas Turner. Esq., Llwynderw, Breconshire Robinson, George, Esq., Director of the Hull and Barnsley Junction Railway Roose, Francis, Esq., 33, Upper Montagu-street, Montagu- square Rose, Joseph F., Esq., Great Surrey-stieet Savage, Henry, Esq., 34, Dorset-place, Dorset-sqare Smith, Samuel, Esq., Southampton Stevenson, Thomas, 37, Upper Grosvenor-street Thomas, Edward David, Esq., Welfield-House, Radnorshire ThomtS, Thomas. Esq., Penkerrig. Radnorshire Waite, Charles, Esq Willesden. Middlesex Waite, G.. Esq., 2, Old Burlington-street Walker, The Rev. G. A., Alvesthorpe Parsonage, Wakefield Watkins, Lloyd Vaughan, Esq., Pennoyre Wheelton, John, Esq., Meopham-place, Tonbridge Williams, B. B.. Esq., Wyndham-place, B'yanston-square Wood, R. W. Esq., Lodge-place. St. John's Wood With power to add to their number BANKERS. Abergavenny—Branch of Monmouthshire and Glamorganshire Banking Company Aberystwith-North and South Wales Bank Birmingham—Messrs. Moilliett and Co Mrecon-Musrs. Bromage, Snead. and Co. Htistot West of England and South Wales District Benk Chtltenham-The County of Gloucester Bank Gloucester—The County of Gloucester Bank Hay—The Herefordshire Banking Company Hereford—The Herefordshire Banking Company London—Messrs. Glyn, Halifax, Mills. Sc Co., Lombard-street Merthyr of England and South Wales Bank Neath—Glamorganshire Banking Company Newport—Branch of the West of England and South Wales District Rank Ross-J. W. Hall Esq. Worcester-Messrs. Farley and Co. ENGINEER—Samuel Hughes. Esq SURVEYOR—George Tayloi ,Esq. SOLICITORS-Mr. George P. Hill, 21 A, Soho-squtrt Mr. Thomas Lawrence, Biecon SECRETARY— Mr. Thomas Hawker WHILST providing a grand Trunk Line for Central Walei t'T in the Gloucestei, Aberystwith, and Central Wales lhll. way Company, the Diiectors of that important undertaking have not been unmindful of the various solicitations they have leceivtd for .he extension of its public usefulness- Amongst the first and most necessary of the contemplated ex- tensions is the line 01 railway now pr posed the objects of which are to connect, by a direct line, the teem ng and fe tile: districts of Herefordshire and the adjoining highly pioductive .igncultiiral counties of Radnor and Cardigan, with the great mineral distiicts of Merthyr Tidvil and the neighbourhood and I by means of the Manchester and Birmingham Continuation and Welsh Junction, proposed to run from Crewe, via Llangenig (wnere that line niseis that of tbe Gloucester, Aberystwith, and' Central Wales) to Aberystwith, to connect North and fypuih Wales, also Shropshire, Cheshire, &c., with the West of England. it will be hardly necessary to dilate upon the enormous traffic which must exist between the densely-populated disiric s of Merthyr Tidvil, the agricultural counties belore mentioned, wi h the surrounding country, and the mines of Cardiganshire. In the latter ne.ghbourhood the want of coal ia much lelt. Imprcve- ] meot in nade, inc eased profits to mining establishments and ( manufactureis, the more ready iuterchange of food for the pro- ducts of the mines and general addition to prosperity, must !o'- low from the construction of this line, which has the merit of ] clashing with no other project, and of being strongly sought after t and recommended by existing interests. ] This line will leave the main line at Glasbury, from whence it ] will run in an almost direct course along the banks of the Dunvy j River through Talgarth by Llangose Lake, crossing the river j Usk at a mest favourable point; it will then intersect the popu- j lous ueighbourhood of I alybont, and, alter striking the valleys a of the Glyn and Taaffechan, terminaie ai Merthyr I idvil. The necessary connection of th" line with the laff Vale and South Wales Railways will be obvious. A short branch from the Glyn VaFey will connect the line with the great iron works and mineral districtsof Strhowy,Trede- gar, and Rhymney; and, by means of the Tredegar Railway, connect it also with the important town and port ot Newport. It may be lematked that this line has long been called for by the wants of the districts affected by its progress, and was surveyed many years since by an eminent engineer (the late George Oveiton, Esq., who planned the first railway for loco- motive power in the kingdom). The length of the line will be about twenty miles. In the allotment of shares (which will take p'ace at the earliest J possible moment on account of the necessity of being prepaied for the ensuing Session of Parliament) prefeience will be given to partie3 locally interested in the line, and to Scrip Holders in the Gloucester and Aberystwith Railway Company. Applications for Shares in the annexed form may be made to the respective Solicitors to the Secretary, at the Offices of the Company, No. 1, New Broad-street; or to the followiug Local SftltPilArtt • Birmingham Messrs. Hill & Everill. Gleucester «ienry in?4' Ross fW^sro Edwa'ds. Hereford J- H- ""enhtH, Esq. Hay Pugh.Esq. Builth Svan E'q. Rhayader. ° ^'Hiams, Esq. Aberystwith Miller, Esq. MHM OF APPLICATION. To the Provisional Committee of the Heiefordand Merthyr Tidvil Junction Railway. Gentlemen,—I request that you will allot me shares in the above Railway, and I agree to accept that or any less number that you may please to allot me and 1 undertake to pay number that you may please to allot me and 1 undertake to pay the deposit of £ ?. 23. per °° 8an>e, and to sign the Subscribers' AgreemcBt and Parliamentary Contract when -J ,e,iu,™u- Name in full Residence Trade or Profession Place of business (if any")* Date Reference !'t! | THE GB BAT WESTERN It! TAILORING AND OUTFITTING ESTABLISHMENT, 32, High-street, Newport, Opposite the Monmouth and Glamor 1 an Bank. fjERSONS studying economy, style, and quality 'n dress, will do well to call at this Establishment, where they will find the JL LARGEST STOCK of every description of CLOTHING in the Principality, at Prices vai ivailed by all others. READY-MADE DEPARTMENT. s. d. MADE T( MEASURE. s. d. Tweed Taglionis, from 7 0 Tweed Coats, Trimmed wi:h Silk in the most Beautiful Summer Ve3ts, from 2 6 fashionable style, from • 15 0 Tweed Trousers, dsirc., from •• •• 60 Quilting ests, from •• 70 Black and Colours, in Frock and Dress Coats, from 20 0 Summer Trousers, in great variety, from 0, Black and Colours, in Frock and Dress Coats, from 20 0 Summer Trousers, in great variety, from 0, Bop' and Mechanics' Clothing, at equally Low Pr,ces. | Black ant: Colours, in Frock and Dress Coats, from 3 Mourning to any extent Always Ready. Any Article Purchased at this Establishment Exchanged if not approved o.—Sole Agent for the Paris Hat. Cloth Caps of every descripl on. The Furniture and Bedding Manufactory as UB c;a-r: ?d on I;), SKINJTJIUSTR.EET, with a Show Room 70 feet long. Observe the address-32, t —S. POLAK, Proprieto •. WANTED, IN A SHIP BROKER'S OFFICE AT NEWPC r, AN active Person, to take the Out-door work, eirL Partner or on Commission. Apply to Mr. RALPH WHITFIELD, at his Office, Cinder hill Wharf, Newport. October 2nd, 1845. NEWPORT, IVipNtVlOUTHSHIRE. To Butchers and Cowkeepers. To be DISPOSKD OF, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A FIRST-RATE BUTCHER'S SHOP and MILK BUSINESS, with Spacious Slaughter-house, Cowhouses, Stabling, &c.. &c., and an excellent DWELLING-LOUSE, with an abundant supply of good water. The Premises are situate in the most flourishing part of the town in a large thoroughfare, at a low rent, and where a lucra- tive business in the above line has been carried on during the last 30 years Every satisfaction will be given to any respectable person, as to the trade doing, and the reason of the present proprietor leaving. The party may have the Stock of Cows at a fair valu- ation, if required. The coming-in for the Business, Cows, and Fixtures, will be moderate, and an approved bill, for part of the amount, at three months' will be taken from the party taking. For further particulars, apply on the Premises. 159, Commer- cial-street, Newport. All letters to be post paid. LESSONS XN B&tfSU&XNS&ir & D&ESS- MAKING. MISS FRANCIS, 162, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, GIVES Instructions in a New and Tmproved System of Cutting, Fitting, and Executing, in the most finished style, in me above art. For SIX LESSONS, which will be sufficient for a perfect knowledge, ONE POUND. PRACTICE HOURS, FROM 11 TO 4. Direct Steam Communication between Liverpool and South Wales. THE Public are respectfully informed that the new and powerful Iron Screw Steamer, "TINTERN," CAPT WALTERS, just launched, and built eipressly for tie trade, will commence plying between LIVERPOOL & NEWPORT, calling at Tenby, early in October. Fares. After Cabin. Fore Cabin. Liverpool to Newport. 15s. 7s. Ditto to Tenby 12s. 5s. Tenby to Newport 6s. 3s. Children under 10 years of age Half Price. The Freight of Goods will be proportionally low, of which Lists may be obtained of the Agents in the course of a few days. Arrangements are now being made to forward Liverpool and Manchester Goods from Tenby to Pembroke, Narbeth, Car- marthen, &c., &c., &c., at a great reduction, both in time and expense, from the present system of carriage. In addition to the advantages derived from having a speedy and cheap transit of Goods and Passengers from Liverpool to South "r ales, the benefits will be great, inasmuch as it will form a direct communication between Pembrokeshire, Monmouthshire, Hereford, and Gloucester, &c.. &c., which of course would be far preferable to the usual route, via Bristol. For particulars of the times of Sailing, and rates of Freight for Goods and Passengers, Apply to DARBY & SIM, Sweeting-street, Liverpool; or to N. B. CALDER, Ebbw Vale, Wharf, Newport. To Timber Merchants and others. WANTED, by the Monmouthshire Canal Company, LARCH SLEEPERS, of the following dimensions, ex- clusive of bark:—2000, to be not less than 7 feet long, 10 inches by 5 inches; 4000, to be not less than 7 feet long, 9 inches by 4l inches; the cross section of the sleepers may be either semicircular or rectangular. The whole to be delivered within two Months of the date of contract: half the above quantity to be delivered at Newport, the remainder at Crumlin. Any further information may be obtained on application to the Company's Engineer, Newport. Tendcis to be addressed to the Chairman of the Committee of the M. C. Co. on or before Oct 7th, 1845. A CARD.— TUITION. MR. HAWKES, Private Tutor, Professor of the Greek and Latin Classics, French, English. Drawing, &c., fyc., BEGS leave respectfully to acquaint the gentry of New- port, and its neighbourhood, that he will give "LESSONS Privately, or in Class, in the above departments of literature. The system on which Mr. H. teaches, whilst it ensures a solid and practical improvement in his pupils, dispenses with one half the labour and the time consumed at schools in learning little more than the elementary parts of education. For instance, a respectable and practical knowledge of French might be acquired, with a little industry, in three months, on Mr. H.'s system, when the same amount of information would not be acquired in the usual way in twelve months; and so of the other branches. Numerous testimonials, and references of the highest res- pectability, which can be had on application, attest the uniform success of Mr. II.'s system of teaching. ? Anv communication addressed to the Misses WILLIAI- Boarding School, Clarence-place; or to Mr. C. DESMO. Grocer, 113, Commercial-street, Newport, will be immedia attended to. MONMOUTHSHIRE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the County of Monmouth, will be held at the TOWN HALL, in USK, on MONDAY, the 13th day-of OCTOBER, 1845, And that the Court will sit at 12 o'Clock at Noon, when the Chief Constables are to attend and deliver in the Jury Lists, or in de- fault thereof they will be fined; the Court will then immediately proceed with all business relating to the Assessment, Applica- tion, and Management of the County Stock or Rate, or any fund or funds used or applied in aid thereof, and make orders for payments, and consider and direct the general business of the County. All bills and demands relating to the public expenditure of the County, must be delivered into the office of the Clerk of the p,.ace, Fourteen Days before the Sessions, or they will not be seitled and allowed at such Sessions. And all appeals and traverses must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace before Twelve o'clock on the second day of the Sessions. At half-past nine on Tuesday, the 14th October, the Grand and Petty Juries will be called over, and are to answer to their names, or in default thereof, they will be fined; and all ;.ci- 10ns hound by recognizances are to attend, as the Court will proce-d to try appeals, indictments for felonies, and traverses, and transact the other business of the Sessions. All con- victions and recognizances, and all informations and depositions must be delivered or transmitted to the Clerk of the Peace three clear days previous to the Sessions. All costil al- lowed by the county must be taxed at the same Sessions, or they will not afterwards be allowed. And, in pursuance of a Requisition signed by Samuel Hom- rray, Edmund Williams, Henry Marsh, and Joseph Davies, Esquires, and the Reverend James Coles, Clerk, five of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace, acting within and for the said Dounty, NOTiPE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN, that in Application will, on Monday, the said Thirteenth day of Dctober next, at the hour of Twelve o'clock at Noon, be made by the said five Justices, or some or one of them, to the Justices; in Quarter Sessions assembled, for an Order that a Lock-up House, for the temporary confinement of Prisoners taken into Custody by any Constable, and not committed for Trial, or in execution of any Sentence, shall be provided in the Division of Bedwellty, in the said County of Monmouth, pursuant to the Statute in such case made and provided. WADDINGTON, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. Usk, 18th September, 1845. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. THAT a SPECIAL ASSEMBLY of the PROPRIETORS of the BRECKNOCK and ABERGAVENNY CANAL NAVIGATION, will be held at the SHIRE HALL, in the town )f BRECKNOCK, in the county of Brecknock, on FRIDAY, the 24th day of OCTOBER next, at the hour of Twelve o'Clock at Soon for the purpose of considering and deciding on the pro- priety of disposing of the said Canal, and all Rights and In- ierests over or affecting the same, together with the Works, Powers, Privileges, Emoluments, Immunities, and Appurte lances thereto belonging and also of accepting certain terms )roposed by the Welsh Midland Railway Company, for the purchase thereof, or of negotiating with such Company for the sale thereof to them, upon other terms.-Dated this Twenty- [«cond day of September, 1845. JOSEPH BAILEY, HUGH BOLD. WALTER MAYBERY, WM. WILLIAMS, JOHN LLOYD. GUANO, (GENUINE PERUVIAN AND BOLIVIAN,) COi\STA NTLy ON SALE. A CARGO of Prime Quality, just landed. Apply to the Importers, GIBBS, BRIGHT, & Co., 28, Orchard- street; or at GEORGE and JAMES BUSH'S Warchou d, Baldwin.street, BRISTOL, where it may be seen. FURNISHING. SMITH & Co., Carpet Manufacturers, 13, SAINT AUGUSTINE'S PARADE, BRISTOL. (Opposite the Diaw Bridge,) BEG most respectfully to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and Inbatiit^nt^,?fr^(ewPort and South Wales, their having added to their EXTENSIVE STOCK, many choice and elegant designs in Brussels and other Carpets, com- prising the newest and most varied out of London. S. and C., being entirely confined to the FURNISHING BUSINESS, are enabled to oner Exclusive Advantages to pur- chasers, who would find a visit to their SPACIOUS WARE- ROOMS, well worthy of attention. The Stock consists of Axrninster, Turkey, Velvet Pile, Brus- Mis.Kilmarnock. Lincoln, Kiddermmster, and other CARPETS, in every variety of pattern and ^\th a corresponding assortment of HEARTH RL.GSn,™ P £ 'fENT FELTED CARPET, printed and plain JJruggets, Silk Damasks ;md/ Taboretts, printed Tournays; Monair, Worsted, and two-' coloured Damasks; Striped, at?r.ed Mc Teens; j Chintz Furnitures, printed Blin<Dimities, Mar- seilles Quilts, Counterpanes, real ^plankets, Linen and Cotton Silesias for Window-blinds, Table Covers, &c.; Silk and Worsted Fringes, Bell-ropes, Curtain-b ds, Gimps Brass and Gilt Cornices; Poles, Ornaments, «c. Well-seasoned FLOOR-CLOTH, in every width and pattern, for Rooms, Halls, and Passages. r „ Patterns of Brunels and other Carpets, *c., forwarded to ipy part of th* country. I NEWPORT. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, THAT wer-accustomed BEER HOUSE, situate on the JL corner of Great Dock and George-streets, Newport, called T HE WHITE LION," and now in the occupation of Mr. Bidlle. The above House is situate close to the New Cattle Market, and on the principal thoroughfare to the Docks, Iron and Coal Wharfs, Ship and Timber Yar Is, Canal and Tram-roads, &c. In-coming about JE50. Apply to the Landlord, on the Premises, Mr. Hyndman, Wine Merchant, Great-Dock-street, or E. PRITCHARD, Auctioneer and House Agent,, 44, and 59, Commercial street', Newport. MONMOUTHSHIRE. MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED,UPON AT CHRISTMAS, l[ 45; The Great ilettws Farm, \%J ITH the Barns, Stables, Outbuildings, and about 83 » Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, thereto belonging, now in the occupation of Mr. GINGER. The above Farm is situated in the Parish of Hantillio-Per tholey, four miles only from the market town of Abergavenny and has attached to it valuable rights of Pasturage on the adjoining Hills. For further particulars apply to Messrs. GABB and SECRETAN, Solicitors, Abergavenny. TO BE LET, FROM THE SECOND OF FEBRUARY NEXT, COURT MORGAN FARM, In the Parish of LLANARTH, CONTAINING about 180 Acres of excellent Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Orchard LAND, with a good House, Malt- house, and all requisite Out-buildings. About 120 acres are Meadow and Orcharding, the remainder Arable, well calculated for turnips and sheep. It is situnted about four miles from Abergavenny, eleven from Monmouth, ten from Pontypool. Apply to Mr. HUGHES, Penpergam, near Abergavenny. MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. PHILIPPS, At the Angel Inn, in the town of ABERGAVENNY, on WED- NESDAY,. the 8th of OCTOBER, 1345, at One o'Clock in the Afternoon (unless disposed of in the meantime by Private Contract), ONE undivided FIFTH PART or. SHARE of the reversion or remaincier expectant, and to take effect in possession upon the decease of two females, now aged respectively, 88 and 63 years, of, and in all that FARM, called WINSTON'S COURT FARM," situate in the parish of Llanvetherine, in the said county of Monmouth, and now in the occupation of Mr. F. Woodcock, consisting of a Dwelling-house and other Outbuildings, and 78 Acres and rewards of rich arable Meadow and Pasture Land, and Orcharding.—And also one undivided FIFTH PART or SHARE of, and in the Sum of £2,048 NEW 3! PER CENT. BANK ANNUITIES, now standing in the names of responsible Trustees, and which will be payable upon the decease of a female now aged about 63 vears. T.™ t"rt.ll?r particulars, apply to Messrs. GABB & SECRE- JAiN, Solicitors, Abergavenny. LOWER GRANGE FARM, MAGOR, MONMOUTHSHIRE. IMPORTANT AND EXTENSIVE SALE Of 107 Head of Valuable Horned Cattle, OF THE PURE HEREFORD BREED; ELEVEN NAG AND CART HORSES AND COLTS. Mil. PARSONS Begs to announce, that he is directed by the Proprietor, Mr. JAMES HODGES (who is giving up his Farm), TO SELL BY AUCTION, °n 'nS"1' the Lower. Grangb FARM, in the parish on. THURSDAY, the 16th of OCTOBER, 1845, HE whole of his superior DAIRY OF COWS voune stock of STEERS & HEIFERS, Three-year-old BULL Fat COWS, HORSES, and COLTS, y Comprising 32 dairy cows, 7 three-year-old heifers in calf, 12 three-year-old steers, one threc-year-old bull, got by Goldfinder out of a Tomkins cow; 10 two-year-old heifers in calf, 8 two- year-old steers, 14 yearling Heifers, 14 yearling steers, 9 fat cows, brood mare and colt by Performer, and in foal by Grand Turk; 1 rood mare in foal by Grand Turk, cart mare and colt, cart mare in foal, hackney horse rising four years old, by Theo- philus (a promising hunter), th-ee-ycar-old filly by ditto, two yearling nag horse colts (by Performer) a match; two yearling horse cart colts. The Auctioneer feels that he. could, with the greatest pro- priety, eulogise at some length on this very superior breed of Stock, but contents himself by timply observing, that Mr. Hodges had awarded to him, at thl) Court-y-bella Cattle Show, in the year 1843, four prizes, in the year 1844, two prizes, and in previous yearø, prizes to the number of nearly twenty; which fact hE considers must speak necessarily loud in praise of the stock, and which he trusts will be sufficient to induce such an attendance of the Agricultural gentry, as the importance of the sale so justly merits. Sale to commence at Twelve o'clock, noon, precisely. Catalogues may be had on application to Mr. HODGES, at the Lower Grange; or to the AUCTIONEER, Crick Cottage. IN THE BOROUGH OF NEWPORT, AND COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. ELIGIBLE INVESTMENTS. jcREEHOLD & LEASEHOliD PROPERTY TO BE SUBMITTED FOR SALE BY AUCTION, By Mr. S. H. LONG, At the WESTGATE INN, in the Borough of NEWPORT, on MONDAY, Oct 13th, 1845, precisely at Six o'Clock in the Evening (subject to conditions of Sale, as will be then pro- duced, unless disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given), ALL those Three valuable and well-erected DWELLING HOUSES, Carpenter's Work Shop, 2 Stables, (and one Piece ot Ground, 64 feet by 19,) in the several occupations of R. Mullock and others. The above most valuable property is freehold by inheritance, and is situate near the Moderator Bridge and Monmouth- shire Canal, in the aforesaid Borcush. Also, Six Leasehold DWELLING HOUSES, situate on the Cardiff-road (and opposite the Salutation Inn), in the Borough aforesaid, iu the several occupations of the Rev. W. Thomas Messrs. Phillips, Tipping, Jones, Gething, and Davies. T This property is held under a lease from the Tredegar Wharf Company, 54 vears of which are unexpired. Also, Two COTTAGES, situate in Club-row, adjoining the Sirhowy Rail Road, in the said Borough, and are in the several occupations of Messrs. Webb and Lewi3, These premises are held under a lease granted by John Jones, Esq and about 50 years arc unexpired. The above property is well deserving the attention of capital- ists and the public, as the whole of the Dwelling Houses, &c., are in good and substantial repair, and are occupied by respec- table tenants. The Auctioneer most respectfully begs leave to observe that the whole will be peremptorily Sold, and forfurther particulars apply to Mr. S. H. LONG, Cross House; Mr. JOHN WIL- LIAMS, Stonemason, Stow-hill, Newport, or to DAVID PROSSER, Brecon. All persona having claims on the Estate of the late Mr. Evan Prosser, are requested to send theiraccountsto Mr. JNO. WIL- LIAMS, Stonemason, Stow-hill, Newport, or Mr. DAVID PROSSER, Currier, Brecon and all persons indebted to the said Evan Prosser, are to pay the same to the above-named parties. DEAN FOREST, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, (B y order of the Earl of Lincoln, A. Milne, Esq., and the Hon. C. Gore, Commissioners of Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues.) By Mr. JAUES WHITE, At the SPFECH HOUSE, in DKAN FOREST, on WRDNFSDAY( THE 15th OCTOBKR, 1845, at One precisely, THE following Lots of TIMBER, POLES, and CORD- JL WOOD, the Property of the Crown, viz:— IN DEAN POKES F. Lot 1.-143 Small Oak Timber Trees, felled for thinning, at Tanner's Hill, &c.. near Guns :'1. ills, numbered from 1 to 143. Lot 2.—89 ditto, ditto, in Edge-Hill's Enclosure, (South) num- bered from 1 to 89. Lot 3 -175 dItto. ùiuo, in Edge-Hill's Enclosure, (N ortb) num- bered from 90 to 264, Lot 4.-5011 Cords of Oak and Fir thinnings in Leonard's Hill and Holly-Hill Enclosures. Lot 5.—440 Cords of Oak and Beech thinnings, &cc., in the Buck- holt Enclosure. Lot F>.—400 d< tto of ditto, in ditto Lot 7.—200 onto of ditto, in the Lea Bniley Copse, (Sou'h). Lot 8.-500 C tto of Oak and Fir thinnings, in Badcock's Bailey, Edge-Hill's Enclosure, &c. Lot 9.-500 riiito of ditto, in Edge-Hill's Enclosure. Lot 10.—500 ditto of ditto, in ditto. ON THE HIGH MEADOW ESTATE. Lot ) t.—tOO Oak Timber Trees, in B:rcham Wood, numbered from 1 to JOO. Lot 12. 104 ditto, in ditto, numbered from 101 to 204. Lot 13. 100 ditto, in Ellis Reading's Wood, numbered from 205 to 304. Lot 14,-100 ditto, in ditto, numbered from 305 to 404. Lot 15. 76 ditto, io ditto, numbered from 405 to 480. Lot 16.-100 ditto, in Biidewell Wood, numbered from 481 to 580. Lot 17. 100 ditto, in ditto, numbered from 581 to 680. Lot 18.—100 Oak Timber Trees, in Bridewell Wood, numbered from f81 to 780. Lot 19.—100 ditto, in ditto, numbered from 781 to 880. Lot 2(1.-68 ditto, in ditto, numbered from 881 to 938. Lot 21.-49 ditto, in Itadnock Wood (being casual trees cut in the roads), numbered from 1 to 49. Lot 22.—100 Oak Polds, in Bircham W ood, numbered from 1 to 100. Lot 23.-100 ditto, in ditto, numbered from 101 to 200. Lot 24.-40 ditto, in ditto, numbered from 21)1 to 240. Lot 25.—40 ditto, in ditto, numbered from 241 to '280. Lot 26.—40 ditto, in ditto, nambered from 281 to 320. Lot 27.—53 ditto, in ditto, numbered from 321 to 373. Lot 28.39 ditto, in Ellis Readiugs Wood, numbered from 374 to 412. Lot 29.-100 ditto, in Bridewell Wood, numbered from 413 to 512. Lot 30 —100 ditto, in ditto, numbered from 513 to 612. Lot 31.-40 ditto, in ditto, numbered fiom 613 to 652. Lot 32. 40 ditio, in ditto, numbered from 653 to 692. Lot 33.-29 ditto, in ditto, numbeied tiom 693 to 721. Lot 34.—230 Cords of Oak Crop Woo l, in Bircham Wood. Lot 35.—200 ditto of ditto, in Ellis Readings Wood. Lot 36,-300 ditto of ditto, and Underwood, in Bridewell Wood. For a view of the lots in Dean Forest, apply to Mr. LANG. HAM, Ellwood; and of those in Highmeadow, to Mr. TURN- BULL, aracelnd; or ta the different Keepers and Woodmen 1 A CARD. To the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and. Inhabitants generally of Newport and its vicinity. I FEEL great pleasure in announcing my return from the Markets, with, I may truly assert, one of the most Extensive and Splendid STOCKS ever exhibited in Wales, suitable for the ensuing Season—consisting of Super Broad Cloths. Beavers, Doe Skins, Cassimeres, and Fancy Vestings, both British and Foreign Manufacture. I feel assured, should you favour me with r. call, or order for any Garment, you will find that for fit, quality, and punctuality, this Establishment is not to be excel- led by any other in the Kingdom. Due attention paid to Juvenile Clothing and Servants' Liveries. Sole Agent for the Patent Paris HAT. Great Western Tailoring & Outfitting Depot,Newport, Samuel Polak, Proprietor. October 3rd, 1845. Abergavenny Nursery Grounds. JAMES SAUNDERS begs to inform the Nobility, Gentry, <F and Public in general, that he has just IMPORTED, DIRECT FROM HOLLAND, a large supply of BULBOUS ROOTS, including many new varieties of Gladiolus, Hyacinths, Anemanes, Ranunculus, Tulips, &c., &c. Priced Catalogues will be forwarded on application. OES Y BYD I'R IAITH GYMRAEG. Abergavenny Cymreigyddion Society. THE TWELFTH ANNIVERSARY of this SOCIETY will be held in the NEW CYMREIGYDDIOX HALL, TVDOK- STREET, on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, OCT. I.5th. and ;6th, CHARLES MORGAN, Esq., M.P., of Ruperra, President The Hall has recently been erected, and is one of the largest and most commodious Rooms for Public Meetings, in the- county it has been fitted up by the spirited proprietor for this occasion, in a style of elegance suitable to the great importance of the coming Eisteddfod. The Doors to be opened each day at eleven, a.m. ABERGAVENNY CYMREIGYDDION. GRAND FANCY AND FULL-DRESS BALL. THOMAS MORGAN. ANGEL HOTEL, ABERftAVEXXY, i_ begs to inform the Nobility and Gentry, that the above BALL will take place at the new CYMREIQYDDION HALL, on FRIDAY, 17TH INSTANT. Full particulars and Stewards' Names next week. BOARD AND LODGING. ONE or Two Gentlemen may be accommodated with BOARD and LODGING at a quiet and respectable re- sidence, delightfully situated within Three Miles of Newport. The premises ire capacious and well furnished, and every attention will i", paid to tb? comforts and convenience of the inmates. References will be given and required Address, post-paid, "M. S. MERLlX OFFICE, Newport. Worcester,Warwick, & Rugby Railway, Offices, 5, Gresham-street, Bank. London, Oct. 2nd, 1845. [Provisionally Registered.] THE List of Applications for Shares in this Company is j. closed. The Committee of Management are investigating the applications for Shares received, and will allot the Shares as early as possible. Due notice will be given of the issue of the letters of allotment. (Signed) JOHN HUGHES, Secretary. Great Eastern and Western Railway. Abergavenny, Sept. 29th, 1845, AT a MEETING of the INHABITANTS of this Town and the Neighbourhood, convened by public requisition, and held here this day, The Rev. W. POWELL, Vicar of Abergavenny, in the Chair. It was proposed by Mr. Daniel; seconded by Mr. Isaac; and unanimously resolved, That this Meeting, being deeply convinced of the necessity and advantage of direct railway communication between the town of Abergavenny and the great iron district of Monmouth- shire and Breconshire, and finding that this district is em- braced in the grand scheme of the Great Eastern and Western Railway Company, does most cordially approve of its plans, and is determined to render it all the aid it can command. WM. POWELL, Chairman. It was proposed by Mr. J. H. Morgan seconded by Mr. W. W. 8ecretan; and unanimously resolved, That the thanks of the Meeting be offered to the Chairman. MANOR OF MAGNA PORTA, IN THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. NOTrCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT a COURT LEET, & GENERAL COUHT BARON, t or GREAT COURT, of the Lord of the saui Manor, will be holden at the Dwelling-house of HARRIET TRANTOR, Inn- holder, called the GREEN HOUSE, situate in the parish of Llan- tarnam, within the said Manor, on MONDAY, the 20th day of OCTOBER instant, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, when and where the Tenants of the said Manor, and all persons who owe suit and service to the Lord of the said Manor, are required to attend. All Persons who may have any bsiness to transact at the said Court, are requested to send notice of the particulars and nature thereof on or belore Wednesday, the loth day of October tn CHARLES HERBERT CROFT, Newport, 1st Oct., 1845. Steward of the said Manor, Daniel and Hutchins's Patent Cornwall Manure and Cement. THE Agriculturalists, Horticulturalists. and others, that _I_ may have use for Cement, at, and contiguous to, Newport, Monmouthshire, are respectfully informed that a CARGO of the above is arrived at NEWPORT, and is now Selling, by W. H. WILLIAMS, At his Stores, near the King William, and at the Coal Yard, near the Salutation, and New Cattle Market, at £ 2. T'er 1 an, Extraordinary Testimonials of the effects of this Manure on Wheat sown in poor soils, from several eminent Agricuturalists and Horticulturalists,from Cornwall, Lancashire, Scotland. &c and directions for use, can be seen at the Office of W. H. WILLIAMS. The best Red Ash Coal for housekeepers, and Dry Wood, in faggots, to ignite the same, to save the furniture and dripping. Agricultural produce taken in exchange for Coal and Manure. BOROUGH OF NEWPORT. Valuable Freehold Property. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the TOWN HALL, on SATURDAY, the 11TH day of OCTOBER next, at Five o'clock in the Afternoon ALL that Building situate on OLD GREEN, in the above town, for many years used as an ENGINE HOUSE together with the COOPER'S SHOP adjoining thereto. From its contiguity to the probable scites of the Stations of the South Wales and the Monmouthshire Railway Companies and the property lying within a few yards of the Monmouth- shire Canal, it is obvious that there are few more eligible scites for the erection of a Warehouse or Offices; and when the dif- ficulty of obtaining Freehold Land in Newport is taken into consideration, it is evident that such an opportunity for invest- ment of Capital is seldom offered. For further particulars, apply to the Town Clerk, T. WOOLLETT, Esq., at whose Office Plans of the Premises may be seen. MONMOUTHSHIRE. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, By Mr. WILLIAM DAVIS. At the THREE SALMONS lxx, in Usk, on FRIDAY, :the 17th day of OCTOBER, 1845, precisely at Two o'clock in the After- noon, in Lots, viz Lot 1. A LL that FREEHOLD BARN and Fold Yard, with /V. a capital young Orchard, and several Closes of Arable, Meadow, and Wood Land thereto belonging, containing by admeasurement 48A. 3R. 29p., situate in the parish of Bettws Newydd, and adjoining the turnpike road leading from Usk to Abergavenny. N.B. There is a Lime Kiln in work, and a Quarry of excellent lime stone on these premises. Lot 2.—All those THREE CLOSES of Arable, Pasture, and Wood Land, situate in the said parish of Bettws Newydd, likewise adjoining the said turnpike road, and containing by admeasurement llA OR. 22p. Lot 3.-All the UNEXPIRED TERM OF YEARS of the Vendor, in a very desirable Farm, situate in the said parish of Bettws Newydd, called the Tump. consisting of a Farm-house, all necessary Outbuildings, and 107A. 3R. 29r. of very useful land, now in the occupation of JohnWilliams, as tenant thereof. This let is subject to a reserved rent of j635. 10s. Od. to his Grace the Duke of Beaufort. For further particulars apply to Mr. WADDINGTON, Soli- citor, Usk. Usk, 1st Oct., 1845. Ayrshire Cows and Heifers. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At FAIRWATER, near Cardiff, on FRIDAY, the 17th day of OCTOBER, 1845; FIFTEEN COWS and HEIFERS, of the real Aryshire J. breed, the parent Stock of which were selected, with great care, from the best Dairy Herds in the county of Ayr, ) which are well known to possess a hardy constitution, are ex- cellent Milkers, and from which the celebrated Dunlop Cheese is made. Also will be Sold about Twenty-five excellent PIGS, of the real Berkshire breed. ersr The Sale to commence at Twelve o'Clock; and Three > Months' Credit will be given on approved Security. GLAMORGANSHIR E. UNRESERVED SALE OF VALUABLE LIVE STOCK, HAY, TURNIPS, &c., &c., At PENOAM FARM, near Cardiff, On TUESDAY, the 14th day of OCTOBER, 1845, commencing at 12 o'clock at Noon precisely. MR. H. M. PARTRIDGE Begs most respectfully to announce to his Agricultural friends and the public generally, that he is instructed TO SELL BY AUCTION, On the Premises, at PENGAM, without the least reserve,— THE whole of the valuable and carefully-selected STOCK of i Mr. EDWARDS, who is leaving the Farm. Comprising 102 lambs, 5 rams, 53 yearling ewes, 49 yearling wethers, 82 stock ewes, all of the Leicester and Cotswold breed 10 calves, 10 two-year-old bullocks, 5 three-year-old ditto, 12 four-year-old ditto, 3 two-year-old heifers 5 three-year-old dittoj 11 cows, 1 bull, 1 filly, rising four years old, 3 ditto, three years old, 2 colts, rising three years old, 4 fillies rising two years old, 2 suckling colts, 1 hackney mare and foal, about 70 tons of prime well-harvested hay, 7 acres of sweed turnips, 3 acres of mangleworsel, 2 acres of highbred turnips, and 1 ditto of com- mon ditto. Refreshments will be on the table at ten o'clock, and the Sale will commence punctually at twelve at noon. SI uious ACCU'FNT.—A young lady, Miss Pearson, residing in Gloucester-place, Portman square, last week received a serious accident on the head from the falling of a flower pot. While returning from Hyde-park, through Park-street, Gros- venor-square. a large flower-pot fell, from a gust of wind, and struck Miss Pearson oil the right side of the head. She was rendered insensible from the blow, and was carried into the bouse from whence the pot fell. People cannot be too care- ful, in squally weather, of having flower-pots. on window-sills in an insecure position. A TEMPTING INDUCEMENT.—The Drogheda Railway Co., in order to induce people to build along their line, offer to lena £ 20,000. for the purpose, at four per cent., and to give a tree ticket for life to every builder of a ftouse rented at £ 30. A year.


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