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Monmoiiili Races.


Monmoiiili Races. These races, which have been anticipated with some degree of interest, came off on Wednesday and Thursday; the weather was propitious, and the assemblage of visitors large. We re- gret that the presurc of railway and other advertisements pre- cludes us from giving any thing more than the running FIRST DAY.—WEDNESDAY. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE STAKES Of 10 sovs. each, o forfeit, and only 3 sovs. if declared to Messrs. Weatherby or the Clerk of the Co irse, on or before the 10th of Sept. inst. Heats, twice round and a distance, To this stake f40. will be added. The winner to pay 2 sovs. to the fund. Three horses bona fide the property of different per- sons to stait, or the public monev will not be added. If five or more horses start, the second horse to save his stake. Mr. T. A. Ball's b.c. Rein Deer, 3yrs old 3 4 1 1 Mr. Morris's f. Eveline, 4yrs old 4 2 2 2 Mr Killard's b.m. Nora Criena, aged 1 3 dis. Mr. Knowles's ch. h. Tariff, 6yrs old 2 dr. Mr. Gough na. g. by Mazeppa", 4yrs old 5 1 dis. Mr. Southby's Tom Tough, 5yrs old 6 6 dis. Mr. Holloway's Old George, 4yrs old 7 5 0 0 Mr. T. Parr's 91, 4 yrs old 0 0 0 0 Mr- Jcncs na. b.g. Derision, oyrs old 0 0 0 0 Mr. Hutchins na. ch. g. Little 1'a3y, (h.b ) 4yrs oldO 0 0 0 :Mr. Webb's b,m. BrcJllI:t, 5yrs old, 0 0 0 0 Mr. Morgan's ch g. Redstreak, 3yrs old 0 0 0 0 iilJi ilKINDlvK HURDLE RACE, A Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, with 25 added from the fund, for horses that have never won a. Hurdle Race of the value of £ 70. Three years old. 8st. 7!b.; four years, lOst. five years, lOst. 111b six and aged, list. 71b. "A winner of any Hurdle Race value JE40. once,within the last year,to carry- 31b.; twice, 51b.; and thrice or more, 71b. extra. Thorough-bred horses to carry 71b. in addition to weight for winning. Heats, one mile and a half, over four flights of hurdles in each heat, not exceeding three feet six inches. The winner to pay one sov. towards the expense of hurdles. I Mr. smith s en. g. bands, oyrs old t l I \1r. KnopKegfs ch. h. Tariff, 6yrs old 2 3 Mr. smith s en. g. bands, oyrs old t l \1r. KnopKegfs ch. h. Tariff, 6yrs old 2 3 Mr. PowijMrti jDelamere, 5yrs old 3 2 Mr. Henry Dyke's blk. h- Mystic^ aged 4 4 7 .THE HACK STAKES vOf 3 sovs. eicti.,and 15 added, for hali-bred horses. The win- ner to be sold to the best bidder on the evening of the first race day, if the Stewards shall think fit to be put up at £ 40 surplus above that price to go to the fund. The expenses of such sale to be paid out of the race fund. Three years old 9st. 31b.; four years, lOst. 21b five years, list.; six and aged, list. 71b.; mares and geldings allowed 31b. A winner of any racs during the last twelve months cf the value of £ 40. to carry oib extra, and horses bred in the county of Monmouth allowed olbs. Heats, twice round and a distance. carry oib extra, and horses bred in the county of Monmouth allowed olbs. Heats, twice round and a distance. Mr. Maul s Chanty, oyrs old 1 4 1 Mr. llogcrs's Chevy Chase, 3yrs old 2 2 2 Mr Hail's Eve, aged 3 1 3 Mr. Vivian's Jack Easy, aged -t 0 0 Mr. Cartwright's Emperor, 6yrs old 5 0 G Mr. W. H. Turner's Brewood, aged 6 3 4 !\lr. T. Parr's Lady Harriett, oyrs old f 0 0 Mr. Smythies' Warewheat, aged dis- SECOND DAY—THURSDAY. CHIPPENHAM STAKES, Of 5 sovs. each, and 25 sovs. added. Heats, twice round, starting at the stand. Three years old to carry ¡st.; iour years, 8st. 21b.; five years, 8st. l'21b.; six and aged, 9st. ^lb. Mares and geldings allowed 31b. Horses having started •without ever winning (matches excepted) once, avowed 31b.; twice, 51b.; and thrice, 71b- Winners at any time of £ 50 (matches excepted), once, to carry 3lb.; twice, 5lb, j and thrice, "lb. extra. Mr. Parr's 91,4 years oid I w.o. Mr. Morris's Eveline, 4 years old 2 0 Mr. Southby's b. f. Ecropo, 5 years old 3 0 MONMOUTHSiiirv^ au., 1 itau t. A Handicap Sweepstakes of 3 sovs. each, 1 sov. forfeit, and Lit). added from the fund. For horses regularly hunted with the Monmouthshire or Mr. Morgan's (of Ruperra) hounds during the last season. Gentlemen, riders, to be qualified by a committee of the hunt club. Distance about two miles, over five flights of hurdles, nut exceeding three I feet six inches. Four started. Mr. George s (jipsey j Captain Jones's Novice 2 Mr. H. Dyke names Mystic f 3 Mr. Newman names Ragged Jack V.dis Captain Stretton's Nabocklish 0 M,. A. Rolls's Potboy 0 Mr. John E.W. Rolls's Dwarf 0 Mr, Smythies's Ware Wheat 0 Mr. Hopton's Marmion 0 Mr. Kno%vles's Tariff 0 HANDICAP FOR THE BEATEN HORSES, Of 3 sovs. each, 1 sov. forfeit, with 15 sovs. added from the fund. To be handicapped by the stewards, or whom they may appoint. Heats, twice round and a distance. To be named to the Clerk of the Course within half an hour after the race for the Chippenham f ;akes, and the sov. forfeit paid at the time of naming. Mr. Rogers's Chevy Chase 1 1 I Mr Day's Mazeppa Colt 2 2 Mr, Powell's Delamere 3 3 Mr. Hall's Eve 4 4 With the exception of the Monmouthshire Hunt Hurdle Race, the sport was very indifferent.

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