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Bridgwater andJunction Railway Company, UNITING THE BRISTOL AND ENGLISH CHANNELS, And forming a direct communication between the South of Ireland and Wales, with Bristol and London, and also with the South Eastern and Western Coasts of England, Paris, and the Channel Islands. PROVISIONALLY REGISTERED. CAPITAL, £ 300,000.. in 15,000 SHARES, of jg20. each. DEPOSIT, je-2 2s. per SHARE. Liability expressly limited to the amount of Subscription and it is intended to make no further call until the Act of Parliament is obtained. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. Sir Henry Seale, Bart., Mount Boone, Dartmouth, Sir John Hansler, F.R.S., Walton, near Saffron Walden, deputy-lieutenant of the county of Essex, Colonel Lutuell. Kilve Court, near Minehead, John Halliday, Esq., Chapel Cleeve, near Minehead, magis- trate of the county of Somerset, John Ciidiand, Esq Spring-grove Park, near Wiveliscombe, magistrate far the countf of Somerset, Henry Wm. Chichester, Esq., Rose House, Bampton, Devon. R. Beadon Buller, Esq., Nether Slower, Somerset, Edwin Lee, Esq., Penzance. Cornwall, The Mayer ot the town and county of Poole, Richard Pinney, Esq., Shipowner, Poole, E. F. Dayrell, Esq, of Lillingstone Dayrell, and 15, Old Cavendish-street, London, High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, W. S. Fitzwilliam, Esq., Pinner's-hall, Bioad-si., Merchant. W. Revell Vigers, Esq., 50, Russell-square, and Aldeiman's walk. Merchant. W. S Potter, Esq., Sussex-gardens, Hyde-park. James Morrisoa, Esq., 28, St. Mary at-Hill, Merchant. James Colhoun, Esq., 5, Half Moon-street, Piccadilly, and St. Pj er's Chambers, Cornhill, Merchant. Samuel Pocock, Esq., Bloomsbury-square, and St. Bride's- whaaf, Anthony Mervyn Storey Maskelyne, Esq., Glanusk House, Breconshire. F. w. Green, Esq., Shipowner. Cornhill. W. F. Beadon, Esq., H, John-street, Berkeley-square, W. Strachan, Esq., Banker, Strand. OFFICE. 3, Alderman's-walk, New Broad-street SOLICITORS. Messn. a Beckett, Son, and Sympson, 7, Golden-square. Mr. Vaughan Prance, Nethtr Stowey and Bridgwater. MANACINO DIRECTORS. E. F. Dayrell, Esq. W. S Potter, Esq. W. R. Vigers, Esq. Samuel Pocock. Etiq. W. S. Fitzwilliam, Esq. James Monison. Esq. W. F. Beadon. Esq. F. W. Green, Esq. James Colhoun, Esq. SECRETARy-Mr. Edward Parratt. BANKERS. Messrs. Strachan and Co, j and Messrs Robarts & Co., London Messrs. Stuckey and Co., Bristol, Bridgwater, and Taunton. Applications for shares, plans. prospectuses, and detailed in- formation, may ho made at the offices of the Company, No. 2, Alderman's-walk, City, London; at the offices of the Company's Solicitors, Messrs. a Beckett, Son. and Sympson, 7, Golden- square, London; Mr. Vaughan Prance, Nether Stowey and Bridgwater, And of the Local Agents-Mr. Wm. Woodland, solicitor, Taunton; Mr. N. Pearce, solicitor, Wiveliscombe; Mr. James Parsons, solicitor, I angpert; Messrs. Stone and Symmonds, solicitors, Dorchester Mr. Thomas Phippard, licitor, Wareham Mr. M. K. Welch, solicitor. Poole; Mr. Henry Poole, solicitor, Bristol. And of the following Stock and Sharebrokers— Messrs. Tucker, Barnett, and Ellis, 11. Birchin. lane, ard Messrs. Huggins and Lang, London; Messrs. Hall, brothers, and Co., Cheltenham; Mr. John Morcom, Bristol; Mr. Thomas Evans, Bath; Nii. Charles O'Neil, Manchester; Messrs. H. Davies and Co., Liverpool; Messrs. Chaotrell and Boys, Leeds; Messrs. Wilkinson and Earle. Hull; Messrs. Labertouche and Stafford, Dublin Mr. Lilly, Bridgwater Mr. R. Ball, Taunton and Mr. Richard Newille Parker, solicitor, Cork. FonloI OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. To the Managing Directors of the Bridgwater and Minehaad Junction Railway Company. Gentlemen-I request you will allot to me shares of j620. each in the above undertaking and I hereby undertake to accept the same, or any less number you may allot me, on the terms of the prospectus, and to pay the deposit of £2.2,. per share, and alt tuture calls thereon, and to sign the parliamentary contract and subscribers' agreement, and other deeds, when re- quired so to do.-Dated this day of 1845. Name in full Place of business Residence Prufession or business. Usual SIgnature Name, residence, &c of re- feree in full Bridgwater and Minehead Junction Hallway. NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN, that NO APPLICATION for SHAKES witi i,e entertained the same be made in the form prescribed [,} thp. Managing Dii„cU:s; and the ap- plication must also refer either to one of the Provisional Com- mittee, cr to some person of known respectability. Dated 12th September, 1845. By order, A'BECKETT, SON. and SYMPSON, and VAUullAN PRANCE, Solioitors to the Company. Office, 3, Alderman's Walk, Old Broad-street. Worcester & Merthyr Tydvil Junction Railway. Provisionally Registered, pursuant to the ?th and 8th Vict. cap. 110. CAPITAL, £ 800.000, in 40,000 Shares of t20 each. DEPOSIT, £ 2 23. per Share. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. Sir William Wynn, Maesynewydd, Chairman of thel North Wales Railway. William Chadwjck, Esq., Montague-square, Director of § the North Wales Railway, and Chairman of the Wor- go cester and South Wales Junction. S Gideon Colquhoun, Esq., Waimer Lodge, Avenue-road, •"> Regent sPark, Director of the Manchester and South. g ampton Railway. Thomas Farncomb, Esq., Alderman of London. St John Esq., Thames street, Director of the Woices- ix; 8hr;w>bury, and Crewe Union Railway. "3 William Lechmere Whitmore, Esq., 19, James-street, S> Buckingham Gate. n Buckingham Gate. n Henry Plumtre Gipps, Esq., Montague-place, Bryan- t5 J stone-square, Director ef the Trent Valley and Holy- Junction Railways. Major-General Parity, C.B., Rutland Gate. 3 Thomas Kelly, Esq., Alderman of London. o Major-General Parity, C.B., Rutland Gate. Thomas Kelly, Esq., Alderman of London. o Thomas B. Simpson, Esq., Rutland Lodge, Brixton, Di- rector of the North Wales Railway, and Deputy Chair- man of the Worcester and South Wales Junction. John Purchas. Esq Upton Bishop, near Ross. John Purchas. Esq Upton Bishop, near Ross. -0 The Rev.Edward Higgins, Rosbury House, Herefordshire John Tanner, Esq., M.D., Ludbury. 5 William Barnes, Esq., Foregate-srreet, Worcester. S George Alfred Ellis Wall, Cross House, near Worcester, and Worthy Park, Hampshire. John Hemming, Esq., 8, North Bank, Regent's-park. J Phillip Mu'.t'ws, Esq.. Burton-court, near Ross. Samuel Higgins, Esq., Berrow-court, Worcestershire. William Nicholsm, Esq.. Manchester, Director of the Man- chester and Rugby Railway Company. William Uland, Esq., Director of the North Wales Railway. Stephen Phillips, Esq., Director of the Whitehavea andFurncss Railway. (With power to add to their number.) Consulting EKGtNMR.— ———— Engineers.—Messrs. R. and T. Hopkins, M.I.C.E. BANKERS. The London and Westminster Bank, Lothburj; Messrs. Cocks, Biddulph, Btddulph, and Co., Charing-cross; Messrs. Webb and Co., Ledbury; Messrs. Morgan, Hoskins, and Co., Ross; Messrs. Berwick, Lechmere, and Co., Worcester; the National Provincial Bank, Gloucester; Messrs. Baileys, Grate- rex, and Williams, Abergavenny. SOLICfTORS. Messrs. Gilbert, Hooke, Street, and Gutteres. Philpot-lane, London; Charles G. Jones, Esq., 11, Gray's Inn-square; Messrs. J. and F. Higgins and Chamberlain, Ledbury. LOCAL agents. Mellra. Hydes and Tymbs, Worcester; Messrs. Edwards, Ross; Messrs.Gabb and Secretan, Abergavenny. Sechjtahy pro tem.-William Borrow, Esq. Offices of the Company. 7, Walbrook. THIS Kailway will commence at the station of the Monmouth and Hereford and Worcester and South Wales Junction at Ross, proceeding through a rich agricultural district, now devoid of railway accommodation, to Abergavenny, and from thence by Lianelly, Nant-y Glo, l'redegar. Ellow Vale, Rumney, and Vow- '■MS, to AJertltyr Tydvil, at which place it will join the Taff Vale railway. The distance will not exceed fotty miles. On reference to the map, it will be seen that this line, in con- junction with the proposed Worcester and South Wales Junction Railway, via Lt-jnry, Malvern, and Ross, will perfect a con- tinuous and direct communication from Menhyr Tydvil to Lon- don, Gloucester, Birmingham, South Staffordshire, and the North. The population of Merthyr and the surrounding mineral dis- tricts exceeds 120,000, and this line will place it in direct con- nection with the agricultuial counties of Monmouth, Hereford, and Worcester. The line will be laid down so as to render the greatest accom- modation to the principal iron works in the district through which it will pass, and a saving of ten miles over any other line will be effected between Merthyr and Worcester, and other places noith and east of that city. Arrangements are in progress with the Worcester and South Wales Junction Railway Company, for the mutual advantage of both Companies. Applicants lor shares who are personally known to Members of I he Provisional Committee, are requested to refer to one of such Committee all other applicants will be required to give a reference to some banker or other person of known respectabi- lity in London, or the town from which the application is made. A preference will be given to the holders of scrip in the Worces ter and South Wales Junction Railway. The usual power will be taken by the Act to allow interest at 4 pEr cent. per annum on the amount of subscription paid up, and no subscnber will be answerable for more than the amount of his deposit until the Act is obtained, and then not beyond his subscription. Detailed prospectuses, with the names of a powerful Local Provisional Committee, will shortly be published, and may be obtained of tne Solicitors an^ Local Agents, and of the following esi Sharebrokers :■'—!» essrs. Aston and Scott, Throgmorton stieet, London Jchn Sanford, Esq.. Exeter; Messrs Ridsdale, Myers, and Bailey, Leeds Messrs. Cameron, Cazenove, and Taunton, Liverpool Messrs. Green and Oldham, Manchester; Messrs. Sohmcs and 1 ripp, Bristol; Nathaniel l.ea, Esq., Birmingham; and Mr. William Miles, Worcester. FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. m%ftse To the Provisional Committee of the Worcester and Merthyr Tydvil Junction Railway* Gentlemen,-1 request that you will allot me Shares of 1.20 each in the p.oposed Worcester and Merthyr Tydvil June tion Railway, and 1 undertake to accept the same, and pay the deposit thereon, or upon any lesser number that may be allotted tootne, such payment to be made within the time limited and prescribed by you, and I undertake to execute the agreement and parliamentary contract when required. Dated this day of 1845. Name. Residence Description Reference Usual Signature tit_- Welsh South Midland, or Chepstow, Forest of Dean, & Gloucester Junction EXTENSION Railway. AZOISTERED PROVISIONALLY. Capital £ 900,000., in 45,000 Shares of £20. each. Deposit, £2. 211. per Share. LVO Shareholder to be liable beyond the amount of his share. PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. The Right Hon. Lord Ross- William S rahan, E<q. more William Hughes Hughes,Esq., The Right Hon. Col. Dawson Alderman of London Damer, M.P. # I Col. Hugh Caldwell The Hon. C. Pelham Villiers, George Lawton, Esq, M.P. W. P. Andrew, Esq. The Hon. Robert Gore, M.P. I C. R. Colman, Esq. The Hon. Col. Westenra, M.P. Joseph Davies, Esq, Sir Henry Hunloke, Bart. John Wheelton, Esq. Sir Henry Webo, Bart. Edward Hall, Esq. Sir William Twysden, Bart. I Major White Sir William Bacon Johnston, Captain J P Mac Dougall Bart. Shelford Fitxwilliam, Esq. Sir Henry Seale, Bart. I William Frederick Beadon, William Collins, Esq., M.P. Esq. Thomas Gill, Esq., M.P. Hartley Kennedy, Esq. Edmund Francis Dayrell, Esq., I James Morrison, Esq. High Sheriff of Buckingham- shire (With power to add to their number.) COMMITTEE or MANAGEMENT. Edmund Francis Dayrell, Esq., Major While Chairman W. P. Andiew, Esq. Sir William Bacon Johnston, C. R. Col.nan. Esq Bait. I W. s. Fltzwllham, Esq. Sir William Twysden, Bart. W. F Beadon, Esq. Edward Hall. Esq. George Lawton, E-q. W. Hughes Hughes, Esq., Al- James Morrison, Esq, derman of London ENGINEER. William Gravatt. Esq., F.R.S. LONDON BANKERS. Messrs. Glyn& Co.; & Messis. Stiahan, Paul,& Co.,Strand PROVINCIAL BANKERS. Messrs. Bromage and Co., Chepstow Messrs. Bailey, Greatrex, and Co., Monmouth Messrs. Williams and Sons Newpmt The West of England Banking Company and Branches The Monmouth uuu Glamorgan Banking t'ompany & Branches The National Provincial Banking Company and Branches The Gloucestershire Banking Company a..d branches The County of Gloucester Banking Company and Branches SOLICITORS. Mr. W.T. H. Phelps. Newport, Monmouthshire Messis. a Beckett and Sympson, 7, Golden-square, London LOCAL AGBMS. Chepstow. Messrs. Baldwin and Morgan, Solicitors Gloucester Messrs. Ellis, Elliot, and Co., Solicitors SECRETARY. Mr. William Protheroe. 10, old Jewry Chambers, London THIS Line will join the Chepstow, Forest of Dean, and Gloucester Junction Kailway at Chepstow, and extend Westward near to Piercefield, the far-famed Windcliff and Tiolern Ab'>ey, to the towns of Usk and Pontypuol, and ever the centre of the great iron and coal field of South Wales, pa',1 log near to and through the midst of the extensive iron vorks and collieiies of Monmouthshire and Gl^tnorganshiie, to join the Aberdare branch of the Taff Vale Railway, wfiich connects Merthyr Tydvil and Abeidare with Cardiff"—thus forming a much more direct and almost stiaight Line—by n.eans of the Kailways already made and projected between those immensely populous districs, and the centre of the kingdom and London by means of which the journey by land will be shortened between the Me tropohs and this great sedt or industry to four and a half, and between Newport and Cardiff to five hours, which, at present, even by the aid of existing Railways, cannot be performed in less than from ten to twelve hours. It will be found by Tefeience to the official census if 1831 and 184], that the average increase of population of the Couniy of Monmouth exceeded that of any other County in England or Wales; this tact i3 referred to asillustrative of the rising impor. tance of the country through which this Railway is intended to pass, and of the rary large passenger traffic whir may reason- ably be calculated upon. The town of \Jsk, ith Ragland, and the rich agricultural district for many miles around, are supplied by carts from the vicinity of Pontypool with Coal and Lime, which aie there ob- tained at a cheap rate, and in return, cattle and provisions of all kinds, hay, corn, and pit timber, to an enormous extent are sent to the Iron Works and Collieries, where the consumption is im- mense. This traffic alone must necessarily ensure a considerable revenue to the Company, independent of the gteat traffic Tom the manufactured iron. me bricks, and paving stone; which is of superior quality. and in great abundance. The present cost of conveying and delivering iron and tin plates from the works to London, including transit to the Port, shipping charges, freight, and insurance, amounts to little less than "2 >s per ton, whilst by this Railway, and those it is intended to join, the average cost at the rate usually charged for such goodson Railways will effect a savIng of at least 25 per cent. and be conveyed within twenty- four hours instead of the average voyage round the Land's End of three, and not untrequently six, weeks, and with the very im- portant advantage of delivering the iion tree frllm rust, which is unavoidable 00 a sea. vù,alte, in small bar., more particularly, causing a deterioration of from 15s. to 20s. per ton at least. this Railway, bv meani of the < hepstow. Forest of Dean, and Gloucester Junction, and the Birmingham and Gloucester Railways, will open Birmingham as maiket for the manufac- tured iton of South Wales, fiom which it has been in a melllUle excluded, from the difficult and expensive transit by the Rivet Severn and Canals. Large quantities of iron ore. known as Hssmateta ore," is imported into Wales fr<,m Lancashire. Cumlierland Devon, and Cornwall whilst ore of a similar quality,and equal productive- ness for iron making, exists in abundance in the Forest of Dean, and may be raised and delivered from thence hy mesns ot V and the (Jhet stow, Forest of Dean, and Gloucester Junct:on Hailway, to the different Inn Works in Vfonmouthshire and Glamotganshire. at an average of from 25 to 30 per cent less than it costs at present, and at the same time leave a handsome remuneration to the Railway Companies. ) he Committee of Management have gone vsry carefully into estimates ot the Goods' Traffic especially, and they feel justified in expressing a decided opinion that the revenue from this source atone will yield 5 per cent, on the proposed Capital of the Com- .pany,in addition to the revenue to be derived from the other traffic. This Railway will pass close to. and within a few miles of, all the Iron and Tin Works of Monmouthshire, and the princi- pal part of those in Glamorganshire; and the following short statistic of the extent of those stupendous undertakings will give an idea of the vast importance of the present project. The Iron and Tin Works commence at Pontypool, and are- 1. The Pontymoile Tin and Iron Works of Capel Hanbury Leigh, Esq. 2. The Blaendare Iron and Coal Works of R. J. Blewitt, Esq., M.P. 3 The extensive Tin Works of Messrs. Conway, ICtssra. j Eojbergill, and Mebrl. Jenkins. 4. The Pentwyn.Golonos, and Varteg Iton Works, udRolliDI Mills of Messrs. Williams. i 5. 1 b. British Iron Company. I 6. The Blaenavon Iron Company. < 7. The Nantyglo, Messrs. Bailey, Brothers. ] o* X'# Coalbrook Vale, Messrs Brewer. f in T-ae ^-wm Ceiyn and Blaina Company. i i* .r e Eeau'ort, Messrs. Bailey, Brothers. t to tv Vale, Messrs. Dai by. J!?e ^'ct0,'a Company. t 1 ne Abercarne, Pontymister, and Tj dee Tin Works, Messrs. i Le«ii. 11* Tl* Tredegar Iron Company. s ir T- Sirhowy. Me»»rii. Darby. t Ths Rhymnev and Bute Company. « Dowlais Iron Works, Sir John Quest, Bart.« M.P., and a Company. 18. Carfartha. Wm. Crawshay, Esq. Added to which, in the vicinity, are the extensive Works I and Collieries in the Aberdare Valley. I And on either side of the intended Railway are Collieries j raising and vending ab ut One Mitlion and a Half j ons ot Coal t perAnnum, which it is not unreasonable to expect will be greatly extended by the facilities offeled through the intended Hailway. In the disuicts of Merthyr, Aberdare, and westward, there exists an inexhaustible abundance of fc peculiar description of ( Coal, which, though inflammable, is nearly smokeless, and is found t to be superior in quality for steam purposes to any I yet known. In the London market it meets with a ready sale at 30 per cent. higher th m any of the best North C-'untrv Hartleys, and notwithstanding the hit; h price, so highly is it c e«teemed, that the piesent impoitation amounts to nearly 100 000 tons per annum. 1 his Coal for the most part is brought from a djstance of twenty-four miles, and shipped at Caid ff, I from whence freights to London have averaged Irom X s to 11*. f per ton during the past year. but so uncertain is the supply to I the Metropolis, owing to the scaicity ot ships on the Welsh I coast, and the long and precarious navigation tound the Land's i end, that many who are anxious to adapt their engine grates foi its use, are deterred trom the too great uncertainty which exist- against obtaining a regular and constant supply—these difficult ties will be entirely superseded by the proposed Railway, and rhose it is intended to JOIn, with the gien additional advantage, I and impetus to incleased use and consumption, thttu may be delivered to the consumer at from 2,. to 3s. per ton less price than at present. Under such circumstances, it will not appear unreasonable to those unacquainted with the trade to expect that the consumption in the Metropolis alone will be increased fourfold, whilst a new-found trade will be opened out with Chepstow, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Witney, Oxtoid. and the numerous inlerroedialc town. to London, where steam coal is Jt has been considered more judicious to form a separate Com- pany for the Extension Line from Chepstow to the Taff Vale, than to alter the Chepstow, foreU of Dean, and Gloucestei Junction Railway Company at present, but powers are proposed to be taken for uniting the two Companies hereafter, with the assent of their iespect:ve Boards of Direction. Preference will be given to those locally interested, and to the holders of Shares in the Chepstow, Forest of Dean, and Gloucester Junction Railway. f A reference to the map will shew the importance of the Line as forming a direct Line of Railway communication netweenthe great Mineral District of Monmouthshire and ulamorganshire, with the heart of the Kingdom and London. It may confidently be stated that in connection with the Chepstow, Forest of Dean. and Gloucester Junction RaIlway, there is not a Line of Railroad in the Kingdom which offets greater advanlagello the Shareholders than the present. Pro. vision will be made in the Act of Pailiament which will be ap- plied for in the next Session, o limit the liability of the -hare holder to the amount of his Shares, and to allow lour per Cent on the Calls.. a Until an Act of Parliament shall be obtained the aNatrsof this Company shall be under the control 01 the Managing DI. rectors, to whom power is given to allot the Shares, and to apply the funds of the Company in piyment of all the Expenses in- curred in its formation, and in the preparation of the runs and Sections to be submitted to Parliament. Power will be applied for in the Act (and in the meantime is hereby given to the Managing Directors as above.) to raisj any additional Capital, to extend or abandon any part of the Line, to make lines, orenter into any arrangements, by amal- gamation or oiherwise, with any c ther Company or Companies, and also to nominate the first Diiectors of the Company Application for Shaies. in the form annexed, to be made to Ih Solicitors, or to Messrs. Caiden and Whitehead. 1 hreadneed e. street, and Messrs. Backhouse and Co.. No. 4, An^el-court, Throgmorton street, London ;—Messrs. Hall Brothers,and Co., Cheltenham Messrs, Tate and Nash, Bristoi ;—Mr_) hninas Evans, Bath ;—Messrs. Bradley, Ford. and Parker, Manches- ter;—Messrs. H. Davies and Co.. Dale-strert. Liverpool;— Messrs. Chantrell and Boys, Leeds;—MessiS- Wilkinson and Earle, Hulland Messrs laheltollche ana Mafford, Dublin. To the Provision jl Committee of the Welsh South Midland or Chryitow, Forest of Deuv, and Gloucester Junction Railway Extension. I request that you will apportion me Shares of ,£20. each. in the Welsh South Midland or Chtp,tow, Forest of Dean, and Gloucester Junction Extension RaIlway I and I do hereby undertake to aceept the sama, or any less nomber you nay allst me, and to 9*9 the Deposit of £ ?.)•• p«» share, aa4 all future calls thereon, and to sign the Parliameutary Cottract and Subscribers' Agreement when required. Dated this day of 1845. Name in full Residence. Business oi Profession Name, Residence and ) Profession ol Referee j Usual Signature ot > ApVlicant WELSH SOUTH MIDLAND, CHEPSTOW, FOREST OF DEAN, AND GLOUCESTER JUNCTION EXTENSION RAILWAY. Offices, 10, Old Jewry Chambprs, 21th Sep. 1845. ]^TO Applications for Shades in this C mpany, will be enterj 1^1 tained after THURSDAY, the 1st of October next. —————————-———————————— ————————————

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