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NOTICE. Direct Steam Communication between Newport and Liverpool. THE Public are respectfully informed that the Iron-built Steamer, "IRON PRINCE," (propelled by Screw,) Capt. HUGHES, has been placed upon the line, and is now loading for her first trip to Liverpool. This vessel has been built expressly for the trade, by Messrs. HODGSON and Co., of Liverpool, whose high reputation for the construction of iron vessels is universally acknowledged. She is remarkably strong built, and has capacity for stowing a large cargo, with a light draught of water, besides possessing excel- lent accommodation for passengers. She is intended to sail from BACHELOR'S WHARF, NEWPORT, every SATURDAY, and from the TRAFALGAR DOCK, LIVERPOOL, every WEDNESDAY. For particulars, as to the rates of Freights, and Passengers' Fares, apply to the Owners, Messrs. BLAIN and SON, Bruns- wick-street, Liverpool; or to GEORGE SHORTHOUSE, Beaufort Wharf, Newport. BRISTOL. LODGING AND BOARDING HOUSE, 21, COLLEGE-GREEN, BRISTOL, (Lately conducted by the Misses PERRY). MRS. BAYNTON has just REOPENED the above old and well-known Establishment, with many and consider- able improvements; she flatters herself that her management and attention to the comfort of those who may honour her with their support, will ensure satisfaction. FURNISHING. SMITH & Co., Carpet Manufacturers, 13, SAINT AUGUSTINE'S PARADE, BRISTOL. (Opposite the Draw Bridge,) BEG most respectfully to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, ana Inhabitants of Newport and South Wales, their having added to their EXTENSIVE STOCK, many choice and elegant designs in Brussels and other Carpets, com- prising the newest and most varied out of London. S. and C., being entirely confined to the FURNISHING BUSINESS, are enabled to offer Exclusive Advantages to pur- chasers, who would find a visit to their SPACIOUS WARE- ROOMS, well worthy of attention. The Stock consists of Axminster, Turkey, Velvet Pile, Brus- sels,Kilmarnock, Lincoln, Kidderminster, and other CARPETS, in every variety of pattern and qualitywith a corresponding assortment of HEARTH RUGS. THE PATENT FELTED CARPET, printed and plain Druggets, Silk Damasks and Taboretts, printed Tournays; Mohair, Worsted, and two- coloured Damasks; Striped, Rumsey, 'and Watered Moreens Chintz Furnitures, printed Blinds, Furniture Dimities, Mar- seilles Quilts, Counterpanes, real Witney Blankets, Linen and Cotton Silesias for Window-blinds, Table Covers, &c.; Silk and Worsted Fringes, Bell-ropes, Curtain-bands, Gimps; Brass and Gilt Cornices; Poles, Ornaments, &c. Well-seasoned FLOOR-CLOTH, in every width and pattern, sr for Rooms, Halls, and Passages. Patterns of Brussels and other Carpets, &c., forwarded to any part of the country. CROWLEY, HICKLIN, AND Co., IN CONNECTION WITH THE SCBBW STEAMERS. DAILY RAILWAY CONVEYANCE between Manchester, Leeds, Rochdale, Huddersfield, all parts of Yorkshire, the Staffordshire and Derbyshire Potteries, Wolverhampton, Sheffield, Birmingham, Kidderminster, Gloucester, and New- port; also between London and Newport. LONDON RECEIVING HOUSES: The Salisbury Arms, King-street, West Smithfield, Their Railway Station, Camden Town, Moore's, Green Man and Still, 122, Oxford-street, 40, Regent Circus, Piccadilly, And their Wharfs, 30 fy 31, Regent's Canal Basin, City Road. GEORGE SHORTHOUSE, September, 1845. AGENT, NEWPORT. MONMOUTH RACES. FIRST DAY. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE STAKES OF 10 Sovs. each, 5 forfeit, and only 3 Sovs. if declared to Messrs. Weatherby or the Clerk of the Course on or be- fore the 10th of September next. Heats, twice round and a distance. To this Stake JE40. will be added. To close and name to the Clerk of the Course, or Messrs. Wetherby, on or before the 20th day of August next. To be handicapped by Messrs. Weatherby, on or before the 1st of September next. The winner to pay 2 sovs. to the fund. Three horses, bona fide the property of different persons, to start, or the public money will not be added. If five or more horses start, the second to save his stake. PRESENT SUBSCRIBERS. R. D. GOCGH. J. W. HUTCHING,14. CAPT. JONES, Llanarth. THOMAS PARR. JOHN E. W. ROLLS. THE HENDRE HURDLE RACE, A Sweepstakes of 5 Sovs. each, aud E25. added from the Fund, for horses that have never won a hurdle race of the value of £70. Three -years old, 8st. 71bs.; four years, lOst.; five years, lOst 11 lbs. six and aged, list. 71bs. A winner of any hurdle race value JE40. once within the last year, to carry 31bs.; twice, SIbs. and thrice or more times, 71bs. extra. Thorough bred horses to carry 71bs. in addition to weight for winning. Heats, one mile and a half, over four flights of hurdles in each heat, not exceeding three feet six inches. The winner to pay 1 Sov. towards the expense of hurdles. THE HACK STAKES, Of 3 Sovs. each, and 15 added, for Half-bred Horses. The win- ner to be Sold to the best bidder on the evening of the first race day, if the Stewards shall think fit, to be put up atjg40, surplus above that price to go to the fund. The expenses of such sale to be paid out of the race fund. Three years old, 9st. 3 lbs.; four years, lOst. 21bs.; five years, list.; six and aged, list. 7 lbs mares and geldings allowed 3%s. A winner of any race during the last twelve months of the value of £ 40., to carry 5 lbs. extra, and horses^ bred in the county of Monmouth al- lowed 5lbs. Heats, twice round and a distance. SECOND DAY. THE CHIPPENHAM STAKES, Of 5 Sovs. each, an^ 25 Sovs. added. Heats, twice round, starting at the stand. Three years old, to carry 7st.; four years, 8st. 21bs.; five years, 8st. 121bs.; six and aged, 9st. 7 lbs.; mares and geldings, allowed 3 lbs. Horses having started without ever winning (matches excepted) once, allowed 3Ibs.; twice, 5Ibs.; and thrice, 7lbs. Winners at any time of ;£50. (matches excepted) once, to carry 3Ibs.; twice, 5 lbs.; and thrice, 7 lbs., extra. MONMOUTHSHIRE HUNT HURDLE RACE, A Handicap Sweepstakes of 3 Sovs. each, 1 Sov. forfeit, and £10. added from the Fund, for Horses regularly Hunted with the Monmouthshire or Mr. Morgan, of Ruperra's Hounds during the last season. Gentlemen riders, to be qualified by a Committee of the Hunt Club. To close and name to the Clerk of the Course by sealed letters, on or before the 20th day of August next, at which time the forfeit must be paid. Dis- tance about two miles, over five flights of hurdles, not exceed- ing three feet six inches. The riders to be named in writing to the Stewards, at the Angel Inn, Monmouth, at two o'clock in the afternoon of the 23rd of September. The weights to be published in the MERLIN and Beacon newspapers on the last Saturday in August HANDICAP FOR THE BEATEN HORSES, Of 3 Sovs each, 1-Sov. forfeit, with 15 Sovs. added from the Fund. To be Handicapped by the Stewards, or whom they may appoint. Heats, twice round and a distance. To be named to the Clerk of the Course within half an hour after the race for the Chippenham Stakes, and the sov. forfeit paid at the time of naming. An OHDI^A-Ri at the SWAN, and a BALL at the BEAU- FORT ARMS, on the First Day; and an ORDINARY at the BEAUFORT ARMS on the Second Day. It is particularly requested that all Subscriptions be paid to the Clerk, on or before the 1st of September. Applications for Booths to be made to the Clerk of the Races at Kine o'clock on the Moifiiiig of the 22nd of September, and no Dejaulter to the Races of last year will be allowed to erect a Booth until his arrears are paid. Races not otherwise specified,to close and name to the Clerk of the Races, by sealed letters, between Seven and Nine p.m. on the 23rd of September, at the ANGEL INN, Monmouth. Three horses, bona Jide the property of different persons, to start for each race, or the public money will not be added. A certain time will be appointed to start for each race, when the horses must appear mounted before the Grand Stand, and any horse not so appearing will be disqualified. Horses to take age from the 1st of January. No Booth or Standing of any description to be erected on the Race Course, unless by a Sub- scriber of Ten Shillings to the Fund. Horses to stand at the house of a Subscriber of £ 1. to the Fund, and all former Stakes to have been paid, or not entitled, though a winner. No objec- tion will be received unless made in writing to the Stewards before Ten o'clock in the Morning of each Race Day. The Stewards' decision (or whom they may appoint) in all respects to be final. Any rider appearing in different colours to the entry, to pay Half-a-Guinea to the Fund, or not to be allowed to start. Ten Shillings to be paid to the Clerk at the time of entry for each horse in every race, towards the scales, weights, &c. No Gambling Booths will be allowed on the Course, or in the town. STEWARDS. E. HUTCHINGS, Esq. j. ROLLS, Esq. JAMES ROGERS, Clerk of the Races.

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