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JJESSRS. RJROSS JJBOSI CARDIFF, j Have now in Stock a large assortment of I MILNER'S AND PERRY'S 1 ^EBEATED FIRE AND BURGLAB PBOOF 1 SAFES, DEED BOXES, AND STRONG ROOM DOORS, respectfully solicit a call from any friends may be buying, assuring them that prices aad *ty shall compete favourably with any other Safes the market. would caution Purchasers against buying V-HEAj SAFES by untried Makers. PRICE LISTS ON APPLICATION. have also in Stock a second-hand Safe by ^SY,33in.x33in.x24in. 28201 Shipping Hattys. •H "J. A L I> A N LINE fgV—A Hhortest Ooeyi Passags to AMBBI 0 A, ^JPAX, CANADIAN. AND UNITE]) JiTATES MAIL, Oomons ov Twain Srunu, PORTLANI\Md BALTIMORE. Throtigh Jackets to BOSTON, NEW YOBK, PHILADELPHIA. *d to all points in CANADA and the STATE8. » Fares and exoellant Accommodation. .^»enyeriw^ecnre theirTtokets before leaving V.BMS^lw|y station by an appointed of the Ceapany, who takes charge of them tafcl ^y won board theSteamw ^eSS^Lto2°T<miaiw4 audit* Passages itSmOBA.^ Pamphlet "LOBD DUFFERIN IN gondeSyf j1*^fc Hnr.lV 9, Castlefltreet, Swansea; Q, S5Villa, Llanwyno-road, Pontypridd if VtT.y- Neattj DarM WOfiaini. Bell ^uT'_Hi«p-«t'rest, Brecon; J. Prioe, Prince of E. Evans, Stationer, fee* Khymney; K.»^mb?! Markat Inn, Abergavenny i John W, Ckrtlrttj, Haverfordwest t W. Milton Locke, Dock-street, and J. Young, konw l iw» JJ*rf Newport- Mgn M48m RATION AL LINE TO i3i NEW TOBK. DittMHim LARGEST PASSENGEB STEAMSHIPS. ^°»1 LIVERPOOL to NEW YOBK ma QUEENS- 7*. TOWN, every WEDNESDAY. ..Wednesday, March 26th. [ Wednesday, April 9th. QIIEEK..« —Wednesday, April 16th. jj^rom LOJJTCON to NEW YORK as follows Wednesday, April 2nS. I .Wednesday, April 16th. gL7«MAP .Wednesday, April 2BnL to JKew York Ifi, 12, ar.d 15 ririneas, according SetW2?; £ 9n • «* Vsrrth, having equal Saloon privileges, fc2_Tl' and'22 gmaaas. AuS*1* i to New York. Boston, Philadelphia, and %( £ r,2f *» Superior aoeonunodavion and abun- Jo ,rT_ <»oked provisions. Cheat Through Bookings the United States aad Canada. Special Jo, TP er as. to-the Nafconal Steamship Company, limited. BUK'JT *frar-otreet, "Liverpool; or to Messrs. Smith, *Bd i and Co., 83, Graoeoiwroh-streert, London} J. B. Nioholae and Oow, Consulate JwT «»Wt8, Bute Docks.Cardifl «5. a Manning,». Castle *W Bwanseaj W. W. Oauirt. WHheoombe. Jo* Aberdaie | Jaa. K. Mocfan. Postnuurter, Ponty V i! J«hn T&onutf, 1, Proapect-plas*. Oeergetomi, «|«Wr| Henry A. Lewis, Newtown, Bbbw Valej f) t. Sees, gcooer, Ystnid, Bhondda Valleyi 1 tiynas Sr^iesTM, Ptntmorlais, MerthyT! Mosel > F;r#house«. Blaina Ghnat, Abertulerj i M, >gSyw»89. ftaeen-«fcreet Neath. W Y. EDWARDS MftfTlk v ▼ • CABDIFF and NEW W9USR& YOBS STKAMSHIg LINE. »^SSa^wtmewi of this Line will sail M OABDHT TO NEW YOBX „ «nt^I-RS)I>A. 4,000 tons SATUBDAY u ^*BOM HEW YOBK TO OABDOTl M SS^LA, -S.800 tons SATUBDAY. March 22 S^WHTODA,^8,000 tons SATUBDAY, April 19 ^^BUBIKA, 8^00 tens .» To follow, ^aJS^onsh Bills of Lading Cor all (dasses ol GOODS 2?, ^ABCELS to and from the Inland Towns in I and plaoes in the Western States of America 5+ £ knada, InolHding Chicago, St. Loois, Milwaukee, BKursTToledo, BuflaloTDetroitjTOTontOi fcc., *a, j? oonlunotion with the Erie. Great Western ol Canada, Shore, and Miohigan Southern Ball way Companies freight and other particulars apply to W. Y. EDWABDS, Oardifl and Newport j TUBNEB. EDWABDS. and Co., Bristol | Ol w 9. F. BULLEY. 51. South-Street. New York. jjrboiggtfo j'^VO Yaoi nciee in highly respectable Ladies' Board- ijr ng School. A thorough English education, with jJ'Bio and laundress, fcc., upon very reduced terms.-— caters addressed Nebo, Weekly Kail Office, Cardiff, igj he forwar^lfid 89730 JYaamiS SEEVANTS.—Wanted for New Zea- Jfnd, such as Cooks. iHousemaids, |General j^ntu. Ntirses, Dairymaids. Wages £ 20 to £ 40 per j l*att,aantun- Applications will now be entertained for by bhipa sailing during the Summer and months. The earliest applications will have JL^ty. Free Passages, Free Ship's Outfit (Bedding, and Allowance for Travelling Expenses.—For 2eair particulars apply to the Agent-General for New T „ 7, Westminster Chambers, Tiotoria-street. ^3°^on. S.W. March, 1879. 28209o TjIaBM LABOURERS.—"Wanted for New Zealand. ?S Applications wiil now be entertained for Free 'Usages by ships flailing during -the Summer and Atttamn months. The earliest applications will have priority.—For further particulars apply to the Agent- J^fceral for New Zealand, 7, Westminster Chambers ^ctoria-atreet, London, S.W. March, 1879. 28209 I XTTANrED, a respectable General Servant for Lady I s »V and Gentleman, with knowledge of plain eook- Good character necessary.—Apply to Mrs. A. C„ 17. Swansea. 2662u22 COOK WANTED.—Wanted, at the Bush Commer- cial Hotel, Merthyr Tydfil, a respectable, middle- COOK WANTED.—Wanted, at the Bush Commer- cial Hotel, Merthyr Tydfil, a respectable, middle- "*f eA experienced Cook. She must have a knowledge £ kitchen range cooking.—Apply, with particulars, to Aleacander, Bush Hotel, Merthyr Tydfll. ^718u21i WANTED, a good Plain Cook, ia a smtll family.— Address A. & C.. Bute Docks, Cardiff. f2866u27 f l^ANTED, over 1,000 Servants—Cooks, £ 18 to £ 40 Jj' v Housemaids, £ 15 to £ 20; Parlourmaids, £ 18 to Kitehenmaids, £ 14 to £ 19; General Servants, £ 14 £ 22. Also Nurses, Attendants, fcc., 4c. Increasing gwnand for Welsh servants.—Enclose envelope to L&dy Superintendent, Giosvenor Institute, 118, Park-street, ■London. W. 8773c ^itnattona ^arant. WANTED. Forge Carpenter, Bailer, Forge Mason, and Ftunaoeman; must be sober.—State wages, IT Svfa.. »ng.Q„ w*xt*m Hail Offloe,Cardiff. 2636u22 f tltanteb. VCTANTED, by a Scotchman, a farmer's son, a Re. te o, engagement as Bailiff, or General Manager, or v" Shepherd and Bailiff. Has a thorough practical of hrml gteam cultivation, breeding, J fattening, buying and selling all kinds of fcoc^ *reat experieaee in sheep and cattle farinmg; judge of stock* seven years in last situation j Welsh; disengaged 30th April; flrat-cliss 4a5r^es from present and previous employers.— ■^iJ^J^leKeroherjGriml^j^Worcesterj^^wHiO^ Watches. Household Furniture. Cij-f-nlarfr«f*le Illustrated Catalogue and Auctioned" a iirmingiam.* Ageilt8 Wanted.-Chaxles Pare and Co., «75«na5 X^AirenTskS o»Men'8 Watch Club Supply require \at~haa Pavmenf Kingdom for their noted 30s. weekly. Remuneration good. N? District.—Pock^gs and ^ost w^fitAble agency i. Jf^0e now required. The est profitablei w u.that of the Asam Tea Com- ^■-WriS for Term- treet' London. EstabUshed )pødnuntS to Wet. "WANTEbTHouseand S^;din5^warthen To^S. QH«jiv moderate. y jj ion.—Address Jones. Dinas, Bhondda_vafiey. 2756u25 CV^T,. Chemist and Stationer* PP y «• S Arnold, >^P»8t^&c.. Cwmavon. 2862, v^ftomis2s. ■net' a neat Besidence, BrynhyfrV^ 'l(«eB V1|!ldo<:k; 7rith! or without 2860u27 xiijBcynon House, Hirwain. TO* at Midsummer, large Wharf and ^e»»iiZ? raUway accommodation, near Old • Mon- Suitable as a coal, iron, or timber ^rB.Pt^yelor^Co.elliamin Batohel°r> ^^wsinpsapa for disposal. °ne n°f ^8t theatre. Good trade. Bent £ 28. Incoming about A Illness cause leaving. Immediate Dossftatiinn — I' & Blacker' Va'uer' 4- Q^8^C!wid. j^CeJBath. 2754n25 I'O ije Let, the Mnira Hotel, Adamsdowa, Catdiff • S^r 'ull-licensed house, ire*. Also House, in Gold- -C?5l^lrrace on the Prnmises. 2779^25 (jr°OD Double-licensed Ho is», in midst of collieriag With three good c ubs of 240 members. In-going Gu,, £ 50 — Apply W. Clomonts, City .Chambers 2805U26 -Let., at Aleryr.twith, a Full Licensed Corner i-ett "ublic-boute, doing nearly £ 500 a vear. Very low ^ee from brewer. Goodwill, fixtures, and Alfr*Ure. £ 120. K re opportunity.—AddreaB J. c., [ Sp^aca,Carnages, ^t0ck,^c. -H*0 o 8ale- tbat superior Entire Cart Horse. Young k^^uflelk. He is of a dark chestnut oolour, 16 I Sears old, and possesses great muscular power, him8JH8h action, staunch in harness, and has proved i- I'iar.-i1 a sure foal getter.—Apply William Jenkins, [ Y^Ig^nith, Gower. 2674u22 t Jb°|^e, Brittany Cow and Heifor; also Ayrshire F "ey Prices moderate.—Full particulars from Caerleon. Miztdlmtanz. I >0 fJtevfVVWWWVV^AAAAywV\AAAAAAAAAAAWV j„ ^TIiEMEN, TOUBISTS, COMMERCIALS *^le new "Inyicta Portmanteau, the hand- ^er 0r^d strongest yet introduced, 45 percent. Sift,p^|inarr prices. Roomy, useful size,i 21in. by ho8 »ut carriage paid on receipt of P.O. for 2 Is., to /^g~225 £ ?e» Manufacturer, Keynsham, Bristol. h34 M MEN'S Left-off-ClothiiK bought by Mr Green, 22, Caroline-st., Cardiff. 38d at oj f uture Courtship. Marriage, and all Matters r^iUpy 'uterest—four questions answered for U lifetime 30 stamps. State age and enclose ^t n^elope.-Address J. LAMBEBT, 26, Bosse- 'pwuroyd, Bradford, Yorka. 3895c ej^.j Harp7~ £ 5 5s.; Organ, in coarse of completed according to order: Ameri- loJ^^es 5,ost 22 guinea*, for 15. Pianos the cheapest b^s, rfo Cabinet Pianoforte, £ 7 10s. Organs, Piano- ivf^ite^^oniums. Concertinas. &0., Tuned and Sin e<1 in ^Wuson's Patent Harmonium Attachment '1Jt'iaetn*5'n,?o Pianoforte.—Address, Organ Bi 'lding WTJ, Osier.} stx-^t, «!Ya-B-a. 3iJ?« RI8r> "r ÁIS ltp )udtln. SALE TO-MORROW. LARGE SALE OF CYEU8 PRICE AND CO.'S CEIrEBSATED PRIZE MEDAL iAYES. It/1 E^SRS. STEPHENSON, ALEXA.N- ilJL DEE, and CO. will SELL by AUCTION, at their Mart, on SATURDAY, 22nd March, Lat Twelve o'clock, a hwrge oosaignmerit of MRE AND THIEF-PBOOF SAFES, by the above eminent maters. AT THE RECENT DE8TBTJCTIVE FIEES on thewremitjes of Mr. Btukewich and Mr. Clery, at the Docks, the Safes of this manufacture BEBIbTiJB THE PENETRATION OF FIBS, SMOKE, AND WATER, andwben opened the contents consistiagof BOOKS. PAPERS, SECURITIES, WATCSES, AND JEWELLERY, WERE FOUND UNINJURED. Further information and testimonials can be had on application to the Auctioneers, Queens Oaxabero. 'Cai-difL Ø!3S QLAMORG ANSHIRE. SALE OF A FREEHOLD FARM. In the Parishes of Peterstone-super-Ely. St. Bride a* Buper.Eiy, and LlanUltorne, nectr Cardiff. MESSRS. BTEPHENSON, ALEXAN- .ULlL DER, and CO. arc instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Cardiff Arms Hotel. Cardiff, on SATURDAY, the 22nd day of March, 1879, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as shail then and there be produced, all that valuable and compact FREEHOLD FARM, CALLED KENST AFP, Together with the Farm House, Outbuildings, and Appurtenances.. The Farm consists of arable* meadaw, and pasture land, containing, by recent admeasurements, 160 aeres or thereabouts, ana adjoins tke turnpike road from Cardiff to Llantrisant. The property is situate about seven miles from the town of Cardiff, three miles from Llantrisant, within half a mile of the village of Groes-vaen, and about two miles from Peterstone Station, and is approaohod by a good road. Full particulars, with plans of the property, may be had on application to Mr. John Jones, Solicitor, Phil. harmonic Chambers, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, or of the Auctioneers, Queen's Chambers, Cardiff. 27919 MOAMOUTHS HIRE. PARISH OF ST. MELLON'S. 8ALE OF VALUABLE COPYHOLD PROPERTY. MESSRS. STEPHENSON, ALEXAN. DER, and CO.. are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the White Hart Inn, St. Melton's, fOR FRIDAY, the 28th day of Ifriroh. 1879. at Two for Three o'clock in the afternoon (unless previously dis- poeed of by Private Contract), the following COPYHOLD PROPERTY:— Lot 1. All that Farm House, Outbuildings. Yards, and Cottage, known a« Hendre Cottage Farm, situate in the parish of St. Mellon's aforesaid.together with Threo Fields" occupied therewith, the whole containing 12a. 3r. 37p., or thereabouts. and numbered 574.575,576, 590, 591, and 598 on the tithe map of the said parish. Lot 2. All that Field adjoining Lot 1. containing la. Or. 36p. or thereabouts, and a Garden lying between the said field and the pariah road, leading to St. Mellon's village, containing Qa. lr. 2p. or thereabouts, and which field and garden are numbered respectively 589 and 589A on the said tithe map. Lots 1 and 2 are in the occupation ot Mr. Bran David as yearly tenant. Lot 3. All those two Fields situate on the Moors, in the said parish of St. Mellon's, oontaining 4a. 2r. 30p. or thereabouts, and numbered 734 and 735 on the said tithe map. Lot 3 is in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Lloyd, one of the vendors. The whole of the above property is oopyhold of the Manor of Youlton. The land is of tood quality, and has been well farmed, and within five miles of the town of Cardiff, and eight miles of the town of New- port. Mr. Thomas Lloyd, Hendre Hall Farm, St. Itellon's. Iri11 show the several lots to persons desirous of viewing the same. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers; or to Messrs. Dalton, Spencer, and Corbett, Solicitors, Cardiff; or Mr. R. W. Williams, Solicitor, Cardiff ROBBE AND CARRIAGE REPOSITOBY, CBOCKHERBTOWN. CABDIFF. MESSRS. STEPHENSON, ALEX. JjJL ANDEB, and Coo's next FOBTNIGHTLY SALE of HOBSES, CARRIAGES, and HARNESS, Will be held at their Repository, on SATURDAY. March 29th. at Two o'clock precisely. Total expense on Horses offered and not sold 5s. Entries far this Sale must be made on or before Tuesday, the 26th March instant, or they cannot appear in the Sale Edition of the Catalogue. 28270 GREAT EASTERN HOTEL, CLIFTON-STREET ROATH. MESSRS. STEPHENSON, ALEXAN- HLjt DER, and Co. will BELL by AUCTION, on MONDAY, March 31 at, at Two o'clock precisely, the following CONTEACTOB'S PLANT, dec., Consistirg of four carts, timber trolly, furniture van, bay entire cart horse (a good worker), cart harnees, wheel barrows, eight iron buckets, fire grates, wheeling planks, a quantity of various timber and building materials to be sold in lots to suit purchasers, at the yard of the above hotel. Queen's Chambers. Cardiff. 21269 LEASEHOLD PROPERTY AT COGAN PILL, NEAR CARDIFF. MESSRS. STEPHENSON, ALEX. JtjtLtL ANDER. and CO., will SELL by AUCTION, on TUESDAY, 1st of Aoril, 1879, at Two for Three o'clock, at the Royal Hotel, Cardiff (subject to suoh conditions of sale as shall then and there be produoed), THREE LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES, At Cog an Pill, near Cardiff, and numbered 5, 6. and 7, held under a lease from the late aBaronesa Windsor for 99 years, from 1st of May, 1858, at an annual around rent of £ 6 7s. 6d., and occupied by John Davies and others at a weekly lent of 3s. 6d. per house. For fu rther particulars apply to the Auctioneers or to Mr. R. Y. Evans, Solicitor, Duke-street, Cardiff. 28311 "SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD HOUSES AT CANTON. MESSRS. STEPHENSON, ALEXAN- DER. and CO.. wiU SELL by AUCTION, on TUESDAY, April 1st. at Two for Three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Royal Hotel, Cardiff (subject to conditions of sale to be then and there produced), all those THREE MESSUAGES AND PREMISES. Being Noa. 13, 14. and 15, Devonshire plaoe, Ely-road, Canton, mid now in the several occupations of Mr. Alfred Sheeter, Mr. Joseph Wakefield, and Mr. Wilbam Stedden, as tenants, at the weekly rent of 6s. 6d. each house. The above premises are held for thejreaidue of a term of 99 years, from the. 24th June, 1868, under a lease from the late Frederick Charles Vaohell, Esq., at the ground rent of £ 7 4s. They will in the first p'aoe be offered for sale in one Lot. but if not then ;sold each house will be offered separately, and the ground rent will be apportioned. Further particulars may be had on application to the Auctioneers, or to Mr. V. H. Ensor. Solicitor, Royal Arcade Chambers, St. Mary-street, Cardiff; or to Messrs. Griffith and Corbett, Solicitors, Womanby- street, Cardiff. 28342 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND COPYHOLD LAND. FARM HOUSE, AND BUILDINGS, AT BUMNEY, AND FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, IN CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. Tt/rEi-SRS. STEPHENSON, ALEX AN- jjfm DEB and Co. are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff, on THUES- DAY, April JOth. at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, in lots to suit purchasers, about 28 acres, 1 rood, 13 pcrche* ofEEHoLD AND COPYHOLD LAND. with the Farm House and Buildings, known as Ty Fry, situate in the Parish of Rumney, in the County of Monmouth. These lands comprise eligible building sites all that substantial and oonvement Free- hold' House and large Garden, situate in Crockherb- town, Cardiff, being the residence of the late Thomas Dpia°M ancl particulars are in preparation, and may be had on application to Messrs. Dalton, Spenoer, and Corbett, Solicitors, Working.street. Cardiff, or to the Auctioneers. <K;i7'! Queen's Chambers. Cardiff. asm CARDIFF. STEAM JOINERY WORKS JOB SALE BY AUCTION, 11/1 R. THOMAS WEBBER has re- ceived instructions to SELL by AUG HON, at the Queen's Hotel, Cardiff, on FRIDAY, the 28th day of March, 1879, at Three for Four o'clock, p.m. 5* One Lot, or in several and such Lots as shall be determined by the Venders at ths time of Sale, and ..lirject to such conditions as shall there and then be ofi £ lUo«*l (ai d which, with a Pian, may be seen at the T&nn+ Me-igj-g. H. and M. Trenchard, Solicitors, Cardiff*5 at the office of Mr. G. F. Hill. Solicitor, prior to' +v. the office of the Auctioneer, three days day ot Male), all those valuable ardtheLA1ATTEAM JMNERY WORKS. tOKfct/hertwitv,4?'eased therewith and adjoining thereto, MAruV(iwllole of the costly Modern The Property?• TOO. S, PLANT, &c. occupied by Me8fci^u"e in Pearl-street, Roath, lately 09 o ferm of Cutlan. It is hila for thi residue 'fi» 25th M»ch. td. The MACHINERY t12- a •tvT Poruish boiler includes horizontal enspne wlt £ V^Ir>able of'drf4- diameter, 30ft. long, with 2 fireh0.l6J^^P circular^ 4 hP- self ceutreingand felf fefn,f i.iehiupwa^' to saw deals into boards trcui ] jttic^^s.wm turn out 21ft. to 26ft, I*r minute with andfaiiing spindle} cross-cut tr ? « t0 from 1-Sin- to 6in. thi £ £ %to P^ne 2ft- Y™0, any lengtn iruw ick tenoning machine, will cut tenons f'V^ scnbe ^^oulders both sides at one stroke, wil mouldin mach?rk at same time the tenon is cut W tfrom|4f achiaB with cutters on four sides,will tur ea3ll ™ 30fi. per minute; small moulding minute; m^??5"work'tvaD* out from 32ft. to 4bft. P .y from 150 machine, worked by boys wUl airing0 day (this machme has sandpane^ ment) > band saw, to saw l8in. sap^es^nri machin«. with boring attachmentforp machine strings forstairs; door L, 150 doora' two boys will cramp from 100 to Per day; carving machine for hard or sof j ^^n^rJ?81ug machine, will work moulding wo<wl time circular moulding machine for bar orii^ from this machine is cleaner machines after glass papering). Undine stone M*8 the quantity ol any other; large Sn*S» diameter, 9in. thick, worked by steam P Q for fancy box work and ordinary tnt?ul^1,tlPe0 circular face plate, 7ft. diameter, tor tumin? la/f0 "5°^ mouldings, ftc. (Note.—One of the lathes to^an attachmeat for turning square balusters.) machine (for moulding irons); 5ft. ciroulw sa travelling bed unfixed; 3ft. 6in. ditto, Ift-ditw. mitrewg machine will mitre mouldings up to i wide by 2 inches thick. One two-kbife chaff cu (new), lbrazing fcrge, for brazing band saw, Sec., No. The whole of the foregoing machinery is nearly new, sjid has the most recent improvements. Application for further particulars and to view the premises may be made to Mr. G. F. Hill, Solicitor, Cardiff to the Auctioneer or to Messrs. H. and M. Trenchard, Solicitors, Taunton. 32, Itoyal Arcade Chambers, Cardiff, March 12th, 1879. 28267 TVANIEL OWEN A OO.'S A B 0 JLJ RAILWAY TIME TABLES, the only ore published In Wales, tprioe Id. 2a. per annom, free brpost. St. Marv-«trM* Cardiff. THE PRINOIPALITY. JL 8 PAGES, EVEBY SATUBDAY, ONE PENNY ^alea bp Judian. I I^OKTANT^SASES^OF^FlR&F^r^S^^ HORN CATTLE. BERKELEY CASTLE, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, MR. JOHN THORNTON will SELL by AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, March 26, art Ham Farroc Berkeley, a choice selection of 33 COWS, HEIFERS, AND YOUNG BULLS, from the first-class herd belonging to the Bight Hon. 1-ord Fitehardinge. Among them are many fine speci- mens of the Wild Eyes, Gazelle, and Musical fami < 1:lies. Also "Eirklevcngton Empress 2nd," closely allied to the first prize heifer calf at the Reyal and Yorkshire Shows. also those very grand cows" Dorothea," Secrecy Florence Graham," Prima Donna," and others, as well as two daughters of Rugia Niblett. the first prize cow at themeeting of the R.A.S.E. at Bristol. Seventeen of the lots are by that extraordinary sire Duke of Connaught 33,604. The cows are mostly in calf to him. and the heifers, which comprise some re. markably good animals, to Duke of Oxford 45th 39775, .recently purchased at the Holker sale for 1.500 guineas. PENCRAIG COURT, NEAR ROSS HEREFORDSHIRE. MR. JOHN THORNTON will SELL by AUCTION, on FRIDAY, March 28, at Pencraig Court, three miles from Ross, about 45 ANIMALS. all of one tribe, from the first-class herds belonging to the Rev. W. Holt lieever and J. Alla.n Rolls, Enq., of The Hendre. These herds are entirely descended from the late Mr. Priestly's old-established stock at Trefan, which had been bred for upwards of 40 years from Mr. Charles Colling's old Daisy tribe. The bulls used of late years have been of Bate's blood. Seoond Duke of Siddington, 33,732, and Twentieth Duke of Oxford, 28.432 (the celebrated 1,000 gs. bull at the Holker sale, 1871), being now in service. The animala are of great individual merit and singularly uniform, the cows being broad, deep-framed, short- legged, heavy-fleshed animals, and the young stook are full of rich-coloured hair, quality, and symmetry. Catalogues with pedigrees may be had at the places of sale, or of John Thornton, 7, Princes-street, Hau- over-sqnare. London, W. 3905c 'nhlitnäons. E X T Q~F KIN A DESCRIPTIVE INDEX (20,000 names guaranteed) to Advertisements for Next of Kin, Chanoery HeirS, Legatees, Ac., from 1700. lB. ad. by P.O. Order. Addresø-W. CULLMER. 17, Southampton-buildings, Chanoery-lane, London, W.C. 292 NOW BEADY; j Extra Cloth, gilt lettered, crown Bvo. INNER OR SAINTP* A TALE, by J. GBESBEY MOSS. LLANELLY (Reprinted from the Principality.) With IDustrations by H. A. Chapman, Artist, Swansea Prioe 8s. May be obtained at any Bookseller's Shop, or will be sent post free by the Author on receipt of S6 stamps. MMeeta NY DTWYSOGAETH." PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY. PRIOE ONII PENNY. « Y DYWYSOG AETH" has a very 1 extensive circulation, being either posted to Subscribers or sold by Agents in almost EVERY TOWN AND HAMLET in North and South Wales. It is not a Local, but a NATIONAL NEWSPAPEB, With a widespread circulation amongst the Clerø: Nobility, Gentry, Farmers, Manufacturers, Tradesmen, and the working class. •'Y DYWYSOGAETH," Advertisers may feel assured, is the bast, if not the only medium whereby their announcements can be simulta- neously perused in every oounty throughout the whole or Wales. All orders, fro., to be forwarded to the Publishers, Y Dywysogaeth Office, Rhyl Flintshire. o2 frcfela, lining Enema, &t. PONTYPEEDD. WHILE WE TALK TIME FLIES HUGH W.. THOMAS BLUE BELL INN and POSTING HOUSE. Near T.V.B. Station PONTYPRIDD. Begt respectfully to inform his large circle of friends that he POSTS to all parts of the district on the most reasonable terms.. c3228o JOHNSTON, MILES, AND CO., CARDIFF, IMPOKTEJR8 OF AMERICAN & CANADIAN PRODUCE OFFER FOR SALE AMERICAN BUTTER: 550 Tuba of Finest selected State Creamery and State Dairy. AMERICAN MEAT MARKET, THE HAYES, CARDIFF. TO-DAY (FRIDAY), AND SATURDAY, BEEF, 4D. TO 9D. PER LB. MUTTON, 6D. TO SiD. PER LB. f BEST SALT BUTTER, 10^d. per lb. GEORGE JJOPKINS AMERICAN MEAT MARKET, THE HAYES, CARDIFF, ^y E. YAUGHAN AND CO., STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS ANDAFF-BOAD, CARDIFF, BBAXOH SSTTABUSHKmrrSt nTrrn ( 77, Crockherbtown. CARDli i Bute-street. NEWPORT 52, Commercial-atreei. MERTHYR 83, High-street. SWANSEA Lower Goat-streot, Orders receivs and Parcels forwarded to Works |oa« riage free by thefollow^ Aberdare Mr. Eschles, Commeroial-place. Blaenavoo Mr. J. Harris, London-house. Brideend Mrs. Woodward, grocer, Nolton-street Breeon Mr. BodmiB, Wellington House, Bui wark. Brvnmawr Mrs. Hicks, Beaufort-street, B ina Mrs. Collins, High-street. Briton Ferry Mr. D. L. Jones, Bookseller, 2, VUlien street. Cswbridgfl Mr. Rogers, Fancy Repository. Chenatow Mr Davios, 26, Welsh-street C ickhoweD Mr. Pugh, High-street. Haverfordwest Mr. Elhs Jones, Mariners-square, Llanelly Mr. John, 6, Market-street. Llandilo Mr. Lockver, County Press. Neath Mr. Matthews, at Queen s Hotel. Pembroke Dock Mr. Narberth. Stationer, Dimond^ street. Bhondda Mr. Harris, Hannah-street, Porth. Tenbv Mr Brioe,4, Julian-street. 1 A. J. P R A T T, COAL AND COKE MERCHANT, CARDIFF. AnDEKss—EYELIN HOUSE. RICHMOND-ROAD. 27606 ^l2.EOR,Glf.' S r A Marvellous Remedy for tht VJ cure of COUGHS, COLDS ASTHMA, BBONCHITIS, *c. I^OUGH I" bottles, la. lid. and 2s. «d. .— ASTHMA, BBONCHITIS, H, COUGH In bottles, la. lid. and 2s. «d. \m/ s By all Chemists. l Note.—One dose relieves, a few TIATSi n« doses cure. SOLE PBOPBIETOB WWJAJft, B GEQBGK. Pentre, Pontj nndd. »6fi4Fkot .T 01mm1 PRINCIPAL DELIVHRMRS, « AirD BBITON FERRY i?«^SebT!ired- BiU Asters to the Great Western ana Neath and Brecon Roilwavg, and the Principal Auctioneers. Leasees of the Principal Posting Places. mIlE PRINCIPALITY; X THE i £ Qf LE'S JC1::&:{¿¡, JTOS WALS6 fublit Sottas. LAIOKG A NSHfR¥'c6 NTY ROADS BOARD; NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the C muty RoMis Board for the County of Glamorga.n will, at a Meeting to be held at the Town-hall, Bridgend, on WEDNESDAY, the 30th day of April next. at 12.33 -p.m., proceed to the Appointment of a CLERK to the said Board, at a yearly salary of £.100. Applications to be Bent tome. marked County Roads Board Clerkship," on or before the 23rd day of April next. THOMAS MASTERS DALTON, Clert to the County Roads B jard, Glamorgan. Cardiff, 20th March, 1879. 3933c ^.LAMORG ANSH IRE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, for tha County of Glamorgan, will be holden at the Town of SWAN. SEA, in and for the s lid County, on MONDAY, the 7rh day of April, 1879, at One of the clock in the After- noon of the same day, when the Justices theu present win proceed with the General Busireas relating to the Public and Financial Business of the Coauty, and also to the CODsl abuJary. The Grand and Petty Jurors must attend on Tues- day, the 8th day of April, 1879. at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, when they will be sworn. All Prosecutors and Witnesses, bound by recogniz- ance, or subpoena, from the several districts of Swansea, Neath. Bridgend. Pontardawe, Gower, Mer- thyr, and Aberdare, must attend on the! same day, and at the S9me hour. and on Wednesday, the 9th day of April, 1879, all Prosecutors and Witnesses, bound hy recognisance from the several districts of Cardiff, Cowbridge, LlandaS, Dinaspowis, Pontypridd, and Caerphilly, must attend at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. All Appeals must be entered before the sitting of the Court, on MONDAY, the 7th day of April next. and the same will be heard at the sitting of the Court on the following day. All Claims on the County Stock must be delivered at my Office on or before the 13th day of March instant. No costs will be allowed unless taxed at the same session. Depositions and Recognisances are to be sent me the 31st day of March instant. T. MANSEL FRANKLEN. Clerk of the Peace. Bridgend, 10th March, 1879. 3920o TO ALL COWKEEPERS, DAIRY- MEN, AND PURVEYORS OF MILK IN THE COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN. Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878. The Dairies, Cowsheds, and Milkshops' Order and 'Amendment Order of 1879. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the L-wd Authority for the County of Glamorgan will on the 24th day of March instant open a REGISTER for the Regis- tration of all persons carrying on in their district the trade of Cowkeeper or Dairyman (unless for the purpose only of making and selling butter and cheese), and of all persona carrying on the trade of Purveyor of Milk. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVES that after the 10th day of April next it will not be lawful for any person to carry on the trade of a CJw. keeper or Dairyman (except as aforesaid), or a Pur- veyor of Milk in the said distriot unless he is regis- tered as such m the said Register. Particulars as to the place and mode of Begistratio will be given in future advertisements. T. MANSE L. FRANKLEN, IClerk of the Peace. Bridgend, March 10,1879. 28163 EMIGRATION I EMIGRATION I I EMIGRATION 11 TO CAPITALISTS, TENANT FARMERS. AND FARMER'S SONS. Mr. J. W. Down, a. Settler of long experience, will sail on the 1st of May next with a. party of Colonists for the Great North-West. Parties now joining this Colony will obtain unpre- cedented advantages. For pamphlets and full information address—J. W. Down, Bath Bridge, Bristol. 3795c WEST OF ENGLAND LOAN AND DISCOUNT COMPANY. IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES UNDER THE NEW ACT, 1879. NO SURETIES REQUIRED. Advanoes from £20 to M2,OOO may now be obtained at a few hours' notice by persons of either sex, and upon their own se3urity, or on deposits of deeds or othor valuables. Distance no object. All applications im. mediately replied to. To prove the genuineness of our system of busimoM all transactions are tully explained and completed by borrowers* solicitor or any other, and DO costs ara charged unless the money is advanced. Apply personally or by letter, to Mr. John H. Eyles Manager, 44. Commercial-street. Newport, Mon. 2726 WILLIAM SANDERS V AUCTIONEER, ESTATE AND INSURANCE AGENT, 28, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, Has the following PROPERTIES for SALE r— BUTE DOCKS —One House in Windsor Esplanade. ROATH.—Six houses in Pearl-street, six in Helen- street, six! in Harold-street, seven genteel Villa resi- dences in Gold-street, and six in Metal-street. CATHAYS.—Two houses in Lily-street, and four villas in WoodTille-road. CANTON.—Two eligible sites of building land, one 50 feet, and the other 40 feet frontage, in Conway-road, GRANGETOWN. — Corner shop in Bromsgrove- atreet; corner shop and cottage in Holmesdale-street; and six houses in Ludlow.street. A liberal portion of the purchase money can be had on mortgage. Apply as above. o3172o SBWING MACHINES AND PERAMBULATORS BY ALL THE BEST MAKERS KEPT IN STOCK. TERMS EASY-ON THE HIRE SYSTEM. SEWING MACHINES FROM 2S. PER WEEK, PERAMBULATORS FROM Is. 6D. PER WEEK. OR 6D. PIIR DAT. By continuing the Paymehts making the Article your own without any extra Charge. Cottons, Needles, Silks, and all accessories for any description of Sewing Machines or Perambulators. Repairs in either of the above Articles done on the Premises at the shortest notice. C. BARTLETT, 72, CASTLE-STBEET, BRISTOT,. 3928c THE LARGEST STOOK OF HOSIERY AND GENTLEMEN'S UNDER-CLOTHING, AND SCARVES AND TIES, IN SOUTH WALES, AT REASONABLE PRICES, WILL BE FOUND AT W. KÖRNER AND C0'8*' THE CARDIFF HOSIERS, 87. 31, ROYAL ARCADE, and 182, BUTE-ROAD. X PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS. BUTE COAL COMPANY OFFICE: -28, CROCKHERBTOWN. GLANRAVON-LLANTWIT, And other HOUSE COALS, DELIVERED TO ANY PART OF CARDIFF. 27465 EVOLUTION IN THE WATCH TRADE Messrs. W. 4A. SYSON and CO. hereby give notice that owing to the introduction of greatly improved machinery, they have reduced their prices nearly 30 per cent. 112 12s. 6d. The celebrated Silver Lever Watch, extra massive sterling silver cases, double sank enamel dial, strong crystal glass, chronometer balance, jewelled in 15 actions (rubies). A very handsome and high class Watrb, guaranteed for Three Years. Car- riage paid to any •■ddress on receipt of money order for £2 12s. 6d.—Ad<J: ss W. and A. SYSON and CO.. Watoh Manufacturers. Kewhall hill, Birmingham. Illustrated Catalogue of CIGUKS .Watches, Jewellery, &0.. post free on application. Established 1802# 3547c SACE:S I SACKS SACKS AND BAGS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, WATERPROOF CLOTHS, and Every Article in the Trade. Purchase direct from the Manufacturer, and thereby obtain them at the Lowest Possible Price. JOHN B. CHAMPION, RELIARCE WORKS, DURSLEY, GLOUCESTER- SHIRE. 3752o P. HALEWOOD CLOG AND SHOE MANUIACTUBEB, STUART-HALL AND I 32, CANON-STREET, i. BRIDGE-STREET, I CARDIFF.) ABEBDARE STATION BOW YflTRAD AND FERNDALE. THE PRINCIPALITY. CyLUil^S. EYEXY ATUBDAY. public ),musttnenls. CARDIFF J. ST. MARY. STREET. PHILHARMONIC THEATRE, Direotor A. Melville I Licensee.Mr.C. J. Jackson THIS (FRIDAY) EVENING, March 21. Drama and Comedy. NOBODY'S CHILD and A BIRD IN HAND IS WORTH TWO IN THE BUdH. SATURDAY, March 22. TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION! EMM IN THRSE NEW CHARACTERS. Three New Productions on Saturday. A t Beven o'clock, Drama, in Four Act", KATHLEEN MAVOURNEEN. After which new Drama, JERICHO JOHN. Concluding with a nAW Drama, THE MYSTERIES OF CAERPHILLY CASTLE. f MM and th" whole Company on Saturday. MONDAY NEXT Great Change of Performance, NEW THEATRE AJSA R 6 Y A L. WOOD-STREET, OWS CABDIFF. Lessee.Mr. W. H. DAW t Bole Manafrer. Mf. E. Bmwza THIS (FRIDAY) EVENING, March 21, LAST NlqHT BUT ONE OF THE GREATEST PLAY OF THE AGE, DIPLOMACY, With a most complete and POWERFUL CAST OF CHARACTERS. (Produced by Special Arrangement with Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft, Prince of Wales's Theatre, London), TO-NIGHT j DIPLOMACY" DIPLOMACY. at 7.30- | DIPLOMACY. I Will commence at 7.80, and will constitute the DIPLOMACY entire Evening's Performance. TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. —MONDAY FOR SIX NIGHTS ONLY, MR. CRAVEN ROBERTSON'S NEXT, CELEBRATED COMEDY COMPANY A DEBT OF HONOUR ( New *) MARCH 24th. LIGHT AND SHAD *2 4 f SEEING THE WORLD (.Comedies ) Doors open at 7, oommenoe at 7.30. Carriages 10.30. sharp. Prices as usual. Box Plans at Mr. W. Lewis a Duke-street. No extra charge tor booking. JGTUAR C-HALL, CARD 1 FF TO-NIGHT AND EACH EVENING DTJBING THE WEEK AT EIGHT. FAUST, WITH GOUNOD'S LOVELY MUSIC, By the Greatest Combination of Qperatio and Illuskmary Artistes in the World. NEXT ILLUMINATED MORNING PEBFORMANGE ON SATURDAY AT THREE. Doors open Half-an-hour earlier. AdmissionReserved Seats (nearest and with best view of Illusions). 3s.; Second, 2s.; Third, Is. s Pro- menade, 6d. Children and Schools, over 10 in number. Half-price. Promenade exoepted. Proprietors—Messrs. STRANGE and WIMON, 28070 NEWPORT. VICTORIA HALL, NEWPORT. V Director A. MELVint. THIS (FRIDAY) EVENIf.G and SATUBDAY, March 21 and 22. THE WORLD RENOWNED MISS BATEMAN And the FULL LONDON LYCEUM COMPANY. TO-NIGHT (FUIDAY). the Famous Drama, MARY WARNER. Mary Warner Miss BASEMAN. SATURDAY. Miss BATEMAN as LEAH. QP HE 'ANCHOR" VANS HOUSEHOLD GOODS REMOVED Sf ROAD CJB BAIL EFFICIENTLY, U EXPEDITIOUSLY,* ECONOMICALLY WOOD BROS., WEST CANAITIFHABF, CARDIFF. 'LR 254066^ ESTABLISHED 1866. 9[ J. TJPE1QHI c°- DEALERS IN CORN, FLOUR, IfeTD SALT. OATS, BEANS, BRAN, POLLARDS, BARLEY MEAL, INDIAN MEAL &c., &c. STORES :— WHARF-STREET, CABDIFF. 27369 SMITH AND CO., CORN MERCHANTS SKINNER-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. 32265 VETERINARYEMTABUSHMENT, T CANTON, CABDIFF, KABCH 4,1879. TO NOBLEMEN, GENTLEMEN. AQRICUL. TURISTS, AND OTHERS. GKFTLHFEK, In oonsequenoe of a protracted illness, I have found it necessary to relinquish my profession. Allow me to tender my sincere thanks for your kiIuI aod flattering support during the last twenty years, I have disposed of my business to Mr. James Thomns Handy, M.R.C.V.S. (late Inspector of Privy Couuoil and Veterinary Surgeon to his Oraos the Duke of Beaufort), in whom I have the greatest oonfidenoe, and with pleasure strongly recommend mitn to you, trusting you will accord to him as my auooe8808 the same liberal patronage you have bestowed upon met I am. Gentlemen, Yours faithfully, I GEO. BODING fON, M.B.C.V. VETERINARY ESTABLISHMENT, ▼ SAINT MARY-STREET, CABDIFF, JUSCH 4TH, 1879. TO NOBLEMEN, GENTLEMEN, AGBIOUL. TURISTS AND OTHERS. GENTLEMEN, Having arranged with Mr. George Bodington to continue the practice as above, I respectfully beg to solicit the kind patronage so liberally bestowed uoon him, and to assure you that nothing shall be wanted on my part to conduct my profession in a manner satis- factory to my clients, and trust I may be kindly favoured with your oonfidenoe, which shaU always receive my earnest and immediate attention. Hoping to be found worthy of that support so liberally aooorded to my predecessor, I am. Gentlemen, Yours faithfully• 3904o JAS. THOS. lUNDY, M.B.C.V.S. CCHOICE NEW FLOWER SEEDS J FOB 1879. THE COTTAGEB'b PACKET (REGISTERED). The CO TTAGEB'S PACKET of CHOICE FLOWER SEEDS contains 12 Beautiful VarietiiB of easy culture, for the open Garden, inoluding • German Aster,finest doable I Godetia,1.,LadY Albemarle Ten-week Stock II Clarkia fclegans, double Sweet Peas, choice mixed Scarlet Linum Mignonette, sweet scented Convolvulus Minor, &0. With descriptive labels and full cultural directions, poet free. Is. 2d.; two packets, 2s. Zd., tour ditto, 4s. 2d. DANIELS BROS., SEED GROWBBS, NORWICH. THE COTTAGER'S PACKET oontains only Seeds of Bebt Quality, and is the Cheapest and Best 1.11. Packet of Flower Seeds ever sent out. "This collection is wonderfully cheop^nd cannot be too highly recommended."—Bath, Chirofitote. The vari- eties are admirably chosen."—Lloyd's Weekly London NCKS. "1 waive varieties of the most beautiful, popular, and easily cultivated of annuls, '—forktbtr* Gazette. "Contains seed enough in quantity and variety to keep a good size garden aglow with bloom during the Summer and Autumn months." HØttJerjoTdwest Telegraph. DANIELS BROS., SBED GROWERS, NORWICH. CHOIOE KITCHENGARDEN SFEDS^ THE COTTAGER'S PACKET, oontaicing 14 distinct varieties cf choice vegetable seeds, including liberal quantities of Poas, Radish, Onion, Lettuce, Parsnip, Carrot, Crees, Cauliflower, Cucumber, ta. Thr cheapest collection of kitchen garden seeds ever offered. Post free 2s.IXl.. stamps or P.O.O. It is all it professes to be and more, indeed, we oould pick out three or four packets from this collection of 14 which at current prices are worth the 2s. 6d. charged.—* Wctkly London Hews, DANIELS B B O S • Royal Norfolk Seed T^fltahliahmfat. Norwioh. 3809c STEAM STEAM STEAM £100,000 WORTH OF PROPERTY ANNUALLY DESTROYED BY NEGLECTING TO USE ALLEN'S STEAM' GAUGEST MAHTTFACTORT :— 2Q, DUKE.STREET, CARDIFF. Old Steam Gauges Tested, and Made Equal to New On the shortest notioe. WATCHES, CLOCKS, AND JEWELLERY MADE TO ORDER. ON THE PREMISES. o3216o npHE OLD SEED WAREHOUSE, JL. No. 6, CROCKHEBBTOWN. CARDIFF. WILLIAM THOMAS (Late J. 8. Matthewa), NURSERYMAN, FLORIST, AND SEEDSMAN. Fruit and Forest Trees, Shrubs, taj, t Pots and Orna- mental Ware. and all requisites terGaTden purposes. Wedding, Table, aid other BOUQTTWTS Cut to order at the ahoxtoM urtioe, and Contracts. THE^CORPOBASOFOF^ASD^ ar9 prepared to receive TENDERS for addi- tional HORSES. HARNESS, and MEN to drive the Scavenging Carts and Watering Vans, for a period of Six Morths. Spfcificatian and Conditions may be seen at the Borough Engineer and (Surveyor's Office. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Tender," to be delivered to me on or before MONDAY, the 24th March inst. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily ba accepted. (By Order) J. L. WHE ATLEY, Town.cterk. Town-hall, Cardiff, Hth March. 1879. 8913c DINAS POWIS HIGHWAY DISTRICT. NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN, that the Highway Board of the above District is prepared to receive TENDERS for the REPAIRS of the HIGHWAYS of the District. Forms of Tenders, and specifications of the Materials rnd Works to be tendered for, can be obtainodomapd after the 15th day of March instant, of the District Surveyor, Mr. J. Barstow, 31, Chve-road, Canton, or at the residences of the Guardians of the different Parishes. All Tenders must be delivered sealed, and addressed to Mr. John Morris, Clerk to the Highway Board. No. 20, High-street, Cardiff, on or before Saturday, the 19th day of March instant. By order of the Board, JOHN MORRIS. Clerk. Cardiff, 5th March, 1879. 3919c T 0 B U I L D E R S, &c:. TENDERS given to SUPPLY ROOFING SLATES, &c., of every description. Best Portmadoo Slates, good quality, 24 by 12, at 20s. 9d. per 100. delivered carriage paid to Newport Station, Mon. Best Old Vein Portmadoc Slates, flue and regular in thickness, very superior in quality, 24 by 12, at 23s. per 100, delivered carriage paid to Newport Station, Mon. Apply to BROADBENT and CO. Depots. Bangor, Portmadoc. Mold, and Runcorn. All communicationF to be addressed— 3863c Head Offioes, LEICESTER. CflntratinaL MONS. bIEVERDIN, PBOFESSBUa DE LANGUES DE MUSiJUE. ELY VILLA, THE PARADE. Mons. S. has lust Published—L Map of French Verbs. 2. Tableau des Verbs Irr^guliers. 8. Hints and Notes onFrenoh Verbs. Prioe M each. By Post. 7d. rB71Ø /2J.LYN CERRIG SCHOOL, MUM- Vjr BLES. SWANSEA.—The NEXT TERM will begin Jan. gist. Prospectus on application to the Bev. E. GBTFFITHS. ARNOLD PREPARATORY COL LEGE, WOODLAND8. SWANSEA. Princi al. Edgar WiUiaaB, MJL (Glas. ). £ .&. (Edin.), assisted by Resident and visiting Masters. Pupils area&nitted as Quarterly, Weekly, or Daily Boarders, or as Day Scholars, and are prepared for COMMERCIAL LIFBL MECHANICAL PURSUITS, or PROFESSIONAL and COLLEGE EXAMINATIONS. In addition to the usual subjects CORRESPONDENCE. BOOK-KEEP ING, SHORTHAND, FRENCH. DRAWING glechanical and Freehand), LAND SURVEYING, and USIC reoeive careful attention. The new buildings have been expressly erected for school purposes, on the sheltered side of Constitution-bill, which overlooks the Bay of Swansea. The Health and Comfort of the Pupils have been thoroughly oonsulted in tab construc- tion of the Schoolroom, Dormitories, Bath-room, Lavatories, IJo. REDGEWATER COLLEGE SCHOOL. LONSDALE HOUHE. BRIDGEWATER. Principal: Rev. WILLIAM PARKES. Classical, Mathematical, and Commercial. Thorough Training. Moderate Terms. Entrance at any part of the Quarter. r- R A M M A BSCHOOL, WOOD-ROAD, PONTYPRIDD. BIniRY W. HUGHES, MASTER, SUBJECTS Latin, Greek, German, French, English, Matheuaties Natural Philosophy, and Chemistry. SHORT HAND CLASS: Bev. J. WILLIAMS. Terms on Application. — Monttaxv. ENTLEMEN^Tra5esmin7T?amers|~and Others -JT can obtain Cash Advances in sums from ao to tl.COO at a day's notioe, without sureties; No fees charged. Prospectus gratis by application, either per- sonally or by letter, to S. Blaiberg, 2, Ikite-terraoe, Cardiff. N.B.—Intending applicants are reminded by applying to this office they are in treaty with a bona fid* lender, who advanoes more than any two in the principality. 27858kely I'LFIN NNN FINLAY DUN AS »JLOU,UUU. £ 100,000, and several smaller amounts, for investment on mortgage on landed property-Estate Offices, Portland-place, London, W. 3903d MONEy.-a to £ 500 advanced on easy terms, in .m_ town or eountry, on personal security or stook. in-trade, without removal, farmers or others.—Apply L. Fligelatone, 122. Cowbridge. road, Canton, Cardiff. 2841 O. FEES.—Oam Advaaosd from to <1.000 on borrewerr^own security.—J. McCarthy. 44. Oom- g^n^L&°rt- Mon- Prespectuses farmed 0NTM0RLAI8 LOAN OFFICE. MERTHYR.— Money immediately Advanoed, from £ 5 and up- wards, by Mr. W. B. COHEN, to Tradesman, House- holders, Farmers, and others, on their Stock-in-Trade, Furniture, &0.. without removal or inoonveaienoe in any way. Repayable by easy instalments. Distance no object. All applications punctually attended to none genvune refused. Intending borrowers will find this Office greatly to their advantage.—Apply per. sonally or by letter to 20 and 21, Pontmorlaifl, Merthyr Tydfll. 3710c ONBY TO LEND. — HENBY W. flCJEB can be seen daily between ten and four. Saturdays tea and one, at 19, London Bridge Station. Approach, London, directly opposite the booking- offioes at London Bridge Railway Station, fimii knt privately in Town or Country from jB20 to N500 on the borrowers note of hand alone, or on deeds, loaaee. life policies. Farm Stock. Implements, Crops, Furniture, without removal, trade stock, plant, fco. Interest M6 er Cent., repayments can be arranged to suit the bor- rowers oonvenienoe. No Life Insuranoe, no Law Costs, and no delay. Interest added to advance. The strictest privacy observed* and a written guarantee given, if required, that not the slightest publicity will be given to any transaction.—Apply personally or. by etter. THE Weet of England Loan and Discount Com 'Pany advanoe Loans, from £ 10 te £ 500, with- out householders, gentlemen, (aimers, builders andothers, upon notes of hud, leases,shares.hou8ehold furniture, and other securities; strict oonfidenoe, Repay- able bl easy instalments. Trade bills disoounted.— fPPly, by letter orpersonaDy, to S. Blaiberg, Manager, Bute-terraoe, Cardiff; or 44, Oommetjtal-street. Newport, Mon. No fees or law oosts 2511c Jltadjhttrg, {fools, &c., fat £ ak. flHEAP Woollen Machinery, Cards, Straps, Rubbers, KJ Emeries, Cleaners, Ac., new and seoond hand, all kinds. Maker of good Reset Cards. like new great saving; samples free. Sales on commission. Copy ad&ress.—Walter Kirk, Mill Furnisher, Ac., Hudders- field, Yorks. 3736c PHILLIPS.g MACHINERY REGISTEB.—Valuation jL of machinery and Bales by auction oonducted. PHILLIPS'S MACHINERY BEGISTEB should be -A. in the omoe of every works, and an important publication for ever proprietor of works. PHILLIPS'S MACHINERY BEGISTEB.—A few Ja. pages now to let to manufacturers of any class or machinery for advertising. PHILLIPS'S MACHINERY REGISTER, published JL first day of every month, and free by post for U stamps. or annual subscription of 10s. 6d., oontains over 400 entries of all descriptions of Steam Engines, Boilers. Mortar Mills, §?<* lathes. Machine Tools, and Miscellaneous Machinery. PHILLIPS'S MAOHDSTRRY RRtfTBTltR- — omoió forma of entry and full particulars on application, "PHILLIPS'S MACHINERY RBaTBTTtTt.— A. stored, and a large stock always on hand at tin Register Machinery, Newport* Mon.—All communication addreraed to the Sole Proprietor. GHABLBS D PHILLIPS Bmlvn Foundry, Newport. Mon. 166W REGIBTER.—The best JL Aflvwtising Medium U you want to Buy or Sell any claes of Machinery. PhilUps's Register; dbrculatdon about 80.000 annually, and sent all over the United Kingdom. TOHN M. LEWIS PROVISION MERCHANT, 16, CASTLE-ROAD (OPPOSITE PARADE) CARDIFF. MILD DRY HAMS ed. per lb. SMOKE DRIED HAMS 7d. per lb. BACON. per 1b CARMARTHEN FRESH BUTTER. Is. 2d. per lb. FBESH EGGS DAILY. I OPPOSITE PARADE, CASTLE-ROAD, CARDIFF. csasio DANIEL OWEN A OO/S A B 0 HALLWAY TIME TABLES, the only one published in Wales, price Id. 9s. par free by pMtt. Bt. Marv-etreet Cardiff* riTHE PRINCIPALITY. JL S £ 8T PJENNY 1f £ jk £ 2»Y PAPSS IN WALBS føblli ^ppouttnmtts. CARDIFF UNION INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS, ELY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Board of Guardians of the Cardiff Union will, at their Meeting to be held on the 6th of April next, proceed to Appoint a Single Man, or Widower without incumbranoe, to be INDUSTRIAL TRAINER at the above Schools. His duties will be to cultivate the garden, and to instruct the boys in practical gardening and field work, of which he must possess a complete knowledge, and to make himself generally useful about the premises under the direction of the Master. Salary, dE30 per annum, with Board, Lodging, and Washing. Candidates must send applications, stating age, con- dition, and previous employment, with raoent testi- monials, under cover, endorsed Industrial Trainer," to me, on or before the 31st of March inst. Bv Order. W. P. STEPHiNSON. Clerk. Dated 18th March. 18»9. 28387 fBtuI&ittg ^odetws, tec. FIVE PER CENT. INTEREST, And the SECURITY OF MORTGAGES OF REAL ESTATE, is given by the BRISTOL AND CLIFTON PER- MANENT BUILDING SOCIETY (Established 1864, Inoorporated 1874). Which, aooording to the "Parliamentary Returns, 1877," holds as guarantee a larger amount of profit and reserve ia proportion to shareholders' eipital THAN ANY OTHER SOCIETY OF TWICE ITS AGE IN THE KINGDOM (see Parliamen- tary Return and Pamphlet on "Bristol Building Societies"), LOANS without deduction (if the amount exoeeds £1(0), repayable in 5 to 21 years, at rates lower than in most other societies, and covering all charges. The Bonus Return to Borrowers has been regularly Is. 6d. in the pound of the interest charged. Last Annual Report and Balance Sheet on application. C. H. LOW. Chairman. G. W. LUCAS. Deputy-Chairman. T. SHERWOOD SMITH, Secretary. Offioes, No. 30, Clare-street, Bristol. Agent at CABDIFF. Williams and Williams, Church street. ABERGAVENNY, Mr. Hier Jacob, Solicitor. H70 WHY P A r BEN T P GLAMORGAN BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. CABDIFF. Established 1867. Ovrxexs—19, QUEEN-ST&EET. ew to £3.000. Money always ready to be advanced on security of Houses or L^and, repayable by easy instalments, which include interest and principal. The payment for an advance ot Æ80 is 5s. per fort- night; £ 90, 7s. M. .e160, 128. 6d.; £ 300,25s., to. The principal may be paid off at any time at SO days" FREIMDF A^CSAR**8 REOE^VE<* AT 5 per cent, interest. Every information with the Eleventh Annual Report, Prospectus, Ac., may be had at 19, Queen-street, on application to Mr. R. EMERY, Secretary. Insurant Cffntpatros, fcc. ^QCIDENTS OCCUlf DAJLYT ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS provided against by a Policy of the RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSU- BANCE COMPANY, the Oldest and Largest Accidental Assuranoe Company. The Bight Hon. LORD KIN. NAIBD, Chairman. Subscribed Capital, .el,oco.OOO. Annual Income, £214.000. A fixed sum in case of Death by Accident, and a Weekly Allowance in the event of In jury, may De secured at moderate Premiums. Bonus allowed to Insurers of Five Years' Standing. £1,350,000 have been Paid as Compensation.—Apply to the Clerks at the Railway Stations, the Local Agents, or 64, CoM. hill. London. WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary Agent for Cardiff-Mr. W. Willans, 11, Henry-street, Ðooks. M Bridgend-Mr. W. E. Bradshaw, G. W. Bail- 27185kt way Station. JpH(ENIX FIRE OFFIOE Lombard-street and Charing-cross. London. Jntab. kished 1782. Prompt and liberal Loss Settlementa. Insurances effected in all parts of the world. TOHN J. BROOMFIELD, Secretary. FURNISH THROUGHOUT. OETZMANN & Co., 67, 69, 71, 73, 77 & 79, HAMPSTEAD ROAD, LONDON. pUJUNTSH THROUGHOUT.—OETZMANN CO, r 67.69.7z, 73.77 and 70, Hampetead-noad. near Totten- aam-coort-rcMd Cabinet factory, Albion Work* Charle»> jpreet; .Bedding Factory^ Eagle-plac» London, N.W. -Srpeta, Furniture, Bedding, Drapery, Furnishing Iron- *3jgery, China. CHiua, Pictum, Bronsas, Clocks. mL, and •very OUMX requisite far completely furnishing a hous* throughout. Oetsmaan aad Co. are enabled to offer spe- cial advantages to country automen m delivery of goods by their own large Piterhnicon Vans, and fixing in posi- torn by competeat persona. If ds^red, an experieneed penen is seat to view the house note style of Architecture, H|Ktk IK., take measurements and hnMth OETZMANN & CO., HAMPSTBAD ROAD, LONDON. OBOIDE GOLD JEWELLERY. V/ (BESISTSSBD.) The only Perfect Substitute for 18-Carat Gold. Full Illustrated Price Lists aad Opinions of the Press Free per Post. WATCHES, equal to IS-carat. Horizontal move- mentj ewelled in four holes. Open face, 2ls., 25s.; Hunters. 30s. Keyless action, eight )ew«ls, 50s. Ladies" and Gentlemen s sizes, free and safe per post [registered), 6dL extra. A LBEBTS. In aD the latest find gold patterns for Ladies and Gonfclemea, 58.. 7s. ido. 10s. 6d.. post free. JQONG CHAINS. 7s. 6DH 10A. 6t1.. 12s. Gd., 15s. NECKLETS. &1.6<1.. 7s. 6d. 10j. 6d. LINKS. STUDS, SOLITAIRES, 2S. 6d.. ss., JLt 3s. 6d. per set. Every Article of Jewellery free and safe per post. Illustrated Prioe-List post free. P.O.O. payable at Exhibition.road, South Konaington. C. C; ROWE, 88, BBOMPTON-BOAD, LONDON. _S.W SSOJo MR. M. H. COCHRANE, F.O.a ANALYTICAL CHEMIST, LABORATORY, 4, PEARSON-PLACE, necKS, CABDIFF. Is prepared to Exeoute ANALYSES and EXAMINA TLONS of MINERALS, FOODS, fco., of all kinds. For Particulars and Terms apply as above. 081900 W H. H E A D D 0 N. W • PASTRY COOK ft CONFECTIONER, 21. UNION.STBEJBT. SWANSE Soups, Entrees. Jellies, Iocs, Creams, Savoury Pies, all kinds of Ornamental Cakes. Dinner and Evening Parties supplied. Weddina Breakfasts, Ball Suppers, fcc. TEA AND COFFEE ALWAYS READY. Wedding Cakes of all sizes. Wines. S3217C G. B BOO K S, WINDOW BLIND MANUFACTURER. 5, TEINITY-STREET, CARDIFF. EVEEY DESCRIPTION OF BLINDS MADE TO ORDER. Old Venetians Re-painted, Taped, and Lined. OLD WIRE BLINDS RE-WIRED AND J1B. POLISHED, EQUAL TO NEW. Orders per Post promptly attended to. 031670 TO the YOONG MEN of ENGLAND WHO SUFFEB FBOM NEBVOUd DEBILITY JUST PUBLISHED. b The Confessions and Experience of an Invalid de- signed as a Warning and a Caution to others, supply. ing at the same tune the means of self-oure, by one who has cure a himself, after undergoing the usual amount of Medical Imposition and Quackery. Single copies may be had (post free) by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the author. A/Dizos, Esq., Hounalow, near London. 37370 JpEOPLE'S HALL, PONTYPRIDD GENERAL FURNISHING WAREHOUSE. JOHN CROCKETT & CO., CLOCK, WATCH, AND CABINET MAKERS. AND IRON BEDSTEAD1 WSALLHOUSE, PONTYPRIDD. DINING AND DRAWING ROOM SUITES IN LEATHER. DAMASK, AC. £ B. d. A good Iron Bedstead. 8 14 0 A good Milpufl Bed and Bolster 0 14 0 A good Paillasse for ditto 0 10 0 A good Mahogany FRONT Chest of Drawers 3 5 0 A good useful Pembroke Table 12 0 A good Eigbtday Timepiece — 15 6 A good American Clock 0 16 0 Observe this particularly S* A patent lever Watch, warranted 4 4 6 Do. do. J. C. ft Co.'s best make 5 5 0 Good Geneva Watch 15 0 Do. do. strongly recommended 1 15 Gold and Silver Chains and Alberts equally low Furnishing Departments— Saucepans. Tea-kettles. Fenders, Fire-irons, Brushes, to. Undertaking Department Men's full-sized Coffin 1 7 Children's, lined with blue outside 0 7 6 PIANOFORTES ANA) HARMONIUMS. Ready rsmAey only. 03212e txtestt^kn MAIL If. MObT INfLU ENi'lPAPAL Eft Xtt WAMSa 4 IBttghtiss ).bbrtsSts. J. G. MARoSH 250, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF ntPORTEB OF AMERICAN PROVISIONS. CANADA BUTTERS :— 100 Pails Finest Townships. 350 Ditto Medium and Low. AMERICAN CHEESE j— 1,000 Boxes Late Mad s Mild. AMERICAN BACON AND HAMS: New Belfies. „ Bides. M Co Cat. II Hams. DERBY CHEESE :— 15 Tons, Various Qualities. JJ S T A B L I S H ED 18 12; H. AN 0 T. PROCTOR, AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTS, CATHAY. BRISTOL, Original Manufacturers of specially PREPARED BONE MANURES For Grass, Cora, Boot, and other Crops. ALSO BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. Full particulars, with price, post free on application. WORKS CATHAY, BRISTOL. 3753c J. gESSIONS AND SONS, KANUFACTURERS BY STEAM POWEB IMPORTERS AND FACTORS Of all kinds ot BUILDING MATERIALS, BUILDERS' MACHINERY AND AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, CANAL WHARF, EAST, CARDIFF, AND AT DOCKS, GLOUCESTER, THE TRADE LIBERALLY TREATED WITH. Dlnstaated Catalogues gratis OIl application. Fret Delivery toiany Railway Station by speoialarnngementi STAFFORDSHIRE BLUE BBICKa COPINGS, QUARRIES, RIDGES, ROOFING TILES, AND TERRA METALLIC FA VINas. SUITABLE FOR STABLES, FOOTPATHS, HOUSES, PIGGERIES, KENNELS, OOFRT-YARDS, &c., &c. FIVE GOLD AND SILVER MEDALS. FIRST-CLASS AWARDS. LONDON, PARIS. ft BRUSSELS EXHIBITIONS. FIRST-CLASS AWARD (SILVB* MEDAL) PARIS, 1878. JOSEPH HAMBLET, WEST BROMWICH. 278791 WHY PAY RENT WHEN YOU CAN HAVE A HOUSE OF YOUR OWN ? Write for particulars or apply to W F. GILLETT, ARCHITECT, NELSON-TERRACE, CABDIFF. 082 1_ T~ 1 AU. WORKING-STREET, CARDlfF, Q A. STONB, UNDERTAKER, Beam and Mourning Soaoh Proprietor, Ostrioh Flume and General Furnishing Establishment. CABS. BREAKS, ftc., ON HIBI, The Trade tuppUedwith Hearses, Ooaehea, and ever requisite for Funeral Furnishing. 011 ¡ I STABLISHED 1850. W. TRESEDER UNION-ROAD NURSERIES, CARDIFF. NOW READY, 10,000 BEDDING PLANTS OF ALL THE LEADING SORTS IN CULTIVATION, COMPRISING GERANIUMS, PETUNIAS, VEB BENAS. HELIOTROPES, CALCEOLARIAS, ftc. 1,000 II Mrø. Pollock" Geraniums for Sale, from 4a. to s. per Dozen. CUSTOMERS CAN HAVE 100 AiSSORTED BED DING PLANTS FOB 20s. NO CHARGE FOR PACKAGES. Wot well-rooted FOREST TREES, inoluding Sootci lMoh. Spruoe, Silver Beech. Oak, Ash. Elm. fto. Dwarf .Trained APPLEt PLUMS. *c. For well-grown PEACH, NECTARINE. APRICOTS CHERRY, PLUM, and PEAR TREES. For FRUIT TREES of ALL KINDS. For ALL NEEDFUL REQUISITES tor the GAB DEN apply to WILLIAM TREæDER UNION-BOAD NURSERIES CARDIFF, W. pERRYMAN, LAMP MAKER, TIN PLATE WORKER. AND 1A GLASS BENDER, 10 & 11, OLD KING-STREET, BRISTOL ———— 35320 GEORGE HUGHES, BOOKSELLER, NEWSAGENT. A STATIONER PONTYPRIDD. BESS" STATIONERY, PENS. AND INK. BEST RULED SLATES. Books of any price sent for free of charge. Adver. tisements received for insertion m any newspaper fre* of charge LONDON NEWSPAPERS ON SALE DAILY. All MUSIC obtained to order. 082110 TO PIOTURE FRAME MAKERS, DECORATORS, AND OT HERS.—Cheapest House in London for English and Frame and Room Mouldings, all the newest desyna thousands Of different pattens always in stook. Veneered and Fancy Wood Mouldings, Picture r rames of every description. Oleographs, Ac. Every requisite for the Trade and Exportation. Special attention to country orders. Fullpartfoalars in Book of Pattema and Catalogue, for which send three penny stamps to H. MOREL!, 18 Great St. Andrew-street, Bioomabury, London. 3558c i WESTERN MAIL. IHJb hik+Mli.v UAiLY PAPS& 18 WALSS STAR HOMINY1 PREPARED FROtt INDIAN CORN, Is perfectly pure and wholesome, and taing as easily cooked as Riee, alld more nutritious, IS BECOMING A GENERAL ARTICLE OF DIET. IN 4LB. BAGS, Is. EACH. DJMCTIOSS POX Rsx.-Hominy can be used pre- cis ly like Rice, but i eq>iiies ubre boiling. Ustdlika Oatmeal for Porridge it i* excellent, fltJd being equally nourishing and less hea vi; g than Oatmeal, it is morq ac ep table. HOMINY SHOULD BE EATEN WHILST WARM. WHOLESALE AGENTS,1 EVANS & COMPANY, 7, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. 8861V Itosifwss }..bbrtssts. jgOOTdT^ ~JJOOTSl7 IMPORTANT NOTICE. Great and Permanent Reduction in the QAm O Boots aad Shoes at G. QLIVERS, THE LARGEST RETAILER 0.. BOOTS AND SHOES in the Unifcd Kingdom. G. OLIVER begs to inform the Publio of the toUowt eg Towns and districts that, in consequence of his EXTENSIVE BUSINESS, He is enabled to purchase all articles oonneeted with his trade at the BEST MARKETS, at the LOWEST PRICES, FOR CASH, The benefit of which he gives to the Pnblio. All goods can be purchased at my Branches tally 20 per cent. Cheaper than at tmJ other House in the Trad*. BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS ■« SWANSEA 30, Castle-street. SWANSEA 93, Oxford-street. STVANSEA 237, High-street. CARDIFF 20, St. Mary-street. CARDIFF 291, Buto-etreet. OARDIiF 3, Doke-street. 2|;WPORT 42. High-street. wpSrij Oommeroial-atreet, NEATH Wind-street. 16, Caroline-streak. LLANELLY. V&uffhan-etreets PEMBROKE DOCK 7, Bush-street. PRIDD 80, Taff-street. TBtORKY Bute-street. Xf••• Near Railway Station. 15» N°rthgato-ftreet. STROUD 2, Kendriok-stroet, CHELTENHAM 340, High-street. WORCESTER 74, Hi»Wa»eI WORCESTER 49, Broad-streot. HEREFORD 80, Eigo-ttreet, BARROW Market-place. LOUGHBOROUGH Churoh-gato. WILLENHALL Market-place. OAKENGATES Market-street. WELLINGTON Market-square. WREXHAM 54a, Hope-street. CHESTER 2, Foregate-street. CHESTER fiastgate Bnildinga, MANUFACTORY: HALFORD-STEEBT, LEICESTER. 27692d THOMAS FORREST PHOTOGRAPHER. PICTURE FRAME MAIBB. AND PICTURE DEALBB, CAMBRIAN STUDIOf PONTYPRIDD CABTE-DE-VISITE aad all kinds of PHOTOOBAPBS in First-class Sty la. PORTRAITS PAINTED IN OIL. PICTURE FRAMES of every description MADE ON THB PREMISES, from one of the Largest and most Varied Stock of Mouldings in Wales. 0S2290 21 S. SUMMER OVERCOATS. 21 S JUBVEL OF CHEAPNESS. Send P.O.O. H. J. HILL, MAINDEE, NEWPORI. Size of chest (over veøt) aad height required. Money returned if not approved of. 38180 rpHE M IBSES -pEDLER'8 MILLINERY AND DRESS ESTABLISH. MENT, 2, WINDSOR.PLACE, CABDIFF. Mourning and Wedding Orders punotaaOy UteDded to Ladies own materials made up. 081890 I ~r EsrasusnB 1882. pALMER'S UNDERTAKING AND FUNERAL rUB- NISHING ESTABLISHMENT. 10 FREDERICK.STREET CARDIFF. J. Pn In returning thanks for past favours begs to assure the Publio that he ■*> endeavour to merit.. oontinuanoe of tIIeir Patronage by the most unremitting atten- tion and economy. Hearses. Mourning Coaohea, Ostiroh Phtmea, lie., on Hire. N A—Funerals conducted ia town k oouatr^. I TTRUTH MUST PRE AIL."—GOKXO* SBmV gILK A JlELT HATB A ^fAPl OF BVEBY DESCRIPTION.! -I 8. WEICHERT, MANUFACTURER, 89, BUTE-STREET I DVO S, HIGH.STREET. CABDIFF. (Eetabliøhed 1818.) OFFERS nothing extnuxdinary. bat. Coot Articles at fair and reasonable Frioea. He does not keep as immense ttook." but sufficiently large Cot any person to select from. He does not sea oiiiay than any other house in the trade but quite as ohaap as any 8. W. is in possession of AlBe-Alae's Pataat Oonlor> mateur, the only Instrument which t)tk« the exaot Sice, and thus seoures a Perfect Fit, A Visit wfll be all times be very much appreciated. W STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WÐRKS. I, NELSON.TERRACE, CARDIFF. J. S. HOBBS, PROPRIETOR. Damask, Moreen, and Rep Window Curtains, Silks, Shawls, and Dnesses of eveey deeenptaoa CLEANED, DYJCD. and SnialiAi* t a sunejior STYLE, Geatlemea'i ^lotnes olooned and r eturued ia hour% 3406* ~|q- A MITO » D '"a GLAMORGANSHIRE SAUSAGB8 ARE BY FAR THE BEST. HAKUrAOTOBT 228, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. PAPER H A NG IN G S. WHOLESALE DEALERS AND BUILDUPS Will do well to select from THE LARGEST STOCK IN SOUTH WALKS. Containing over Quarter Million Pieces, COMMENCING AT 2iD. PER PIECE. AT JAMES MOORE'S 7, BUTE.STREET CARDIFF. 18078e, TIFF'S RTARflHJ BTiyF-BSTftMCHlswar raatad F*S» nam.jam* irBmAHON. MeMtt. STIFF —— d CO., however, eaaaot STIFF'S STARCH, guaranty any 8tarch to U be their manulaeture un- Jess tie Box o* Packet STIFF'S STARCH o Dr.ABTRUn HILL IUS. i -SALL has Analysed our C1TTWS HTABOE "^Ported it to WiLlfiO STAAIH^ be a "pure, genuine, and well-manufactured irtkila „ and equal in erary rasMofe STIFFS STARCH, to »he Best Stifleuinj Starch he ever examined/* The aoouraoy of thiq high teetimODÍIÙ Ï8 00DIrmed Q STIFFS STAROH the steadily inoreuiDg cJe. mand for our 1DIoIl1lb.otaM OTITFS STAB0H.U I BRISTOL. °»o Shilling. Po8t fifteen gWmnfi" p°OKET TIMB ■iiBa^^Sch iPateated)' SiM &nd shapa of aa d^So^Ttii^GilKe<in^' do^e. "rSI J? "tjd^ct ^S^S^SZSS: gSido^ wf Com^' 17. North-row, ParkOane, (30AL COAL I I CO AL I I T. B. STEVENS A CO. COAL AND COKE MERCHANTS. 38, GEOBGEHTREET. SWANSEA, (Opposite side of Hootch Church), Best Larpre House Coal, 13s. 6d. per ton. deliveae „ Thro' ditto, 12s. 6d. per too, delivered. uraers seoeived at the above address, and aa Neath. r-* ad Hafod 881,. rpOWLE'S PENNYROYAL k STSBL -JL PILL8 HOB FEMALES quickly «MMS* al fmguianties and relieve the distressing Tpniiliisas M jwwvalent with the eex. Boxea Is. Hd. and k. M.of all ChemiaU. Sent anywhere upon rsoeint of slssagS b the Maker K. T. TOWI.k Ohanriat. KjlUuafcasalWWfc* WESTF5RN M^IU 1'1' Xiili Cv..l,^ Hi CiJZt 2AZL2.WALBS