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THE WEEK'S MARKETS. no CUKA. CABDIZF, Saturday.—(From Meaara. D. Longher and Son's Report.)—-There were fair imporsa of wheat, Roar, omd maize at to-day's market, with our usual attendance. There waa a good healthy business done in wheat at prices against buyers. Flour was firmly held. Barley, beans, peas, maize, and oats met only a retail sale at barely late ratef. The following are the present prioea of British and foreign grain: — Uantzio white (4061bs), 47s to 49s; American white, 458 Od to 46s 6d; ditto fine red, 458 to 458 6d; secondary, 40s to 428 Od; Ghirka, Odessa, and Nioopol, 40s to 41s; Saxonoa and Petersburg, 40s Od to 41e 6d'; English, old red and white, 40s to 44ø.; new, 40s to 44s Od. Barley: Fine malting, 96s to 408 Od; French ditto, 358 to 36s; Irish do, 34s to 35s; Odessa, grinding, 218 Od to 20s Cd American ditto, 20s Od to 20s 6d. Oats Swedish and Dutch (per 320 lbs), 24s Od to 246 6d; Limerick white, 18s to 19s Od; Dublin light, 178 6d to 18s Od; Cork, Waterford, and P. E. Island, 17s Od to 18s Od. Maize (small French), 24s 6d to 25s Od; flat, 24s to 24s 6d. Barrel floor, 21s Od to 22s Od. COWBRIDGE, Tuesday.—The supply of corn was very good, and there were some very prime samplu on offer. In wheat there waa a little 11:a. provement in prices, from 5s to 5s 4d per busheL Batley There was a good supply, and sellers were obliged to accept a reduction, prices being from to 4s 6d. Oata as quoted laat week, from 2s 4d to 2s 8d. NEWPORT, Wednesday.—The following may be taken as to-day's quotations, and, if anything, wheat stiffer: — Foreign: Wheat (prime Ghirkas), 428 Od to 438 Od per quarter; Ameri. can (spring), 39s Od to 42s; winter do., Os Od to Os Od; white ditto, —s to — s; white Canadian ditto, Os to Os. English. wheat (red), 39s to 40s white ditto, 40a to 42a. Flour: Plain tie, per sack, 31s to 32s Od; leather tie, 33B Od to 34.8 Od; extras, 35a to 36s Od. Barley; Malting. 38s to 44s per qr. grinding, 20a Od to 21s Id. Maize (American), 24s to —a Od: Galatz and round. 26s Od to —a Od. Oats White (new), 21s Od to 24s Od; black ditto, 178 6i te 20s. Beans: Egyptian and French, 878 to BRISTOL, Thursday. — (From Messrs. D. Loogher and Son's circular.) — At to-day's market there waB a firmer trade in wheat; far. mers' sorts were fully as dear al this day week, and foreign descriptions were held for Is per qr. advance, which oheoked sales. The barley trade unchanged. Beans, peas, maize, and oats not quotably lower. Present prioea of British and foreign grain: Wheat: Dantzio white, 496lbs. 47a to 49s; American white, 45s to 46s 6d; ditto fine red, 44a to 45s Od; secondary, 40s to 42s; French white, Os to Os ditto red, Os to Os Ghirka, Odessa, and Nioopol, 40s Od to 418 Od; Saxonoa and Petersburg, 40s Od; to 41s 6d. English, old red and white. 40s to 42s; ditto, new ditto, 40s to 42s. Barley: Fine malting, 36s to 40s; French ditto. 358 to 36s; Iriah ditto, 34s to 35s; Odessa grinding, 20s Od to 20s 6d; American do., 20s Od to 21s Od. Oats: Swedish and Dutch, per 320 lbs., Od to 24s; Limeriok white, 18s to 19s Od Dublin light. 17s 6d to 188 Od; Cork. Waterford, and P. E. Island, 17s to 18a Od. Maize: Small French, 24a 6d to 25a Od flat, 23a 6d to 24a. Barrel flour, 21a to 22a Od. BIRMINGHAM, Thursday.—English wheat held for an advance at this day's market, whioh was unwillingly paid; foreign wheat a very, slow sale at Is per qr. advance on last week's prioea. Maize 6d per qr. lower on the week; no change in any other department, but the tendenoy lower. CA1TLE. MONMOUTH, Monday.—The fortnightly stock market was held to. day. The supply of stock was Dot numerous, but good. The pig trade showed an advance of former prices. Cattle: Fat beasts realised from J617 to .£28 each, or at the rate of 7id to Sid per lb: fat calvea from.£3 to J85 each, or at the rate of 8id to 9id per Ib. tbree.year.old store bullooka, J315 to J618 each two-year-old ditto, JGH to J613 cows with oalvas, .£15 to JE20 per pair; barreners, .£10 to JC17 each in calf, .811 to .£15; yearlinga..66 to .£7. Sheep Fat wethers from 57s to 61s eaoh, or at the rate of Sid per lb. yearling ditto, 37s to 48s each; yearling croes-breds, 468 to 48s South. down wethers, 408 to 46B English couples, ewes and lambs, 45s and upwards; ewes in yean, 368 6d to 43s store Eadnors, 25s to 30s. Pigs: Nice weight porkers, 9s 6d to 10s per soore; baconers, nice weights, 9s to lOa; strong Btores sold well, and varied as to size and age from 56s to 75a Mch quarter-old pigs, 20s to 24s; two months' old, 15s to 18s. (JOWBBIDGB, Tuesday.—There were no fat stock n offer. Some cows and calves realised from .£17 to £20 the pair. A moderate supply of fat sheep from Sid to lOd per lb. Fat pigs and porkers from Va to 9s 6d per score. LLANCAIACH ANNUAL FAIE.—The annual Nel- eon March fair was held on Tuesday, and was very largely attended by dealers and graziers. A large number of very fine animals, chiefly steera, were brought in early for sale by the local far- mers. Prices were rather high, considering that there were^such a large number of animals, many of them having been at the Tnysybwl fair on the previous day. The prices were :—Steers, two. year.old, .£12, .£16, and JUS; three-vear.old ditto, .£15, .£18, and.£22; four-year-old ditto, JB18 to .£25; cows with calf and milchers, .£12, .£14, and .£18; barrenersi..£10 to .£14. Pigs were ecarce. Store pips sold at about 10s 6d to lis per score Bucking pigs at from 158 to 18a each. A large number of cattle remained unsold. NEWPORT, Wednesday.—There was an uu. usually large supply of cattle at to-day's market, but very little business doing, many of the beasts leaving without changing hands. The supply in other departments, although small, seemed to be quite equal to the demand. The following may be taken as the average prices realised :—Best beef, 7!d to 8d per lb. second quality, 8!d to 7id. Mutton (ewes). 8d per lb. wether ditto, 9d to lOd. Pigs (bacon), 9s to 9s 3d per soore; porkers, 10s. BRISTOL, Thursday.—We had a large supply of beef on our market to-day, but trade waa quiet, and prices were rather easier. Best sorts fetched 68s, and middling from 56s to 60s per owt. There was a moderate show of mutton, which was in demand at 9id per lb. for best wethers, and 8d to 6jd for ewes. Miloh cows were in rather short supply, and trade was quiet. We had but a small supply of store cattle, and trade was very slow, though all were eventually sold at about late rates. There were about 600 pigs on offer, baconers making from 10s 3d to 10s 6d per score, and pcrkers, 10s to 10s 6<1. MEAT. LONDON, Thursday. — The rapplieB were rather large to-day, and trade continues without improvement, inferior qualities being very dull of gale. The following are the ruling quota. tions: — Beef, 28 6d to 4s 6d per 8 lbø. J prime Scotch ditto, 4s 6d to 4a Bel; mutt:m, Ss Od to 5s 6d; veal. 5s 2d to 5s 8d. Large pork, 8e Od to 3e lOd; small ditto, 4s Od to 4e 4d. PRODUCT. LONDON, Thursday.—Sugar market continues very quiet, and without change in prioea No pnblic sales to-day. Coffee sales, ohieny planta- tion Ceylon, passed off at full values. Tea: A very dulleale for China to-day, owing to the larce quantitv announced for sale next Tuesday Con- gous sold at 7id to Sid; Moyune Gunpowder, 10d to 2s 6id; ditto in varnished cases at 2a 21d to 3s Sid; Young Hyson, 6d to Is 7d; Hyson, to 2s lid; ditto in varnished cases, Is 6d to Is 6id; Indian also weak, one description, via sailing vessel, bringing 4d per lb. less than similar tea purchased at the same rate in Cal- cutta, and forwarded per steamer via Caual. Kice quiet and unaltered. Cotton market quiet. Jute remains flat. Tallow (new), about 35s 9d spot. PROVISIONS. CARDIFF, Saturday.—(From Johnston, Miles, and Co.'s Beport.)—Fresh beef: Owing to the heavy reoeipts the market has been easier in price. Extra India mess beef: Little doing. Pork without change in valuo, and the small stocks are firmly held. Bacon For light fancy meat there is an extra demand, and holders have been able to sell as fast as goods are landed. Hams without change; light weights soarce. Butter There has been more offering this weelc, and a ivery much larger trade doing. Cbease The demand rather alow; finest Is lower on the MONMOUTH, Satnrday.—The market was not an average one to-day, and the following the ruling quotations Dressed poultry "owls from 5s to 7s 6d per couple; heavy fowlSi 9d per lb.; small ditto, lOd to lid. J refjh butter, IB 4d to Is 5d per lb. Eggs, 14 for 18. Lard, 8d per lb. Live poultry: Fowls f?om 4s Od to 6s Od per couple. Fruit: Cooking applea, 8d to 9d per gallon; oranges, 8d to la per dozen. Vegetables: Sekale, 6d PER dIsh; Brussels sprouts, 8d to lOd per gallon; turnips, 4d per gallon; rhubarb, 2d to 3d per bandit onions, 3d per lb. Planting seeds: Peas, Is to Is 6d per quart; beana. (Windsors), od per quart; long pods, 6d per quart: onion, 6d to 8d per oz.; carrot, 4d to 6d per oz.; parsnip, 4d per oz.; parsley, 6d to 8d per oz.; kttnoe, Is per oz.; radish, 3d per oz.; mustard and cross, 2d to 3d peroz. Meat: Beef, mutton, and voal, prime joints, sold at from lOd er lb.; IJor!r:.7d to 8d. BETTER. CARMARTHEN, Saturday.—Our market lo-day Rae well attended with a fair supply of butter. The following are tho quotations Old butter, IOtd to ll £ d per lb.; new ditto, Is to Is Qid. Cheese a slow saie at last market prioea. O<-< £ -*» ThurEaay. — Ordinary .1fUlilW, —s 132E thirds. 84s fourths, —a fiifcha, 43S • girths, — a. Mild oared: -«j firsts, ]32e; 93i. fifckiag ia 2G3. HAY. LOSDON. T1-ixreday. — large supplwa on cfTtr to day, and trade slow at the follow- ing intral — Prime hay, 7'a to 87s; in- ferior ditto, 40m to 70s; prime clover, 95^ to ICSs irforicr ditts, 80s to ztM-iv, 30g to 881J lexical. HOPS, ?' WOBCMTBB, SaturdAy.-{From Pferaft bottom/ and FMMn** Report.)—Ouf market s unaltered, but there is more inquiry for ohoMW hope for pale ale brewing, and when offered tor aale an quickly taken at fall rataa. a IDE AND SKIN. BRISTOL, Saturday.—S^nish bides, 931bs. M» upwards, 3id to per To; 83 lba to 92 lbs 3idto Odperlb; 73ibeto821be, 2Jd to Odperlb-; 631bfltfl 72 lbs., 2Jdto0d; 541bs to 621bs.,2id to Odptf lb.: 53 lbs. and under, 2id per lb.; oowa, 631M» and above, 2id to Od per lb.; light, 2id p«r lb.J J bulls, 2jd per lb.; heavy cuts, Od per lb.; Bgh* i and irregular, 2d per lb. Calf Bkins: 17 Ihfc and upwards, 5d per Ib; 12 lbs. to 16 lbs., 5t& ( per lb. 9lbs. to 11 lbs., 5&d per lb.; undef dibs., 3|d per lb.; cut and irregular, 8idperlb- £ chance, Od per lb. Horse hides, 7s Od to 10s 9d; If* kips, 3d per lb. 2nd ditto, 2d per lb. Fat r-* Mutton, 3 £ d; beef, 3d; rougn, ljd. Wool A, 4a 9d B, 3i 9d.; X, 6s. 0dt IX, Ta forward prioe to Thursday:—Wools, A, 4a 9a B. 8s9d.; X, 6s0dj XX, 7s 2d. Vai, 1^4 8d,to3id. HBTAIfi. Loxooy, Thvnday. — Copp« firm: Good, ordinary Chili quoted at £ 56 spot; £ 56 15afoC* f forward delivery, with a good Dusinew doing fj nothing reported in Australian; Eagliah dearer/ 1 Tin again higher Fine foreign done at £ 64 15* to .£65. closing boyers at beat; English ingots* N1 to £ 68. LQPDU- ordin-Y, 4" Laad»'f English, £14 15a; soft Spanish about the .1 ] prioe. Sootob pif iron, 44s 4|d to 44a 5d eash, « Bi&MTN«HAit, ThureOay. — Tha Baatiof of t the Boath Staffordshire iron trade waa well at. f tended to-day, and the firmness that chaMotenae* the market last week continuing, this had tendency to check business, and few tbmsnmsaotdiout of importance took place. There baa bean aas advance in Middleaborough iron, and a propM»' tionate rite has been made by Staffordshire makers. There in also more firmnaaa in pigs, butr there ia no quotable alteration in prioea. GLASGOW, Thursday. — After official hoatw e in the forenoon business in pig iron was c1oøe' 1 at 44a 3id cash, and at 44e 6d one monfc. Market < very quiet in the afternoon sellers. 449 i. 4tel;. • buyers near. NEWCASTLE TEADE REPORT. NEWCABTUS, Thuraday.-There has been better feeling in trade circles during the pad,, week, due probably, m some measure to the finet weather and the activity in out-door worka, bat beavy fall of snow to-day will have a depresaiaf effect upon out-door occupations. Ison has beea firmer, but manufactured iron ia not much in de>^ mand, which shows that in shipbuilding an engineering works not much is doing; indeed# some works which have been kept busy with marine engines, are now very slack, and thi? amount of shipping lying up in the Tyne ia not' likely to atimulate ship building. No less than eight vessels, belonging to one firm, are &id up for want of profitable employment, and they are the finest description of vessels. In the chemical trade prices are improving. Makera are slow is accepting long contracts at preaent rates. The, Esparto gnusa Btocks at the Tyne docks have never been lower, and, where 30,000 tons were' stocked, there are not 300 tons at present. House* hold coals have fallen 1a per ton, and are iowef than they have been for fifteen years. SteaoL1 coals are very quiet.

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