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GOSSIP IN THE "WORLD." The evening before the departure for Ireland, the Empress of Austria honoured the Indus- triellen Ball"—the entertainment par aeceHenceof the big fina-noiere-with her presence. The wives of three of the richest Jew bankers in Vienna were patronesses of the ball. These were the Frau Wiener von Welton, the Baronin Kcenigs- warter, and the Baronin Rothschild, who, by-the- bye. wore .S160.000 worth of diamonds on that occasion. These three ladies were presented f r the first time to 'their empress; and it waa amusing to see how the Frau von Welten gesti- culated with unnecessary animation, and how the baronin Koeaigswarter aatdownaa soon aa presented, from sheer nervonsnees. She, however, rccollected herself, and jumped up again at once. Only the Baronin Rothschild exhibited self- poteession aud grace whilst conversing with the empiepa, The net profits divided by the eight partners in 13a,s and Co.'a brewery last year amounted to .£420,000. Colonel Reilly, who has just gone out to South Africa in oommaBd of the artillery, has been en- oouraged hy Bromhead's success, to sat at defiance the Queen'a regulations, which prescribe that appointments on tbe staff are to be limited to (ffioers who have passed through too Staff College.. When Reilly went down to the Horse Guards, on his appointment, he was oalled upon to choose his brigade-major, and a list was put into his hand of officers eligible for the appoint- ment. He coolly answered, after reading it, I will not have any one of them. and I mean to take Poole, one of our own adjutants, whom I can depend upon in oaee of emergenoy." The authoritiea UJgAd that, whatever might be the merite of Captain Poole, he had not qualified himself by examination at the Staff College in tactios and language. But Colonel Reilly was firm, and delared that, unless they could find him a qualified offioer who oould speak ZaIu, it was quite useless to talk about languages being any qualification. And as to tactics, he said, The Zulus do not play at Krieg-spiel, and warfare in the bush is not conducted on the Prll!!eiau-. system. I will have a brigade-major whose plook" and presence of mind are known to me." He eventually oarried his point, and Captain Poole has gone with him in spite of the regulations. The salvation of Borke's Drift by a lieutenant who had been plucked by the Board of Examiners threatens to make a revolution in the system of Dilitary appointments. Theodore Barrilre'a Fauæ Bono Hommes, per- haps the best comedy of this oentury, hae jaat been revived with considerable suocess at the Paris Vaudeville. When it was first produced, Alexandre Dumas fils was still at the bottom of the ladder, and he did not want to see anyone else climb it before him. So it was reported, that on the first night he had left the orohestra-stalls in the middle of the third act, saying aloud, I was quite willing to wait on the corpse up to the church but I oannot afford to go to the banal ground." The alleged mot went round the papers, when Dumas fils wrote to B*rri6re as follows :— "My dear BarrSere,—You have seen probably what I am reported to have said on the first night of your comedy. If it is untrue, I deny the re- port. If it is true, I am ashamed of it.—Youra truly, A.D." What haa become of the pale horse" on whioh Mr. Lowe was wont to disport himself P la it dead of old age, or cid its pernicious habit of sbying at last grow too much for the veteran statesman? Whatever may have happened to it it is disestablished and Mr. Lowe was seen in the Row mounted on a brown ponv, so small that his feet nearly touched the ground. The few days at Sandown Park last week were emphatically good for what may be oalled the "lardy dardy" members of the olub. The weather was delightful, allowing tha Hon. Jim and the Hon. Jemima to wander at their will through the paddock, and lunch unabashed in the marquee. The Hon. Jim did not lay aside his ABtraohan lined coat it is true, but the Hon. Jemima showed as mach black ailk stocking as was compatible with virtue, and waa very. nice. On the business aide of the stand, thinga wore a different aspeot, and the face of a gallant captain was a troubled one when Advanoe belied his name in the Saudowu Grand Prize. Bat the captain had recovered himself on the following Friday, when, seated by the aide of a blonde beauty, who reminded the elder generation of a line which aays mater pulchra jIlia pulchmor, he took the goodB the gods provided him, and lovely Thais made amends, I hope, for Advanoe.