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jgtrnmmmmm — W7 'ili# W7 To be "returned" t. means fa i lu re } ¡ to please the purchaser. Quaker Oats is never returned by a purchaser. I That is because Quaker Oats has no hulls or | black specks, and is always fresh, clean, sweet t and wholesome. It is sold in packets only. And so many million*, of families use Quaker Oats daily that a packet has no chance of staying (({f jib on a dealer's shelves long enough to get old or musty." And forty platefuls of this pure, delicious food cost only sixpence. 222 L IIIÍro. L ¥ The Physician s Cure for Gout, Rheumatic Gout and? Gravel. The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Safest- amid t Stomach, Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, Efiecti-m-Aperient Sour- Eructations, Bilious Affections. for I jam I IMMESik f-v-1-AG%NES.1,A' ^RANKIN'S OINTMENT is the Best, ^JSSgk This is now by all confessed. tf^lig Kills all VERMIN in the Hair, • miPWjk Has no equal anywhere. MaL fl| FRIEND it is of Every Mother, Get it and you'll use no other. MtnirfacUbwi: Sold by all Chemist. RANKIN & Co., rtfty £ z?thm\ KILMARNOCK. N-B- Ebbmmwbmwwbwbwbmbmmmbwbwwmwbmwmmmmw; ¡c:. 40 iOwbridgel h| v Lung Tonic 3@p fjgg The most. up-to-date, best known and ■HMO most successful Remedy in the for COUGHS & COLDS 3S? gBvS^jL Invaluable to Speakers, Singers and ail who ^NkSS*' £ BZ%fm. suffer rom Throat Weakness. AfexT WQ, CAPTION^—Ask for ^wbrkig-e" and take IfaBSKft This is me Best, Cheapest-and Safest way to-recovery. W. T. OWBRIDGE, Ltd., Manuf8,ctarer8, The Laboratory. MULL. f ^P^ntrfactoreni. The Luborwitary, and iis. f Ó SEND AT ONCE. t MRS STAFFORD BROOKES, the eminent Lady Specialist, las much pleasure in announcing that her rempdy for. e^estorlng HEALTH WITHOUT medicine > is the orly certain and speedy one known. • I GUARANTEE EVEEA CASH.. fcnd lit nn» stjuiined addressed envelope for full Particulars w<i testimonials genuine under a pena.ty of U^00)to MRS STAFFORD BROOKES, (2LJfI>ept.J CATPORD, LONDON. 19358 *-—i ,.„j————— — "WJai £ re^ The British Weekly," writes ;-1 ^ATERSON'S CLENSEL '• i » IS THE BEST Washing AND cleansing PREPARATION KNOWN TO ME.* NO SOAP. NO LABOTTR. IN BOTTLES, OF ALL GROCERS. ^bofeaftle—D. JONES & Co., Redcross-st.. Liverpool A TAILOR-MADE -tin COSTUME SKIRT ™ l NO FURTHER PAYMENTS REQUIRED. These Skirts a)-e made to your own /T*t» measurements, and sent direet IlA*TO. jrom the Bradford Mills. They are a seven-gored Tailor-made Skirt, £ FBle^Mk guaranteed to give entire satisfac- r tion, and cannot bebeaten for Out- k; I door Wear. Colours—Black, Navy, $/ T,"EW £ &. Brown, and Gr«y. State F'llnttT. colour required, length in /} S^\ front, ana waist measure- ff. meat. When you receive ^0 tj,e Skirt we shall expect you to show it to your friends, and you will be re- luired to do a little work on our behalf. Order to- ny as our stock of cloth is rapidly decreasing, and 8»i*'advertisement may not be repeated. Bargain hmt /• t —Shackleton and Co., 9, Bond-street, plford. 249 I Hors SAUCE „.+Wnfi to the World £ S: SfS-JSSS&'V— v stimulating. is nothing that will Hi I nolish it so quickly, and ■V 4 I keep the shine bright TI J and smart lor so- long. m iw. In FidSteand larger tins. Liquid^ M IA" ei"ii- «"d larger cans' ^fDm Stores everywhere. T 1 BAlMES Co, LTD., E. D7 Bow. LoadoD.E. c;p f,

Forged £ 900 Cheque.


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