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SOUTH WALES POLICE COURTS, CARDIFF. Given, Not Stoien.-At Cardiff (before Messrs David Duncan, Philip Turnbull and F. J. VeaJJ) Martha, Venn (28) was charged with stealing 12s 6d and a handkerchief, the property of Denis Lyons, at a house in Halket-street on Saturday night. Prosecutor, a man of the working class, said he met prisoner in town, and accompanied her to the house in Halket-street. After they had been there some time the prisoner took the money, and as she. refused to return it he gave information to the police. The prisoner asserted that Lyons gave her the money, and the Bench, remarking that there was no evi- dence to prove the contrary, gave her the benefit of the doubt and discharged her. Pilfering on Tramcars.—The theft of a box from a tramcar was the subject of a case in which Herbert Fryer (28) was charged with the theft. Mr F. W. Ensor (from the town clerk's office) appeared for the prosecution, and the evidence of a txaznear conductor named Charles Paull was that the box, which contained a bottle of whisky, some oranges, onions, and apples was brought on to the-car by a pas- senger, and that prisoner, when he left the car, was seen to take the box. He was fol- lowed, and when told that he wovld be given m custody said, Good God,, don't do that." Prisoner pleaded guilty, and attributed his act to drink. Mr Ensor said there were a good many instances of petty pilfering from. the tramcars, but as the police gave prisoner a good character he was bound over in E5 to be^ of good behaviour for six months. IL'i f*aia tot rhe Sheep.—"fchamas DuHyT. a. Barry Island man, was summoned at¡), the local police court on Monday for not keeping his dog under control Albert Dcmseombe said the animal was found by him worrying the sheep grazing in the cricket field. The dog was captured. Defendant-now said, I have paid for the sheep and killed two good dogs over it." Under the circumstances the Bench merely made an order for the payment* of costs. NEWPORT. Had Befriended Him.—A youth of 18, Wm. Jones, alias Augustus Leike, was charged at Newport on Monday with break- ing into a dwelling-house in James-street and with stealing a gold ring, 6s 6d in money, silver scarf-pin from a^kpelnng-housein James- street. It appeared from the evidence of P.C. Durman that at 5.50 on Wednesday night he was in Aiexandra-road.when he was called to a. house in James-street. Witness took a candle, and on making a search found the prisoner under the bed. When asked what he was-doing there prisoner said. he wept to shelter from the rain. Mrs Mendez, of James-street, said she had befriended prisoner, who was a ship's mess steward, until he could get a ship. She had missed some articles. A mess steward, John Charles Ball (16), said he did not know the prisoner, but as prisoner was out of work wit- ness had taken him to his lodgings. He after- wards found that 6s 6d, a gold ring, and silver scarf-pin were missing. The Bench sentenced prisoner to three months* hard labour. Denial and Dismissal.—AX Newport on Saturday John Chflcott, V, young farm j labourer, was charged on a warrant with stealing a double-barrelled gun, the property of his master, Mr John Henry Lawrence, of the Home Farm, Christehurch. Mr Alfred Searie prosecuted. It appeared that the defendant asked for permission to go away for Xmas and had an advance of £1 made to him. As the gun was missed after he left, his master took out a warrant. Prisoner was arrested at Bridgwater, but the gun had not been found. The prisoner denied that he had stolen it. The case was dismissed. Alleged Perjury—John Griffin (40), a drover, of Risea, and his wife, Mary Griffin, were summoned at Newport on Saturday for neglecting their 10 children. The case had been twice adjourned. Inspector Sparks, of the N.S.C.C., said that they were getting on very well indeed. The Bench bound them over, but the man immediately applied for a summons against the inspector for perjury. This was not, however, entertained. BLAINA. jai Worth of Stolen Boots-Alfred Holmes, Albert Rowlands, Evan Wil- liams, labourers, Abertillery, were charged with stealing a quantity of boots, valued .Ell, the property of Adolphus Shane, Blaina, be- tween November 14th and 20th. Ann Hughes (63) and Thomas Hughes, Abertillery, were charged with receiving the goods. Mr Shane- gave evidence as to missing, 57 pairs of boots, which he valued at Ell. A number of witnesses were called, who said they had purchased boots from the defendants for various sums, and Holmes and Williams were committed for a month, as was also Rowlands, who had been further-convicted of stealing 25s, the property of John Leach, on November 9th, whilst Thomas Hughes was sent to prison for a fort-- night, and Mrs Hughes was discharged. ABERTTLLERY. MisceHantous Theft.—At a special Police Court at AbertiHery on Monday six men of the tramping class were sentenced to three months each with hard labour for stealing a quantity of tobacco, cigarettes, tins of salmon, boxes of scented soap, ladies' handkerchiefs, etc., the property of the Cwm- tillery Co-operative Society, on the night of Saturday, January 8th. PONTYPRIDD. Jubilant before Suicide.-Fred Cosiett, Bridge-street, Pontypridd, a fruiterer's sales- man, was found in a loft on Monday momingwitb a terrible gash in his throat, from which he died half an hour later. He appeared in a jubilant mood while at the stables attend- ing to the horses an hour before the tragedy. A large table-knife lay by his side. Dr. Evans attended Cosiett, but it was a hopeless case from the commencement. There is every indi- cation that the wound was self-inflicted, but no reason has yet been assigned for the act. LLANWRTYD WELLS. Not a Bona Fide.-At Llanwrtyd Wells Police Court, Geeorge Banks was fined 10s, inclusive, for-falsely representing himself to be a bona fide traveller at the Cammorch Hotel, Llan- gammarch Wells, on the 2nd inst. Salmon Case Dismissed.-The case against George Marshall Thomas Lewis, Lreflis, for unlawfully taking an unclean salmon from the river Cammerch, in the parish of Treflis, was dismissed. Mr Reginald J. Owen (solicitor, Builth Wells), who appeared for the Wye Board of Conservators, gave notice of appeal.

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