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2\.gfttrits, JFntbflUrs. &t. AGENTS wanted to sell Oliver's Widows' Penslo- 21 Tea; So safe and permanent income.—Write par1i1 vnlars Oliver Oliver & Co.. 290, Sonthgate-road, London ø 'Jtd.-1iusítttIS JrtUÚSt5, &t. ■ ilAKMb. JUslaVes, Country Houses; rentals from 58 an J. acre. prices from jS7 acre. Country Houses In all counties. Batter's Monthly Relrtster contains <0 pages of particulars; post free 2 stamps.—Messrs Ratter, 10, Norfolk-street, Strand. London. Several cheap Farms and Country Properties In Wales and Border Counties. mo Let, immediate possession, convenient Offices on JL second floor, 97, St. Mary-street, Cardiff; moderate Teat.—Apply South Wales Daily News Office, Cardiff. 5n MnsitaL TpTANnTrflTtTTO —A Lady wishes to HflTl lovely 56. JL guinea Upright Iron Grand Drawing-roam Piano. full trichord. on massive brass sounding plate; 1Uted grand repeater check action, handsome marqueterie panel, with carved pillars; nearly new maker's 20 years' warranty, transferable; take 15 guineas; ap. proval willingly.-G., 231, Burdett-road, London^Eavggl ^rruUrrT & IS trite* /VT.n English Game for Sale all colours bred especi- Vf ally for pit fighting; stamp for reply.—Thomas Jeagne, Marions. Berry Hill, Coleford. Gloucestershire. Bxmwsttc Ikxlidts. NOW we shan't be long getting our family washing done, because we use one of Spencer's Wringing and Mangling Machines.—Spencer's Baby Carriage "Warehouse, St-John's-square, Cardiff. Send post-card "orpricelist. 556—898n NE of the-Wonders of the Age is Spencer's New High Arm Sewing Machine with walnut cover and lullset of appliances for £2 188 6d cash. Money returned U not approved. Best value in sewing machines.— Spencer's Domestic Machine Depot, St. John's-square, Cardiff. Send post-card for price list. 5757—709n .$adJimrp, ötøøls, &c. FOR Sale, a 25 h.p. high-speed Otto Gas Engine, with Jf special heavy 8 ton fly wheel, suitable for driving eIrlc dynamos fitted with patent silent exhaust box and special large tank for water circulation equal to new. having done no work can be seen at any time at South Wales Printing Works, Westgate-street, Car- dlff.—Apply South Wales Daily News Office, Cardlfl.554n JFor alt. AJRTERS. Horsekeepers.—Send Is for Book of Stable Recipes.—Tully, Craig Bank, Bexhill. 76 YARMOUTH Bloaters, good quality, Is 6d and 2s 9d box free.—Ben Angel, Corge-row, Great Yarmouth. 51 J RATRERS. FEATHER 8 FEATHERS FOR BEDS. Why buy common-shoddy Wool Beds when yon can best ENGLISH FEATHERS at 6d per lb, carrlaee "paid ? Warranted dry and sweet. Feather Bedsmade JO-order, Send tor-samples and price list to H. H AND Y A N D C 0- FEATHER MERCHANTS, 6061 WELSHPOOL. NORTH WALES. U4 » OtOPTH Wales Property Gazette."—A Monthly Register of Estates, Houses, 1/ands, Ac, to be Let or Sold in Wales, Monmouthshire, West of England, &c. 1,000 copies sent monthly, post free. to. the leading inhabitants of Wal&and Monmouthshire Insertions f81te. Copies post Itee from Messrs Hem and Per twee, estate Agento, Auctioneers, 74* St. Mary-street. Cardiff. 2444 KA3 THE "DEFIANCE GUN." KAS OUiOR BABBIT OB GENERAL SHOOTING.0\J 12 bore. central are. double-barrel breechloader, left aboke, top or double grip action, with lever under guard, twist barrels, horn heelplate, walnut stock, pistol grip, double bolt, rebounding locks, patent fore end, Ac.; TO and and well made warranted to shoot and handle well; price 50s, worth 80s carriage paid do not buy ■runs at 80 shop. deal direct with the actual manufac- turers and save retail profits satisfaction guaranteed or cash returned beautifully illustrated catalogue full of interesting information concerning guns, testi- monials, &c., post free,—C. and T. Davis. Far-killing firm Manufacturers, 4, Fernley-road, Stratford-road Birmingham. 17847 JEisallaimms Hanis. XXTELSH China.—Wanted, Swamsea and Nantgarw W ChliHuSwansea and CambriaxtPottery,and Dill wytfs Etruscan Ware only good specimens required high prices given. Address Collector. Echo Office. Cardifl. fflizttllmemz. Ex iMTMNfTR.—Who wishes to win 10s up to 20s daily JtH through thesale of a lucrative article send ad- dress to A 351, Armoncen Bureau Union, Ludwig- strasse, 56. Stuttgart. fTlBEE.—Underclothing, Patterns, and Particulars; JD post free; distance no object.-ThompsonBros. Dept. 69, 3, Oxford-street. London, W. $lonetr. FROM jE5 to .£500. \f ONEY.—If yon want it promptly, privately, and 1VJL low rate of interest on approved Note of Hand, Cuftcr write MB h H. BIMEB, l2. TAFF-EMBANKMENT, PENABTB-BOAD, CARDIFF, Immediate attention in town or country. Repayments arranged to suit your convenience. 61e fftHE OLD-ESTABLISHED PROVINCIAL UNION JL BANK continues to lend immense sums daily, from £1.0 to £5,000, on Note of Hand Alone, or other Security, at a few hours' notice, to all classes in any part of Eng- land and Wales, repayable by easy instalments. No good application is ever refused. All communications strictly '.private. Moderate Interest. Special rates for short periods. The largest, best known, and most honourably eondoeted Business in the Kingdom. Thousands of our Tegular customers have expressed their entire satisfac- tion in repeated transactions with us. If desired, one of DOT Officials will attend at your residence at once with Cash, and carry out the advance THERE and THEN.— pall, or write (in confidence) to theilanager, Mr Stanley Powding, 1, Queen-square, Bristol. 58 37UELDINGS, Limited, Old-established Financiers, are J prepared to Advance sums from £20 to £3,000 at short 1l0oe 00 approved Note of Hand, personal or other oecurities. Charges arranged before transaoatoDS are completed. Mortgages on Property effected at current .tes of Interest. Property Purchased. Trade Bill; Discounted. Annuities and Fixed Incomes arranged. Money advanced on second mortgages. — Apply direct as we bave no agents, Haye9 Buildings. The Hayes. Cardiff. 13938 MONEY.—Mr Pike, 43, Salisbury-rd.—Send pos card forprospectus (returned in closed envelope free), and you will do business with no other firm.14421 MESSRS S. HERN A PERTWEE, Estate Agents. 74, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, are prepared to advance from £100 on Mortgage of Free. hold or Leasehold Property, and from jS50 to £1,000 on personal security. 3664 fBIHE CHASING CROSS BANK,—Established 1870 19 jutfi 120, BISBOPSGATE-STBEETWITHIN,E.C. aDd 28, BEDFORDoSTBEET, CHARING- CROSS, W.O LONDON. Assets £512,475. Surplus, S303.000, Loans ot £50 to £5.000 made on any class at seonrlly, 2* per cent, allowed on CurrentAccounti Balances, Deposits of £10 and upwards received as under :— Subject to 3 Monfihs."Notice of Withdrawal, 5 per cent Ber annum. Subject to 6 Months' Notice of Withdrawal, 6 per cent per annum. Subject to 12 Months' Notice of cent. per annum. Special Terms for Longer Periods. Interest paid Quarterly. The Terminable Deposit Bonds pay nearly 9 per cent and are a safe investment. Write or call for Prospectus, 17600 A. WILLIAMS, H. J. TALL. Joint Managers, GUNS. A BOOK FOR SPORTSMEN. AU interested in Shooting should send at once for Mr New 60-page beautifully-illustrated Sporting Catalogue for Season 1903, Every Shooting Requisite ties of HaIDIDer and Hammerless Breechloaders, Colt's. Winches- ter, Remin,non, and Ma.r1ilni R11ies. Noiseles;; Rabbit ^e^aidaquo4^ at prices which defy competition. The book also contains many excellent photographs by a famous naturalist. Mention paper.—BELL BROTHERS, Wholesale Guntaakera (6). Dmces, 93, Waterloo Street, GJssgow. 853 FOR COOL m EVENINGSOir When an extra wrap MSmy's needed thisFasi* ment you can put on JwnL Vs MODEL 11 jBK The new Chester- |itf I' m H| terfield Sac Coatisa very lf.« I il smart and ladylike gar- it W V ■H ment suitable for all ocea U| ^Bl sions. fn Dark grey Tweed A 11 ||H[ Price 8/6; car. 6d. extras JtSfeMf I I In ordering please men- flj 1 for the Season, sent post ^H^John Noble VfJB ftWA'U'S GOUT PILLS. the Only Keraedy in the World for GOUT and flBEUMATISM that Believes and Cures these com- "Jtatjits. Sure, safe, and effectual. The composition is purely vegetable. No restraint of diet during use. for BLAIR'S GOUT and BBmtnlrlATlC PILLS. &ll Chemlats and Storoff at Is fPttblxc ^.ntus^irtfrrts, CARDIFF. 1 IJTHEATRE JJOYAJU, ^JARDIFF. Lessee and Manager ROBERT BEDFORD EVERY EVENING at 7.30 and SATURDAY ..112. MB TOM B. DAVIS'S PRINCIPAL COMPANY in the MUSICAL PLAY, THE jyjEDAL AND THE jyjAID, The Cast includes Mimes Daisy Aubrey, Madge Merry, Edith Honsley, 1 Messrs FRED EASTMAN and E. DAGNALS < (his original part in London). NEXT WEEK—the Popular Musical Play, THE BELLE OF NEW YORK. Box Office at Theatre, 10 to 5. Nat. Tel.. 362.. | ^trirlir Notices. IF DUNCAN McNEILL, who was some-, time in the coal trade in McLeUan-streeVi Glasgow, will COMMUNICATE with M. Mactaggart, Solicitor, Bowmore, Islay, N JB„ he will hear of some- thing to his advantage. 17910 Solicitor, Bowmore, Islay, N JB„ he will hear of some- thing to his advantage. 17910 FIANCEE, HOSPITAL (Free), Fulham-1 VJ road. London. S.W.—PATIENTS DAILY on their own application at 2 o'clock. Funds j urgently needed for general expenses and for the Research Department. 17734 Secretary Fred W. Howell. ittsnratttt. SUN INSURANCE OWICE,; FOUNDED 1710. Funds in Hand For all particulars apply to thefollcrwing j AGENTS CABDEBT. Mr Wentworth H. Price, 21, High-street. Mr'Cbarles Cross, 21, Working-street. Mr John. Jenkins, 12, Westgate-street. Mr A-Naiah, 17, Church-street. Mr F. G. Furze. 50, Hamilton-street. Mr R. Joseph Yorath, Canton. Messrs R. H. Seel & Isaac, Theatre Royal Chambers, n Messrs Williams & Son. 119, St. Mary-street. Aberkenfig Messrs J. & F. J. Hurleys Cadoxton and Barry Dock Mr B. G. Davies. Mr Thos. J. Parsons. DowlaiS Mofloi-q T^wn.y^g'Ri-^fiTuffg- Gilfach Goeh John Edwards. flrtTOflinrtn Mr Richard F. Bennett. TTawfrr^ Mi- George Seaborne. MrW A flnrHnnWi1H«m« Llantrissmt F.R. Jones. Maes teg Mr David Davies 17729 Mr- T. R. Evans. 3503 Treharris and Caerphilly Mr W. A. Davis. ihnlimtg ^oatttts. fTTHE TAUNTON AND WEST OF 1 ENGLAND PERPETUAL BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED 1857. INCORPORATED 1883. Offices 3. HAMMET-STBEET, TAUNTON, Secretary: Mr ALBERT GOODMAN. BORROWING SHARES, ;£60 EACH. SUMS OF MONEY are ready to be advanced on. security of any description of real property—free- hold. leasehold, or copyhold—on the most equitable terms; the principal and interest repayable by Monthly Instalments. INVESTING SHARES. £ 60 EACH, realised in about 13 years and 4 months by Monthly Payments of Five Shillings per share. FULLY PAID-UP SHARES, bearing a find rate of interest, payable half-yearly, or allowed to accu- mulate. DEPOSITS received. Interest at 4 per cent, per annum, payable half-yearly, or may accumulate. Prospectuses, or any further particulars, may be obtained on application to the Secretary, as above, or-to 189 Mr THOMAS WEBBEB, District Secretary, Do St. John'xqqare, CawpfL rjlHE VOICE OF THE jpEOPLE whenever raised and forwhatever purpose, mast alwayB command the fullest atten~. tion and respect. "Whether theenbject ba imperial, national, indnstrialT or domoe*x tic, u the Voiee.of the people" holds the away. This voiceit is that fornearJy sixtyyears has-coi»istently aomicled the jse of B EEC H A M'T S p ILLS —a mecliciae. of which the people have long known the remedial value in BILIOUS AND LIVER DISORDERS. SICK.HEADACHE, FALLING APPETITE, LANGOUB. AND WANT OP TONE caused by depressed conditions of the- Nervous System. In all sttch cases it is not too much to say that the benefits to be derived from a judicious nse of JgEECHAlvrS JpILLS are practically known all over the world. SOLD EVERYWHERE IN BOXES. Price, lsljd (56 Fills) and 2a 9d (168 Pills). R. J. HEATH & SON, jypJSICAL JNSTKUMENTS BY ALL SOLE AGENTS FOR BROADWOOD,ERABD,SCHIEDMAYER, WALDEMAR, & CROWN PIANOS. RECITALS DAILY ON THE, ANGELUS AND OTHER PIANO PLAYERS. The SYMPHONY AND Sklf-Plating ORGANS, ENORMOUS DISCOUNT FOB CASH. 76 QUEEN STREET CARDIFF. 106fi»2» 70, TAFF.STREET, PONTYPRIDD, STANWELL.ROAD, PENARTH, 3, STATION-ROAD, PORT TALBOT. Nafc. Tel.—Cardiff, 01199. Pontypridd, 21. N.B. E S Eel ALL Y S A FE I have used your Balsam with my two older children with great success, and have known it as a VALUABLE REMEDY for more than THIRTY YEARS. Mr R. J. Hall, School House, East Markham, Jan., 1902. H AYMAN'S jgALSAM. I Hayman's Balsam haaeamed an excellent reputation. Tried it myself, and found immediate re- lief. Quite safe for children." —Mrs Ballm, in I Baby." FOR INFANTS & CHILDREN. N.B. NO IiANCING OR CUTTING jmm Required if you use the World- Benowned BUBGK6S IiION OINTMENT. It has saved many a limb from the knife. Cored 9* others after being given up by ■ hospitals. THE BEST BEMEDi for WOUNDS and all SKIN DISEASES, A Certain Cure for Ulcers, Tumours, Abscesses, Ecsemau etc. Thousands-of Testimonials fromatl parts. Sold by all Chemists, Is lc), etc.. per box, orpostfree for tampe. from Proprietor, B. fiUBOESS, 59, Inn-road, London. Advice gratis. 17832 Cardiff ADVERTISING, "bill POSTING, AND CIBCULABDiBTRLB U¥LN — COMPANY, LIMITED. OFFICES AND WORKS-I, PAKK-STBEET, CABDIPP. SECRETARY: PRANK H. SIMPSON. proprietors of the Principal Stationa fnCamUr and Neighbourhood. Contractors for all description of AdvStising, Circular Dlstribnttng,etc. 132 All orders promptly attended to. 1044 fflHERAPION.—This soocessfal and ConMaemtal J5St Vepean,aoa others, snrrasses everything hlMierto employed for imparity blood, spots, blotcbes*, patna and swellings at the joints, kidney, bladder, and liver diseases, gravel, pains in the back, stone, eleet, nervousness, sleeplessness, &c. Therapion is prepared in three diflerent toxma. NobO, 2, and 3. giwn-dfag to diseases for yhkOLtntended. Fan partl- cnlars.send stampedawreeaed envrtope for pam- phlet to Mr B. JOHNSON, 43, H<iCrfrd-emwe, London. B.C. "7 03 rAINE-S BILL POSTING f SYNDICATE I For AMrdare, Hirwain, Mountain Ash, and Distrirt Z. ANDREWS, Secretary. 13S28 OfIiees- NEW THEATRE, ABERDARBj bíppíng gottaS. HITE STAR LINE.—LIVERPOOL W to AUSTRALIA, calling at Capetown (South Africa). PERSIC, 11,974 tons „Nov. 12 RUNIC, 12,482 tons Dec. 17 MEDIC, 11,984 tons ^_Jan. 14,1904 AFRIC, 11,948 tons Feb. 11,1S04 The accommodation on these twin-screw steamers comprises smoking, reading, and dining rooms. Fares.—To Australia, £19 to D:1 to Capetown. to £22 lB. For further particulars apply to Local Agents or to Ismay, Iourie and Co„ Liverpool; 17, Cockspur- j street, S.W., and 34, Leadenhall-street, E.C., London. HALWAYS BF.TITABTjR. i ALWAYS BELIABLB. *■' ^ALWAYS RELIABLE. QUININE BITTERS I GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERSk GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS j THE BEST REArED THE BEST BEMED THE BEST REMEDY OR INDIGESTION, WEAKNESS. LOSS OF APPETITE. NERVOUSNESS. SLEEPLESSNESS. DEPRESSION OF SPIRITS, NEURALGIA, •;] CHEST AFFECTIONS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BUTTERS, GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERSoi Testimonial. 6. Selborne-terrace. South Woodford, London. N.E. Gentlemen,- I have been a sufferer for many years from loss of appetite,, indi- gestion, and its kindred com- INDIGESTION. plaints, and have tried an sorts INDIGESTION, of remedies. Having heard of INDIGESTION. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters whilst on a visit to South Wales. I decided to try it. and. after hav- ingen afew bottles, I must say it "has done me more ood than anything else I have-ever taken. Yours &0.. E. BUDD. GWILYM EVANS QUININE BETTERS: | GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS., T1. Coea Talywern, Duffryn, Gentlemen,— I am pleased to be bear" testimony to the bmoefit I have zeœbedby-.IdDgGwilymEYaDS" Quinine Bitters. I have been, taking medicine from various doc- WEAKNESS tors every wring for years past, WEAKNESS. and I was obliged to take medicine WEAKNESS, aU last winter, but as I received little benefit I resolved to try Gwilym Qnnrtoe Bitters, and, though I have only taken three 2s 9d bottles, I am able already to go about. I have been suffering from weakness, &c. Yours truly, M. A. WILLIAMS, GWILYM EVANS' QUINTNE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Testimonial. i Broom-street, Birmingham. Dear Sirs,— I have øuff greatly doting the past 12 months from Nerv- ousness and Weakness, and though several doctors have pre- NERVOUSNESS. scribed for me, I received but NERVOUSNESS. little benefit until I was recom- NEBVOUSNESS. mended to try Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. I have already found great reUet-and intend to persevere in its use, as I believe it win soon restore me to my usual health, Yours gratefully, «F».REECE, GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BETTERS. vGWlLYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. I' WILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. I' Beware of Imitations. Ask for "Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters," and see that vou get it l with the name GwilynliSvans on the label, on the stamp, and on the bottle. without none are. SOLD EVERYWHERE. f SOLD EVERYWJ;IEBB. SOLD EVERYWHERE. GwNym EvMMt* Quinine Bitters is sold everywhere in bottles 2s 9d and 4a 6d each, or will be sent, on receipt of stamps, carriage free, direct by THE SOLE PROPRIETORS:— QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES JJEAR jy/p, jg-URSE, You had almost forgotten to give TUDOR WIL- LIAMS' BALSAM Of HONEY to my children for their Coughs and Colds before they retired to bed. This valuable Medicine now finds a larger sale in every Town and Village, from Land's End to John O'Groats, than any other Cough or Lung Cure. Why TUDOR ILL I AMS' gALSAM OF HONEY contains the PURE Welsh Honey and an essence of the purest and most efficacious Herb, being gathered on the Hills of Wales, at the proper season, when its virtues are in full perfection. BRONCHITIS. THERE are thousands of children whodie annually from bronchitis, whooping cough, and croup. This is a grand discovery for the cure of such complaints. It is invaluable for weak-chested men, delicate women, and children. It cures when all other reme- dies fail. It cures Coughs, Colds, Asthma. Tightness of the Chest. It cures thousands of children of Bronchitis, Measles, Cough, and Whooping Cough. It cures for One Shilling when Pounds have been spent in vain. TRY IT I If you have a Cough, try it; if you have a Cold, try it. It loosens the phlegm, and promotes expectora- tion, produces warmth and comfort to the chest, and gives refreshing sleep when you have lost nights of rest. A GENTLEMAN RE MARKS- I feel it my duty to inform you -that I have been using your4tador Williams' Balsam of Honey in my family, which is a large one. for many years, and have proved its great value, having used nothing else for Cough during Measles, Whooping Cough. 'and Bronchitis, and can highly recommend it to all parents for such complaints.—H, H. JONES, Esq., J.P., Bayswater. WHOOPING COUGH CASE REPORTED CURED. Your Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey cares my children of Whooping Cough at once. Would not be without it in my bedroom at any cost. Mrs E. CliEAVEB, Rose Villa, Northfield, Tetbury, Glos, IS SOMETHING MARVELLOUS. A BAG OF LETTERS IN EVERY DAY. and what they say about Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey is something marvellous. SEVERE CHRONIC BRONCHITIS, combined with Asthma and Heart Affection (8 years' standing) CURED—" When I began with yourtreatment I was at my very worst. My breathing was very ba.d. I had to sit up in bed all night, and my cough was so hard I could not cough up anything. In the daytime I was worse. I used to get such fits of per- spiration and afterwards turn quite cold. I was always catching fresh colds. I am now able to.aleep at nights, and when I rise up in the morning am able to-do mywork with ease. Sea View, Sonthport." Mrs Jackbos." WORTHY OF YOUR CONSIDERATION. Sir,—My wife desires me to say that your Tddob WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HaNBY has proved a most valuable medicine in our large family (eight chil- dren). As soon as a cough or cold mafcns its appear- ancfrft doee of Troon's BALSAM is at once adminis- tered, and its treatment is followed up unto the cold disappears. Before using the BALSAM in our family the children have been prostrate with colds for several weeks, but now, by taking doses as directed, they seem t.suffer very little inconvenience. Dar- ing the short time the-cold is upon them the action of the Balsam is marveUoos,«nd the little ones take it readily and ask for more.—Waltzr J. Bsm, G.M., Headmaster, British School. Kelordon, Essex. This is not a mushroom, got up preparation. It is an, old but true preparation of 30 years' standing reputation. SEE YOU GET THE GENUINE ARTICLE* TUDOR WILLIAMS' PATEKT BATiBAM OPBOma. SO MANY IMITATIONS AND FRAUD. Sold by all Chemists and Stores at Is and 2s abcfttle. samiito bottles-sent (post paid) for liil and 291 from the inventor. Saving In purchasing the large bottle. D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, L.B.D.W.E. HIT—14256 Medical Hall, Aberdare. Tj* BEE TO MEN Tfahen-jFonare tfted-of taking nauseous and mys- terious ureaalptiopB and rcompuimds. which do yon win yotUMBgesttv^oiiK&BS, vcxzto to meandl will flendyouaBook whichdescribesaQnick and Certain Core for lost strength, wasting weak-* ness, &c^from whatever csnse arising. NO STOMACH MEDICINE. NO ELECTRICITY. Specimens of letters received and guaranteed g8DlliDe It is an excellent ttyatem.and I hsve scrupu- lously followed the instmcttass.and «mabetter » Cannot be better-than I am at present. Itlsa perfect cure.—K-G." Book sent sealed, post tree, two stamps.—-A. G.. LEIGH. 92 and 93, Great BasselVBtreet Bfcwm&- baty.Londan. Send atonce and be cured. Seventeen, Continuous Buccesses. 16625 /"CLARKE'S B 4i PILLS are warranted \J to care GBAVEL and PAJNS in the BACK an kindred complaints. Free from mercury JfetabtiShed upwards of X years. In boxes, 4s 6<1 each, of all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the wodd, or sent fmœ stamps by the makers, the Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Company. Ltnfaolu. 10g0 "VT E WT O BT O^F'F ICE J31 of the w SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS, ,¡:' 18, BlUOO." .J r U5imSS ¡\blrre5SeS. BUY AND WEAR PARRY & ROCKED i. ¡ J ALL WOOL I KNlmNC YARNS, HOSE HALF HOSE. UNDERWEAR, FLAMMELS,&c. As a guamntm,* all Goods boor their Rogistarad Trade Mark Label, thus- ^g\st e and manufactured by >■» 0 PARRY & ROCKE, Ltd., SWANSEA. OF ALL DRAPERS & DEALERS, of nearest sent ma application. 0 Ir M to PARRY & ROCKE, Ltd^ are always buyers of Welsh and other Fleece Wools,C- Offers solicited. j ..J Offers sohclted. 0" I '"t. A n 40 W DOUBLE" IIIIIIW ■!II—11 EXPECTATIONS? 1 ■r. V. HOWE, ■ THE WRITTEN TESTIMONY Ivrs. DAY1BOH, ""TS. I OF THOUSANDS OF CLIENTS I Eden Momt, "T? H ANSWERS THE QUESTION B flranie-oirer-Sandi, Writes on A«e. iVh~ H WHY PJLT THE ORDINARY HEAVY PROFITS OP | « .n- "I would not Mil | KBU1L FIRMS I EVERY ADYAHTA6E A FUR- | prUed S Sft«5S my wateh for double H CHASER CAM DESIRE IS ASSURED WHBH YOU I of the Broosh reeelv. kM^DCils perfect. 1 I BUY DIRECT FROM H. SAMUEL I & pnanj LOWEST WHOLESALE PRICES ■ Solid Gold Hallmarked Real P"™*™Oxydised WATCHES for B 13/6 „ «*ILW*V FARE PAID! 4./6SSSm'S2SS!S, t%| I OSUAL RETAIL PRICK, 7/- { white enamelled dial. H I A/«S?ni> Real Gold 8«net Of g^dfv^h^ USUAL RETAIL PRICE, 7/. I B *l-/0 and upwards within a Sterling SUver Hallmarked B I USUAL RETAIL PRICE, • radius of M miles, 3/3 Oent's Alberts. I fl Very haadseme Real Geld baaaManBHHiy USUAL RETAIL PRICE, JH I 2/9 Mumerena Pattens. A MOUTH'S FREE TRIAL? 2/3 SgfStfPSffi' I ■ USUAL RETAIL PRICE,»/- NO RISK! and durable. ■ I CALL TO-DAY! NO DISSATISFACTION! CALL TO-DAY: I H. SAMUEL, 7, ST. MARY-ST., CARDIFFr| JH *1 I r -L r' t -r' THEY TOUCH IKE LIVER FTkK ,} î MttaKBEi BIUOUSNESS. m SICK HEADACHE. HK | yjjnm FURRED TONGUE. H B ■ ^16 Mmtim INDIGESTION. HH SLSn ,w v SALLOW SKIN a ■ M ss-a 8ma" I fl Ec 8ma" °°*e' They TOUCH the ■— | La Fl 8mall Price. Genuine Wrapper Printed on .WHITE PAPER, BLUE LETTERS. •' Irt»Pk ft' *!»• ■!<■•*«*•*w -i 118" C The Cure for Gout, 0 R Rheumatic Goat ¡ I and Gravel. "4' S, -.>t' Safest and most The Universal Remedy ~for Aciditj of the 1 Gentle Medicine for Stomach, Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, Infants, Children, Sour JRructP.tions, Bilious ¡"ff,nF5. Delicate Females, and the Sickness of Pregnancy. ¡ ——————-——————— MIDLAND GUN CO. DEPARTMENT 14. DEMON GUN WORKS, VE9EY-STREET, BIRMINGHAM. GUNS FROM 258 to £25. ,AA7- FAR-KILLING GUNS AT WHOLESALE PJBICGS —Double Breechloaders from 25s to £10. Hammer- less from £ 5 to £ 20. Hammerless Ejectors from £ 8 to £ 25. 5,000 Quns and Rifles usually in stock ready for immediate delivery, Send three stamps for a Price Iiist. We make every part of a gnn in our own Price List. We make every part of a gnn in our own works, and sell direct to the user at one small profit. We send any gun on approval, pay carriage both ways if not satisfactory, and return casn in full. We take any second-hand gun, central or ViD-fte. breech or muzale-loading, in part payment for a new one, or fAl buy any second-hand gun for cash. I 'd-. FOR BOOKS. PIGEONS, RABBITS. 15/- Single-barrel 12 bore bceecb-toadlng shot eons, converted from rifles and lwtea by an lm- prored pxocesafoc long range andffeMpmgBMion, unequalled for rook, pigeon, rabplt. wiwpm, and all itti|un<»n shooting, prlco 15/- J w hotter qnaiitry and improved safely action. pgtee 201- GUN REPADRS.—Guns by any mater promptly repaired, very best material and w^tkmanwiip, at about >i«" dealers' charges. New BtockB or new bands fitted, hMTa1" browned or toed. Gun converted from pin to center mce, andajrae up as new. at -rrmli coet. Exact price given for all repairs if desired before the wo** ifl oonuneneed. flmm may be sent from any part of tile United Smokeless Powder Cartridge ever made, ^ce7/- per 100, or 500 for 33/ 1,000 for 63/- Sodden Death." The best Black Powder Cartri^es. 5/- per 100 or 47/6 per 1,000. Lots of 100 ^sod upwards delivered carriage paid to any station *n Engiani or Wales. Bvervttdne in Guns. Bifles, Revolvers. Gun Inmle- at WHOLES AI>E PRICES. 17879 BASS.A!U> OO'S ',PALE AND MILD fAIxES. 191CASON BREWINGS iTTOWBE HAD IN PBIME CONDMON. IN 2.0ASKS K>RtBOTTtES, OFI •.FTOTOW, DUNLOP, AND CO., CARDIFF Ufa WAN 8E A OFF ICES OF SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS, Jto. 52, Sim^EBaBEX I HAVE YOU A BAD LEG, A POISONED HAND, A CARBUNCLE, OR AN ABSCESS? I CAN CURE YOU. Ê1 others har* failed is no reason I should. You may have wounds that discharge or otherwise, perhaps so surrounded with inflammation and swollen, that when you proas your finmr on the inflamed part it leares an impression. If so, under the skin yon hare poison that defies all the remedies you hare tried, whiohjif not extracted, will cause you suffer- ing till death releases you. Perhaps your knees are swollen, the joints being-ulcerated; the same with the ankles, round which the skin may be diaooloured; the disease, if allowed to continue, wffl deprive you of the pewerto walk. You may hare been told your case isnopelws, or hare been, advised to submit to amputation; bat do not. Send me a P. Order for Qm dsad I will post you a Box of Grasshopper ointomat a" Ms. which hiaaerer LALDIMT, 73, FarriagdoMtreet, London, IU). t (Beg*- Copyright.) 'I PEOPLESAY fternicK. S myy a Vegetable Pills fllll i | SHOULD BE MORE WIDELY KNOWN. They have been used and appreciated by thou- sands for over FIFTY YEARS and their sale has largely increased. HAVE YOU TRIED THEM? They are very small and easily swallowed. Each foox is a veritable MEDICINE CHEST ia itself.. If ,vou feel out of sorts, or want a Spring Medicine toy KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS. One is a dose for an average man. They cnre Head- aches, Biliousness, Bad Blood, Ingestion, Weakness, Nervous Debility, or Kidney Troubles. They clemse the system, strengthen the nerves, parity the blood, and prepare the body for the snmaier heats. THERE IS NO MEDICINE LIKE THEM Kxrnick'S VEGETABLE PILLS are sold by all Ltd., Wholesale Druggists, Cardifi, on receipt «l stamps. WOItTH KNOWING. „ /"N EORGE NAISH & SON, 79, GREAT \JT FREDKEICK-STREET. CABDIPP, is the OLDEST ESTABLISHED PUBLIC BILL POSTER, who rents the largest number and best private bill-posting stations in the town and neigh bourhood. All work entrusted to him will beapeedxly and faithfuly executed. N.B.-Bill Positing sent by or rail will bare immediae tattention. 13675





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