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Barmouth Couucg. ) - '\


Barmouth Couucg. ) THE HOUSING QUESTION. A special meeting of the Barmouth Council was held on Thursday evening, present, Mr. D. O. Hughes, J.P., chairman; Dr. J. Fugh Jones, Dr. R. H. Heath, Messrs. Edward Wil- liams, Francis Morris, Henry Freeman, Rees Joaes, D. E. Davies, J. Pryce Jones, with Mr. R Llewelyn Owen, deputy clerk; and Dr. J. O. Wil'iams, medical efficer. j The Chairman explained that, the mting i had been convened to have ill. report of Inspector from the Ministry of Health, who j had been viz ting the town with regard to the new housing scheme, accompanied by the Surveyor (Mr. J. R. Parry) aad the Medical Officer. The Inspector, in his report, said that no his inspection of the town he found the places very clean. He was greatly struck with the beauties of Barmouth and felt sure the Council would do their beat in regard to the unfit houses and unhealthy area* which he had eome across. In reply to the ChaVman, the Inspector said that there was no measure in tha Act which allowed them to turn anyone from his house until another house had been provided. The only expense the Urban Council would have to beair in the erection cf new house* would bo the levying of a penny rate. The Treasury would give the rest of the money in Im.ns for so many Tesri. H. was reported that the Council weuld have to build thirtv-^ignt new houses to meet the present demand for housed. On the proposition of Mr. J. Pryce .Tones seconded by Mr D. E. Tote fir thanks was accorded to Mr. Thomas Jones, the Min'etrv of Health inspector.' for the ex- cellent manner in which he had presented his report. The latter remarked that there was ver7 little officialism with Mr. Jonee which was quite a new thing in these days as far as Government official were ccncvrnei.. r', Ifr Jones, in responding, said be was partl- cularly struck with the deanhnew of the tawns which-he had vsited in North Wales. A letter w read from Messrs. Davies Bros.. Old Belbj Vue, offering for sale to the Coun- cil the bathing vaas, chairs, towels, boat, O. the preposition of Dr. J. Pugh -lores, seconded by Mr. D. B. Davies. it was de- eided to ask the terms of Messrs Davies Bros, for same.


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