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ii"biL-;nea Utoi. MESSRS. Wm. Dew & Son ———and——— R. ARTHUR JONES, AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, and SURVEYOKS CMion Buildings, BANGOK, Telephone: 13. The Estate OSce, CONWAY, Telephone: 29. The Estate Office, LLANRWST, Telephcne 9. Telegrams: DEWSON." Proprietors of CONWAY CATTLE MART LLANRWST SMITHFIBH) (Ueabigbsliire). LLANBRCHYMEDD SMITHFIELD (Central Angtesey), GAERWEN SMITHFIELD (South Ang!esey). mTESSRS. WM. DEW and SON and R. ?ML ARTHUR JONES, F.A.I., undertake the Sale of Country Estates, Town and Country Prope-tiea, Ground Rents, Contents of Mansions Mtd Private Residences. Trade Stocks and PIamt. Live and Dead Fa-ming Stock, Probate, Tbwmt Right and Trade Valuations. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. COUNTY OF ANGLESEY. Parishes of LLANEUGRAD. LLANFAIR M.E., &nd LLANDDYFNAN. Portions of Parciau Estate, eOtaprising an area of about 1,COO ACRES T?TSSRS. W?t. DEW AND SON AND R -ARTHUR JONES r?ve r??iTed iaMtrw: titms to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, during -the SommM-, the following:— CAPITAL FARMS. ACCOMMODATION LANDS, SMALL HOLDINGS BUILDING SITES, DWELLING-HOUSES and COTTAGE PROPERTY, Forming the Portions of this Estate, ajid indudiag:— NANT ISAF. NANT UCHAF. NANT NEW. YDD, TVDDYN PHILIP, PWLL MELYN &HYDDLAN FAW"R. GARNEDD RHOS, EUGRAD HOUSE, TY COCX, GHWARELAU PEN Y GRAIG. YNYS, TY GWYN, BODY. NWCH. PANT GLAS. TY'N Y CAF,, PEN. -KUYI)D, Md FRON HAUI<. for all furthor particulars, apply to Mesa's 8. R- Dew and Co., Solicitors, Bangor. or to <?e Auoncnc?rs, at their OSlces? Bangur <u:d Canw&y. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. COUNTY OF DENBIGH JLbmt eight mUe9 from Denbigh and Aberge!e. .n.tPORTAT SAI,E OF THE GRAND FREE- HOLD RESIDENTIAL. SPORTING. AND AGRICULTURAL PROPERTY known as Dyffryn Aled Estate, baving an arca of 4,4W ACRES, or therciibaats. 9RS. WM. DEW AND SON AND R. -IM- ARTHUR JONES will shortly oSer the tbove Estate for SaJe. For further Particulars apply, R. M. Thomas, thq.. Twining, Ruabon: Harold Edwards, Esq., A?ent, Gw-yeh CasHe Estate Onice, Aberg-cie; or to the Auctioneers at their OSces. Bangor Md Coaway. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. CABNARVONSEIRE AND MERIONETH- SHIRE. PORTIONS OF THE H 1% r, OD GARREGOG ESTATE. "E8SRS. WM. DEW AND SON AND U. -SHL ARTHUR JONES. F.A.I.. will Sell by INNIO Auction, at an early date, the VALUABLE Farms, SmaU Ho!dings, DweUing Houses, Etc., It tad around Beddgelert. Penrhyndeadraetn, Nttttmor, L-anfrothen, G&m Dolbenmaen, 7aJI8rnau, and Tydwciltog, Nevin tkli.- and Particulars in due course of- )(8U5. C<M-ter, Viacant, and Co., Soticitors, r; or at the OSces of the Auctioneers, BaHgor and Conway. BY DIRECTION OF LORD HARLECH. COUNTY OF CARNARVON. PARISH OF DOLBENMAEN. t¡on of very desirable FREEHOI.D JPARMS. about 5 from Criccieth. 3 ])E!<'s from Portmadoc. anj within conveni- e" distajico of the County and Market Town ot Carnarvon. T?tTESSRg. WM. DEW AND SON AND R. 'CM. ARTHUR JONES have been favoured wth instructions to Sell by Public Auction, at Pwtmaooc, at an early date. THE VALUABLE Freehold Farms & Lands, known as CWRT ISAF and UCHAF, and HAFOD GAR- t)ZGOG, the whot3 extending to an area of TM ACRES (or thereabouts). For all further particulars apply to W. E. BtOBer, E6q-, Brogyntyn Estate OfRce, Oswes- try; or to the Auctioneers, at their OEces, Miangor and Ccmvay. G. R. ) MINISTRY OF MUNITIONS. XINGSBRIDGE CAMP, BEAUMARIS. -SARESSRS. WM. DEW and SON atd R. .iXL ARTHUR JONES have been instructed to Se!! by Public Auction, at the Camp, as above, AT AN EARLY DATE, A Large Quantty of Valuable Camp Equipment and Furniture, Now tying a); th'.s Camp, and including:—1,000 Blankets. 330 Pi1?ow and Botstfr Ca°es. 169 8heets. 55 Combination Bedsteads, 56 Mat- tresses, 456 F.S. Bedsteads, 100 Fire Buckets, 84 yards of Leather Ctoth. 75 square ya-ds of JLhM)!eum. 42 Camo Lockors. 29 Hanging 3tu*-ot-&.131 Towf-b. 134 Iron Trestles, 1.50 Forms (6 feet), 30 Galvanised Cans. Scrubbing' Brushes. Mops, Brooms. Arm Chairs. Wcker <hai-9, 6ft. and 4ft. Tab)es. Lamps. Sieves. lmkin,, Tins and Wishes, and a large assart- Ament of Culinary Utensils, eLc., etc. TO BE OFFERED IX LOTS TO SUIT SMALL BUYERS. On view day prior to Sa.!e. Catatogces may be obtained from ihe Auctioneers, at their OtttCfs, Bango'r and Conway. Fartbn po'tlouls' mnv 11" ohtained from the Fnm.+l1r, P.fjll)f1. 'I:"j"tr of Xuniiieas, Disport 18, Queea Aanc's ?t? WeRmiuMr, S.W. t "'LalJl.1i::).uI::U OUV JOHN PRITCHARD <Sc (3(3, (PARKER MACKENZIE, F.A.I.) Auctioneers. Surveyors, and Estate Agents. Head Omce: BANGOR. Branch Office LLANGEFNI. Sales b,, Auction of Landed Estates, Town and Country Properties, the Equipment of Mansions and Private Residences in any part of North Wales TeL 47. BANGOR. Telegrams: PRITCHARD, AUCTIONEER, BANGOR. I 2Lt.11 HIGH CLASS Christmas Presents- Table Centres, Cushions, Cosies. New Blouses, Gloves and Scarves, Dressing Gowns, Games and Toys. 12, Pier Street, ABERYSTWYTH. Also at Ireland's Mansions, 20, New Street, City Arcades, Shrewsbury Great Western Arcade, Birmingham. .I -I ???'????? ??'?'.???'??? ?'!)?!? ?'.???\?'? I BREECHES. SPORTS COATS AND SUITS. Ready to Wear & Bespoke. LATEST STYLE. BEST FINISH, AT DANIEL THOMAS, ABERVSTWYTN. I:DŒ: C> GJI.:8 C» ::BIif'IS' BOOT MAKERS, TERRACE ROAD. ABERYSTWYTH. TOW and COUNTRY SHOULD WEAR THE FAMOUS DRYFOOT BRRND Na le(i nd Wi hout flails. As a CHRISTMAS PRESENT iust a nice pair of SLIPPERS or GAITERS. The largest selection ever seen. THAT BOOT SHOP IN TERRACE ROAD. REP AIS.. WE ARE NOW ABLE to devote every Monday to Repairs for customers from the Country, so that thev may take their Boots home on the same day. ALL OUR REPAIRS are done on the premises. WORKMANSHIP AND ENGLISH LEATHER-THE BEST. __EVERY JOB GUARANTEED.—— GET IT AT D. R. Evans. Lampeter Just Received a large assortment of CHRISTMAS CARDS, CHRISTMAS TOYS, GAMES, SEE CELLULOID CARDS, wi?nnw? CHRISTMAS STATIONERY, Wl?UUW?. Large Assortment LEATHER 'It GOODS & STORY BOOKS. The Biggest, Brightest and Best Stock in the town and district. D. R. EVANS, Bridge Pfess. LAMPETER. ALWAYS GOING AHEAD. Season's Goods. For the Newest Styles In Boots and Shoes, The Best Quality & the Lowest Prices, go to DICKS o i Shops in the following towns in this district: DICKS, 12. Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth. DICKS, Penrallt Street, Machynlleth. DICKS, Victoria Buildings, Dolgelley. DICKS, Sycamore Street, Newcastle Em!yn. DICKS, Leicester House, Liandyssul. DICKS. Bank Place. Portmadoc. DICKS 53, King Street Carmarthen. DICKS. High Street, Pwllheli DICKS, High Street, Barmouth. DICKS, High Street. Lampeter. DICKS. High Street, Festiniog. ) DICKS. High Street. Cardigan the things mat men and women look for in choosing their Boots are excellence of design and fitting, good wearing quality, and reasonable- ness in price. Dicks meet thcsa demands so completely that It wi!! pay anv man or woman to visit any of their Establishments. Along with their own wen-known make, they are agents for the K" Boots, Lotus and Delta Boots, I- Hold Fast and Dryfoot Brands. Try Dicks tor Hoots and Shoes Boys, Girls and Children. ) I —— ??/ j! \A/HEN you buy a Ford ? car you haven't spent money—you have merely money—you have merely Invested it. You get your money back with corn- pound interest .through what you gain In utmty, ? pleasure and good health. t In figurin the profits the ¡ Ford w!H bring, don't for- r get the health it will bring to your family and the 11 I Doctor's bills It eliminates. ABERYSTWYTH MOTOR COY., Queen's Road, ABERYSTWYTH. II'I Iii 77 THE TOWN CAR < < THE TOWN CAR < < A s!x-<eatfr ef 20 !i.p.: the veh!c)e for «ery town requ'rement: th? < ? Doctors car ?- f.rc??M?. Weight. ? cwt. 2 qrt. tenstth tOft H in.: t ? wtdth 5ft. 6 in.: height (hood down. w!ndt.oeen fotded) 5ft. 3i ins.: heisht § t and Lihting Set £330 (at works. Manche¡;terl. '1 t Choke Xmas Fare ???:???') Cakes and Confectionery TO OWEN (D. W. TNVIOTDALE), HIGH-CLASS BAKERS, Ooniectionera and Caterers, 16-21. NORTH PARADE ABERYSTWYTH. Xmas Cakes improve by keeping. Let us have your order now, and your cake wiM be just right for Xmas. Come to us for any Xmas Confectionery you require- I Chocolates, Fancy Patries Novelties Scotch Shortbread, etc. etc. We supply only the best. II I QUALITY GOODS. QUALITY HOUSE. CRITERION BAKERY. DOLGELLEY. I "Health Profit Here." DA VIES' BREAD (UNEQUALLED). RESULT OF A NEW PROCESS OF BREAD-MAKING. 14014E SO -PURE. PLEASE TRY A LOAF AND CONVINCE YOURSELF. a Awarded Medal and Diploma at London and Birmingham Exhibitions I Special Lines for Xmas. MINCE MEAT and XMAS CAKES WELSH SHORTBREAD. MINCE PIES, ICED, SULTANAS, Now Ready. Own, Make. CUT-PEEL. Currants, lid. per lb. (Cfeaned) Wedding Cakes Made to Order in our Own Bakery at Short Notice. Your kind orders wIH be appreciated by ERNEST DA VIES. n844 i< FORD -=-I ?! ?THE Ford One Ton Truck ? Is a profitable beast of ji burden" and has the right of way In every line of business i)!i activity. Fora!! trucking pur- Iii! poses In the city and for all ill heavy work on the farm, the 11\ the Ford One Ton Truck with Its manganese bronze ill. worm-drive and every other Ford merit of simplicity In design, strength In construc- tlon, economy In operation, III low purchase price, stands III head and shoulders above any other truck on the market. )!! porttfH of the Carnorvoa ParHamentary j!, di,-iSioD yond a or miles 11 i! from Handudno Railway Station, but Charles Hughes ? Sons, I; Charles Hughes & Sons, II;: Portmadoc. X. iII ii I I ..I li 1. I Th is !< the Model T On<- Ton Truck C!M!ss:s 11'11 as we delis-er to the purchaser. The Iou t,- indudes front stepping boards, two side two. heml :1 hurnundtctoftOM-i. Price £ 1()().;¡t ".or1.o. I' I to rduml of iDlPOl't (Ilfty. i; t__ < !?=—— '"——-— —.??.—_??.?..—? ? ? CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. WINTfR TRAIN SERVICE FEATUKUS, -U A.M. A.M. Aberystwyth dep. 10-0 London dep< 10..15. P.M. PadJington) p.M. London arr. 5-25 Aberystwyth arr 5-15 (Paddmston) Via the UpperSevern Valley &We!thpoo). ? CORRIDOR TRAIN. TEA SERVICE. J Oswestry. Dee. 1919. S. WILLIAMSON. General Manager. I I NORTH. WALES MAN WtNS aco. For NINE CORRECT RKSULTS IN A SIMPLE FOOTBALL COMPETITION. SEE THIS WEEK'S "UVERP08L \¥EEKL Y POBT" £100 CI.ven Atvay Each U/eek It Costs Nothing to Enter. nave a Try This Wef-k. "UVERPOOL WEEKLY POST" ? Eisteddfod Gadeirio! Meifion PUBLIC ROOMS, DOLGELLEY, CALAN, 1920. Presidents:—A. DE PLEDGE, Esq., Abergwynant; H. HAvnN JONES, Esq., M.P., Capt. CHARLES LLEWELYN WYNNE Jor<RS, Penmaenucha. Mixed Choir Competition I Male Voice Choir Competition I Female Choirs I Juvenile Choirs! Action Songs I Miscellaneous concert at 7 p.In- PRINCIPALS: i Sopranc-Miss VIVIAN WORTF, A.B.C.M., London. Contralto-Madame A. DAVIES WYNNE, DyffryB. Tenor-Mr. EVAN LEWIS, Bangror. Bantone—Mr. W. R. ALLEN, A.R.C.M., Aberystwyth. Chorus-IDRIS CHORAL SOCIETY. For Tram Service see Railway B:I!s. 0. 0. ROBERTS, ? Secretary ng? R. C. EVANS. Secretar?s. ( CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. TRA!NS"ON?CHRI?? I?Y WJLLRUN '.?" AS ON SUNDAYS. wrTHLTHE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS:— IC:J;M\,T.O C40 a.m Mail Train from Whitchurch to AberystwythYwifh onnections from Moat Lane to Brecon and MachynUeth to Barmouth) will run AS ON WEEK DAYS. Other Trams will run as under:— Leave Pwllheli at 9 a.m. for Barmouth and Intermediate Stations. Leave PwUheli at 6-40 p.m. for Afon Wen „ AfonWen 8-40 a.m. AfonWen Barmouth 5-10 p.m. PwUheli and intermediate Stations, For further particulars, also Train Service on 26th & 27th December. see small bills at Stations. Oswestry, Dec., 1919 S. WILLIAMSON, General Manager I I 11 .1 "They w<!t go to bed happy —if yon send Santa Claus to them on Christmas morning. Save yourself t all the difficulty of choosing their presents by a visit to the toy saloon of the Cambrian News Stores. Tiny Tots' Tastes are our speciality- but we do not fail to suit the desires of those who have left their childhood behind. Cambrian News Stores, ABERYSTWYTH. Goods Stored, Cash Advanced or Goods Bought Outright. JOHN GIBSON., Auctioneer, 9, BAKER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, Is fixing his Dates of Sale for bhe coming season, and will be glad to call on clients to suit bheir convenience. Prompt Gi Carehi! Attention to all Busmess. Immediate Setdements. ARTHUR M. JAMES, ARCHITECT, QUANTIFY SURVEYOR, ——— &nd CLERK OF WORKS, La?c Architect to the Fadrbourne Est<a.t€. 25 Years Practical Expericmce in the BuiJding Trade. Ten years with Mr. David Hoyd, I Contractor. Plans, Sketches, and Detail Drawings Prepared. Speq.Í1catíons Writt'on. Work Supervised. Address:—"SANTE FE," 8, POWELL ST., ABERYSTWYTH; a)Iso a.t FAIRBOURNE, Signs that Talk. CHAS, WHmE, F.R.S.A., SIGN WRITER, 5,CrynfrynBow, Aberystwyth. Glass Signa. Picture Sigos. Town or Country—Any Distance. Moderate Charge*. p72 ? Chfistmas, 1919. Buy Leather For Presents. Ladies' Vanity Bags" In great variety, from 3s. 6d. Gent's Dressing Cases, from from 18s 6d. toanyf!?U!'e. POST ;CA RD Writing- Cases, tn real and Imitation leather, fitted' ready for use, from 2s. 6d II Gent's Purses. Leather, Pigskin and Morocco, from ls.6d. Pocket Wallets and Treasury Note Cases. All Prices. Fitted a!so for photo. Attache Cases. Cloth and leather all Mxes in ttock, unfitted, from _3s._6d. Cambfian News", Terrace Road, A BERY.q- WYTH. GREAT SHOW of CHRISTMAS TOYS. SEE SHOWROOMS AND WINDOW ?J? T G ?TVFF? HOU=R.i J. ?. ?ili.??, FURM?iEK, 10., Terrace Road (Near StalioD Aberystwyth. t