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A League of Celtic Nations

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I, Football.


I Football. ABERYSTWYTH CELTS v. BARMOUTH JUNIORS. The Aberystwyth Celts journeyed to Bar- mouth on Saturday where they phtyed ijhe Barmouth junior team. The field was poor being covered with sand and the Barmouth team were much heavier than the visitors. Weight told from tihe start and before half- Vane the homesters' were ahead by five goa's. HALF-TIME, Barmouth 5 Aberystwyth 0 Upon resumption of play the visitors be- gan to press, but the Barmouth goalie was on his mettle and the visitors' attacks were con- tinually frustrated by the home backs. The visitors' defence was also excellent during the seoond half of 'the game but the homesters by sheer weight pressed forward and scored. Soon afterwards they were awarded a penalty kick which was taken by Evan Jones who scored. FUUrTIME. Barmouth ? Aberystwyth 0 The Aberystiwyth, team are to be congratu- lated on Hiheir play as it was impossible for them to wm against the heavy team placed before them. Aaron Thomas, the Aberystwyth loft.half, distinguished himseH by his emet, lontplay and Kendall and D. Griffiths, the Aberystwyth backs, played an excellent game. .ABERYSTWYTH LIBERAL 'CLUB AND Y.M.C.A. On Saturdav the first round of the Junior League was played On Smithfield Ground be- tween Y.M.C.A. "Reds" and the Libera! Ciub. The Club unfortunately had nine men only and had to play with one full back and without an outside left. The teams were :—Liberal Club: Goal, John Arthur Hughcs; full back, Albert Burbeck; halves, T. Evans, Albert Davies and Williams; forwards, J. Lewis, T. Jones, B. Morris, and J. E. Griffiths. Y.M.C.A. Reds: r Goal, R. J. Davies; backs, D. Davies and P. George; halves Evan R. Davies, C. Wilks, and W. J. Davies; forwards, Arthur Hughes, Lloyd, Harry Worthington, J. Hughes, and Albert ■Chamberlain. Both teams wore unfortunate. The Liberal Club was handicapped by the in- sufficiency of players and the Reds by the Club having to play the one back game, the.. Red's forwards were continually getting off- side. During the first half ifc was more Or less mid-field play, both teams keeping their ground. During exciting play, however, round the Reds' goal, one of the men handled the ball and a penalty was awarded to the Club from which J. E. Griffiths scored, thus making the first goal for the Club. This put life into the Reds' forwards who began pressing with renewed vigour; but were apt to forget the offside rue when playing with one back. There were about ten minutes to go before the whistle for half.timei and the Reds did their utmost to equalise; but luck was not with them The Club forwards got on the move and started bombarding the Reds' goal. One of the for- wards sent a beautiful drive into the mouth of goal; but Davies was there and fistied the ball out. It was, however, sent back into the net by B. Morris before Davies could regain his position. Half-time score was— Liberal C ub 2 goals. Y.M.C.A. Reds Nil. After resumption of play, the Club forwards kept their opponents' goalie busy. Jones, the Club inside right, sent a nice shot in the mouth of the goal, but Davies jumped and caught it in his hands, but it bounced out of his grip and Griffiths, the Club inside left, added the third goal for the Club. This score put spurt in the Reds' forwards. They kept shooting at their opponents* goal and the Club goalie had a hot time Of it. However, < just as the Reds were playing around the Club goal, a free kick was awarded tnem. Worth- ington took it and scored. It was a fast shot. and the Club goalie had no chance of stopping it, though he made a good attempt. Hughes, the Reds' outside left, had the ball, beat his opposing back and passed to Lloyd, his inside man, who was immediately attacked by Davies, Davies, on failing to get the ball, tried to push his opponent off it and the referee awarded a penalty to the Reds. Worthington again took the shot, but this time shot clean into the hands of the goalie. For some time afterwards there was a considerable amount of mid-field play. The Reds, seeing the score going against them, made desperate attempts to score. Worthington had the ball and outplayed many of his opponents, and just as Burbeck was about to attack sent a pass over to Lloyd. Burbeck rushed for the man instead of the ball which resulted in another penalty for Reds, from which W. J. Davies scored. There was not much time left and both teams tried hard to score. When the whistle went, the final score; was:— Liberal Club 3 goals. Y.M.C.A. Reds 2 goals. Mr. T W. Rees was referee. WELSH AMATEUR CUP 0Way). __0 MACHYNLLETH V. BARMOUTH. These teams having drawn one each it Barmouth in the first round of the Welsh Amateur Cup, the replay match was played at Machynlletth on Saturday. The afternoon was ideal for football and there was a record gato. Both teams played their best available men. Barmouth from the. kck-off made tracks for the home goal and Willie Owen had hard lines k wit:h a good shot. The home forwards tried their\ best to get through, but were soon sent back, and the visiting forwards were putting in good combination. From a centre by T. G. Davies, John R. Davies scored for Bar- mouth. Inspired by that success, the visitors were having the best of matters, though Arnold Yaughan and Jones were defending finely for the homesters. Charlie Davies and Edwards were prominent on the left wing. b1it. G. T. Davies and Aspinall broke up their combination timer after time. One of the Machynlleth halves wa.s warned by the referee for fouling Owen. Humphreys delighted the spectators on several occasions with nea;t com- bination on the right wing, and the homo goalkeeper had a trying t,me. Hands close to the Barmouth goal looked dangerous; but Humphrey's saved grandly at a critical moment. The visiters were now having the best of mattes and werre awarded two corner kicks, R. H. Roberts only missing scoring by a few inches. Shortly afterwards Charlie Bradier scored No. 2 for Barmouth. Tho homo forwards did their best to get through, but were mect by a stubborn defencei—Llew Davies, Lewis Williams and Jack Jones clear-; ing finely. At half-time the score was:— I Barmouth, 2; Machynlleth, 0. The second half opened with the homesters trying hard to reduce the lead; but Hum- phrevs, in goal, oould noh be beaten, and brought off marvellous saves. Barmouth for- wards continued to be a source of trouble to the home defence, but Lumley saved time after time. Both sides were now playing most strenuously, Hughes and Humphrey the right wing, were prominent with good work. but their final efforts lacked support by the home centreformdrd. During the last quarter of an hour the homesters pressed and endeavoured to reduce tha score but could 9

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I, Football.