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FOOTBALL NOTES. COLLEGE v. TOWYN. On Saturday, Towyn Rovers visited Aberyst- wyth to piio tje College eleven undoi the auspices ui ujicn.ig onrery shire League. Wea- ther couuuiuns were not altogether satisfad- lory, it Luang uamp undenoot and the sky du 1. College ueieuded the "Gym" end in the first hait. There being no match at the teinitiihe.d, the Coiiegians had the benefit of town supporters, anu a good "gate resulted. ITiere were several changes in the Coll. team. Harries (tite local student) was seen at centre-haii, Johnson in goal, H. Evans at in- side acit, K Owen au inside right, and W. rieihngs ana Tievor Jones at left-full and at nght-hali. Taking the game as a whole it was dis- appointing. Alter about fifteen minutes play, niainiv in lowyn ualf, the Collegians were I given a free kick near the pena-ty line which H. Evans took and scored with a fairiy Lrf shot. This brightened up the play, and with- in a few minutes another goal was scoied by Rod Morris (centre forward). Play continued to be macii in Towyn's portion, and Towyn goalie was called on to save time after time. A beautiful drive from a forwarewas remark- ably well saved by the same goaie. Shortly before the termination of the first half, Rowlands (in goal for Towyn) was penalised ior exceeding the lunit, he running several yards with the ball in his hands. H. Evans I took the free kick and again succeeded in finding the net, thus adding the third goal for Co-lcge. Thence up to half time there was no further scoring, the half time score I beine College 3 goals. Towyn Nil. The second half proved an unlucky one for the Collegians. In an attempt to reach the ball, Rod Morris col'ided with a. Towyn back and in the contact Morris was badly hurt and had to be carried off the field and was subse- quently taken to the Gymnasium for examin- ation. During the second half play deteriorated and from a spectator's point of view was dis- appointing. The Collegians are always ex- pected to play foot-bal,, b.ut play in the latter half developed into a sort of go as you please" auair. Instead of improving their goal average, which is not so fait an excep- tionally good one, they succeeded in adding two gua.1s on:y to their total score. Thosv goals were got we.1 towards the end of the game, Knigiit nesting the first at cose range, and K. Owen, from a centre from Knignt, scored the second which was the best goal of the match. Towyn succeeaeu in netting the bill once, but the Whistle having blown for off-side, it was disallowed. The final result of the game was:— Col ege 5 goals. | Towyn Nil. AS nas Deen previously saia poc" looiDan characterised tha .game. The Collegians overwhelmed their opponents, but that was due more to the good work of the defence than that of the forwards. It was obv,- that. shooting from thirty to f&rty yards would never bring goals, and time after time the inside forwards, instead of putting to the wings tried these shots, some of which just about reached the goade. Evans, at inside left, played a good game-to the gallery-—but should remember that he is only one of five forwards Owen. at inside righ* was good in mid field, but plays muf < better as a partner to Knight. The la, ,er was not seen to as great an advantage a 'ual, and is inclined to want to get too near the corner mark, giving the opposing defence time to recover, generally ending with a weak centre, whereas an earlier centre would be more effective, and probably a more powerful shot. Wing men are not. expected to do the scoring, but to place the ball for the inside forwards. Rod Morris played well, but his accident upset the wings, as he is inc;ined to open the game more so than his inside forwards. In the second half, Wynn played well. He put in several lovely centres which were never made use of. There are times when he should play on the backs more, and not hesitate and thereby lose chances. Coll defence was good. Trevor Jones at right half played a good game, and it was generally thought he would be an acquisition to the forward line. John- son, in goal, was never given much chance to show his abilities. Coll, especially the for- wards, must think the game over and remem- ber Newtown—this Saturday. Towvn played a hard game, but were beaten by weight and a perfect, defence. Rowlands, in goal, was sound and was in no way to blame for the goals scored against him. He had a busy time and sti-1 he kept smiling. The backs were a good pair, also the halves; but a team with a strong defence and no attacks is useless. The following were the teams:—College Goal, Johnson; backs. Rees and Hellings; halves, T. Jones Parries, and Philips; for- wards, Wynne, Owen, Morris, Evans, and Knight. Towyn: Goal, Rowlands; backs, Francis and Fashion; halves, T. C. Jones, Hafekost D. Jones; forwards, Williams, H. Jones, Griffiths, Clay, and Owen. The referee was Mr. Rogers, Machynlleth Athletic. WELSH AMATEUR CUP. BARMOUTH V. MACHYNLLETH. These teams met in the first round of the Welsh Amateur Cup at Bs-rmouth, on Satur- day, before a record gate. During the n"t fifte(n mmutes, the homesters were pressing hard and were awarded four oorner kicks, but the Machynlleth defence were, fine. Barmouth were awarded a penalty for hands which was taken by Humphrey Humphreys, but Ilia Machynlleth goalkeeper saved. The voters were now having the best of matters. C. DLV- ios on the left wing being very prominent and from a centre Hughes scored for the visitors The homesters endeavoured their best to draw level, but were met with a sound defe-T-,oo Ha,if-time. Machynlleth, 1: Barmouth, 11 During the second half the homesters jtere pressing" hard and the Machynlleth goalkeur-er had a warm time: but try as they could tb" homesters could not draw leva1. The forwards werei too eager to score and many chances were thrown away by wild shooting. Tho visitors were making suddon rushes for the h"me goal, but Humphreys and Aspmall were prominent with fine work. As time was going on. the homesters were attacking continually. and within four minutes of full time they were awarded a penalty from which Llewelyn Davies drew level for Dal-moxth. The final result being:- Barmouth, 1; Machynlleth, 1. Mr. Sam Williams, Penrhyndeudraetli, acted as referee. The replay will take place on Sat- urday at MachynPeth. The homesters were best served by Humphreys in goal; Aspinall at back, and Brazier as forward, whilst V,cbynlleth were best served by Charlie Dav- res, Arnold, Sam Vaughan "and Harrv Edwards. <•- w s- v

-----Aberystwyth Sessions.




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